1. D

    A little help?

    How can I reply to an individual? What is a Pm and how do I do it? what do I do if I get a notification that someone read my post?
  2. M

    A little question about Missoula area

    Ngày này khi đời sống vật chất càng phát triển thì con người càng mong khám phá được các câu chuyện của tương lai. Đã có rất nhiều nghiên cứu chỉ ra rằng những diễn biến trong tương lai sẽ liên quan đến cuộc sống thực tại hoặc một số đặc điểm trên cơ thể của chúng ta. Đối với các chuyên gia...
  3. Tracker

    FS One of the best little camping rigs you'll ever find.

    1967 Roadrunner 12ft (14' to tongue) FULLY restored. 2200lbs dry, I tow it with an S10 Blazer with no problem. Way to much work done on this to list here. Send me an email if you would like the full specs. This has been a great little river hopper for me all over Montana. Due to circumstances...
  4. Steve Kokita

    Say goodbye to my little fren....

    My 5' shorty rod died in pieces. :oops: The worst thing is it died in vain...not on a fish but the third cast today. Bummer......
  5. Shopkeeper

    "Little" Brother's Answer...

    Last time I posted fish pictures, I said it would be from a creek or river; I'm abiding by that. This is about my son's fish :) Trying to figure out the "mood" of stillwater, I'm finding, is akin to learning to read streams, and, being a newbie at ponds, I'm discovering just about the time I...
  6. Augy

    Found cool little boat on CL

    Just sharing. Pretty nice little rig at a very reasonable price. Should be able to throw in back of pickup. I have 2 Zodiacs already so don't need a third. Thought someone might want to pick up.
  7. Dave Witchey

    WTB Used Sage Little One 2 wt for sale

    Anyone got one lying around not being used? [email protected] Thanks
  8. Buster Wolfe

    Little help please. TIA

    My son lives in Yakima, but he doesn't fly fish. I am coming to the area May 25-30 and was hoping to show him what he's missing. Does anyone have any suggestions for a bank-fishing trip from Yakima that could be successful? I have been reading a lot online and watching the forum, so I would...
  9. freestoneangler

    Little Green Machine

    A Missouri River gotta have... or so I'm told. We'll see how they work tomorrow.
  10. R

    Seems a little odd

    Or maybe I'm just paranoid
  11. cxlumpy

    casting cack handed with little room

    Realistically how much room do you need to form a d loop? I was fishing last weekend in high water and found myself up to the bank with little to no room. I tried to cast a perry poke, snap t, and double spey. The snap t was working the best for me but i was only able to cast damn near parallel...
  12. napawino (Roger Craft)

    A little rod for little water

    Found a nice 366-2 LL. It's now the shortest of my fly rods.
  13. YAKIMA

    My Net Needs A Little Work

    I was looking at my Brodin net a few days ago , the one I bought in 1984, and thought since it's been so good to me over the years, I'd see about sending it back to Brodin for a well deserved spa day. Pretty much sand off the dated finish and maybe update the net. I sent an email off to Brodin...
  14. H

    WTB Used Sage "little" One 382-4 Fly Rod (3 Wt 8'2")

    If you have a used Sage Little One 382-4 configuration - 3 weight four piece 8 feet 2 inches - for a fair price please contact me. Thanks.
  15. Bob Rankin

    The Things I Put Myself Through To Do A Little Shooting....

    I went out the other day to do a little shooting with my new 223. The place I was going to has steel staged all over the hillside. The road was real soupy. But... at the top of the hill the snow drifts were so bad, that I had to park a little over a mile from my destination. The walk in was...
  16. Old406Kid

    Well, No Wonder We're A Little Grumpy

  17. Mark Mercer

    A Little Report

    Hi guys, Been out alot lately for rezzies and doing quite well with this little krill pattern but I doubt it makes that much difference to them. I've only ran into a few smaller cutts lately until today, I'd landed a few rezzies when this one hit (same fly). Figured it was a nice cutt from the...
  18. M

    Little Spokane Whitefish Fishing

    Hello, Just got into fly fishing and am wondering where is a good spot to fish for whitefish. What should I use? Is wading allowed? Thanks
  19. SaltyTippet

    Little Silver Footballs

    It is prime jack salmon season down in coastal Oregon and it has been a good start to the season... the recent rains bumped the rivers nicely and while there are a few summer steelhead and SRC in tidewater it has been a blast targeting chrome jack chinook as they are numerous and too much fun on...
  20. tyafly

    $$$1 Dollar Hatchery On The Little D Don't think this has been posted yet. Everyone's pros/cons, opinions and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Tyler-
  21. Greg Armstrong

    Slow Hand gets it done...

    Seems it wasn't only Layla that got him on his knees...:cool: More here;
  22. Njtroutbum

    The Little Gill Streamer

    The Little Gill Streamer is simply a variation of a well-established technique in tying hair bodied streamers. For this variation I use Superhair and target Bluegill Fry. I have the most success with this pattern on bass in open water. Particularly when there is a large channel between lily pad...
  23. B

    I need a little direction...

    Hey all, I know how tight-lipped everyone tends to be about sharing spots online. I totally get it. I enjoy solitude on the river as well. Anyway, my wife and kids are out of town and I have a wide open weekend. I'm definitely going to fish, and I'm leaning toward casting practice for...
  24. A.A.

    Big flies vs little flies

    When do you pull out the big flashy ones? And the small more natural ones? Just curious, because I've heard many different takes on this.
  25. Shawn Seeger

    Leech Lake - a little late

    So, we hit up Leech Lake between 6/21-28 (some were there for only part of it - they had to work). The weather was weird (like the rest of our spring), we had hot, cold and mostly in between. Low night temp 38 to day temp of 78. Water temp was 56-58. No Ant falls while we were there, Dragon...
  26. Kenneth Yong

    Trip Report A little brown line w/ pics

    While we wait for photos of the 42-lb steelhead, I thought I'd show you guys the other end of the spectrum, i.e., 0.042-lb European Chub. My apologies if the creatures shown herein lack a certain "Wow!" factor, but hey, we can't be catching 25" trout all the time, you guys in Montana exempted...