1. Solitude

    FS LOOMIS NRX 9ft, 11wt

    New (without tags) saltwater NRX 9 foot, 11 weight. Purchased to use on trip, but never ended up fishing it. With sock and tube. Located in Puyallup, Wa area. $700.00 obo
  2. E

    G loomis warrenty

    I Have a. Cr842 gl3 rod that I bought decades ago but only used a handful of times I hooked the tip on something and pulled it off. I tried to call loomis about warranty after a 35 minute wait I was told I would have to go thru them for warranty and they would call loomis i could only get thru...
  3. X

    T My Sage Z-Axis 590-4 for Scott G or Sage Mod, GLoomis NRX LP 5 Weights

    Looking to trade one of my faster action 5 wt fly rods for a more moderate action 5 wt. Not for sell and the only acceptable trades are listed as: Scott G or Sage Mod, GLoomis NRX LP 5 Weights
  4. rhinofarrell@att.net

    FS/T G Loomis Native Run 10' 8wt

    I bought this rod just before putting a spey rod in my hands for the first time so it has been used maybe 10 days and has not seen sunlight for a few years. I am either looking to sell it for $400 (includes shipping CON US) or trade for a rod suitable for stripped bass. Native Run GLX Fly...
  5. B

    FS G Loomis NRX 12# 4 piece

    For sale, brand new, never been put together NRX 12 weight 4 piece. $650.00 PP shipped The best travel tarpon rod on the market. [email protected]
  6. B

    FS Loomis fly rods

    Have to pay for my bonefish trip so I need to unload some rods. Loomis NRX Light presentation. 9' 4 weight. 4 pc. New, never even cast. $600 Loomis NRX 9' 5 weight. 4 pc. like new. Used 2 times. $500 Loomis Cross Current GLX 9' 8 weight 4 pc. used once. $450
  7. AndrewDC

    FS Brand New G Loomis NRX 9' 5 WT

    I have a brand new Loomis NRX 5 WT, 9' that I would be willing to part with for $600 plus $10 priority mail shipping. This is the green wrapped version. It still has the price tag sticker on the cork grip and has not been registered. I can provide references for successful transactions with...
  8. E

    FS Loomis Crosscurrent 10wt

    I Have a brand new loomis crosscurrent 10wt for sale. This is not the glx version. Retails for $510, asking $250 free shipping. Contact me with questions, thanks!
  9. P

    FS G Loomis Streamdance HLS 8’3” 3 wt

    G. Loomis streamdance HLS 8’3” 3 wt. used 3-4 times. In perfect condition $300
  10. V

    WTB G. Loomis NRX 4wt

    I am looking for a Loomis NRX 4wt fly rod either LP or standard. Instant Paypal funds to you. God Bless. Got Jesus ?
  11. Anil

    Spey and HEAVY Saltwater Rods - G. Loomis and ECHO

    Have a few rods sitting here looking for new homes. Rods are new with the exception of the one noted below. Includes sock and tube. Spey: G. Loomis Stinger GLX - 13' 500 gr. 4 pc. - Retail $875 SALE $450 SOLD ECHO GLASS SPEY - 6124-4 - 12'4" 6wt. 4 pc. - Retail $299.99 SALE $175 SOLD...
  12. ICastItAll

    FS Loomis NRX 11wt - New

    Model 10811-4: 11 weight line, 9' long, 4 pieces. Rod is in new condition, has only been lawn cast. Asking $675 to your door; I try to price comparable to what they have been selling for on other sites, but am certainly open to suggestions and offers...
  13. M

    FS G Loomis IMX 2 wt

    G Loomis IMX 2wt 2 piece in excellent condition with reel and case.
  14. M

    FS Loomis GL3 9’ 4 piece with reel and travel case

    I have a 9’ 4 piece 5wt with reel in excellent condition. Also travel case. $275/OBO
  15. T

    FS G loomis Crosscurrent 9' 7wt. Brand new

    I am selling a brand new unused Crosscurrent. Beautiful rod that is $ 490 new . Factory sticker is still on the handle . Rod, tube, sock etc........ It has never even been in a store for people to handle ....it was shipped to me direct from the factory. This rod is a step up from the Pro 4x in...
  16. Madison2

    FS G Loomis NRX 5 weight 9 foot 4 piece

    Used but in very good condition - $495 shipped to you
  17. Aiden Clark

    FS/T G loomis pro 4x & Redington Behemoth 8wt, WTT 4wt

    Looking to trade my 8wt setup for 3 or 4 wt setup for smaller stream trout or sell for $300. It's a 9ft 8wt g loomis pro 4x and a 7/8 redington behemoth reel with floating line on it. Everything is in good working condition and has been well taken care of. Located in Bellingham, do make it down...
  18. F

    FS G Loomis NRX 6wt 9"0 (NRX 1086-4 G )

    Only fished a few times, a bit fast for me BUT in excellent rod for throwing streamers... Asking $550...Will post pics later...
  19. the.bearded.pescador

    FS Like New- G Loomis NRX LP 9' 5wt Only Lawn Cast!!

