1. DanielOcean

    Composite loop vs Dubbing loop

    Can anyone tell me what the true difference is between the two? They both seem completely the same and the dudes doing composite loops are not doing anything new in regards to spinning materials in a dubbing loop! So why the name change in that case?
  2. stilly stalker

    Another composite loop spey

    Daichi 2051 size 1.5 Rear loop: UV ice dub shell pink Amherst fibers orange Mid loop: UV red ice dub Copper angel hair Orange rhea Orange Amherst Mask loop: Arctic fox black Copper angel hair
  3. stilly stalker

    Composite loop Spey

    Rear: Shrimp pink or shell pink UV ice dub and Amherst fibers Mid: UV fire red ice dub Pink Rhea Purple Amherst Fuschia flashabou Front: Lavender arctic fox Black arctic fox
  4. b_illymac

    Swap Composite loop meat swap?

    I havent done a swap in awhile. Thought this might be a fun one. You tie two flies per person, one small of one pattern and one larger of one different pattern. Only requirement is it has a composite loop in it. Trout or steelhead or bass or whatever. All my usuals are required to sign up so you...
  5. F

    NFR Bear on the SF Stilly Near Deer Creek

    Firstly, sorry for no picture. Brief encounter. I was on the Mt. Loop today doing a little hiking and general forest recreating in the rain. This was about 9:30am. I was walking up what I imagine was once a logging road about a thousand years ago around Deer Creek/Beaver Creek. I was going up a...
  6. Danielsson built original evotec 9/thirteen

    Danielsson built original evotec 9/thirteen

    Entire back plate rotates to adjust drag. Very cool old reels from the latter 90's
  7. Skykomish Steelhead

    Skykomish Steelhead

    A beautiful Late Feb Nate brought in by Brian Paige.