1. D

    Manashtash lake

    I hear a lot of people bring float tubes to manashtash lake. Can you fish from the bank? And any tips on flies?
  2. fivefish

    Lake Sammamish help

    I am a fan of fishing this lake, as it's local and I'm a sucker for some bass fishing. I have a 15' inflatable Saturn boat with a trolling motor, and am able to putt around within proximity to the launch ramp. I'm looking at buying a real boat this month, and it would be the first time I've...
  3. Flyfisher50

    Lake Lenore

    I hear there’s Lahontans in it. Any experience?
  4. b_illymac

    A day at the Lake

    Some fries and apple juice and we hit the road:At the first opening in the reeds we watched a 21/22 incher swam by. Well this looks good Liam!Perfect place to run some cars over bumps and get muddy for mom: First fish:As day went on Liam got into it pretty well. Just gotta teach him to keep rod...
  5. b_illymac

    FS Lake fly assortment

    -Lots of leeches and jig style flies -Over 25 Danny Rickard flies. Almost all unused -100 bucks through paypal will get it shipped box included I'll probably include some bigger streamers as I have another box to look through. I just have too many flies...Most flies unused
  6. D

    Fishing Welcome Lake near Woodinville

    Has anybody been out on Welcome Lake this past year? I haven't fished it for two years, and would like to get back out onto the lake when it opens. Caught lots of small bass , but one of my friends said that a neighbor had stocked it with a 1000 rainbow fingerlings back in 2014-2015 and was...
  7. Dry Fly Dutchman

    Anyone fish pass lake for browns recently?

    Heading up to pass lake this week to target browns before the end of the year. Had anyone fished it lately and what was working for flies would be a huge help. Thanks. Tight lines
  8. Buzzy

    Trip Report Lake Lenore - not a fishing report

    After yesterday's snow and wind, the sun came out and the wind stopped blowing. Cabin fever - I wanted to fish but had too many chores till later this afternoon. A hike along Lake Lenore was called for. I haven't fished this lake for two years and that was in June at Damsel Point. Rumor...
  9. J

    Roche Lake Fall Patterns

    Well, I'm back! After spending too long in Alberta (9 years) we moved back to BC's Interior at the end of July and as luck would have it, 2 weeks later was offered the management position at Roche Lake Resort (south of Kamloops) an opportunity we jumped at! So we've been here since August 14th...
  10. stilly stalker

    Trip Report Eastern Sierras day 2- Crowley lake grand slam

    Went with Jerry from Sierra Drifters for a 1/2 day of chironomid fishing in gorgeous Crowley lake. Wow, the water was clear as could be - and the fishing was red hot. 22 trout total 14 rainbow all 14-16" and flawless 6 browns all 16"-18" 2 Lahontan cutties, both over 20" Really really nice day...
  11. SquatchinSince86

    Lake washington 520 Bridge Jumpers.

    Earlier this evening, I was standing on a dock near 520 enjoying some fresh air. About 30 yards in front of me I see a fish jump. I watched for about 5 minutes and saw a couple more. I Couldn't get a positive id, but I pretty sure this wasn't any bass. Definitely salmonid. Any idea what it...
  12. ScottP

    SBS Lake Double Decker (variation)

    Push me-pull you Sparkle Dun. A U.K. stillwater pattern; added some partridge and a synth shuck. Tied here as a Fall Drake; change color/size to suit your needs. hook – Dai Riki 320 #12 thread/rib - UTC 70 tan tail - Congo Hair brown rib - Uni-Stretch brown abdomen/thorax - dubbing tan...
  13. Troutnut

    Trip Report Report: Golden Trout in a Cascades high lake

    I've wanted to catch a Golden Trout for a long time, and since moving to Washington four months ago I've been studying stocking reports and maps of high lakes. I figured Labor Day weekend was a good time to try a lake that had been relatively recently stocked with them (2012), where almost...
  14. smc

    Mountain Lake Hike

    Hiked to a beautiful mtn lake yesterday. It was a beautiful smoke free day. The trailhead had a few cars, but not bad at all for such a beautiful hike through shady forest, to a lake that sits like a small jewel at the end of a shortish (just shy of 1 mile) easy hike. Decided to leave the 3...
  15. Mike Ediger

    FS Rio Lake WF5S4 Line

    Excellent condition, almost new. Rarely used (few times). $15 shipped
  16. Grant Millard

    Priest Lake Fishing

    Im heading over to Priest Lake, Idaho next week. Ive been going there for a long time but never with a fly pole. I was thinking about trying some of the creeks or maybe the river but I also wouldnt mind trying some of the main lake too. Anyone fished the area that can give me a few pointers?
  17. benrobintt

    Lake Isabel Near Goldbar

    Anyone know anything about it ????
  18. SeanM

    Baker Lake

    Hey all, I plan on taking a trip with the family and another family up to Baker Lake soon. The plan is to go for some of the sockeye coming in, but I would like to entertain throwing a fly out there when we aren't out at O'dark thirty getting on the water to troll for salmon. I've seen some...
  19. Brandon Bleek

    Diablo Lake thoughts?

