FS Rio Switch line 7/8F line

    I have two of these Rio switch 7/8 lines only used a couple of times. One has the original box and one does not but they are both in good shape. $45 each

    FS Wulff Ambush Line TTAM10F

    Chartreuse and blue line Taper 25’, running 65’, 400 grains. Line has been lightly used. Great for 7wt or 8wt switch rod. $50 includes shipping to lower 48.

    FS Rio Switch line 7/8

    Used maybe 5 times total. $50 bucks includes shipping to lower 48. I Will sell this line spooled on and echo ion 8/10 reel for $90 includes shipping to lower 48
  4. fishingAK14

    FS Lines

    I have some lines that have been on the shelf for a while and are getting zero use. Some lines are brand new and some have been used very sparingly. The lines used sparingly were used one day on the river practicing casting. All prices are shipped and PayPal fees covered by me. NEW...
  5. Bantam

    FS Lines for sale!

    $30 Airflo Skagit 540gr $25 Airflo Skagit 600gr $25 Airflo Skagit 630gr $20 Beulah Elixer Scandi 36' 500gr $20 RIO 700 $20 RIO 625 $30 Airflo Delta 6/7 running line cut as head $25 Godshall Skandit 34' 461gr
  6. FlyRod

    FS (2) Wulff Ambush TT Lines

    These are the full lines @ 90 ft. (1) 8 weight @ 290 grains, 20 ft. head x 70 ft. running line Used for one day. $45 shipped (1) 8.5 weight @ 325 grains, 25 ft. head x 65 ft. running line BNIB, $65 shipped Buy both for $100 shipped Thanks for looking, Rod
  7. Gregobr

    FS Godshall Integrated Skagit lines

    Both built for a Meiser S2H11179CX-4 rod. Essentially a 11'1” 8 wt switch rod. 1 intermediate 26.6' head integrated line. Head 513 grains. Never used, I stuck with my separate head/shooting line setup. 1 floating head integrated line. Unsure of exact specs, but should be same grain weight...
  8. Dry Fly Dutchman

    Wanted Lines

    Looking for 5 and 6wt lines. no sink tips. not too picky. let me know what you have.
  9. sconnie

    Wanted Used 9wt line?

    Looking for a used 9 wt line or 2 at a reasonable price. Got any lying around? Thanks
  10. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS 6 Weight Fly Lines

    Going threw my lines and found a few that I have No use for, as I Sold all my 6 weight Rods..... Honestly I do not remember the Names of the lines but I believe they were Rio, Orvis, and Cortland I do know they are 6 weights and 3 are sink tip lines , All lines are in Great condition with...
  11. Mandohawg

    FS/T Beulah 6wt Switch, lines for Sage XP 790-4

    I have a Beulah Platinum 10'-4" Switch in excellent condition, little use. $350 3 lines; Elixir 355 grn 28' $25, Steve Godshall lines SGS Skagit 425grn 20'-9", SGS Scandi 375grn 26'-9" $30 each. Line are for this rod and are as new. I'm looking for a Sage xp 790-4 or possible a 7096-4. Tom B
  12. jim52

    FS Rio perception 5wff ,used once. Other lines

    thanks. .. good day in the northeast to get the gear ready Rio perception wff5 .. I used this line once last fall . But going with a 4 wt set up this yr ( friend built me a beautiful 4,wt ). 39.00 shipped no box Have gone with 7 and 9 wt rods Couple lines below 8ff someone can use --...
  13. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS Assorted Unused Fly Lines * 4 Lines 1 Price *

    1- Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Expert Distance Fly Line wf7f mist green $45 value 1- RIO TROUT LT WF7F FLY LINE CAMO/BEIGE - $70 value 1- CORTLAND 444 10' SINK TIP ROCKET TAPER WF4F/S TYPE 3 EXTRA FAST -35YDS $35 value 1-...
  14. B

    FS lines for sale

    all lines have only been used once . Rio coastal quick shooter inter 6wt. 35.00. Sold Airflo 40plus floater 6wt. 35.00 Airflo sixth sense inter 7/8 wt. ( fast inter ) 35.00 Wulff saltwater tt floater 7wt. 30.00 Or shoot me a offer ot trade
  15. P

