1. Old406Kid

    Coolers...A New kid On The Block

    I just saw these in Billings. They appear to be well designed and built and are less than most brands, the 75 qt. model is $279.00.
  2. para_adams

    Started a new "Classic Tackle" gallery

    I've started creating a new gallery on my photo site. The gallery is called "Classic Tackle." Hopefully I'll be able to add cool new shots over time. Gotta admit I'm a classic gear junkie. Ron
  3. troutpocket

    New charcoal grill shopping. Is Weber where it's at?

    Looking at replacing my Char Griller trio combo gas/charcoal/side smoke box grill with a Weber Performer 22" kettle setup. From the research I've done it seems like Weber has things figured out with a lot of nice features and a loyal following. The Char Griller has been great to learn on...
  4. C

    Old flyfisher, new here

    I live in San Francisco, but fish all over the Western States, so I thought I'd join and learn a little bit about Washington fishing. We spend 2 months of the Summer in the Henry's Fork, in SE Idaho, but will taking the long way there this Summer, and will time to fish eastern Washington and...
  5. Skip Enge

    New painting show

    It is a bit exhausting to search out venues for hanging my work. I had two shows earlier this year and am part of a current group show now. I have about 60 here framed and ready. So I booked an April show at the Stevenson, WA gallery space. It is very competitive so I guess my timing was good...
  6. sixmanfootball

    I need a new cot

    Lesson #1- Cheap cots are just that, cheap. Lesson #2- Little boys grow into teenagers. Teenagers are tough on cots. Lesson #3- New cots aren't cheap. Looking for a new cot that won't require a loan. Needs to be teen worthy. Thanks.
  7. triploidjunkie

    New campground on Rufus Woods

    They are nearly finished with the new RV park and campground on Rufus Woods. It's perfectly situated HQs for fishing the river and is only fifteen minutes from the southeast end of Omak lake. It's always been an unimproved campground, but now it'll resemble a frickin KOA...
  8. jwg

    Camera vendors new and used - Advice?

    Curious about member experiences: right now 42nd St PHOTO is aggressively pushing ads to me (no doubt due to my browsing research and shopping) and their prices are marked down more than B&H or Adorama. Any reason to avoid 42nd St PHOTO? GetOlympus has markdowns on Olympus cameras. B&H and...