    I have a G loomis NRX LP 9' 5wt for sale. This rod has only been cast in the lawn once, never seen water. Everything on it is mint and like new. Cork, tube, blank, all perfect. If you need pics let me know, but I assure you it is like new. $650 shipped in USA PM me with questions
  20. T

    WTB Wtb Loomis GLX Dredger 12'9 6/7

    Looking for loomis 12'9 6/7 glx dredger I know there few an far between but hey got to ask thanks
  21. C

    FS WTB: Loomis NRX PRO1 or Crosscurrent

    Looking to buy a Gloomis NRX PRO1 10/11/12 wt also open to Crosscurrent 10/11/12wt. Thanks!
  22. AndrewDC

    WTB G Loomis NRX 5wt or Sage One or X 6wt

    Looking for these rods in a 9' or 9'6 length. For the Sage rods, I am looking for a 6 wt with a fighting butt.
  23. R

    FS G Loomis Pro 4x Long Handle Predator 10/11 wt $300 shipped

    This rod has been out on two trips. Once in Naples, FL and once in Kiribati. Unfortunately I haven't had much luck with this rod as there has never been a fish on the end of this rod...well unless you count an instant strip set knot break and a missed strip set. Reason I am unloading this rod is...
  24. Anil

    G LOOMIS NRX SPEY 13' 8/9wt. NEW

    We have the last of this particular rod to sell. It is BRAND NEW, never used, with sock, tube, and warranty. This is the discontinued color model (grey blank/ blue wrap). Loomis recently converted this series of NRX to the all green model. Same exact rod. G Loomis NRX TWO HAND - 13' 8/9wt...
  25. R

    FS Loomis FR1204- 10' 4 wt.-$150

    G Loomis FR 1204 IMX. 10' 4 wt. 2 piece. $150 plus shipping and packing. (Local Seattle or upper Skagit inspection and exchange preferred). Black ballistic nylon tube. Very good condition. Appears lightly used. One of several rods that I am selling for my friend's widow after he passed.
  26. jdarling1991

    FS G. Loomis NRX 490-4 9' 4wt Fly Rod - NEW-

    G. Loomis NRX 490-4 Fly Rod 9' 4wt New-never fished Includes sock and tube $525 + shipping through PayPal Selling for a friend, PM me and I'll put you in touch. Thanks! Jon
  27. P

    Loomis Crosscurrent upgrade to NRX?

    Cast an Asquith and NRX 8# at a local show recently. I was impressed with both. Came back home and cast my Crosscurrent (not a GLX). I wish i had them all strung up together to compare but seemed the NRX is lighter, could shoot out more line with one back cast and could carry more line in the...
  28. T

    FS Loomis Streamdance GLX 10' 6wt high line speed

    Sold. Asking $275. Local pickup near Monroe, WA. Buyer pays shipping CONUS. Great Condition, used about a dozen times.
  29. M

    WTB Sage TCR 790 or Loomis GLX classic 9' 7wt

    Still looking for a 9' 7wt TCR or Loomis GLX classic. Thanks
  30. cms829

    WTB Long Shot? GLoomis Streamdance GLX 10' 5wt.

    Anyone have one they want to part with? Must be in good shape. Thanks!
  31. M

    WTB Loomis glx fr1087

    Not having much luck with a TCR 790, how about a Loomis glx 9' 7wt? Looking for the original glx, I think the correct nomenclature is glx fr1087. Thanks, Mike
  32. Phil Fravel

    WTB G loomis 1086

    Perferably used but in great shape NRX green perfered or Asquith. Please pm
  33. S

    FS Closet Cleaning - Mystery Loomis (prototype?) rods

    Cleaning out my closet and found the following. I used to build custom rods and found some interesting relics. To be clear, these are not Loomis *factory* rods. 8'0" 4wt 3pc Loomis IMX. This blank was bought in 2005 from a former outwrapper for Loomis, labeled as a 804-3IMX with a tag...