    Wanted WF4F and WF6F lines

    looking for a WF4F and WF6F lines both for a NRX? Maybe a Gpx or something similar. Thanks
  16. F

    FS/T SA Mastery Redfish line

    I have a virtually new SA Mastery Redfish WF-9-F line that was used for about an hour.....on original spool and in box. I would like to trade for a Bass taper WF-7-F line in like condition. Heck, I’d trade for a brand new SA Headstart.
  17. seldom seen

    FS/T Sage rod, Lamson reels, various lines

    I am selling a smorgasbord of gear. First item is a Sage Response 790. Blemish free except for the cork soiling. Looking for $135. Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody, black, XL. Worn on only a couple occasions. I decided the XL is a bit oversized for me. Looking for $209. SA steelhead line WF7 ($20)...
  18. jim52

    FS 8wtff & 9 wtff lines . Rock bottom price

    thanks for looking. The last of my lines after moving LL Bean striper. Green 8wff. Used once like new 20.00. Was 79. Cortland lazer 444 wff8. Excellent cond. this line is grey but it is floating and the specs are right on the line. 20.00 3.89 covers shipping and PayPal...
  19. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS Assorted Old Stock Cortland Fly Lines 4, 5, 7 wt

    Here are some assorted Never fished/ Never used Cortland Fly Lines Model #444, Purchased a dozen of these on another website and these are a few doubles I had. The lines work well and just need to be cleaned with the cleaner pad that is enclosed in each box before use. I just pinched the...
  20. rogefowler

    FS FS/trade: Guideline 14’ lpxe, Litespeed 4, lines

    14’ 9-10 along with Lamson Litespeed 4. Reel has new 30# backing and shooting line. I’ll also include several skagit and scandi heads. Reel has 30# backing and a Varivas running line. Both rod and reel are like new. Lots of photos if youre interested. $400 or trade for a 5/6 premium...
  21. SalterLee

    FS Airflo and Rio Spey Lines and Tips

    Lines are all lightly used, well cared for with nice loops. Prices are via PayPal and included shipping CONUS and fees. RIO Skagit Max 525 - 32 USD SOLD Airflo Skagit Switch 540 - 32 USD Airflo Skagit Switch 480 - 32 USD SPF Airflo Rage Compact 390 (NIB) - 40 USD SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact 450 -...
  22. jim52

    FS Good fly lines ,, clearout price

    All lines are sold thanks. .. we moved inland .. have a few heavier lines will not be needing Perhaps someone cane use them --s.a mastery wet tip clear 8wfi.. clear tip green body 2.ips loop end .. 18.00 used 2 times excellent cond. 17.95 - orvis wf8f striper , melon color . Used once -20.00...
  23. J

    FS Misc. Spey lines for sale....

    Airflo Compact Skagit 430grn, lightly used - $30 shipped Rio Skagit Flight (Orange) 600grn, practically unused - $20 Shipped Rio UniSpey 8/9 (460grn) Practically unused - $20 Shipped Carron Jetsteam 10wt full line (Front 7' cut off for tips) - $70 Wulff Triangle Taper Spey 10/11 (Full line 80'...
  24. M

    Trout Spey cast with regular lines

    Hey all! I like spey casting, and have gotten into it a lot this year for steel head. I want to carry that over to trout fishing with a single hand spey, but I don't want an OPST set up. I like the feel of a normal fly line and not mono, and I know you can get fly line running line, but I also...
  25. OceanSunfish

    FS Fly Lines

    All Line are new on spool in original box. SA Wet Cel Shooting Head - 30' Type I ST-7-I (180 Grain) - $10 SA Wet Cel Shooting Head - 30' Type III ST-8-S (220 Grain) - $15 SA Wet Cel Shooting Head - 30' Type III ST-10-S (280 Grain) - $15 SA Mastery (AST) Saltwater Shooting Line .035...
  26. quilbilly

    FS 2 SA Short Head Spey Lines

    A 6-7 A 7-8 Nor much use on the 7-8, 6-7 used once or twice. 35.00 each tyd Pics on request, boxes too but lines are on different spools.
  27. Southsound

