1. C

    Discover Pass not needed at Amber?

    Folks, just a heads up... I neglected to put my Discover Pass in my window at Amber recently and was slapped with a $100 ticket. I asked for a hearing hoping to get off the hook... and was sent a letter that: "... upon further investigation, the area where the associated vehicle was parked is...
  2. C

    Dierks Anchor Release Lone Lake

    On Friday April 20 I left a custom Dierks anchor release at Lone Lake. Please message me if you found it. Thanks so much.
  3. yellowlab

    Any Pass Lake Reports? Thinking of going tomorrow, 4/24/18

    Can anyone advise on what the water temps are running and if any prevalent chironomid hatches have been noted? Its been a few years since I've been to Pass and hoping to take advantage of this good weather this week to make a run up. Thanks, Yellowlab
  4. Flyfishinwrangler

    Evan's lake Snohomish county

    I already posted this in Stillwater forum before realized this one existed. I'm wanting to hike up to the lakes past Evan's this summer. I tried a few years ago and didn't make it due to slow pace and running into a huge rock wall. Was hoping someone who has hiked into these lakes can offer some...
  5. D

    Manashtash lake

    I hear a lot of people bring float tubes to manashtash lake. Can you fish from the bank? And any tips on flies?
  6. SARG950

    Lake Borst

    Some of you may have heard about it... It's outside of Snoqualmie. Please chime in on your experience there if you've hit it for bass. Thanks.
  7. J

    Campell Lake (Fidalgo Island) today

    My favorite lake was closed due to road work today, and I wanted to avoid the crowds at Pass Lake. So I pulled off at Campbell on a whim (never fished it before). Tons of risers at the boat launch and midges flying all around. But after 5 hours, not a bite. Wholly buggers, yellow semi seal...
  8. Stace Kelsey

    Merrill Lake

    Hey everyone! First post here. A friend told me about this Forum. My name is Stace and I’m a 25 year employee of WDFW (I got a kick out of your verification code lol) in the Inland Fish Program. That means I cover all Inland fish - trout/warmwater/carp. I cover all six counties in SW...
  9. Buzzy

    NFR Lake Lenore

    For anyone thinking about fishing Lake Lenore: The lake is in some sort of bloom and water clarity is (IMO) very poor for fishing. I'm guessing less than a foot visibility. I drove up to the north end of the lake this morning hoping that the "green" color (sort of light olive with hint of...
  10. ryan2202

    NFR Looking for Info - Heart, Canal, & Windmill Lake -

    Looking for fishing information - reports, recent visits and trips, and overall how are these lakes to fish. My Dad, brother, and family friend who've been fishing together for years are looking for a new spot to camp for the weekend and fish. I went to Heart, Canal, and Windmill lake over the...
  11. fivefish

    Lake Sammamish help

    I am a fan of fishing this lake, as it's local and I'm a sucker for some bass fishing. I have a 15' inflatable Saturn boat with a trolling motor, and am able to putt around within proximity to the launch ramp. I'm looking at buying a real boat this month, and it would be the first time I've...
  12. jwg

    Eastside Food, Fish, and Fly: Lake Report

    Popular east side lake, excellent fishing Sunday. Beautiful weather too. Water was clear, slightly green, pretty cold but I forgot to take a temperature. Fish sampled had mostly daphnia, some chironomids, worms, and occasional damsel nymph. I caught fish under the indicator on a chromie...
  13. Flyfisher50

    Lake Lenore

    I hear there’s Lahontans in it. Any experience?
  14. b_illymac

    A day at the Lake

    Some fries and apple juice and we hit the road:At the first opening in the reeds we watched a 21/22 incher swam by. Well this looks good Liam!Perfect place to run some cars over bumps and get muddy for mom: First fish:As day went on Liam got into it pretty well. Just gotta teach him to keep rod...
  15. J

    Info on Sprague lake or Foy's lake?

    I've got two sisters. One lives on Sprague Lake (Spokane) the other on Foy's Lake (Kalispell). I have not been to either one, and info seems rather sparse. I plan to take my float tube with me on a road trip to visit them this Spring and was hoping to get some information from you folks here...
  16. Greg Price

    Silver lake on way to Mt st helens

    I have a vacation planned for May to try smallmouth near West Richland on the Yak in May, but would like a backup plan if river looks like it will be blown out. has anyone fished for warm water fish in silver lake in may with a fly rod? If so any advice is appreciated. I do not need to know...
  17. b_illymac

    FS Lake fly assortment

    -Lots of leeches and jig style flies -Over 25 Danny Rickard flies. Almost all unused -100 bucks through paypal will get it shipped box included I'll probably include some bigger streamers as I have another box to look through. I just have too many flies...Most flies unused
  18. Brandonweeda

