NFR Reel and line rec. for ESN 3110-4

    Just getting into the European thing. Found a great generation one ESN. Would love a recommendation for a reel weight And what to line it with. In my limited experience, I rarely have any fly line coming off of the reel. Thanks
  2. Billy McFly

    FS 4wt, Type 6 Sink line on Reel

    I'm positive this is a Rio line because that is all I've purchased to past few years but I didn't save the original box (i know...genius) It's mounted on a Cabela's Prestige Plus 1 reel. As with my float tube - this has never been wet. I had big plans but it just never happened. $50.00...
  3. Troutlife

    WTB Cheap full sinking line

    I would like to get a very cheap (preferably under $20) full sink line for lake fishing with streamers. Wondering about different lines. My guess is I want something between a type 3 and a type 6, but I really have very little idea at all. Any input, as well as cheap lines for sale, would be...
  4. B

    FS TU Donation for 7 Fly Line Package

  5. 2

    FS WTB Scientific Anglers WF 8 F Anadro Fly Line

    Looking for a WF8F Scientific Anglers Anadro fly line. Please send me a PM with price and condition if you have one you will sell.
  6. W

    WTB 9wt Permit line

    I'm looking for a 9wt Rio Permit line if you have one that you don't need.
  7. camtheflyman

    WTB 6 weight floating nymph/streamer line

    I'm looking for some gently used general purpose "big fly" line. I would buy new but I don't know what I would like or what would match my rod well and I don't want to drop another 75+ dollars on a new line. Some lines I'm interested in: Airflo Streamer Float Airflo Nymph/Indicator SA Anadro...
  8. scifidelity

    FS Airflo miracle braid shooting line (running line)

    $25 shipped in conus. Retail was $40. Yellow, 30lb, 50 yards. Used 3 times. In good condition. I have a surgeon’s loop on either side but you can of course cut them off.
  9. dekartes

    WTB Echo Gecko kids rod + basic 4/5 reel and line

    Interested in picking up an Echo Gecko 4/5 weight and basic fly reel with line. One that I wouldn't care if my 6 year old accidentally dropped....
  10. Art Milaca

    WTB 10 or 11 line

    Have not bought any line in about 25 years and I see now that a lot of them rated differently as far as the numbers. What I'm looking for is a 10 or 11 weight line preferably 11 that is weight forward and medium sink. Going to use it for Muskie and Pike. Already getting a floating line on a...
  11. Peter Kovah

    FS Beulah 7wt Platinum Switch Rod w/Lamson Guru Reel and Line

    I'm selling my Beulah 7wt Platinum Switch set up. I've moved across the country, and it has just been sitting in my parent's garage for the past year. I used the rod once - on a rain/bear filled two day camping trip to Vancouver Island where not a single fish was reeled in. I'd say its in mint...
  12. Eric Denny

    Sage Accel line recommendations

    I just got one of these on the blow out prices if 300$ and wanted to know what line would be a good fit. I'm going to be using this manly for dries. Thanks
  13. F

    FS REEL-E-GOOD Line Winder and Accessories

    FS Reel-E-Good Line Winder W/Line Counter. Accessories Include: 1. Two extra Large Storage Spools, each with 200 yds of 30# backing. 2. Large Spool Attachment. 3 Five Small Storage Spools. 4. Extra Line Counter 5. Fly Reel Loader Attachment for Power Tool Attachment. 6. Two Extra Handles, One...
  14. R

    WTB Good condition 6 wt line

    Looking for a new/ like new condition 6 wt. line.
  15. Poff

    WTB 3wt fly line

    I'm looking for an inexpensive 3wt fly line. I'd prefer something that would work for euro nymphing, but would consider a standard wf line. By inexpensive, I'm hoping to find a line for around $15
  16. B

    FS 9wt fly line SA. Mastery Textured Series

    For Sale:- 9 wt SA. Mastery Textured Series ,Magnum Taper fly line. designed for big Flies.Mist green color. In good shape as it has seen little use. Details on back of box pictures. Good shape $35.00. Plus shipping. blackloon (David) 360.739.4238
  17. B

    FS Fly Line Wf. 6 wt floating Indicator SA.Quick loading taper

    For Sale-: Scientific Angler Sharkweave "Siege" series for Chironomid fishing. Head length 38'. Sharkskin texturing on the tip for the ultimate in floatation. Mastery textured running line delivers longer casts without abrasion. Features Tactile Reference point (TRP), a non- embossed section at...
  18. B

    FS Air Flo 5/6 wt sixth sense floating line

    For Sale -: A 5/6 weight forward Air Flo sixth sense fly line, peach colored good for lake fishing. Tip 1' front 10'. belly 16' rear10' $40.00 (via Pay Pal) blackloon 360.739.4238
  19. SERE Nate

    WTB Top of the line float tube and fins.

