1. M

    Tell me what pontoon set up I should buy

    So i've decided I need to get a pontoon for this upcoming year and I was wondering if you experts could tell me what I should buy. Basically kicking my float tube around in bigger lakes I want to hit sounds a lot less appealing than hooking up a trolling motor to pontoon, and also sounds a lot...
  2. A.A.

    Dad, when are you going to take me fishing?..

    My daughter (7) had been begging for weeks. So it finally worked out to take her and my son (10) out on the Umpqua on Saturday. Beautiful lucky green water on St. Patrick’s Day. Pizza already cooking in the bow. Headed downstream... Perfect drift. These kids learn fast... (And no, my...
  3. T

    Tell me where I should fish this weekend

    Little thrown off as far as where I should fish this time of year. Rookie fly fisherman, and not opposed to some spin casting, and or sinking some worms. I live in Seattle. Willing to drive 2 ish hours. Weather conditions don’t matter to me, except high windows are no bueno. I have a...
  4. The T.O. Show

    Talk to me about backing

    Okay, I'm trying to line a reel for Baja, and I want to pack as much backing on this thing as possible. I have a little bit of experience with big game salt stuff, but not a lot. As far as I can tell, the best strength to line diameter out there is the Hatch PE backing, but dang it's expensive...
  5. Mark Mercer

    Fishing gods were good to me!

    Found a couple of Black Mouths Wed but only landed one, was a couple inches short so let it go, probably would have released it anyway. Sure was FUN !!! Lots of rezzies and BM shakers in all sizes and one cutt. Good day at the beach ! Mark
  6. triploidjunkie

    Keeping me humble

    I headed out to the jobsite this morning. Business as usual. I didn't have too much I could do, but had to let the subcontractors in. I got what I needed done, and waited around until 12:00. The heavy snow must have kept them away. I was pondering heading up and over the pass and trying to catch...
  7. Old406Kid

    This One Made Me Smile

  8. Kjell S. Rakkenes

    Let me introduce myself :-)

    Hi I recently posted a couple of videos that I made this summer, and was kindly asked to make an introductory post. What a great idea I thought, so here it is. My introductory post to this fine forum! My name is Kjell, a guy with a funny name that few outside Scandinavia is able to pronounce...
  9. T

    Last largemouth fishing of the season for me

    A long day of trout fishing in the seeps made me start to wonder why I like bass so much. About a dozen 14-18" trout had been landed while stripping wooly buggers 15-20 down. The trout took line, jumped, didn't give up easily and generally fought like trout. As the day wound down I started to...
  10. Mike Melfa

    MISSING IN ACTION Gets Returned to Me after several Weeks

    This Post is in Reference to the Administrator, and all the Other Followers who just like to jump on the Band Wagon when someone starts some shit...It seems like they all come out of the woodwork and all have something to say........We received a Ration of Shit for the last week or two about a...
  11. Ian Horning

    This fish loves me

    You'd think with all those fish in Pass Lake, this wouldn't happen very often. Last Fall: February: This Summer: Same fish, three separate times. Two different techniques, two different flies (twice the same pattern). She's gained a couple of inches since our first encounter and she's...
  12. F

    Ellensburg for Me and my Dad

    Situation: I'm taking my dad on our first road/fishing trip since 2003 from August 4-7. He's pushing 70 and doesn't get around so well these days so I got us a place to stay in Ellensburg and was wondering what y'all had to say for things in terms of food/museums/fishing/etc that aren't too hard...
  13. G

    Howdy Y'all! Can anyone help me with info on this Rod?

    It looks like a Grizzly/Early Fenwick Blank. Could this be a Factory Fenwick custom build? Any info would be appreciative.
  14. Shopkeeper

    Only Thing Better Than Me Catching a Big Fish...