    Pass Lake This Weekend

    Does anyone know if Pass is frozen at all? I will be picking up a couple float tubes Saturday in Anacortes, and am hoping to fish for a few hours. Any recent reports would be helpful too.
  19. E

    Pass lake saturday

    Weather is looking good for Saturday, I guess it time to go try my luck with an indicator ! Earl
  20. Paul_

    Today’s Lake Report (mostly in pictures)

    Made it out to a lake today. These are the flies that did not catch fish- This is the fly that caught fish- Right after I took the above picture of the hot fly, on an almost Maui tropical Washington February day, the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Oh well, the beer was still good and the...
  21. Robert Engleheart

    Douglas Lake Ranch Lakes

    Anyone here fish them? Apparently it’s the largest cattle ranch in BC and has several resorts on large lakes as well as small pay lakes. Given the current exchange rates the RV spots seem like a nice place to stop and spend a couple days on my way to and from Jasper/Banff this summer; swimming...
  22. dp

    Back to the Wall - pay to play lake - May 5

    I thought I would throw this out there: My buddy and I are fishing these lakes on Monday, May 5. At this time there are additional openings for anyone interested. there are two lakes with a max of 8 people per lake. These are fantastic lakes to fish - for a fee. This will be my 4th time...
  23. D

    Fishing Welcome Lake near Woodinville

    Has anybody been out on Welcome Lake this past year? I haven't fished it for two years, and would like to get back out onto the lake when it opens. Caught lots of small bass , but one of my friends said that a neighbor had stocked it with a 1000 rainbow fingerlings back in 2014-2015 and was...
  24. J

    Pass Lake report (1/13/18)

    I know I'm kind of late on this report, but I had an excellent day and thought I should at least share with everyone about my trip. My friend recently purchase a couple Outcast Stealth Pro kick boats - these are pretty sweet - the only float tubing I have ever done was in a caddis tube where...
  25. Starman77

    Lone Lake Report 1/18/2018

    After reading Adrian's thread on Lone Lake recently, I thought I'd give it a try on Thursday after not having fished it since before the summer kill of 2016. When I arrived it was nice and sunny as shown in the photo above, but it soon became really windy (white caps and windrows), heavily...
  26. AdrianM

    Lone Lake

    I'm going there this weekend. First time. I'm taking a friend of mine who is new to fly fishing (I have two pontoon boats) and he just started with a fly fishing class (thanks Evergreen FF Club!). Anyways, I plan to troll some woolly buggers and maybe some leech patterns (rabbit zonker...
  27. J

    Another "today at Pass Lake" post

    Almost no wind. Water temp down to 42 degrees. Missed two strikes, landed one 18" rainbow. And it was a blast. I got to really work on my casting, as no wind helps in that regards, and a group of otters put on a show that I will never forget. Got very close to one sitting on a log near the...
  28. pigburner

    Black Friday on Fourth of July Lake

    Hit the winter opener on Fourth of July Lake with a friend on Black Friday. It was total dud. Arrived about 8:15 am, there were about 40 or 50 cars in the lot, almost all bank fisherman. I kicked in my tube against the not so gentle breeze from the launch down lake 0.85 miles. Trolled a bugger...
  29. Dry Fly Dutchman

    Anyone fish pass lake for browns recently?

    Heading up to pass lake this week to target browns before the end of the year. Had anyone fished it lately and what was working for flies would be a huge help. Thanks. Tight lines
  30. Buzzy

    Trip Report Lake Lenore - not a fishing report

    After yesterday's snow and wind, the sun came out and the wind stopped blowing. Cabin fever - I wanted to fish but had too many chores till later this afternoon. A hike along Lake Lenore was called for. I haven't fished this lake for two years and that was in June at Damsel Point. Rumor...
  31. J

    Roche Lake Fall Patterns

    Well, I'm back! After spending too long in Alberta (9 years) we moved back to BC's Interior at the end of July and as luck would have it, 2 weeks later was offered the management position at Roche Lake Resort (south of Kamloops) an opportunity we jumped at! So we've been here since August 14th...
  32. J

    Pass lake in November?

    I've been having a blast learning Stillwater fly fishing, mostly on Pass lake, for the last few months. The weather has been (surprisingly) nice but now I see some snow (and wind) and I find myself reluctant to go fishing. So my question (I guess ) is should I put my purse down, put my big boy...
  33. Van BT's

    Cady Lake Manor Closed?!

    Did a quick google search, searched the site here, newspapers, everything. Is the lake still open??
  34. Bajema

    Pass Lake Wind

    Never fished Pass Lake before and I see that the forecast calls for 10mph winds out of the south tomorrow morning. How much of an issue is the wind there? I'd be in a float tube.
  35. D

    Lake Washington Question

    Has anyone fished for coastal cutthroat starting from the launch on Mercer Island under the East Channel Bridge? I fish trolling flies from a pontoon with an electric motor so my speed and the distance I can go is pretty limited. Just wondering if that area is likely to yield anything. Denisr
  36. J

    Crayfish and Pass Lake

    A few weeks ago I talked with a guy and his son who had just trapped over 100 crayfish off the bank along the road side of the lake. I have heard that divers also harvest them here. Surely the Browns are feasting on them. There seems to be many flies tied to imitate crawfish. I have talked with...
  37. Eyejuggler

    Munn Lake today...

