1. Jojo

    NFR Music Lyrics Game....Who's In?

    The One Word thread got me thinking about this because quite a few answers have to do with songs. I thought it would be fun to post EDITED TO ADD: Add lyrics from one song (Three turns out to be too many to keep straight!) to see if anyone can guess the artist or band who sang those lyrics...
  2. the_grube

    Christmas music

    This is me playing a solo guitar arrangement of the timeless Christmas classic, Rudolph. It's all live, one take, warts and all. Enjoy, and merry Christmas to my WFF friends....
  3. Adam Saarinen

    NFR S#!t music video!

    Make sure you are half drunk before watching!
  4. rlight

    Fly Fishing Videos And Music

    Every so often I go on You Tube and look for a good video on fishing some beautiful stream in Montana, Idaho or anywhere else that people are fly fishing. Then when I click on the video all I hear is music in the background. No sounds of nature or water, just background music. I know that it...
  5. Rob Allen

    NFR Music

    No this isn't what you expect from me. I am not a big music fan but I do love music made by people who love what they are doing and who commit to doing the very best they can. I think people that love music will like this.
  6. SpudFly

    NFR Music For The Times....

  7. Troutman101 jamming some more

    Troutman101 jamming some more

  8. Troutman101 jamming

    Troutman101 jamming