    FS G Loomis Eastfork Fly rod 9' 4 weight

    Brand new never used G Loomis East Fork fly rod. Retail was $420. Beautiful rod. 9 foot 4 weight. $220 shipped lower 48. Half price. Pay Pal ok.
  35. Mike Ediger

    FS Loomis GLX Whispercreek 9'5wt

    Factory matching rod, sock, tube. Fished, but blank could pass for new. Cork is a bit soiled, but no defects. Just excellent condition used rod. No issues of any kind. REC single foot recoil guides. This rod is light! $325 shipped and I will cover paypal.
  36. joelals

    FS/T Winston IM6 9’ 6wt. Loomis blank

    Hey guys needing some help. I believe this is a Loomis blank Winston #12776. Rod is in ok condition, there are a few chips between the first and second guide but they appear to be surface only. Tip section is in great shape, ferrule is tight, nickel down locking reel seat. I know we’re supposed...
  37. E

    FS New G Loomis IMX pro 9 1/2 6wt

    I have a brand new Loomis IMX Pro 9 1/2 ft 6wt I'd like to sell. A buddy is selling one of my all time favorite rods to me so I no longer need this. Rod has never even been put together 10/10 condition. If you need photos pm me, but it is a brand new rod... Rod retails for $495.00, asking $300
  38. E

    FS G Loomis nrx 7wt $425

    Have a blue wrap nrx 7wt for sale. Rod is in great shape. Asking $425, would trade for 691-4 sage method. Thanks!
  39. K

    FS G. Loomis Stinger

    15' 1" GLX Stinger 700-plus grain 4-piece, new with tag. $535 Paypal. Compare at $975 MSRP.
  40. Brian in OR.

    FS/T Loomis NRX 6wt for 5 wt LP

    Super nice Loomis NRX 9' 6 wt with fighting butt and rod tube/sock, looking for a 9' 5 wt. NRX LP or sell for $485 shipped. MO or paypal + 3% questions, [email protected]
  41. Anil

    G Loomis NEW and DEMO Rod SALE

    These rods are all in great shape and have been lightly used as demo rods (cast at shows and events), they all have the same warranty as a regular loomis rod. RODS sale price...
  42. ursistersbush

    FS G Loomis CC GLX 9’ 9wt

    Exellent condition.... Great saltwater stick. $360 shipped
  43. F

    WTB Handle and screw or spare spool for Loomis Syncrotech 8-9-10 reel

    I dropped my reel on the floor, and it just so happened to land on the handle for the spool. It bent the screw and the handle bolt for the screw. If anyone has a replacement handle and screw or spare spool they are willing to part with at a reasonable price, please let me know.
  44. O

    FS G Loomis Glx Dredger 8/9 spey

    rod for sale is a G loomis GLX dredger 13'9 for an 8/9 line. Lightly used and well taken care of 300$ shipped to conus. PayPal only.
  45. MRKbass

    FS Winston im6 3 pc desirable Loomis blank

    Up for sale is another cherished piece of my Winston collection. This too is a highly desirable 3 piece 8'6" 4 weight with beautiful zebrawood and sliding band seat. Built on the legendary loomis blank, serial # 35k ish, all original parts, no repairs. Factory tube and sock with no dents. 1...
  46. retreive

    WTB Loomis pro4x "Shortstix"

    Hello, Getting older and looking for shorter lighter rod for salmon fishing. Bought some SCroix and Loop Rods but 9 foot length is too much for my ruined shoulder rotator cap. If you have this "Shortstix around let us talk maybe I can get a rod to help me cast for steelhead Silvers and you can...
  47. Big Tuna

    FS WTT Loomis GLX CC 9'6 weight

    The rod is in excellent condition, but it's too stiff for me. Would be interested in a Loomis Classic GLX 9' 6 weight 4 piece. Open to other offers for rods w/ similar action.
  48. J

    FS Loomis 6 wt & TFO 8 wt w/ Redington Reel

    - Loomis Pro 4x 1086-4 FR, 9ft 6wt...... Rod is brand new, never had a reel on it. Just got it back as a replacement from G Loomis on 6/22. Green color. $260. Have sock, tube and shipping tube. TFO Lefty Kreh pro series, 9'6 8wt with fighting butt. Sock and tube included. Combo includes...
  49. T

    FS G Loomis 9' 5wt NRX LP

    ROD IS SOLD I have too many 9' 5wt rods and need to sell one. I love this rod, which has been the winner of the Yellowstone Angler 5 wt shootout for several consecutive years, but it doesn't perform well for me in the winds that we have in Colorado and Wyoming. This is probably due to my...
  50. rapido101

    FS NFC Edge Loomis 9.5' 4 piece 7wt Fly Rod NEW

    New custom rod built on Gary Loomis' newest-design North Fork Comfly rod blanks, same as used on the Edge fly rods. Asking $500 cash. Sorry, no trades or paypal. No sock or tube. Pickup in Gig Harbor. Good for fresh or salt - trout, bass, salmon, steelhead etc. Light in the hand and fast action...