1. G

    FS Nib Airflo Super Dri Xceed Floating Lines

    I have a few factory NEW Airflo Super Dri Xceed lines want to sale. Very nice line for faster rods and nymphing etc. WF6F WF8F WF9F 48$ each plus 4 shipping USA with tracking (or 9 to Canada) PayPal is OK. PM me if interested Thank you for checking it out.
  2. R

    T 14' Th Rod, Reel, Lines

    Ive posted this rig for sale in an earlier thread but Id also trade for a great 6 wt reel. I have a 3 piece 14' lpxe in great condition. Along with the rod is a litespeed 4, hard alox that is like new. Reel is loaded with 30# backing, varivas shooting line and I'll toss in all my heads that...
  3. G

    FS Nib Airflo Super Dri Elite Dt Floating Lines

    I have a few extra Airfo Elite Suer Dri DT floating line. All NEW, two tone (lichen green= half line olive/gray and half yellowish). VERY nice DT Floating lines. New, two color Super Dri. Perfect for any bamboo, glass, slower carbon and all close and medium range dri fly presentation...
  4. Mike Melfa

    Preferred Fly Lines G

    Hi all, I have a situation where I went out and spent 10 times the amount I should have to get set up again after not Fly Fishing for about 26 -27 years.... Bought two much of everything ,and then started to sell items I decided to sell....WELL I've narrowed it down to Two 4 weight Rods and...
  5. J

    FS Shooting Heads, Lines & Reel

    Airflo Skagit Intermediate 570 grn SA Atlantic Salmon Intermediate 590 grn Airflo Skagit Intermediate 600 grn Airflo Skagit Compact 660 grn Wulf Ambush TT 5 weight full line Everything is in excellent condition. Looking for 25 plus shipping & fees on shooting heads & 40 for ambush line. PM for...
  6. Mike Melfa

    FS Three. 3 Weight Lines

    Both are out of their box, but are New and never used. I recently sold all my 2 & 3 weight rod combos and all the lines were removed. These were just purchased two months ago. #1 is a Rio Grand wf3f, #2 is a Scientific Angler VPT (very precise presentation ) wf3f , and the third I'm not...
  7. Mike Melfa

    FS Lamson Waterworks Liquid 2.0 3 Pack Combo W/ Fly Lines

    **** LAST ONE LEFT ****** Selling a like New 3 pack with bag and 1 Reel 2.0 Liquid and 2 spare 2.0 spools with labeled premium Fly Lines $199 Reel 3 Pack is Like Brand New
  8. BFV

    FS 5wt Fly Lines

    Two 5 WT fly lines for sale: 5WF Cortland Intermediate Clear Camo- SOLD 5WF SA GPX 20$ Shipped TDY in CONUS, PAYPAL
  9. J

    FS Rio Tropical Outbound Lines In 10 & 12 Wt

    Selling two "Rio tropical saltwater outbound short, weight forward" fly lines, used once, as new condition as follows: WF12F/I 510 gr; fished 3 hours. WF 10F/I 425 gr.; fished 6 hours. Each line $40. (half price; sold for $79.99 each)
  10. kinigit

    Skagit Heads From Heavier Spey Lines?

    So I picked up a Rio UniSpey 10/11F Versitip 750gr for less than $10. It is 64 feet. Could I in theory cut it down in about half to have two 375 gr lines at about 32 feet? I realize there is a slight taper from front to back on these, but I would imagine that right in half would be within a...
  11. SalterLee

    FS Lines: Outbound, Rio Grand, Bonefish Quickshooter, Etc...

    Used lines for sale. All excellent shape. Good loops on all. Very little signs of use on any of these. No longer have the rods for these so they need to move too. 35 USD each via PayPal covers shipping and fees CONUS. 25 USD each for the Gripshooters. I'll knock some off the price if you buy...