    Headed to Diablo Lake with the paddle board, pontoon boat and a full quiver. Any thoughts on gear and techniques? Thanks all!
  20. Jeremy Floyd

    Anyone fished for lake trout with a fly?

    We are getting ready to try a local spot these next two days. I don't know how many of you have been to this one-cow-town, but there isn't exactly an abundance of fly shops. Because of this shortage of shops, there is equally a shortage of full sink lines available on short notice. My...
  21. kurtataltos

    Trip Report Visited Davis Lake in NorCal....

    Tough fishing at Davis but... there were fish....
  22. Gyrfalcon2015

    Any world travelers been to Lake Baikal, Siberia??

    Lake Baikal, Siberia Russia World's Oldest, deepest, biggest (by volume) lake 25-30 million years old 20+% of Earth's freshwater in one lake. Many indigenous species..worlds only freshwater seals..2 types of Grayling.. 5000+ feet...
  23. Shopkeeper

    Yellowstone Lake Can Get Very Ugly... Feel very bad for this guy's family... This hit me pretty hard, because I and a friend had a fishing trip planned for Yellowstone Lake last week, but we postponed due to wind. It's really...
  24. Elliott5400

    Alpine lake season

    Who likes to fish alpine lakes? My friend that usually goes doesn't seem too down this year. Really not looking to go alone, but if I have to I will. This is my 3rd year exploring the alpine lakes wilderness. I have a good suv and can pick people up I just ask for some gas money.
  25. S

    Mountain lake advice needed

    I usually make it out once a year for a backpacking/fly fishing trip and would like to find something closer to Spokane than the Bitterroot wilderness I usually go to. Does anybody have any suggestions for a Washington or Idaho lake to hike into, preferably under about 10 miles? Not picky...
  26. C

    Looking for suggestions on a guide in Lake Louise area

    Our honeymoon will be up in the lake louise area in July, would love any recommendations on a good fly fishing guide operation in that area for a day trip (or two, depending on how good my sales pitch is:)). Thank you!
  27. ScottP

    SBS Lake Erie King (Carnage variation)

    Not sure if there's any difference between the Lake Erie and Au Sable King; both appear to be attributed to Michigan tyer Ann Schwiegert. Found a cool extended body version from Davie McPhail This one adds a bit more durability and positive buoyancy. hook – Dai Riki 135 #12 thread - Danville...
  28. Brian White

    Lake Washington bass help

    I am rocking a new kayak and jonesing to get out some time in the next week. I am wondering if anyone thinks Lake Washington bass fishing might be heating up. My best guess is that it is a bit early for topwater, but it has warmed up a lot over last few days. I don't need spots as I have one...
  29. E

    Merrill Lake in SW Washington

    Does anybody know if the gate to the road that leads down to Merrill Lake in S.W. Washington is unlocked?
  30. River Pig

    NFR Lake Wedding

    So here's the situation. My fiance and I are looking at locations to have a lakeside (or beachside or soundside or riverside) wedding. We'd like to find a place that would allow us and our families and some out of town friends to have cabins for the weekend and basically do our thing. Bbq...
  31. ScottP

    Pattern Lake Bait Nymph

    Variation on the Carey Special; found it on the Swittersb site. Need to try this out on some stillwaters this summer. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 olive rib - small oval tinsel gold tail - aftershaft feathers dyed olive body - peacock herl legs (?) - red hackle collar - pheasant...
  32. Jmills81

    Klinks Resort Williams Lake Fishing Derby to benefit Shriners Hospital

    Hey all..... Not totally fly fishing oriented, but a killer family friendly event that we've run for over 13 years that's raised over 60K for Spokane Shriner's Hospital Williams Lake is stuffed with fish. Make a kids day and bring him or her to the event, I've got lots of prizes and gift...
  33. brad judy

    Lake Lenice?

    I am writing this to the forum for intel. I have loved this lake for the past twenty years and I have seen a drastic decline in the quality of the fish and the quantity of the fish the last two years. Is this just me not keeping up with the latest Chironomid pattern and not fishing with the...
  34. S

    Lake CDL?

