1. S

    FS Rio 6/7 and 8/9 Switch Lines

    Two Rio Switch lines for sale. One is a 6/7 410 gr and the other is an 8/9 520 gr. Both lines were test cast only and are in excellent condition. The back loops have been removed and an 18 inch section of backing securly attached to the line. The lines can be attached to the running line via a...
  2. Mark Mercer

    FS Orvis SF Glass 6wt, Diamondglass 5wt 3pc and more....

    Hi folks, a few items that just aren't getting used much, more photos on request. paypal or money orders work. Thanks for looking ! Mark Orvis Superfine glass, in new condition with one small cosmetic blem on the blank ? Fished once, I liked it better with a 7wt line for streamers but cast a 6...
  3. H

    FS Taylor Enigma Reel Lines 4-6

    Bought this for a glass rod but much too light. Has never seen water. Lined it up and cast on the lawn. Removed line and put it on a heavier reel. Has backing on it. Comes with original neoprene pouch. Retail is $189. Price includes shipping. PayPal payment. Thanks. Can email pics.
  4. Bugger Bill

    FS Airflo and SA Lines FS

    Lines for Sale: Both lines have only been lawn cast, excellent condition. Scientific Anglers Mastery Short Belly Taper (SBT) WF-5-F 160gr $45 obo shipped CONUS Airflo Scandi Head ST7/8/9 Floating 450gr $30 obo shipped CONUS
  5. Coug84

    WTB Scandi Lines

    Looking to buy 450 Rio Steelhead Scandi or 450 Airflo Scandi Compact. Let me know how much if you have one for sale. Prefer new or like new condition.
  6. F

    Intermediate Lines?

    Can anyone comment about the differences in the Cortland 444 cameo line and the Rio In touch line? I need a new line and have been using the Cortland for a while but open to trying a different line.
  7. M

    FS Fly Lines

    I have the following long head floating Fly Lines up for sale: WF3 - Original SA Sharkskin Ultimate Trout - Factory Loops - Chartreuse - used - $30.00 shipped obo SOLD WF-4 Air-flo Super-Dri Bandit - factory Loops - Olive / Olive Brown - SOLD WF-6 Air-flo Super-Dri Mend / Nymph - Factory...
  8. Ovannoy

    FS Reel and lines

    RIO Grand WF6F fly line new $40 shipped RIO GOLD DT4 fly line new $40 shipped Sage 2250 flyreel good condition $80 shipped
  9. Big Tuna

    FS Chest pack, lines, running lines FS

    Fishpond Medicine Bow Chestpack used 2-3 times. Looks brand new. $45 shipped SPF Two Teeny lines...not sure of the weights. One is yellow w/ a mini tip; one is orange w/ a longer tip. Both lines are a little soiled, but no cracking. I've never used them. $12.50 shipped for each or $22.50...
  10. Greg Price

    Old Man I explored blue lines

    Hey old man from Montana, I have seen you tell people numerous times to explore the "blue lines". I was in Purdy yesterday during the eheat wave with no jobs, so I looked up blue lines in mason and Kitsap counties snd found a few open to fishing. It drained to salt, so I tried it. Lots of...
  11. C

    FS Used lines For sale

    Prices reduced and includes shipping to U.S: Wulff SWT 11F. J3 coated. $50 or will trade for same or similar line in 10W. Fished one time but is too heavy for my rod. This is a coldwater saltwater taper line. Wulff Ambush 8 wt. $50; used a half dozen times. I like the Orvis bankshot better...
  12. R

    FS Lines and Reel (MISC)

    The sinking line was on an old CFO VI I received that was paired with a 10/11 wt spey. I don't know much besides that, I never fished the set-up. Someone out there knows a lot more about this line than I. $15 TYD CONUS The shooting head is a Rio Skagit 425 gr. $25 TYD CONUS Pflueger Medalist...
  13. S

    FS 2 reels 2 lines combo

    Got Cabelas Prestige Premier 11 and 111 111 never seen water , 11 only used to practice pond cast once Lines Rio Rio Gold / think it's 6 wt virgin on prestige 111, never seen water Rio Camo green Wf pre Rio gold trout line think it's a 5 wt Both lines never casted ,water or grass $100 for...
  14. jim52

