1. Brad Niemeyer

    Wa state forage fish/minnow species

    I recently came to the realization that I don't know what species of minnow/forage fish that predatory fish might be targeting in Washington freshwater lakes and streams. Sculpins? I know those are present in most river systems. Fathead minnows? Certainly, fry of salmon and trout...but what...
  2. ScottP

    SBS Grassett's Flats Minnow

    Basic Bendback stuff; generic flats food. Change colors/size to suit your needs. hook - Mustad 3407 #2 thread - Danville flat wax chartreuse body - Estaz olive underwing - bucktail white flash - Krystal Flash rootbeer overwing - bucktail olive topping - peacock herl eyes - medium beadchain...
  3. SilverFly

    SBS Mugshot Minnow (aka SilverFly Anchovy)

    With all the changes, multiple imitations, and evolution of the SF Anchovy, I figured it was time for a better name and a fresh SBS. After printing out and tracing so many baitfish pictures, the name Mugshot Minnow just fits. While I'm still not 100% happy with this as a proper SBS, I do have a...
  4. ScottP

    SBS Lebo's Royal Minnow

    Similar to the 88 Streamer, especially if it had a red wire body. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 black tag/rib - copper wire brassie body - Uni-Stretch Chinese red thorax - peacock herl hackle - hen grizzly wing - barred waterfowl flank (redhead used here) mash barb, start...
  5. Clouser minnow

    Clouser minnow

    I love to use this fly for bass. I read that bass especially love yellow since it sticks out and gets there attention. I found that the more deer hair and the more crystal flash I use the better it looks and moves in the water.
  6. SRC Swap 8/04

    SRC Swap 8/04

    Liquid Lace Minnow by LongEars Hook: Mustad 34011 size 4 stainless. Tail: 2 matched grizzly hackle tips. Underbody: Silver Mylar (potato chip bag) Rib: Holographic tinsel (silver) Body: Large clear liquid lace injected with Baby oil. Wing: Mallard flank feather colored w/Pantone pen (119-T)
  7. SRC Swap 8/04

    SRC Swap 8/04

    Clouser Minnow by LeakyTiki Hook: Mustad #4 Salmon Hook Eye's: 5/32 gold barbell eyes (painted pink/red) Body: White bucktail, a few strands of flasbou, Chartreuse bucktail. Head: 2 coats of "Hard as Nails" fingernail polish.
  8. Conehead Muddlers

    Conehead Muddlers

  9. "Pass Lake" Minnow

    "Pass Lake" Minnow