1. GingerBoats

    Montana - Late October

    I was lucky enough to be invited to Butte, by a buddy that I served with in the Navy, in mid July for some awesome trout fishing. I was able to hit up Rock Creek, Big Hole, Lake Agnes, and a few other undisclosed spots and absolutely loved it. I have a week off towards the end of October...
  2. T

    Hazards of Fly Fishing Montana (and elsewhere)

    Background. After guiding, working, and playing in the outdoors of the Rocky Mountain West and Alaska for many years, I consider myself fortunate to have never had a death in any of my guide trips or camps. We came close once with a guy who had a heart attack and fell off his horse...
  3. flybop

    Visiting Washington from Montana

    Hey guys. I hope to be doing a road trip from Montana to the area around Riffle lake in May. This is more of a hang gliding than a fishing trip, but would love to fish some if the flying weather is not good. I will be camping and or staying near Morton or Glenoma. I see there is some flowing...
  4. T

    Butte Montana

    Butte, Montana. If you’ve never spent time there this post won’t mean much. And to be fair, Butte has filed down it’s rough edges a bit in the past 20 years or so. St Paddy’s Day is still pretty crazy and the Berkley pit is still so toxic geese die from landing on it. It’s an old mining town...
  5. C

    Clark Fork Lodge and riverfront Property

    A client is selling their wonderful place on the Clark Fork, not too far from St. Regis. This would be an awesome fly fishing/outdoor recreation home for a guide or a family that loved the outdoors and trout fishing. Thought I would pass this along to you in case any of your guide friends were...
  6. T

    If You’re Coming to Montana Soon ...

    Montana got a lot of snow around Christmas. It pretty much stayed cold so all that snow got packed down on many roads, parking lots, sidewalks etc. Right now it’s raining on top of that ice. Lots of people taking headers. One guy was hanging on to his car (a small car) for support and it started...
  7. T

    Montana Wild Trout

    If you are interested in the history of why and how Montana implemented a policy of not stocking hatchery fish in streams where wild trout thrived without them, read this short interview with Dick Vincent. And/or watch this 12...
  8. Jakob B

    Montana wild...

    So apparently the YouTube channel of fly fishing and bow hunting guys at Montana Wild have a kickstarter going for their “bucknasty” trip to New Zeland. They’re gonna film some cool eats from the big trout their edit it blah blah sponsors whole nine yards... seems cool right. So some of you may...
  9. R

    FS Griffin Montana Mongoose fly tying vice (Spokane, WA)

    Hello! I'm located in Spokane. This vice is in great condition, am only selling as it's not being used much. Comes with pedestal AND c-clamp! Asking $180, or best offer. Local offers only please, cannot ship item at this time. *Cash only, will provide pictures to serious inquires*...
  10. 4sallypat

    Trip Report Mo in October - fishing Wolf Creek & Craig, MT for the most trout ever in my life!

    This was a Missouri river trip was hosted by Gig Harbor Fly Shop in WA. Awesome group, most productive trip ever and most fish caught daily! Great food cooked every morning and evening with lots of alcohol all inclusive - all...
  11. nwtroutguy

    Trip Report Montana 9-19/9-20

    Due to fires in August, we postponed our trip until September 16th-22nd. Very unfortunate really because it was the peak of dry fly fishing and nice and toasty.Anyway, being the streamer junkie I am, I thought it would be good because the weather and water would both cool and maybe put them on...
  12. Gyrfalcon2015

    NFR Tragic Montana outdoor accident Just horrible Skiers, get those avalanche beacons on!! Watch out for avalanche conditions, just like watch your wading situations. Be careful. Stay alive!
  13. David K Johnson

    Trip Report 4 days fly fishing Montana 9/30-10/4

    Had Four days of float trips fishing the Beaverhead, Big Hole and Jefferson. First two days with Chris from 4 Rivers and next 2 days with Joe out of Stonefly, both are based in Twin Bridges MT and are great guides. All four days were good with the best action fishing San Juan worms under a...
  14. Ricardo

    Quick and Easy fishing outing in SW Montana

    I have a business trip to the Dillon/Butte area next week and I am trying to arrange all the customer visits so that I can go fishing for half a day or so. I'll have very limited equipment with me: tenkara rod, lanyard with a few flies and hip boots. Have never been in the area so I was hoping...
  15. 4sallypat

    Itch to scratch: Montana Missouri river in October for trout spey - guide & equipment questions

    So next month, instead of planning on a PNW steelhead trip that I normally go, I decided to go to Montana for some trout, walleye & whitefish fishing on the big Mo'. After watching this video from Redington, I knew I had to go: Gig Harbor Flyshop is offering a group trip about the same time I...
  16. P-FITZ98