    FS New sci angler sink tip wff8 or 9 wt lines

    thanks,, have One of each one remaining. Sci angler sonar wf-8 -f/s sink tip lll and in the 9 wt And sink tip IV. In the 8'and 9 Wt ... your choice .. 29. For one 55.00 for 2. Includes shipping 99.00 for all 4 .. many thanks
  15. B

    Silk fly lines

    I have a few questions regarding 3 or 4 fly lines that are 50 years or more old. They are brown and green in color. They all look like they are braded, like a silk line should look. They also look like they have some kind of smooth plastic coating on them. The question of the day is, are...
  16. Matt Roelofs

    FS Kid's Package -- Echo Gecko + Ross Flystart + Spool + 2 Lines

    Selling my boys' first fly rod setups to generate funds to buy new 'big boy' gear. This is an Echo Gecko rod (7'9" 3-piece 4/5 weight rod) with rod sock and tube, a Ross Flystart 1 reel with extra spool and two lines (both Rio Mainstream) - a floater and a full sink. Even though it looks like...
  17. Matt Roelofs

    FS Kid's Package -- TFO Bug Launcher + Ross Flystart + Spool + 2 Lines

    My boys are outgrowing the rods and reels I bought them when they first started fishing at age 5 or 6, so on the market they go to raise funds to buy them 'big boy' gear. This combo is a TFO Bug Launcher (7'0" 2-piece 4/5 weight rod) and a Ross Flystart 1 reel with an extra spool. There are two...
  18. Mark Buick

    FS Orvis Fly Fishing Vest

    New - size medium. $20. I accept PayPal. Best to text me at 425-941-3527. I can ship to you if you pay postage.
  19. Mark Buick

    FS Fly Lines

    $20 per line - PayPal accepted. You pay postage. Text me at 425-941-3527 if interested in any of these. If you want more than one I will discount them to $15 each. Cortland 444 Rocket Taper WF - 5F ($15-not on original spool ) Rio - Power Core Shooting Line .24 In 100' Floating Scientific...
  20. M

    FS Salt Water Fly Rods, Reels, Lines FS

    ROD(s): Scott S2S. One 6 wt. One 7 wt. Since we moved from Gig Harbor to Durango, CO (where the fishing is pretty damn OK) these see no use. The 6 wt was my everyday stick for Puget Sound. The 7 wt was used with larger streamers and / or if I wanted my line to have a quicker sink rate. I also...
  21. C

    Singled handed lines on Sage One 5116-4

    Nếu bài viết của bạn không được xếp hạng ở trang đầu tiên của Google thì cơ hội để bạn thu hút người đọc là rất rất ít. Vì vậy khi có bài viết chuẩn Seo sẽ làm tăng thứ hạng của bạn công cụ tìm kiếm đồng thời thu hút nhiều lưu lượng truy cập vào website hơn. Muốn hiểu thêm bạn có thể tham khảo ở...
  22. Truckeetroutbum

    FS Spey lines

    Rio connect core 40lb running line- straw color- $25 Rio flight 550 -$25 Rio skagit max long 575- $25 Rio skagit 350 gr @ 27ft - $25 Airflo comp skagit intermed 510- $30 Airflo northwest skagit 530gr - $20
  23. SalterLee


    Everything is in lightly used (not at all abused) shape. Prices are via PayPal and include shipping CONUS. Shipping to Canada add 10 USD per line (sorry it's expensive to get it up there) RIO Grand WF7F - 30 USD...
  24. DimeBrite

    FS Intermediate Fly Lines (6, 7, 8 weight)

    For sale. I have four single hand rod intermediate cold saltwater fly lines in 6, 7, 8 weight. Each line is in good lightly used condition and includes original packaging: 6 weight Rio OutBound Short Intermediate (235g) $30 SOLD! 7 weight Rio Outbound Short Intermediate (265g) $35 SOLD! 7...
  25. AG

    FS 3 Lines

    These have just been in my box of lines and need a new home: Rio short head spey full line, 7/8F. Brand new. SOLD Wulff Ambush full line, 550 grain. Brand new. SOLD Rio Unispey head, 6/7. Test cast once. $40 Paypal, PM me. Shipped within the US. Outside the US, you pay shipping. Thanks!
  26. L

