1. Skip Goetz

    WTB WTB USED Meiser Highlander Classic Series: S2H15946C-5 15' 9" 4/5/6

    Looking for a used Meiser Highlander Classic Series: S2H15946C-5 15' 9" 4/5/6
  2. Old406Kid

    Meiser Grain Weight?

    I have a Meiser S2H-11067 switch and am contemplating a Skagit short for fishing streamers with a tip. Any recommendations on brand, grain weight, and length?
  3. tling70

    FS Meiser switch rod

    Mint Meiser switch rod for sale. 11' 4/5wt 4pc. Comes with G Loomis rod sock and cordura tube. Has a name on it, but can be removed. Rod is the standard build retailing for $605.00 USD. SOLD

    Not Sure Its A Meiser Rod? I contacted Mr Meiser about this rod. He said he did not build this rod. He does not build 11 foot 6 switch rods. What's up with this?
  5. IHV2FSH

    WTB Meiser 7-8wt Or Z-axis 7136

    Looking for a nice rod for winter steelhead. Have a 7136 I'm giving to my son and looking for another for myself. I'd buy another 7136 if you have it. Always wanted a Meiser if you happen to have one. Nothing fancy or custom, just a nice performing rod.
  6. N

    FS Custom Rb Meiser 14' 9/10 Mks Spey Rod- Never Fished!

    RB Meiser Custom Spey rod - 14' 9/10 MKS Mike Kinney Special includes rod tube and new Airflo Long Delta head with loops. Custom rod blank, custom cork handle with part whiskey barrel lower handle. Beautiful Turkey and jungle cock feather inlay and gorgeous thread work- Recoil titanium snake...
  7. G

    FS New! Tfo Spey Deer Creek (meiser/kinney) 13'6" 8/9

    I have perfectly new, clean (still in foil bag!) TFO Deer Creek 13'6" 8/9 (550-800G as described on the blank). I use smaller rods for my rivers and purchase this one "just in case". I did not have time to cast it once and put to closet.. I believe it is a very nice rod designed by Meiser and...
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