1. manfishman

    Kayak Paddle on a Float Tube?

    Hey all, wanted to see if anyone else has used a kayak paddle as backup propulsion on their float tube?? I have a fishcat 4 and after getting blown to the opposite end of Pass Lake last month and kicking against the wind for 3hrs to get back I started thinking about alternative ways to get...
  2. Steve Vaughn

    FS Heritage Red Fish 12 SOT Kayak

    I hate ever giving up a boat, but this one just isn't getting used and I need the space in the garage. Bought this boat in Florida in 2007 and used it some for bass fishing around Orlando. It is in very good condition due to its light usage. It is a very stable craft from a well known maker...
  3. Dan Massaro

    Kayak seat as flip seat alternative?

    I'm in the process of outfitting an older PAC1400 (before the more modular nrs frame). I've done a lot of research on putting in flip seats and I'm seeing that having a non low pro/non adjustable frame is going to make the process of putting in a traditional flip seat very expensive and custom...
  4. Dave Witchey

    WTB short 6wt around 8 ' for kayak bassin.

    Anyone got a good option for this purpose? Thanks [email protected] 3 or 4 pc rod . around a 6 wt.
  5. M

    SRC hood canal on a kayak

    Saved money deciding NOT to spend money on another fly rod, soooooo.....how do you guys feel about using an inflatable kayak (maybe a Hobie i11) on the Hood Canal? I currently don't have a boat and would like to open up more water for SRC.
  6. LyNcH

    Kayak anchoring

    I recently purchased two 12' sit-on-top fishing kayaks. my intention is to use them on a few slower moving river in upstate NY. I think of a few nice spots on the Battenkill River where I would like to anchor in the current like I have in my previous 3 man pontoon and current single man pontoon...
  7. Ron McNeal

    Kayak Fly Fishing.......

    FYI: Tonight @ 6:00 PM, PT http://www.askaboutflyfishing.com/speakers/ben-duchesney/
  8. Andrew H

    FS 2012 Wilderness Systems Ride 115 Fishing Kayak

    It's got pretty much everything you need. Here's a link to the CL post: https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/boa/6308633202.html Asking $900. This will hold up to 500lbs. It's super stable and comfortable. I can load and launch by myself which has made it great for quick runs to the sound or...
  9. SERE Nate

    WTB Inflatable kayak

    Looking for a nice tandem inflatable kayak for Montana Rivers and streams.
  10. SERE Nate

    Inflatable kayak

    I'm looking at getting an inflatable kayak. My gf refuses to row a drift boat or raft, but she loves her cheap inflatable kayak I got her. Rather than find a new gf, I've decided to get a nice kayak that we can use on day trips. We're moving to Whitefish MT this month so will most likely be...
  11. T

    FS Jackson Cuda 12 Kayak

    Jackson Cuda 12 fishing kayak for sale. It's in good shape with pretty light use overall. Seat adjusts to multiple levels. This boat is super stable when standing to cast as well. Ample rod storage and dry storage, and the option to add rudders, anchor ropes, etc., as Jackson makes just about...
  12. ColtonM

    Questions for kayak fishermen

    Last year I purchased a 13' Native Slayer kayak from Gig Harbor Fly Shop, with the intention of using it to open up more water during our migratory salmon seasons. I've taken it out a few times in the South Sound near smaller bays and inlets, but I've never taken it out on "bigger" water, such...
  13. CaseyB

    Kayak fishing MA 12

    Looking for pointers, warnings, tides, kayak launches and general areas to focus on. I drive by from time to time but never had the chance to fish there. I live in Port Angeles and will mostly be focusing on the west side. I have a very stable 12.5 sot, dry suit and fish the windy straits so...
  14. M

    For Those Who Kayak Fish....

    Article on he forward stroke. Enjoy the journey. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/forward-stroke-paddlings-gift-you-marty-grabijas
  15. mtskibum16

    NFR Recreational Kayak Help

    I purchased a Native Slayer Propel (pedal power) last year, and I want to get my wife a kayak so she can come along sometimes. I really know very little about kayaks and have not spent much time kayaking outside of fishing. I've started the research and talked to a couple shops, but I'm hoping...
  16. R

    FS Pike Inflatable NRS Fishing Kayak 550

    NRS Inflatable Kayak . Also icludes 2 scotty rod holders and pack. Very good condition. Great kayak to throw in the back of the car. Very stable has scuppers. Complete description can be found at: http://www.nrs.com/product/16363/nrs-pike-fishing-inflatable-kayak Note Paddle is not included...
  17. AdrianM

    WTB Kayak with Pedal

    My brother in law and his wife are on the hunt for a kayak with pedal power, either two singles or a tandem. Something along the lines of a HobieCat or something... Checking to see if anyone has one sitting around unused. Let me know! Thanks
  18. Bugmeister

    Aquaglide Blackfoot XL Inflatable Kayak - anchor system ?

    Anyone on the forum have suggestions for an anchor system for Aquaglide Blackfoot XL kayaks? I just put one on order and am sure I will want either a chain/drift anchor or a regular anchor..... The kayak does have Scotty mounts - see pic. Thoughts on good anchor system?
  19. C

    FS 2 Cedar wood strip kayaks

    We have two cedar wood strip sea kayaks for sale. Both kayaks are custom built by my father from pre-designed plans. I'm posting them here because i'm willing to bet there a number of you who could appreciate these, and we are interested in some new fly fishing gear. Specifically looking for...
  20. GAT

    Angling Kayak

    I was watching a fishing TV show yesterday and the guys were fishing the shallows of a large large in Predator flishing Kayaks... the one with the built in minkoto electric motor. One of those may be a replacement for my SuperCat. You can stand in the boat and the motor would certainly make...
  21. Eyejuggler

    WTB Kayak Trailer, Salt Safe

    Picking up a second Kayak this week and we are getting tired of schlepping the boat in back of the pickup or Van, so looking for a solid, 12" wheeled, galvanized trailer with options for cross bars. The pic below is kinda what I am looking for. Trailex, Salt King, or what ever as long as it fits...
  22. jasmillo

    Kayak my best bet?

    I have been back in WA for a few years now and have come to realize I need some type of watercraft to fish a lot of the water I would like to. I am not looking to purchase anything significant (a true fishing boat as an example). Instead, I am looking for something flexible and easily portable...
  23. fireroad

    Replacement seat for Scadden pontoon?

    Curious to know if anyone has found a good replacement for the standard seat on their NFO Scadden frameless pontoon, in my case the Renegade. I am running the original all black seat that came with it. Have found a few seats online for sit on top kayaks but not sure if they will work. What I...
  24. M

    FS Thule Hully Rolls Kayak Roof Rack

    Pick up in Gig Harbor. $30.00.
  25. SuperSecretCIA

    FS Thule Kayak Attachment $100 OBO

    Thule Hull-a-Port Kayak Attachments (#834) Features: 1) Carries One kayak and requires only One person to load and unload. 2) Two Hull-a-Port attachments and two webbing straps to secure and transport One kayak. 3) Steel design with adjustable padding for carrying strength and kayak...
  26. Matt B

    SOT kayaks--not bad prices

    Just an FYI I was at Coastal Ranch and Home in Mt Vernon today and they had 5 or 6 plastic SOT kayaks in the $400 range. The fishing model was a little more. It looked like it came with a couple rod holders. Not sure what else made it a fishing model. Anyway, if you're into those big fat wide...