1. L

    FS WTB: Watermaster Kodiak

    Hey guys looking for a watermater kodiak thats in good condition. Thanks.
  2. rustybee

    WTB Watermaster Grizzlie or Kodiak plus any accessories

    Looking for a fishing buddy. Either Kodiak or Grizzle works. Please Pm me with a price and condition, as well as your location. Also interested in any Watermaster accessories you have laying around that you might consider selling. Rod holder, anchor system, cargo nets etc.
  3. S

    T Kodiak Watermaster For Grizzly

    Possibly looking to trade my 2 year old Kodiak for a Grizzly. Has all the upgrades including seat, oars and side pouch. Reason is for traveling weight. Any spare lbs I can save would be helpful. Depending on what you have would dictate if id do a straight across trade or yours and some cash. Let...
  4. K

    WTB Assault Xx, Rampage, Outcast Stealth Pro, Catchercraft, Wm Kodiak

    Looking for a gently used Scadden Assault XX/Rampage, Outcast Stealth Pro, Water Master Kodiak, or Catchercraft...let me know if you have one or something similar, and what you'd want for it.
  5. Jonnytutu

    FS Watermaster Kodiak Raft

    Hi folks, Looking for a used kodiak water master, anyone got one gathering dust? got a lead on one? Thanks, Fin
  6. Yogi and Boo Boo

    Yogi and Boo Boo

    Neither of them were smarter than the average bear
  7. Kodiak Steelhead

    Kodiak Steelhead

    Slippery devils
  8. My One Cast Silver

    My One Cast Silver

    Alaska Rules!
  9. Welcome


  10. Kodiak Beach Fishing

    Kodiak Beach Fishing

  11. Kodiak Beach Dolly

    Kodiak Beach Dolly

  12. Hooked up

    Hooked up

  13. Pasagshak River Red

    Pasagshak River Red

  14. Pillar Beach Wreck

    Pillar Beach Wreck

  15. Kodiak Landscape

    Kodiak Landscape

  16. Kodiak Bison

    Kodiak Bison

  17. Sockeye Salmon

    Sockeye Salmon

  18. Buskin River Dolly

    Buskin River Dolly