    Seeking Montana advice

    So, my young employee is getting married this weekend and spending next week in paradise valley on the Yellowstone river for his honeymoon. He is lightly experienced in fly fishing and I got him a decent 6wt outfit from Cabelas, but want to send him with a box of bugs. Not sure how much fishing...
  17. Tracker

    Montana gang graffiti

    It could be worse I suppose.
  18. Big Tuna

    Montana ?'s

    My wife is giving me a kitchen pass to do a low budget fishing trip. I'm considering a number of options, but one of those is going to Montana. If I were to do the Montana trip, I would be going by myself and without a boat. I would likely be sleeping in the back of my truck. I'm wondering...
  19. Mems

    Montana Moments

    Aloha, I finished my mainland trip with 10 days in Montana. Water levels were dropping, but the air temps were climbing. But it was no were near the inferno of Vegas at 120 degrees. The cutties were very willing and it was sweet being back on some nice trout streams. They liked green wooly...
  20. ScottP

    Hoot Owls in Montana

    Sun and Smith Rivers as of July 9 I expect a lot more will be joining the list before long; here's our latest 10 day forecast (pretty similar throughout the state). Good chance it's going to be a nasty fire season. Regards, Scott
  21. Bonefish Jack

    Northern Montana Fly Fishing

    I will have the opportunity to travel with my girlfriend to Montana, for several days. I will have some free time while she takes care of some business activities. Between Kalispell and Great Falls, is there any fly fishing for trout in streams? I have looked at some maps, etc., and am not sure...
  22. ribka

    Sun river Montana

    Have been curious about fishing the sun river or its north or south fork the past few years. I know there are a number of hike in options for the various sections. Anyone fish it and can offer suggestions on what stretch. Offers the better hike in fishing . Looking at hiking in the canyon but...
  23. freestoneangler

    Montana Stream Access

    PLWA at work. These folks deserve a lot of kudo's. This fight to protect and maintain access along the Ruby River and many, many other streams and hunting access roads has been long and hard fought. The case involving Cox Kennedy has taken over a decade to reach a verdict. And it's not just...
  24. msteudel

    Trip suggestions: 3day guided float camping down river idaho or montana

    Hi All, A friend of mine is looking to do a 2 or 3 day float down a beautiful river in Idaho or Montana with a guide. They'd like it to be one long trip, not day trips. Any suggestions and guides to go along with those suggestions? Thanks, Mark
  25. Rodney Wayne Bohannon

    Trip Report Montana Rivers

    As I just got back from fishing 6 days in Montana with a great bunch of guys! Allen Zimmerman aka "zimfly" on this forum, picked me to join him and Tony Smith,Dave Swartz, and Alan Fechser, at his cabin in Sheridan Wyoming. The group of guys were a complete delight to fish and spend time with...
  26. Tracker

    Felt Ban on NW Montana Waters

    The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Council is stepping up preventative measures against the potential for the invasive quagga mussle and has placed a ban on felt wading boots on all reservations waters. I would expect the state may follow suit shortly on area waters off the reservation...
  27. Augy

    New Fishing Truck

    1. Wife took the SUV 2. I got the minivan 3. I started fly fishing and thus
  28. rwbailey05

    Spring Montana Trip

    Hey Fellas Working on putting together a spring trout trip. Ill be playing guide to my brother and dad. Looks like we will be fishing the Bitterroot, late march or early april. Any suggestions on places to stay or stretches to float? Will be using my 14' AIRE Trib. Thanks for the...
  29. freestoneangler

    Another Kind Of Land Grab

    Perplexing. And here we thought it was only the R's that dabbled in such tom foolery. There has been repeated efforts to restrict the ability of FWP's to procure more fishing access sites. The FAS system in Montana is a gem, a program that has secured over 300 river and lake properties...
  30. B

    Trip Report A River Runs Near It

    We've probably all done it. Giddy and tired after a day on the river, stopped in some mountain town or posh resort haven for a bite to eat or a sumptuous meal, a beer or a cold drink, or some other guilty pleasure, and then wandered the streets afterwards, our minds sated but our souls aching...
  31. _WW_

    Official 2017 Everything Montana Thread!

    So...gittin' any nibbles today?
  32. B

    Trip Report Rock Creek Montana

    Really, what person that fly fishes doesn't want to live in or retire to Montana? Or at least fish there when they can? My wife and I were newlyweds when we first thought about living in Montana. We'd backpacked and fly fished in the Bob Marshall Wilderness along the North Fork of the Sun...
  33. freestoneangler

    Montana Quiet Waters Initiative

    FWP's is currently looking into new rule changes which restrict motorized craft from using certain rivers where they have traditionally not been used. With the increasing population of various small, powered watercraft, there have been increasing amounts of then showing up where many of us like...
  34. Philonius

    Montana Fly Selection; Early October

    I've got the first week in October off and am headed out Montucky way. Will be staying in Missoula and Bozeman and fishing some of the usual suspects around those areas; Rock Creek, Blackhead.... whatever suits our fancy. All of my fly boxes are rather picked-over looking; somehow it always...
  35. SERE Nate

    Thinking About Moving To Montana. Where To Go?