    FS Brand New Sage Rods, Redington Reel, Rio Fly lines

    I’m sad to have to do this, but I don’t have any time to fish for trout or steelhead anymore, so i’m letting go of a few rods that won’t ever see any action. These are all fantastic rods, that are brand new. I will pay shipping costs to the Upper 48, Buyer pays PayPal fees. SOLD - 9’ 4wt Sage...
  27. J

    FS new price spey rods and lines

    Z-Axis 9143 4pc Spey rod $400.00 NEW PRICE $375.00 Z-Axis 8126 4pc Spey rod $ 400.00 NEW PRICE $375.00 New in the boxRio in touch long belly 765 9/10 line $75.00 NEW PRICE $70.00 New in the boxRio in touch mid belly 590 7/8 mid belly line $75.00 NEW PRICE $70.00
  28. Danny Moody

    FS RIO Bonefish Lines

    I am selling the following Rio Bonefish Lines. I will cover shipping to you via USPS. PM me for questions. Please PayPal using Friends and Family option to: [email protected] Rio Bonefish WF7F Sand/Blue - Brand New - $60.00
  29. S

    FS Fly lines for sale

    All, I have the following fly lines available for sale. Price is $40/OBO each which includes shipping. PayPal preferred. Please reach out to [email protected] if interested. Thanks, Dan
  30. Olive bugger

    A question about sinking fly lines

    Looking at fly lines and leaders that have a sink rate listed, how does that relate to a Archimedes' Principal? Do they sink at a given rate until they displace the weight of the line and then stop?
  31. Alosa

    FS Lines for sale

    Several lines for sale that simply aren't getting used. 1) Airflo Rage Compact 570 grains. Used a couple of times, but in new condition. Retails for $55, asking $35 OBO. 2) Airflo Skagit Compact 600 Grains (26'). Used once, new condition. Retails for $55, asking $35 OBO. 3) RIO Skagit...
  32. Mark Mercer

    FS Fly lines

    Have four lines that maybe someone can get some use out of ? All prices include shipping CONUS. Will except paypal, checks or money orders. pm me if interested. New. SA Ultra 4 DT3F buckskin SOLD. $23 (these are great lines, I've used them for years, great for dries)...
  33. Clarkman

    Musky lines

    I didn't want to hi-jack the Rio pike/musky line thread with generalities. I'm curious as to what your preferences for lines & grain weights for muskies are and why? So far, I've used the Teeny T-400 (very little as I'm fishing rather shallow areas mostly anyway), but I do love how the line...
  34. M

    FS NEW Abel Super 8 with Spare Spool and Lines

    For sale is an new Abel Super 8 with a spare spool that are both loaded with lines and backing. The reel and spare spool come with the original box and warranty cards. I am asking $550 (plus shipping) or best reasonable offer. I would also be willing to sell the reel and spool separate. If...
  35. SpokaneFisherman

    WTB Tight lines rod rack

    Looking for a used relatively inexpensive tight lines (or similar) rod rack. Not to worried about condition as I pLan to cannabilize it for parts.
  36. wilyj

    FS Fly Lines

    1 Rio WF6F Indicator line, $30. Free shipping to the Lower 48. Note: (1) The Airflow Ridge Distance WF6F line is SOLD. (2) The SA Mastery Streamer Express WF6/7Sink 6 is SOLD. (3) One of the two Rio Indicator lines is sold.
  37. Skip Goetz

    FS New Airflo Skagit Lines

    New Airflo Skagit Compact G2 - 660 grains $43 shipped New Airflo Skagit FIST - 660gr SOLD shipped
  38. Stuart_Stringer

    FS Spey lines

    Cleaning out some of my Spey line inventory: Rio skagit flight, 525 grain. $20 Rio skagit max short, 525 grain. $25 Rio skagit max short, 525 grain. $25 Rio skagit max short, 425 grain. $25 Airflo speydicator 5wt. $45 All lines are lightly used and are in great shape. If you want to see a...
  39. chrome/22

    FS Adjustable Force Fins, Lines

    Up for sale a good clean pair of adjustible Force Fins $140 SA Streamer Express clear tip WF-250-S full intermediate. Rated for a 7-8 weights I fished it on a fast 6. Lightly used with spool & box $35. Like to sell this local, extra for shipping. Post, text or call 206.498.65zero7 c/22
  40. M

