1. R

    Chances north of Seattle

    Weekend of March 3 & 4, I will be limited to beach fishing from Carkeek Park north to Everett. What are the odds of getting more action than the much needed double-haul practice?
  2. TJ Fisher

    North PS Beaches

    Do any of the beaches from Kayak Point north to Deception Pass offer any decent fly fishing? I'm new to Washington and just starting to learn to fly fish with an 8w. I'm not looking for hot spots just areas to practice with the possibility of catching a fish.
  3. B

    Lost: North Bay

  4. wadin' boot

    A Sunday full of Cutts

    Yesterday I had a double digit day ebb fishing for SRC that were schooling up. I was anchored and standing in the Kayak and was able to refine some techniques. Specifically the set. In this circumstance you could often see 2-3 cutts chasing the fly, one might hit it, and in general the hit...
  5. Stonefish

    North Seattle Rod Repair

    I broke a guide on my XP 697-4 while fishing tonight. I don't build rods, but I was hoping to find a member in North Seattle that could repair this for me. I'd prefer not to have it out of action for very long, which is why I'd rather go this route then ship it to Sage. This rod has been...
  6. Buzzy

    I went south instead of north

    I have had limited success on my favorite carp waters the past month or so. From where I park, the hike to the lake is a quarter mile or so. Nine times out of ten I wade north from the lakeside starting point. Habit, I guess. Usually I find fish but after the last four outings and only one...
  7. Nooksack Mac

    The North Stilly: Ten Days to Zero

    I fished it today, and I was the only one I saw, except for a tourist rookie from Colorado. Overcast sky, clear 59 degree water. Where is everybody? No steelhead, except for various nine inch pre-migrants assulting my Coon Muddler.
  8. The Duke

    North Fork Coeur d'Alene

    I will be in Spokane in a couple of weeks to visit with my wife's family and have been granted a day to get away and fish. I Want to fish the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene, but am clueless on routes to take to decent water, and what sections (not honey holes, unless volunteered) to fish...
  9. JasonG

    Snoqualmie North fork access

    I have been thinking about checking out the North fork of the Snoqualmie . I usually hit up the south fork but thought I would try something different. I see that the land around the river is almost all timber company land. Is there any place I can park and Hike in Etc... Im not looking for...
  10. SeattleFarq

    North Sound fly suggestions?

    I'll be up in Anacortes for a wedding this weekend and plan to fish some beaches in the area on Saturday morning. I've spent a lot of time in the South Sound, but never fished north of Carkeek Park. Are there any patterns that work better for the North Sound this time of year? Thanks in advance...
  11. Brad Tower

    Anchovy Die Off in North Bay

    Stopped by tonight and found thousands of dead anchovy covering the beaches of North Bay. The weather last week must have caused a toxic algal bloom.
  12. Bromium

    Dry Fly North West Washington

    Hey folks just looking for some advice on if there is any dry fly river fishing to be had in North West Washington. I live in Vancouver B.C and was hoping to both explore Washington a little and also get some dry fly or nymph fishing done for resident river trout. The closest resident river...
  13. Go Fish

    Whales in North Bay

    Last Friday I was outside with a friend when I heard the sound of a whale blowing. I said whale and we hurried down to the beach. We could see something about 100 yards out coming towards shore. A second later the water explodes with a giant mouth opens and bait fish (chum fry) twinkling in the...
  14. Ian Horning

    North Sound Report and (more) Rio Woes

    Finally the wind guy decided to turn it down a couple notches for an afternoon, and naturally I had to get out and enjoy this small, small sliver of sunlight literally between two massive rain clouds. I saw no fry moving and very few fish showing at the beach, but good tidal movement, so I felt...
  15. MRKbass

    FS North face parka

    Nice waterproof fleece lined hooded parka by north face. Size XL. Too big for me these days, as I've been running leaner. Fleece liner zips out and you can just wear the shell if you desire. Black/grey color. No ciggie smoke or pet concerns. I realized as I was taking the pictures, one of the...
  16. MG driver

    North sound beach report

    I always read here~ "Spend gas and time and find the beaches that you can access on foot and that hold fish........" I did that today. I checked 9 beaches on a small area of the north sound. 1/4 tank of gas and 7 hours later this is what I found; one site posted no fishing by the local...
  17. Greg Price

    Have Silvers Moved North of Narrows Bridge?

    The great fishing for hatchery silvers appears to have died off at a popular beach near tacoma. No fish and no fishermen on that beach for the past couple of weekends during low light and good tital movement. Where have they gone? Deeper? Farther north like Seattle or Everett? No need to...
  18. rapido101

    FS North Face Rolling Thunder 22" Wheeled Carry On Luggage

    Brand new! Color is silver/graphite (not the black as pictured). Will sell for $170 cash firm. Sorry- no trades, no paypal and no delivery. 1000D polyester with TPE lamination Super-tough Base Camp body material paired with rugged nylon for extra durability External top zippered pocket for easy...
  19. W

    Reg Change For The North Columbia Interesting it looks more like the the regs north of the border but we have to go barbless single hook, I don`t understand why the limit of 2 fish has to be over 18 inches We have a 2 fish limit but only one can be over 50cm 20 inches if you want you can keep a...
  20. Jason Rolfe

    Stolen Gear In North Seattle--rods, Reels, Lines, Bags

    Hey folks, Had a bunch of gear stolen out of my truck in North Seattle. