1. naaagz_

    FS Echo Carbon XL 690-4, Loop Multi 3/6, Rio Xtreme Indicator WF6F

    - Echo Carbon XL 690-4, Solid Rod for the price, I’ve fished this rod a lot and has a lot of mojo. It’s a pretty fast action rod and I love how it fishes that Xtreme Indicator line. Condition 8.5/10 $80 Loop Multi 3/6, super slick reel and it is an absolute work hog. It has been beat up and...
  2. S

    FS LOOP Evotec G4 7/9 Silver Reel

    REEL FOR SALE: Evotec G4 7/9 Silver (NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN THIS COLOR) - VERY slightly used. In Excellent condition - Asking $250 Reel is in EXCELLENT condition. Very minor cosmetic dings from very little use. Basically a brand new reel. WILLING TO HEAR ANY REASONABLE OFFER OR TRADE. MUST...
  3. F

    FS Loop Cross S1 7wt 11'0 Switch (Travel 5-piece) Fly Rod

    Selling a lightly used LOOP S1 7wt Switch rod. Retail was originally close to $1110 when rod was released. $675 firm cash & Buyer pays shipping. More specs here
  4. bourdino

    FS Loop Cross S1 7110-5

    Sadly this is a rod I dont use very much. In excellent condition Loop cross S1 switch rod! With tube and sock. 11 feet 7 weight 5 pieces. Good luck! 600$ US shipped.
  5. W

    FS For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel.

    For pictures see: https://yakima.craigslist.org/spo/d/for-sale-orvis-spey-rod-and/6511024871.html For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel. Both are unused, Rod was only taken out of tube to photograph, has never been joined. Reel is cast/not fished, in pouch, it was mounted on various 8W...
  6. cms829

    WTB Hardy Cascapedia MKII or III, 8/9 - or LOOP classic 5/8

    Hoping to find one of these guys. I know the MKII was made in Korea, but I really like the ported look. Would take an MKIII for the right price though. Same with the Loop. I want something with a disc. If anyone has any of these they would like to part with, let me know. Thanks!
  7. C

    FS Loop Evotec LW 7/9 reel

    Loop Evotec LW 7/9 spooled with 9 wt Airflo Bonefish line. $250 shipped. You pay 3% PayPal fee if you don't send payment friends and family. Inquires PM or call/text 407.462.1492 - Chad
  8. C

    T Loop Classic 7/9 for 4" Hardy Perfect

    Having no luck selling it – so figured I’d see if someone was looking for a trade. Looking to trade my Loop Classic 7/9 for a LHW Hardy Perfect. In particular the LHW 4 inch Hardy Heritage Perfect w/ Lineguard- but open to models without line guard. Let me know what you have and PM me if...
  9. A

    FS Echo 3 1007-4 , Loop multi 6/9

    I have for sale an echo 3 10ft 7 wt fished less than 5 times in great condition 225.00 shipped Loop multi 6/9 left hand retrieve has some rash and scratches but fully funtioning and features the well known sealed matrix drag. $150 shipped line not included. If you buy them together I will...
  10. DanielOcean

    Composite loop vs Dubbing loop

    Can anyone tell me what the true difference is between the two? They both seem completely the same and the dudes doing composite loops are not doing anything new in regards to spinning materials in a dubbing loop! So why the name change in that case?
  11. E

    FS unused spey instinct 13710 4pc loop megalopolis with line both 1/2 price $350 & $400

    Great rod and reel at excellent price
  12. stilly stalker

    Another composite loop spey

    Daichi 2051 size 1.5 Rear loop: UV ice dub shell pink Amherst fibers orange Mid loop: UV red ice dub Copper angel hair Orange rhea Orange Amherst Mask loop: Arctic fox black Copper angel hair
  13. stilly stalker

    Composite loop Spey

    Rear: Shrimp pink or shell pink UV ice dub and Amherst fibers Mid: UV fire red ice dub Pink Rhea Purple Amherst Fuschia flashabou Front: Lavender arctic fox Black arctic fox
  14. b_illymac

    Swap Composite loop meat swap?

    I havent done a swap in awhile. Thought this might be a fun one. You tie two flies per person, one small of one pattern and one larger of one different pattern. Only requirement is it has a composite loop in it. Trout or steelhead or bass or whatever. All my usuals are required to sign up so you...
  15. H

    FS Loop Cross S1 7100-4

    10 foot 7 weight 4 sections Lawn cast only. Extremely smooth big bug, big fish rod. Retails for $745. Only flaw is slight discoloration of cork. Original tube and sock. $325 Price is "or best offer" and includes shipping. Thanks. Photos available if interested
  16. bourdino

    FS Loop NXT 7124, Loop Xact 8124 and loop evotec HD 8/10

    For sale: Loop NXT 7124-4 in excellent condition. Used 5 times. With tube and sock. 500$ US shipped. Loop Xact 8126-4 in very good cond. With tube and sock. 225$ shipped. Loop evotec HD 8-10 blue in mint condition with 2 heads and backing/running. Loop GDC line #7 head and airflow scandi...
  17. Benjamin Briggs

    WTB Abel SD 4/5 or Loop Opti Dryfly

    hey guys, Just reposting a less ambiguous looking title. I'm looking for a Loop Opti DryFly or an Abel SD 4/5 in the $300.00 range. I'm open to other things as well (but would prefer those two). Please hit me with a PM if you have one for sale. I have a little room to fudge the numbers so just...
  18. Benjamin Briggs

    WTB ISO: Loop Opti Dryfly selling (olive) Abel Super 4N

    looking for a loop opti dry fly. It's okay if it's a bit used. I am also selling an olive colored Abel super 4n for $275.00 in good condition. A few blemishes but nothing big. Let me know if you'd like pictures. I would also do a straight trade reel for reel if you wish. Thanks. -Ben
  19. napawino (Roger Craft)

    FS Marlin Guide Gun 45-70 Big Loop Lever. New, w/extras

    New, unfired except at the factory. Marlin Guide Gun 45-70 big loop lever. Model 1895GBL – A larger-loop finger lever makes for easier cycling of the action while wearing gloves. The two-tone brown laminated wood stock enhances resistance to weather. Blued finish. Full length six-shot tubular...
  20. J

    FS Loop Xact 8/12

    loop large arbor reel, lightly used in good condition. $85.00
  21. kvn75

    FS Loop OptiStream 9'0" #5

    Brand New, never fished ..... 9'0" # 5 weight Loop OptiStream. $ 400 USD shipped from Europe. Buyer covers PayPal fees.
  22. fly dds

    FS Loop Opti NXT 8130

    I have a basically new Loop Opti NXT 8130 Spey Rod that I'm selling. I fished it for about an hour on the OP this winter so it's in pristine condition. I have another Loop rod that is the same length and weight so it doesn't make sense for me to keep this one. You can also see from the photo...
  23. Anil

    Loop Gass 710-4 A

    This 10 foot 7 weight Goran Andersson Signature Series rod from Loop is built for Single Hand spey. It comes with all 4 removable weights in the butt section for better balance. Comes with original sock and case and we are asking $250. We would rate this rod a 7.5/10. You can PM us or call the...
  24. F

    NFR Bear on the SF Stilly Near Deer Creek

    Firstly, sorry for no picture. Brief encounter. I was on the Mt. Loop today doing a little hiking and general forest recreating in the rain. This was about 9:30am. I was walking up what I imagine was once a logging road about a thousand years ago around Deer Creek/Beaver Creek. I was going up a...
  25. 1morecast

    FS Loop yellow 8124-4

    I have a mint 8124 that was primarily a back up rod. The rod is in mint condition and comes with original sock,tube and warranty card. $300.00 plus actual shipping. I will cover PayPal fees. I am located in Port Angeles, and will be traveling to the Everett area next week so a face to face...
  26. M

    FS Sage 711 made by Loop

    For sale is Sage 711 made by Loop tackle of Sweden. This is one of the earlier models prior to the center adjustment knob. This reel can hold 175 yards feet of 30lb backing with an 11wt line. The size and backing is comparable to the original Loop model 4. This reel is approximately 4 5/8...
  27. driftboatdan

    FS Loop Multi 7120

    [This is a great light weight spey rod. Handles heavy tips well but is also a joy to cast with scandi style lines. Rod is in very good used condition. I always felt like this was a medium fast rod, but quite forgiving. 200 (will include an appropriate grain skagit head). 12' 7wt
  28. Concrete Angler

    FS Loop Blueline 1015-4 15' 10wt Spey

    <<<SOLD>>> LOOP BlueLine 1015-4 15' 10wt Spey rod fast action MINT condition with original sock/tube: 225 U$D <<<SOLD>>> Shipping will be split 50/50 using cheapest and smoothest methods from Quebec, Canada. Open to offers, bundles, questions, heyhowyadoin's and wise advice by PM. Also open...
  29. Concrete Angler

    FS Loop Yellowline 8124-4 12'4" 8wt Spey

    Rod is now SOLD! LOOP YellowLine 8124-4 12'4" 8wt Spey rod, sweet slow action a darling in the Color Concept lineup. Mint condition except for a couple small nicks in the cork that I repaired with liquid wood. Original sock/tube: 330$ Shipping will be split 50/50 using cheapest and smoothest...
  30. Concrete Angler

    FS Spey Rods, Reels, Trout. Loop, Lts, Hardy, Etc.

    A bunch of items for sale to support my Salmon addiction / Pay for Wife's birthday gift... having trouble prioritizing between the two sometimes: Spey Rods: LOOP BlueLine 1015-4 15' 10wt Spey rod fast action MINT condition with original sock/tube: 250$ LOOP YellowLine 8124-4 12'4" 8wt Spey...
  31. bourdino

    FS Loop Cross S1 8130-4

    Used but in very good condition. used 10 trips for steelhead. Comes with original tube and socks. Everything is perfect. Loop cross S1 13' 8 w 4 pieces spey rod. 425$ shipping included.

    FS Loop Classic 10-13 Left Hand Wind

    Brand New Loop Classic 10-13 line. Left hand wind. $920 shipped
  33. 1morecast

    FS Wtt Loop Yellow 8124-4

    I bought this as a backup rod and has been used a couple of times. Rod is in excellent condition and comes with factory sock,tube,and blank warranty card. I am looking for a 9' 6wt 4 piece. A T&T HS 906-4,HS I I 906-4, or a Helix 906-4.
  34. D

    FS Loop Fly Reel

    Posting for a friend. Loop Model 3w fly reel with line and backing. Not sure of the line brand. Very good to mint condition. $250 OBO
  35. J

    FS Waterworks, Harris Loop Reels , Previous Post

    I am having troubles with the reply routing, and attaching photos. It is easier for, me if you make a request to [email protected] thanks jackk
  36. J

    FS Waterworks , Loop Andharrisreels

    Most are used in but very good condition. If you are not satisfied, return for a full refund. Waterworks reels are made in the USA, and are very sturdy for their weight. Return them often to Waterworks and they will rebuild them as needed for the cost of shipping. They will never wear out...
  37. Adam Joyce

    WTB Loop Evotec Hd 8/10

    Looking to purchase a Loop Evotec HD 8/10. If someone has one they are willing to sell please PM me. Thank you. Adam
  38. Benjamin Briggs

    WTB Buying Loop Opti Dry Fly

    If you have one for sale please pm me! Thanks guys.
  39. UtahKingb

    FS Loop Reel Evotec G4 Lw 5/8

    I've got a hardly used loop G4 evotec LW 5/8 reel, sad to let it go but need to thin out a bit. A buddy of mine is a loop rep and I picked it up new a few months back for a small discount. Its been fished 5-6 times but is more reel than I need for the fishing I do. Retails for $479, make me...
  40. HCHCG

    FS Loop Green Line 11’6” #9

    Loop Green Line 11’6” #9 (LGL9116-4): Brand new w/ factory tube. The Green Line switch rods are super powerful and feature a fast action. Perfect for chinook and steel. SIC stripper guides. Comes with one tip. Retail: $625 $450 OBO
  41. HCHCG

    FS Loop Yellow Line 14’0” #9/10

    Loop Yellow Line 14’0” #9/10 (LYL9140-4). Brand new w/o factory tube. Comes w/ protective PVC tube. The smooth, progressive action isn’t quite as quick as most of Loop’s rods and benefits casters with a less 'punchy' casting stroke. Great for both floating lines and Skagit heads. SIC stripper...
  42. HCHCG

    FS Loop Gray Line 16’0” #11/12

    Loop Gray Line 16’0” #11/12 (LGR11160-4). Like new condition w/o factory tube. Comes w/ protective PVC tube. Test casted, but never fished. The Gray Line is Loop’s top-of-the-line series and comes with all of the features you’d expect for a top-end spey rod. The perfect big fish, big river rod...
  43. HCHCG

    FS Loop Green Line 14'0" #9/10

    Loop Green Line 14’0” #9/10 (LGL9140-4). Brand new w/o factory tube. Comes w/ protective PVC tube. The Green Line rods have a bit more power than other Loop rods. Great for floating lines and has enough oomph to lift and toss sink tips with a Skagit head. SIC stripper guides. Comes with one tip...
  44. HormanOmorman

    FS Orvis, Redington & Sage Rods, Orvis, Loop & Sage Reels

    I'm thinning out my gear closet and want to pass on some excellent equipment that is in top-notch condition. Most of this gear has seen very little, if any, actual time on the water. Please feel free to PM for more details or pictures on any of the items. Rods: - Redington Super Sport 9044, 9'...
  45. Concrete Angler

    FS Loop Opti Zpey 1st Gen 12' 8/9 & Opti Speedrunner

    I took her out for one last swing yesterday and ceremoniously packed it up for sale. This setup is a killer scandi lazer gun and never had so many questions and conversations started as with this kit. I met a Scottsman in the Margaree valley who had literally the exact same setup right down to...
  46. HCHCG

    FS Loop Gray Line, Green Line, Yellow Line Spey Rods

    I'm selling four spey rods that were gifted to me. I typically fish shorter rods and would rather find new homes for these guys. Loop Green Line 14’0” #9/10 (LGL9140-4). Brand new. The Green Line rods have a bit more power than other Loop Scandi-style rods. Great for floating lines and has...
  47. JohnB

    FS Loop Incite 590-3 Outfit 225$

    I got an Incite starter kit a few years ago as a second set up to have a second 5 weight for lake fishing and very rarely used it. I like how the rod casts a lot and the non tradition cork grip seems super cool and durable. I kept the rod for a few years but have ended up with a few more...
  48. Arni Jonsson

    FS Loop Adventure G3 15'

    BNIT, never used 15', 4pc line 10-11 Loop Adventure G3 $220
  49. Dave Witchey

    FS Loop CrossS1, Sage One 690 +reels

    Loop Cross S1 690-4 excellent cond 400.00 SageONE 690/4 very good ++ 390.00 Ross Gunnison post 98 plus extra spool 150.00 a bit of rash, not much perfect working order. Black Elkhorn T4 9/11 plus extra Spool excellent cond. had almost no useage 150 for both plus shipping Thanks...
  50. R

    WTB Loop Classic 8-11 RHW

    Hi All, I'm looking for a Loop Classic 8-11 in RHW. I'd prefer unported, but ported would work too. If anyone is willing to sell, I'm interested. Please let me know what you have any what price you'd like. Thanks, Russ