1. JonnyPeters

    Lake recommendations

    So I’m really new to the game. I started fishing late in the spring with a friend of mine and now I’m starting to venture out on my own. I’m borrowing his single man inflatable pontoon boat so I can go just about anywhere. Just looking for recommendations for lakes to hit up. I live in Auburn...
  2. T.Money

    OPST on lakes

    Hey all, I have used the OPST single had spey lines swinging for trout and bass on rivers but I was wondering if anyone has used them fishing on lakes? Particularly from shore, looking to do some fishing off of some beaches for trout this winter and was wondering if anyone has used them in...
  3. critter_s

    Klone Lakes last stocked 2004?

    Hello, I am new to fly fishing and am looking for good lakes and rivers in the Grays Harbor County area. Klone Lakes caught my attention due to its more exclusive and private landscape that comes with it, however, I am curious about the amount of trout in the lakes. From what I found, it was...
  4. P

    Dropper Flies in Lakes

    Do you use dropper flies in lakes and ponds? Is there any disadvantage to fishing with two flies in still water?
  5. E

    BC lakes 2018

    Planning out the spring fishing season for BC lakes. It has been cold here and it looks like the fishing season is going to be later than usual. A fellow on one of the websites has a formula based on Jan/Feb temp as to when the ice is going to come of for a specific lake here (6 Mile). The...
  6. Fisher Munro

    Alpine Lakes Story

    Little rainbow by Fisher Munro posted Mar 10, 2018 at 9:34 AMLittle rainbow by Fisher Munro posted Mar 10, 2018 at 9:34 AMI am new to the forum, and have been reading of a lack of fishing that actually goes on. Complaints that there aren't the same level of adventures as before. That nobody is...
  7. Jerry Metcalf

    How's The Ice Look on Basin Lakes

    Especially, are the lakes near the Colombia in shape for the opener? This week has been kind of bad and things may have re-frozen. Has anybody had eyes on Quincy or Lenice?
  8. Robert Engleheart

    Douglas Lake Ranch Lakes

    Anyone here fish them? Apparently it’s the largest cattle ranch in BC and has several resorts on large lakes as well as small pay lakes. Given the current exchange rates the RV spots seem like a nice place to stop and spend a couple days on my way to and from Jasper/Banff this summer; swimming...
  9. Chris Johnson

    Go to patterns for B.C. lakes in spring.

    Other than Chironomids.
  10. PeteM

    BC Lakes Report - Late October

    I had the chance to fish some areas of BC that I have been eyeing for a few years. Overall, it was cold and windy but the scenery and the people were fantastic. This fishing report was delayed by family circumstances so sorry for the late information. I started by driving up to 100 mile house...
  11. D

    BC Lakes 2018

    Planning a trip to BC next summer. Looking for any recommendations. Want a "smallish" type of resort/camp with cabins and hot showers. I know there are thousands up there. But if someone has personal experience I'd like to hear from you. Thanks, Dr. Crush.
  12. Kyle Smith

    T Line For Beach or Lakes

    I just had a thought about DIY shooting heads. Just attach shooting line directly to 20 feet of T line. My Streamer Express line is basically that but the running line is intermediate. If my theory works, you could just attach an Airflo 20' t17 "custom cut tip" to some Amnesia and call it...
  13. Ron McNeal

    Helicopter Stocking Alpine Lakes Video

    Short video from Wyoming. If it's already been posted, apologies ........ I missed it....
  14. Skip Enge

    The mountain lakes I have loved

    Hadn't been there to fish in 20 years, Ellen and I geared up and finned the little canal like snaky lead in to Misquito Lake near Mt about to where it opens up but couldn't enter the lake old pile of logs and lumber was about 6 " below the surface ...we were in float...
  15. Philonius

    Alpine Lakes SBS

    The first and most important step is to pick the right lake; scenic value and the presence of trout are key. Fly selection is a matter of personal preference, but you can't go wrong with a #12 Adams or EHC. They're generally hungry and opportunistic. Get your fly out there and keep your eyes...
  16. McFly

    BC lakes

    Going up later this week to fish Peter hope, Roche and other lakes in the Merritt and Kamloops area. I'm assuming most of the lakes have had a chance to go thru turnover by now. Anyone have some fishing reports.
  17. Orerockon

    Trip Report Central WA lakes

    PS I have no idea how to embed photos, everything I try crashes Firefox. All I could do is upload an entire folder or it crashes again so they're all in a gallery. Thought I'd post a little report and some observations from a weekend of tubing some of my old college days haunts. My wife and I...
  18. Dave Boyle

    Trip Report Fishing B.C. lakes without Brian Chan

    I’m sorry LCnSac, totally puerile but I couldn’t resist. ‘Here be Dragons’ was to be the title but the impulsive inner child in me suddenly thought otherwise. After years of vicariously living off other folk’s reports on WFF with varying degrees of envy (in all cases) my resolution for this...
  19. LCnSac