    After being completely disillusioned with this years Salmon offerings, I decided to focus on an goal not nearly as lofty...but achievable. However, at the launch there were several dying rainbows, I tried to revive those I could, and a bunch of fish ( 10 or 15) finning awkwardly next to shore...
  38. J

    Heart Lake

    Got there at noon. Two guys were putting in a boat. One said that he killed them yesterday from shore. I got nothing from my tube until I got up next to the shore and got some small LMB and one trout. The trout was hooked deep. Tried to revive it and planned on taking it home before a Bald Eagle...
  39. PeteM

    Lone Lake Sunday Oct 1

    I was finally able to break an afternoon away and decided to hit Lone Lake. After the fish die-off last year, I have wanted to see how the lake is recovering. I got on the lake around 1:00 in the afternoon right as the sun was breaking free from the clouds. No one else was on the lake. First...
  40. stilly stalker

    Trip Report Eastern Sierras day 2- Crowley lake grand slam

    Went with Jerry from Sierra Drifters for a 1/2 day of chironomid fishing in gorgeous Crowley lake. Wow, the water was clear as could be - and the fishing was red hot. 22 trout total 14 rainbow all 14-16" and flawless 6 browns all 16"-18" 2 Lahontan cutties, both over 20" Really really nice day...
  41. SquatchinSince86

    Lake washington 520 Bridge Jumpers.

    Earlier this evening, I was standing on a dock near 520 enjoying some fresh air. About 30 yards in front of me I see a fish jump. I watched for about 5 minutes and saw a couple more. I Couldn't get a positive id, but I pretty sure this wasn't any bass. Definitely salmonid. Any idea what it...
  42. D

    Amber Lake w/Tim

    Our fly club was blessed this past Tuesday to have Tim Lockhart give a presentation on his new book, "Stillwaters Simplified".. For those of you yet to meet Tim he is someone who is interested not only in how to fish, but how "you" fish- the personal side of fishing that pertains to how each...
  43. ScottP

    SBS Lake Double Decker (variation)

    Push me-pull you Sparkle Dun. A U.K. stillwater pattern; added some partridge and a synth shuck. Tied here as a Fall Drake; change color/size to suit your needs. hook – Dai Riki 320 #12 thread/rib - UTC 70 tan tail - Congo Hair brown rib - Uni-Stretch brown abdomen/thorax - dubbing tan...
  44. Jim Wallace

    Wetside lake temps

    should be coming back down soon with these cooler nights and days. I was shocked at how warm the surface water in a 500' elevation lake felt to my hand a couple of weeks ago...must have been 80 F. I was taking my newly acquired skiff out for a test run. I tormented a few small LM Bass to get any...
  45. J

    Pass Lake after dark

    Had a blast chasing fish at Pass this afternoon. Trying to scare some Browns so I stayed till dark. Got a couple of bites just before dark on a black leech, but as it got darker I was wondering if the fish could even see my fly. I've been told that fast stripping minnow flies can be effective in...
  46. Troutnut

    Trip Report Report: Golden Trout in a Cascades high lake

    I've wanted to catch a Golden Trout for a long time, and since moving to Washington four months ago I've been studying stocking reports and maps of high lakes. I figured Labor Day weekend was a good time to try a lake that had been relatively recently stocked with them (2012), where almost...
  47. smc

    Mountain Lake Hike

    Hiked to a beautiful mtn lake yesterday. It was a beautiful smoke free day. The trailhead had a few cars, but not bad at all for such a beautiful hike through shady forest, to a lake that sits like a small jewel at the end of a shortish (just shy of 1 mile) easy hike. Decided to leave the 3...
  48. J

    First try at Pass Lake

    Finally, after months of anticipation, I put my float tube in at Pass Lake! Crimped the barb on my olive Wholly Bugger at 9:30 am. 5 minutes later a strike. 5 minutes later fish on.. for 5 seconds. 10 minutes later a fish comes half way out of the water following the bugger 2 ft from my tube...
  49. Vladimir Steblina

    Nah, didn't want to fish Beda Lake anyway...
  50. J

    Heart lake today

    So... Second day with my tube ...Heart Lake. Poppers for bass with floating line.. A few small LMB. Switched to #4 sinking line with olive Woolly Bugger....4 small for a while, some bites but...... Tried a purple bead head bunny leech... 14" rainbow ..Ya hooo finally...