    We'll be relocating next year from the Oregon coast, where I have thoroughly enjoyed tidewater King salmon on the fly, to Spokane to join our daughter and grandkids. I'll miss the fish, not the 100" of annual rainfall or the constantly increasing crowds that have gotten to the point that...
  35. james.jimenez

    Today's Blue Box Lake Fishing Report!!!

    Picture say it all!!! Easily 20+ pounds!!
  36. toadthedry

    FS Smith Brothers 10 FT Pram

    For sale is a Smith Brothers 10 foot wooden pram made here in Washington State. This is an amazing pram that is lightweight, very stable, warm, and a joy to row and fish out of. The pram is in good condition and has been stored inside. Included are caviness oars and oar locks as well as bow...
  37. BN2FSH

    Trip Report Jurassic Lake And Rio Irigoygen, Argentina

    Three of us fished Lago Strobel (Jurassic Lake) at Estancia Laguna Verde (ELV) for 11 days in February and then met up with another friend and we went to World's End Lodge and fished the Rio Irigoyen for sea run browns for 6 days. It was another fantastic trip. This was my third trip to ELV...
  38. Jeff Dodd

    FS For Rent: $600 / 1br - 983ft2 - Large 1br 2 Bath Wapato Point Lake Chelan 4/27 - 5/4

    Price reduced- $450 for a WFF Menber. Don't want this to sit vacant! So much Stillwater to fish in the immediate area Lots of fishing opportunities around Manson and Chelan, as well as the wine/hard cider scene. Bring your spouse, or not. Long walks on the beach and spring SUNSHINE! Just a...
  39. crequa

    Lake Opener

    Tied a bunch of these today,more patterns to come through the week, what have you been tying to get ready for march
  40. L

    Lake Rosevelt - Upper Columbia River Questions

    I have been thinking of making a trip there. Maybe for a week or more this spring. I have know idea what to expect. I do have a 16' boat & motor and a wife that will be fishing too. I need ideas of where (just general area - secret spots do not need to be described)and how to fly fish this...
  41. XP

    FS Dozen Lake Flies For 10$

    Heres a dozen chironomid patterns and a balanced leech for 10$ shipped to WA state zip code. Some of my favorites for at pass lake, Martha lake, and big Twin. All flies are new or in good condition.
  42. ScottP

    SBS Houghton Lake Special

    A Michigan pattern from the 40's, probably the creation of Bob Jewel. Meant to be fished as a dry or a streamer, the materials definitely lean towards the latter. hook - Dai Riki 700 #4 thread - UTC 140 black tail - poly yarn red (original called for wool; this was my one concession to...
  43. Kilchis

    Paulina Lake Cg Closures, Too

    I apologize for not including this in the East Lake thread yesterday, but I didn't know until today that in addition to the East Lake, Oregon, campground closures the campgrounds at neighboring Paulina Lake will also be closed except for Friday and Saturday nights until August 1st this year...
  44. R

    Cutthroat Fishing On Lake Sammamish

    I live at the north end of Lake Sammamish, and have been watching several boats each day go slowly down the middle of the lake fishing for Cutthroat, but they have not had much luck. I am interested in trying this fishing myself, and wanted to ask the forum if anyone fly fishes the lake for...
  45. plaegreid

    Flies For A Friend - Pyramid Lake

    My wife's boss is sending her boyfriend to Pyramid lake for a four day trip in March and wants me to tie up some flies for him. I've got patterns planned (slumpbusters, maholo nymphs, big chironomids, beetles, etc) This guy, however, is newish to fly fishing and will be going up against big...
  46. Skip Enge

    New Years Eve Annual Ludicrous Lake Trip

    There are these 2 older guys, friends since we were 11 or 12...we fly fish...we sort of fly fish every New Years Eve a pay to play matter the weather. 15 years ago we went there fishing conventionally ...caught 3 figures worth C and R a few hours...Since then Jim...
  47. S

    Park And Blue Lake Treatment

    Does anybody know if these lakes have been treated yet? If not how are they fishing? Thanks, new member, not sure how to look back to Billy's thread
  48. Z

    Dusty Lake Article In Nw Flyfishing

    Congrats Starman77. I see your "fishing notes" have hit the big time.
  49. Jeff Dodd

    FS Lake Chelan Condo Unit For Rent - October 27th To Nov. 3rd

    $500 for the week (7 nights) We are renting one week in our Wapato Point condo unit. The dates are Thursday, October 27th to Thursday, Nov. 3rd. Halloween and Fall colors at the lake! Prime fishing in the surrounding lakes, plus wine tasting! The unit sleeps up to 7, but is one bedroom, 2...
  50. D

    Lake Sammamish - Open Or Closed

    I've been away for awhile. Is Lake Sammamish open or closed now for trout? In either case how long will it remain in whatever that status is? Denisr