1. Troutlife

    Fidalgo Island Fishing

    I will be staying on Fidalgo Island over the weekend and am wondering if any of the lakes other than Pass Lake are worth trying.
  2. Shapp

    Trip Report Camera Catch and Release - Big Island

    Updated note (June 2018), see the last post in this thread. Kapoho area has been devastated by the lava flow, hundreds of houses (including the house in the photos below) are gone and the Kapoho tide pools area (some of the underwater photos below) are no more. So sad. Another update on July...
  3. plaegreid

    Orcas Island Report

    Not enough time, crummy tides, very little beach access. Couldn't catch a cold; only saw one confirmed salmon roll (when I didn't have a rod). Place was pretty as all get out though, and the wedding (cousin's) went well, so it still counts as a win. Next time I'm gonna get my hands on a watercraft.
  4. R

    Orcas Island Insight

    Any tips for places to fly fish on Orcas? We will be spending the day in Moran State Park in a few weeks and I'm thinking about bringing my rod along in-case we come across a worthwhile spot as we explore the park. Are there pros/cons to fishing Cascade vs. Mountain lake? Thanks!
  5. SERE Nate

    Whidbey Island

    I'm going to be spending the next 3 days on Whidbey Island. Renting a house on Mermaid Lagoon in Greenbank. Any recommendations via pm on fishing in the area would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if there will be much that far north. My gf will be with me as well so I'm planning on fishing...
  6. Kyle Smith

    Prince Of Wales Island

    A couple friends and I are hoping to head to SE AK, thinking May 5-13. We have no idea what we are doing. We are hoping to get into SRC, Dollies, amd if we are lucky, a steelhead or two. I'm assuming a few of you have done this. Would this be a good week to guess on for good fishing? We are...
  7. Theron

    Orcas Island Fishing?

    We are going to Orcas Island for the Halloween weekend. Is there any beach fishing this time of year? We are planning on crabbing but there will be some down time and I would pack a fly rod along if it would be of any use.
  8. flyfishmt

    Trip Report Vancouver Island Coho & Chum

    Sitting in SeaTac on my home back to Montana after two awesome weeks on Vancouver Island. It looks like I am leaving at the right time, as there is a "Monster" storm hitting the PNW this weekend. Due to the drought this summer and low water conditions I spent most of my time on the exact coast...
  9. SaltyTippet

    Vancouver Island Dreaming....

    In exactly one week I am planning to be doing this: In that awesome placed called Vancouver Island.... anyone going to be in the area?? Campbell River and parts north as well as the Discovery Islands mostly.... PMs welcome....
  10. Bonefish Farewell!

    Bonefish Farewell!

  11. Kodiak Pimpmobile

    Kodiak Pimpmobile

  12. Pillar Beach Wreck

    Pillar Beach Wreck

  13. Island off the beach

    Island off the beach

  14. Christmas bonefish

    Christmas bonefish

  15. New Zealand pig...

    New Zealand pig...

  16. Big Black Marlin

    Big Black Marlin