    I am looking at possibly moving away from the big city and go somewhere more rural and prefer a great spot for trout fishing. I have a year left on my lease, so I have time to plan things out and go make some visits. I am getting a little sick of the hustle and bustle of living in the...
  36. troutpocket

    Trip Report Montana Lakes 2016

    Just returned from a southwest Montana trip fishing a couple of lakes over 5 days. It’s an area I’ve visited often but each trip throws a new wrinkle in the mix. This year it was some hot weather and an active wild fire about 20 miles away. The heat didn’t really affect the fishing but the...
  37. jmara6864

    Road Trip to Idaho and Montana

    In late July we packed up and headed out from Seattle on a road trip through Idaho into Montana. Fish were caught, poisonous snakes handled, big game tamed, beer drank.
  38. B

    Montana Fishing Restrictions and Closures.

    Things are starting to get pretty bad out there. The Jefferson is now closed completely as is the lower Big Hole below Notch and above the North Fork. The Yellowstone is now on "Hoot Owl" (closed 2:00pm to midnight) restrictions below Carters. I don't ever remember it being restricted that...
  39. Salmo_g

    Trip Report A few days in Montana

    This trip report might be a bit sparse on photos. More on that later. My wife and I ventured east to Montana for the first time in 5 years. (Note to self: don't wait so long for the next trip!) We visited a friend and former co-worker who had the good sense to retire in Helena. While there...
  40. surfnsully

    Trip Report Montana Journey

    Last week my son and I took off for a Montana excursion and ended up putting 2000 miles on the car. We fished the Missouri one afternoon with little luck. It was my first time on that river and I found it big, beautiful, and a tough read. The trip to Craig was fantastic along Hwy 200 through...
  41. Jim Ficklin

    SFR - Montana Trip

    No photos, no fishing report. First day back, my Sister experienced a health issue, which fortunately was somewhat minor and quickly resolved. I passed-up fishing in favor of spending as much time as possible with Sis – it was a wonderful visit AND an epiphany – we haven’t been talking nearly...
  42. Old Man

    NFR Montana Weather

    I haven't talked about the weather here in a long time. Got up this morning to 50 degree weather. The sun was shining and it was warming up. Well then it clouded up and got nasty out. We have had Dime sized hail, Thunder and lightening and heavy rain. It's been going on for about two hours now...
  43. Salmo_g

    Trolling in Montana

    I'm leaving for Montana tomorrow evening. I need to make sure I'm prepared. So I'll start at the beginning. 1. Where is Montana? 2. Does Montana have good trout streams? 3. Which 5 wt rod should I pack? I think I have 5. 4. Should I take other rod wts. as well? 5. Should I pack the 3 wt...
  44. SERE Nate

    Need advice on Montana fishing.

    I am looking at taking a train ride from Seattle to Whitefish and fishing for 3 or 4 days. Whitefish isn't mandatory if there are better places to go. I am looking at coming the 20th until the 24th. This will be my 1st time fly fishing in Montana. Plan on renting a car and probably camping...
  45. The T.O. Show

    Montana Fashion Advice

    @Swimmy -- I'm going to Montana next week. What are the cool kids wearing out there these days? Actually though, we are going on a road trip, but I haven't been out there since I was a little kid fishing with my pops so I need some help dialing in a plan. We have one guy in the group who...
  46. ScottP

    Montana River Closures

    It would appear the Hoot Owls have arrived in SW Montana Regards, Scott
  47. JasonG

    Heading to Montana for a week with the family!?

    My family and I will be heading to Montana for a much needed Vacation for a week. We are going to explore, camp , backpack and fly fish!! We will be heading to Missoula first then working our way down 93 to explore. I love skinny water, 2wt style. We tried to do this last summer in august and...
  48. freestoneangler

    Hotspotting Montana

    A little East Fork/West Fork action today. Half expected to run into Kyle on this little side channel... mile marker 5.5, is all I'm saying. Following a healthy hail storm and some electrical activity, the sun emerged and the swallows were on the hunt. I consider my patterns to be top notch...
  49. Travis Bille

    Montana ideas

    My dad will be headed east to Minnesota and will be in or around Missoula on Saturday. I told him I'd put this up and see if anyone had any river/guide suggestions. He's armed with a 5WT, and he'll probably want to target trout. He's pretty novice fisherman and he's open to getting a guide, but...
  50. Connordude27

    Trip Report Land of the Giants

    First disclaimer is that this area is one of the few areas in the state of Montana that can and does experience combat fishing. Second disclaimer is that this is fishing during the rainbow spawn, generally over reds. It is what it is, however it can be a blast and I personally do as much as I...