1. B

    FS Magic tool by Petitjean fly tying

    For sale;- Sold. A Petitjean Magic tool for fly tying. Great for tying and trimming. $ 20.00 blackloon 360.739.4238 text or call David
  2. Squamishpoacher

    Petitjean Magic Tool - Does Size Matter?

    I'm toying with picking up a Magic Tool but not sure about what size to choose. I'd like to hear from anyone who has the small one if they had wished they would have gone to the larger size or if the smaller one is doing all they require. Most of what I would likely use it for would be flies up...
  3. bobduck

    Magic tool

    So I bought the mark petitjean magic tool and I'm just starting to practice with it and can see how it will help tie certain patterns. No comprehensive written instructions came with it so I watched some youtube videos which helps. But in no instance is there any instruction as to the...
  4. Hardy406

    FS WTB: Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Clip Set for CDC

    WTB used Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Clip Set for CDC. I am wanting to do some more CDC flies and think it would help a bit. Currently use a regular bull clip and its ok but the Magic tool clip looks like it would save some time. Message me if you have a set you are not using. Thanks for your time!
  5. Matt B

    Petitjean Magic Tool clip

    I want a Petitjean Magic Tool clip. I think I only need one. I don't want to have to pay $40 for a glorified binder clip. Has anyone made an equivalent tool themselves? Failing that, is there a source to just buy a clip, and not a whole set of umpteen sizes? Does anyone use the stacker? What's...
  6. Beginners "When All Else Fails I Use This Fly" Swap

    Beginners "When All Else Fails I Use This Fly" Swap

    Magic Fly by *Madison Angler*