    I am looking for a very nice float tube for backpacking into alpine lakes. Could also use some nice fins.
  20. O

    Fly line sucks

    Last year so talked to Devin Olsen at Tactical Fly Fisher and bombarded him with multiple questions regarding some of the difficulties regarding euro nymphing. One of these questions pertained to leader construction and he informed me that my current formula was too short. At 15' these were the...
  21. jim52

    FS New Redington rise model 5/6 & Rio line

    thanks. For looking I bought this at the December t.u fund raiser. .. I have the 7/8. And thought I could use it and give to a good cause I really can't use it. New with case , black s.a 20 backing and wff 6 Rio mainstream line and leader. 139. 4.99 shipping. Thx. Jim
  22. Lue Taylor


    Sinking rocket fly line 8wt Olympic Brand $15 ship
  23. S

    WTB WTB CND GPS LINE 4/5=355GRNS 50'

    WTB CND GPS LINE 4/5=355GRNS 50'
  24. F

    FS/T SA Mastery Redfish line

    I have a virtually new SA Mastery Redfish WF-9-F line that was used for about an hour.....on original spool and in box. I would like to trade for a Bass taper WF-7-F line in like condition. Heck, I’d trade for a brand new SA Headstart.
  25. fjay

    FS OPST Lazar Line 40# green

    Sold Used 5X No kinks, nicks, knots I took great care spooling this line to avoid coiling.
  26. D

    Dry fly line recommendations

    Just bought a 4wt Douglas Upstream and only plan to use this rod for dry fly fishing. I've been looking at the RIO Trout LT, and possibly the DT version of the same line. Any preference on one of the 2 and why? And any other recommendations?
  27. M

    FS TFO Esox Rod, 300-400gr with case and line

    TFO Esox Rod, has been lawn cast but never fished. TFO Case sold Best Contact [email protected]
  28. nwtroutguy

    FS Wulff Triangle Taper 9 weight line

    Triangle Taper Salt Water Tropic Blue 9 F/S Bermuda Lost Tip. Used 2 times. Excellent condition. 12 foot Mono Tip. 30 foot Taper. 75 Foot running line. $ 35.00
  29. jim52

    WTB 350 -400 grain sink tip line

    looking for a used. 350 400 Gr sink tip fly line ??? Use it couple times per yr .. ..
  30. MRKbass

    WTB WF3F line

    Something like a mastery trout preferred. Standard weight lines thank you
  31. Riversidecountydrive

    FS Depthfinder Fly line

    As pictured. Pretty new only used once really. Spring cleaning for money for camera equipment. 400gr big game depthfinder. I bought it for musky but just never find the time to go fish for them here in Washington. $40 shipped cont us.
  32. NWDesigns

    FS AirFlo BEACH WF5I fly line

    Air Flo BEACH Intermediate WF5I fly line. Lawn cast - too light for the rod I wanted it for. Beautiful line, I like it and havealready bought a WF6I and am using it. Great line for Searun Cutthroats off Puget Sound beaches. Shipped CONUS $66. Personal check preferred but Pay Pal ok. Thanks
  33. B

    Line recommendations please

    Just bought a 9' 7wt and will use it primarily to chuck large streamers from a boat and also while wading. Looking for suggestions for a good sink tip line for this job. Anyone using a short head line for this stuff to reduce the number of false casts? Thanks, Brett
  34. jim52

    FS Sci angler sonar titan int wf9f ,fly line ,new

    thanks for looking. I bought this line last fall, put it on a reel. But sold the 9 Wt rods .. going with 7 and 8 Wts. , so I really can't use it Line is new. No box but line Wt sticker. 25.00 shipped , great line. I have it in the 8 wt Jim
  35. C