    FS NIB Lines - SA GPX WF6F; SA 360g Integ Scandi Extreme; Rio Powerflex 0.30

    These are still in the box, as purchased at various stores. Scientific Anglers GPX taper WF-6-Floating - $38.50 Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme @ 360 grains, integrated floating line - $33.50 (NOTE: the listing title is incorrect - this line is the Skagit Extreme, integrated, not the...
  28. Woodman60

    Wanted Light to Moderately used lines for my two-hander

    I have a 6 weight, 10'6" Redington CPX Switch, and I'm looking to figure out what lines I like best on it. At full retail that's a challenge. I've got a 350 grain Skagit and a WF-8-F. A Scandi, Switch line or something like a Rio Chucker would be great if the price is right.
  29. jim52

    FS Rio, s.a trout lines , 5-7 wt .inexpensive ....

    hello again. And thanks for looking Clearing out more trout gear as we moved to the seacoast Just want to clear these out .. Rio wf5 trout LT. In great shape , I think I fished it twice .. sold the reel .. 19.00 Rio streamer tip intermediate density comp wf6f/s. This is a loop end sink...
  30. S

    FS Patagonia Sling, Fenwick Aetos 10' #5, Lines

    Patagonia Double Haul Chest/Sling Pack ($45) – older model of modular sling pack that can be converted into a stand alone chest pack, waist bag, or sling by removing pieces. Missing neck strap for the stand alone chest pack. Some wear, but still in good shape with everything functioning like...
  31. N

    FS Redington Chromer 7 wt switch and lines

    Hey! I have a Redington Chromer 7 wt switch rod for sale. It is brand new. Don't have the warranty card. It also comes with connect core shooting line, skagit max short 525g, and InTouch Switch Line 7/8 wt. The rod is new and the switch line is new as well. The Skagit Max and shooting line...
  32. P

    FS Nextcast, Airflo, Rio Two hand lines

    Some lines to sell to fund a gaelforce! Prices reflect shipping inside United States, will need a bump in funds to get it out to an interested foreign buyer. Nextcast W2A "Winter Authority" 45 7/8 Line is SPF Nextcast W2A "Winter Authority" 55 7/8 SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact 2.0 600 Grain...
  33. SalterLee

    Help lining a SAGE RPL 390-2

    Picked up this rod as a light pocket water nymph / soft hackle swinging / no wind dry fly rod. I've only ever cast the heavier RPLs 790-4 or 8100-3 - So i'm curious if anyone has any favorite lines for the lighter RPLs 3-5wt). My first impulse is just to get a RIO Gold WF3F and be good with it...
  34. K

    FS Echo , Orvis , lines

    Some random stuff available for sale. Prices include USPS shipping within the US, buyer pays paypal fees or sends money order. Thanks Echo 3 10ft 7wt single hand rod in great condition cork soiled, missing a tiny bit filler - TRADED Orvis battenkill 5/6 made in England disk drag in good...
  35. Rookiespey

    FS Another set of lines for sale

    Airflow Scandi Compact 360 gr as new - SOLD SA Skagit 550 gr excellent cond - $25 usd SA Skagit 450 gr excellent cond (no wallet or tips) - $25 All line prices include shipping Canada/USA. Paypal, EMT or bank draft/money order.
  36. Rookiespey

    FS Lines and fly boxes for sale

    Cliff Swinger fly boxes, excellent condition - SOLD Fly lines… no boxes/spools SA Skagit intermediate 480 gr excellent condition - SOLD Rio Skagit Iflight intermediate Skagit 575 gr - $25 usd All prices are shipped in Canada/USA. Paypal or bankdraft/money order.
  37. camtheflyman

    FS Redington Rise Reel and SA Lines

    I have a Redington Rise Generation 3 5/6 fly reel in Amber that I do not use anymore. It has been in my possession for a year being used somewhat frequently during that time. My dog ate the handle so that was replaced (that is why it's red and black and not just black) and there is a small nick...
  38. Chromelord

    FS Sage Pulse 7114-4 and lines

    $275 firm - Sage Pulse 7114-4. Only used once, perfect condition. $30 firm - Rio Skagit Max Short 500gr. Used once, perfect condition.
  39. Reeltrout