    FS Rio Spey Lines (powerspey, Skagit, Windcutterii) - $25 Ea

    Hi- I have 3 unopened Spey lines for your spring steelhead season on the OP. $25 each Let me know which one you are interested in. Rio Power Spey - 7/8F 550gr, 61ft head Skagit Head - 450gr, 27ft head Windcutter II - 8/9/10F 585gr - 55ft Head
  41. Stonefish

    FS Orvis Battenkill La Iv + Spool + Two Lines

    The purge continues. I received this reel as part of a package I bought. The fellow I got the reels from wasn't quite sure what lines these were when I received the reel. He later sent me an email and said they were an 8 wt Outbound and a 8 wt Steelhead / Atlantic Salmon line. Both appear to be...
  42. B

    T Tropical Lines For Outbound 40 Plus Or Similar Lines

    Wanting to trade some lines for cold water integrated shooting head style lines of various sink rates in 6wt or 8wt. Rio permit 8wt. 5 days of fishing, great shape. Rio bonefish 7wt. Was put on a reel but not fished. Rio redfish 7wt. About 10 days fishing, great shape. Rio general tropical...
  43. Richard E

    FS Rio Outbound, Airflo Forty Plus, Sa Streamer Express, New Lines

    ALL of the lines are new and in the box. The prices include both shipping to the lower 48 and PayPal fees. Cortland 555 Quick Descent 200 grain 30’ tip 4.2 ips, new in box, SOLD Rio Outbound WF5S1, 210 grains, $35 Scientific Anglers Stream Express 30’ Clear tip, 300 grain, $35 Rio...
  44. Bob Triggs

    Cortland Fly Lines In Washington Saltwaters?

    I am interested in hearing about your experience with Cortland fly lines in our Washington regional saltwaters. What lines are you using? What rod weights? What species are you fishing for; sea-run coastal cutthroat trout, salmon, ling cod, rock fish, albacore, etc.?
  45. W

    FS Fly Lines For Sale

    These are all brand-new, in the sense that they have not been spooled or even uncoiled. However, they are several years old, in that they were purchased several years ago. New Old Stock? Anyway, free shipping if you buy 3+, otherwise, $4 each to ship in the continental USA. Cortland 444...
  46. Dave Boyle

    Fly Lines And/or Tips For Casting Long Chiro Rigs?

    I've been rooting around to see what lines are better for casting chironomids/bobber rigs set to say 25 -28' from a Watermaster and haven't found much. I currently fish a 5 wt 10' rod and can easily handle up to 20' leaders, I use a WF 6 wt line to aerialise/lob this and it works well. I also...
  47. ursistersbush

    WTB Airflo Lines

    Seeing if anyone has a couple lines laying around they aren't using. Airflo super dri nymph 5,6,8 wt Airflo bandit 5,6 wt Thanks
  48. S

    FS Rods And Lines For Sale: Tfo, Echo, Gloomis, Rio...

    Time to clear out some stuff to fund new projects... I have the following rods for sale: -13' TFO Deer Creek Spey 6/7: $250 Line: -Rio Switch Chucker #4 325gr: $50 All prices include shipping. Can send pics upon request. Will TRADE rod for good condition 9' 6wt BVK with full wells grip and...
  49. bigdood

    FS Redington Cpx And Allen Xa Rods, Allen Alpha Reel, Sa And Rio Lines, Moar!

    Gear loft purge! Realized I don't like the rivers as much as the mountains in the winter so selling the Redington switch setup, and the Allen stuff is going as I don't want to support them for a variety of reasons (mostly the back/forth and lies on getting stuff shipped, never getting it all...
  50. Richard E

    FS Rio, Airflo, And Sa Spey And Switch Lines

    All lines new, unused, and in box Airflo Delta Spey II, WF8/9F, green/gray, $40 Rio Short Head Spey 8/9F, 115 ft (line and head), $35 Rio Unispey VersiTip CL, 8/9F, 600 gr 56 foot head, $30 Rio Unispey VersiTip CL, 7/8F, 540 gr 54 foot head, $30 Add $4 for each line to cover both...