    Trip Report Fishing B.C. Lakes with Brian Chan

    Fished two lakes May 9 and 10--then the weather shut us out. May 9 I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Brian Chan on one of the lakes he actually built when he was working for the Fisheries Dept. This was my first time fishing for trout in B.C. and it was a trip I'll never forget. I...
  20. james zuanich

    Steelhead plants in lakes

    In the last few years the state has planted a lot of steelhead smelts in lakes. What happens to these fish due the try to spawn they can't migrate to the sea Do they grow and become large steelhead or do they live a few years and die. Do they compete with the other trout or take over the lake ...
  21. james zuanich

    Local lakes

    I will be at tye lake in Monroe on monday there is a fishing derby on Sunday and then they pull the nets and there are lots of large fish and also there are tagged fish worth money and gift cards. It gets crazy but if your in a boat not so bad need more fly guys on the lake stop by and say hi...
  22. BobA

    Our lakes and pH factors!

    I have always suspected that the pH of our lakes are a key factor in providing sufficient "bugs" as feed to our trout. Some of the lakes that I frequent seem to have issues with low bugs hatches. Note: Chironomids represent 50% of the food source for trout in lakes. See attached chart that...
  23. james zuanich

    Local lakes

    Fished panther lake lots of small planted bows caught them under a indicator with a small sculpin fly water temp 53 deep lake 40 feet.tried to fish Martha lake smoky point but it was really windy got a nice bow trolling nowhere. To hide from the wind water temp 54. Fished gissburg ponds from...
  24. tyeoneon

    Quincy Lakes Access - Round 2

  25. tyeoneon

    Quincy Lakes Access

    Here is todays pic of the Burke and Quincy Lakes access from White Trail Road. Just an FYI for anyone thinking about the March 1 opener! This was taken about 30 yards from White Trail Road!
  26. Ian Horning

    Wallace And Greider Lakes

    It's been awhile since I've seen a thread on these lakes. Wondering if anyone has made these trips lately, and if so, what they experienced. From what I've heard, it's been awhile since they've planted the Greider lakes with "Goldens", but there are outlet creeks, so spawning is possible. Does...
  27. Shawn Seeger

    Maybe A Bet, Will The Lakes Be Ice Free - Opener?

    So, I was talking with my friend that live next door to Potholes, he was saying they had about 2.5 feet of ice, and temps didn't seem to be warning up. Do we start taking bets as to if certain lakes are open in 25 days? Beverly forecast attached.... Brrrr
  28. Ratherbefishin86

    Good Lakes For Fly Fishing In Kitsap County

    Looking for decent lakes in Kitsap county to cast some flies into willing to travel though if the fishing is right at other areas
  29. 1Richcrook

    Oregon Lakes Reports?

    Heading to La Pine in a week or so and wondered if anyone has any recent Paulina, East, Crane Prarie etc. reports . Thanks. Rich
  30. troutpocket

    Trip Report Montana Lakes 2016

    Just returned from a southwest Montana trip fishing a couple of lakes over 5 days. It’s an area I’ve visited often but each trip throws a new wrinkle in the mix. This year it was some hot weather and an active wild fire about 20 miles away. The heat didn’t really affect the fishing but the...
  31. troutpocket

    Eastern/central Wa Spring Lakes 2016

    In a recent thread @Matt B threw down the gauntlet to challenge us to post more fishing reports. File this one in the better late than never category. This past spring was a good one for me. I got out more than usual, fished some new water, enjoyed getting a little more dialed in on some of...
  32. BDD

    High (relatively) Hike-In Lakes Report

    I like lakes with multiple trout species; it is always interesting to see if I can tell the species by their fighting behavior and I like the diversity, beauty and solitude of mountain lakes. I recently hit two lakes on consecutive days. The first lake has cutts and bows and the second one has...
  33. C

    Alpine lake flie suggestions?

    So im fishing the 7 lakes basin on the peninsula soon and was wondering what kind of flies I should be using.
  34. Bill Aubrey

    Has anybody fished in the MT Thompson Chain of Lakes area lately?

    Thinking of heading over. Lots of lakes and pretty good fishing.
  35. Philonius

    High Lakes TR: Missing Fish

    As promised in yesterday's Happy Father's Day thread, I went to check out a high lake I did well on last year. It was a beautiful day, my wonky back behaved surprisingly well, and I'm pleased to report that there is still some snow in the backcountry. But like..... where are the fish? The the...
  36. VanAllen

    Float tube?

    This isn't as exciting as posting a fun trip report or some new artwork, but I promise there will be some of that following my next trip. My dad was suppose to join me last September, but he broke his foot. This time around, he has tickets to fly to Seattle and drive with me for a week-long...
  37. S

    Article Stillwater Fly Fishing - Fly Design and Presentation

    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Fly Design and Presentation In the last article, Having a Game Plan, we covered the basics of lake structure. In this article, were going to get some insight into what is necessary to make your...
  38. S

    Article Stillwater Fly Fishing - Having a Game Plan

    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Having a Game Plan If I were to make a guess, I’d say that about 80% of fly-fishers are attracted to running water. Of that 80%, I would be willing to venture that half of that 80% fish running...