1. F

    FS A Few Extra Fly Tying Materials and Accessories

    FS Spool Safe W/17 Spools of Mylar Tinsel, 19 Spools of Holograph Tinsel, 16 Spools of Giorgio Benecci Thread, and 18 Spools of Ultra Wire. A Total of 72 Spools. $85 A Jim Teeny Line Winder $35 An Oasis Double Dubbing Tower W/8 Boxes. $65 Sirman (Czech) Turbo Brush Spinner $30 Henry’s Fork...
  2. J

    Place to buy materials for Squimp and Delia Squid

    I'm going to attempt to tie these two flies for SRC (and Coho) and have a shopping list gleaned from Nick Clayton's videos (by the way thank you Nick). I shopped around some on line. Golden pheasant tippets (for Squimp) seem to vary quite a bit. White saddle hackle is also something I will need...
  3. F

    FS More Tying Accessories and Materials

    Oasis Double Dubbing Tower. Includes 8 Boxes. $65 Cyclone Turbo Dubbing Twister $25 Thread Safe W/66 Spools of Thread. 37 Uni Thread, 12 Spools of 210 Denier $65 Larva Lace Cutting Board $15 US Balance Scale 500g X 0.1g $18 22 Spools of Fuzzy Bug Dubbing $35 2 Boxes of 6 Color Zelon Dubbing...
  4. Woodman60

    FS Last of the Fly Tying Materials

    SOLD Fly Tying Materials Blowout – Fur, feathers, tools, etc This is the last batch (for a while) of the stuff my Dad passed on to me. Thanks to all who have purchased so far. It’s going to go towards a nice fishing trip this summer – which will be one of his last at age 92. Those who...
  5. Squamishpoacher

    Curing UV Resin to Hold Materials in Place

    This started out as fullback nymph and an attempt to use up some sub par PT feathers. Instead of trimming the tags of the shellback, I found that I can fold them back drop some UV cure on them and hold them back with a piece of food wrap or Ziploc plastic. The UV light is applied and passes...
  6. TheAngler

    Any place to purchase rod building materials in the Seattle area?

    I got my hands on a fly rod blank (viz., Rainshadow ETEF905-4) and I am going to give rod building a shot. Given this is my first attempt, I would like to see the components (in person) before purchasing. Does anybody know if there is a shop in the Seattle area that carries fly rod components...
  7. I

    FS Fly Tying Equipment and Materials

    Selling all my tying stuff. Renzetti Traveler vise, lamp with magnifier, all the usual tools, bobbins, pick, etc. See pics. Materials mostly for wets and salt water. Includes storage cabinets. $225
  8. NW_flyfisher

    Fly tying materials galore

    a coworker of mine is having her mother hold a garage sale for tons of fly tying material, hooks, thread, feathers. etc. I stopped over last week to see the inventory her father had and I was overwhelmed. There was even polar bear fur. PM me for the location.
  9. P

    FS fly tying materials: salmon, steelhead, trout

    I've got lots of tying materials: whiting hackle, daichi trout hooks, dubbing, etc. Lots of steelhead stuff including shanks, marabou, bunny, saddle hackle. Even salmon stuff like pink bucktail, cones for salmon poppers, etc. I reorganized a few things: the heron, orange chenille, and orange...
  10. Beast Mode

    FS Fly Tying Materials

    I have a bundle of trout fly tying materials (89 items) available for sale. $45 takes everything. Paypal or local cash transaction. Buyer adds on 2-day USPS shipping to his/her home address in CONUS. SOLD! 24 packages of hooks (Tiemco, Mustad, VMC). 7 Spools thread 2 Spools tinsel 7...