    FS Loop Evotec LW 7/9 reel

    Loop Evotec LW 7/9 spooled with 9 wt Airflo Bonefish line. $250 shipped. You pay 3% PayPal fee if you don't send payment friends and family. Inquires PM or call/text 407.462.1492 - Chad
  36. P

    northern sports fly line

    first post here. wondering if any one has tried northern sports fly line. thanks cris
  37. 61reissue

    T Scientific Anglers Supra Line 4 WT or a 3 WT Line

    Just like the title says... I have a new/lawn cast for 5 minutes Scientific Anglers Supra 4 WT line in Sunrise Yellow(think a step in color from retina burn yellow, great color) and I'm looking for a decent new or used 3 weight line.
  38. G

    FS Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Saltwater WF7 fly line

    For Sale- Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Saltwater fly line in WF7. Excellent condition, only test cast on my lawn, respooled and back in the factory box. Line has three color zones: yellow/ turtle green/ horizon.Factory loops on both ends. Listed for $99.95 get a high quality line for $40...
  39. Dry Fly Dutchman

    WTB 3wt. floating line

    I'm looking to match my 3wt cgr. tried my 4wt airflo 2 floating lake line on it and it casts like shit. looking to trade it for a 3wt line or just buy a 3 wt line for a good price, dont want to break the bank. just going to be using it here and there in the summer for small brookies and bows.
  40. W

    WTB Used 7 Weight Smallmouth Bass Streamer Line

    I'm looking for a used streamer line for my 7 weight to toss streamers to smallmouth bass. New ones go for over $80, and I just don't want to invest that much in something I'll use once or twice a year. It'll go on a 10' Winston Ibis. Thanks.
  41. B

    WTB Rio InTouch Versitip Fly line kit

    looking for a Rio In Touch Versitip freshwater kit with 4 tips in SIZE 8 Weight.—This is for use on my SINGLE HAND 8 Wt. Rod—Older Versitip generation kit might be considered. Thanks, Bill [email protected]
  42. AdrianM

    WTB WF5F line in new or like new condition

    this is for my buddy who is new to fly fishing. @Jon Penner
  43. D

    FS Lamson Velocity V4 Hard Alox reel, with line

    This LIKE NEW REEL, has backing, running line, and a Rio Delta 8/9 Long Belly line included.... IT was used for one day only... including box, and foam reel cover. A couple of rim nicks on one side, smaller than pencil heads, and a rash 2 inches long on the other side. Priced to SELL...
  44. S

    25 cent line winder

    find myself swapping lines on reels multiple times a year.. switching from salmon to steelhead set-ups, shooting set-ups to full lines, floating to intermediate running lines, etc..most time consuming is usually getting the lines off the reel onto an empty spool...this simple setup makes it fast...
  45. Ejmilkovich

    FS Hatch Finatic 9+ LA w/ Line

    Reel: Hatch Finatic 9+ large arbor. black. In excellent condition. Original mint reel pouch, box and wrenches. Line: Royal Wulff Triangle Taper 10wt. great shape w/ box and spool. Backing: Hatch Premium Braided (approx 250-275yds). great shape. photos: $500...
  46. B

    WTB - 2 Screw Line Guard for Hardy Princess

    WTB - 2 Screw Line Guard for Hardy Princess. PM, or email: [email protected] Thank You, Bob
  47. spfd jason

    WTB WF9F line

    While I normally spey cast for winter steelhead, I may have the opportunity to sit in the front of a driftboat this winter for some indicator fishing. I suppose I'll need a WF9F or WF10F for turning over bobbers and whatnot. Anyone have an extra/unused line sitting around they'd like to part...
  48. J

    WTB Bonefish line

    I may be in the market for a bonefish line if there are any looking to get used. 8wt. Pm me if you may have something that could fit the bill. Thanks.
  49. Anil

    New Airflo Beach line

    For those of you constantly looking for the ideal beach fishing line, Airflo just came out with a new one: Fully intermediate, completely clear (including running line), and still designed for “chasing Sea Run Cuties”. This is the same taper as their existing beach line, but fully...
  50. Dry Fly Dutchman

    FS Rio in touch sink tip line 8,9wt

    Used once on the river before I traded my rod. Brand new. 8,9 wt. 300gr. 24ft sink tip. Perfect for throwing big flies, retails $85. $50 obo. Will ship