    ...Is my daughter catching one. A year ago tonight, we took our last fishing excursion before her wedding; I was miserable every minute leading up to it...So, the fishing on that night was a pleasant distraction. She wanted to go again tonight to mark the occasion (really, she just wanted to...
  15. GAT

    Call Me Greedy

    I'm going to pass on trout again and head back to the farm lake tomorrow. I figure if I can catch some fairly large bass right now, I shouldn't abandon a good thing. Beside, I put new batteries in the scale and am taking a spare so if I do catch something of decent size, in theory, I...
  16. wannafish

    Help me spend money...

    I'm starting to get closer to taking the plunge on a new/used boat. I fish and crab in probably 80% + saltwater. I live near Westport, so more than 1/2 the time I'm on Grays Harbor or Willapa Bay. I occasionally will duck out across the bar but only on the nicest of days. I don't want a...
  17. Speyrod GB

    Tiger Muskie 1, me 0.

    Took a trip to check out the tiger action. The lake was definitely full and water a little cloudy. I guesstimated about 3 - 4 feet of visibility. Seemed like a good idea to try one of my new articulated files. The fly looked great in the water. I was wondering of white would be the right...
  18. C

    Please help me with a business class assignment. (FF related)

    I need to get answers from business owners and customers on some business related questions as part of a business class. The objective of the assignment is get us thinking about what makes businesses successful. My thought was that this set of questions might benefit both members and sponsors...
  19. msteudel

    Someone is trying to tell me something

    Found this on my computer monitor after the kids went to bed, apparently my 8 year old daughter wants me to me to do something ...
  20. Jeremy Floyd

    Show Me Your Favorite Chironomids!

    I am currently tying up a storm, in preparation for the ice melting in a little over a month. Trying to fill up the chiro fly box. If you have a favorite, please leave me a pic!
  21. Old406Kid

    The Winston Ltx Series- Tell Me About It

    My brother in law has severe RA and can no longer fly fish so horsetraded me a pair of these along with all of the rest of his gear for my "magic" Sako .243 that he's coveted for over 40 years. (The truth is I'm just storing it all for him and letting him get the enjoyment out of the rifle that...
  22. john gates

    Swap Nymph With Me Please!

    Hello! Well the nymphs in my box are dull and not new. My ranks are just depleted! So it's time to tie NYMPHS! 2 fly's per pattern and 2 patterns to be tied. 4 total per tier. I don't mind what you do for your nymphs. Weighted or weightless. As for nymph type that's up to you all too! Just toe...
  23. BenRansonet

    WTB Tibor Everglades Qc Spool Or Spools...

    Please pm me if you have any you want to part with!
  24. SilverFly

    So, Help Me Understand Something...

    .. but first let me start by saying this is not a rant - even though it might sound like one. I am truly confused as to why there seems to be so little interest in offshore fly fishing in the PNW? Why? Salmon fishing opportunities are being taken away to the point that it's almost not worth...
  25. jackchinook

    FS Anyone Still Using Multi-tips? 5wt 444 Cortland Change-a-tip - Cheap

    I'm doing some end-of-summer cleanout and came across a Cortland 5wt multi-tip system. Running line with 4 tips: full floating, 2 different sink tips (fast and slower), and an intermediate ghost tip. Comes with a nice little pouch for the tips. I probably used this 6 times a decade or more ago...
  26. MG driver

    Src Are Teaching Me Humility

    I consider myself a reasonable fly fisherman, but I cannot catch a SRC for the life of me! Coming from Eastern Wash, I am used to stream and lake fishing but wanted to try Puget Sounds best! I have reasonable equipment~ 6Wt Sage Motive, saltwater capable reel, Rio Coastal Quick Shooter and...
  27. Jerry Daschofsky

    If you've sent me a donation via UPS recently, please read

    I received a wading jacket and some shirts in XXL plus reels, chest pack/backpack, etc. If this was you could you please message me. Thanks
  28. S

    WTB Sage 490-4 Z Axis or 490-4 XP

    Looking for a nice Sage 490-4 Z Axis or XP. Please PM me if you have one you are intersted in selling.
  29. Big Bow, Frying Pan River, Colorado

    Big Bow, Frying Pan River, Colorado