    Gently used fly lines for Sale. Price includes shipping CONUS. Paypal preferred. Rio 550 gr. fully integrated Skagit fly line. Head in very good condition, running line has some discoloration due to use. $45. SOLD Skagit iShort 575 gr. spey shooting head, clear camo/pale orange, new in the...
  40. Snowspey

    FS Lines - single hand and spey

    All prices include shipping CONUS. PM if interested. PayPal please. 1. Lazar Line 50lb pink - Only spooled up, never used. Full length. Will not be in original package. SOLD 2. Rio Gold - Special Edition Black line - 5wt like new. $44.00 3. Wulff Ambush Neutralizer 8wt - like new...
  41. hirstjn

    FS Assorted Skagit heads

    Rio Skagit Max 425 (brand new still in box) - $35 shipped Rio Skagit Max 550 (brand new still in box) - SOLD Airflo Skagit Switch 480 (fished twice) - SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact G2 510 (very lightly used) - SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact G2 480 (very lightly used) - SOLD Airflo Skagit Compact...
  42. rapido101

    FS Fly Lines - various, single and two hand MARKDOWN!

    PRICES REDUCED AS MARKED BELOW. Firm on prices, does not include shipping. I've got a bunch of lines I thought I'd need but don't. Particularly the spey lines - I sold my rod and looks like I'll stick to one hand for a while. Most are new, some used once or twice, all in the box. Will ship (add...
  43. T

    Question about running lines and heads

    I don't have a fly shop anywhere nearby, so I hope I'm asking the question correctly. If use running lines and to T-18 sink tips for ocean fishing. If I want to fish on top of the water, using a running line, will a floating tip have the weight I need for casting? I'm not sure how floating...
  44. coo2

    FS Fly Lines for Sale

    I have the following fly lines for sale: Aquanova Northern Sports DT5 F NIB - $17.50 SOLD Aquanova Northern Sports DT6F NIB - $17.50 SOLD Aquanova Northern Sports DT7F NIB -$17.50 WF8F used but in excellent shape. Not sure what brand $15.00 I will combine shipping if you buy more than one...
  45. jim52

    FS Rio lines 5 & 6 wff. Cheap

    thanks ... picture is Rio Wff6 gold. And Rio wff5 mainstream trout. , these were on reels used at the outdoors weekend clinic , in great shape ,,lawn cast .. we usually give the reels and line to the people but these were extra. 19.00 each. 3.29 shipping ..
  46. Big Tuna

    FS 9' 6 wght. Crosscurrent, Van Stall pliers, spool, misc lines & tech

    Van Staal Saltwater Pliers- some wear on leather sheath, but pliers essentially unused- retail for $379, selling for SOLD 9' 6 weight GLX Crosscurrent- Excellent condition- SOLD Loop LW 8/10 spool- Excellent condition- $65 Shipped Conusa 650 gr. Skagit beer can w/ integrated line-test cast only-...
  47. C

    FS Rod, Reel and lines

    For sale, all prices in USD and include shipping CONUS and Canada, will take offers on rod and reel Pieroway Element 9’ 6wt – used a couple of times and is in great shape, no scratches on the ferrules, comes with tube (for the 9’6” model) and sock. Great med-fast action rod, more info here...
  48. saltmarshflytyer

    FS Rio Fly Lines for Sale

    I have a new in box Rio Tropical Outbound short WF8F. Asking $70.00 shipped CONUS I Also have Rio's new Summer Redfish Line WF8F used for one week, still in perfect condition . Asking $80.000 Shipped CONUS
  49. fjay

    FS Fly Lines

    All lines are in near new shape and used less than 5X on the water unless otherwise noted. Most will not be on original spools as the airflo line spools suck. Prices are shipped conus plus paypal fees. Orvis Hydros Nymph WF7F (never used) sold SA Uniform Sink II WF5S (great shape) sold...
  50. W

    FS Spey/Switch heads and some running lines

    All of these are lightly used, prices include shipping. Rio InTouch Connect Core .026 Running Line $Sold Rio InTouch Connect Core .032 Running Line $Sold Rio Grip Shooter (green/orange, not sure what weight that it but used it on a 6wt spey) $Sold Beulah Elixir v2 Spey 375gr $35 Beulah Tonic v2...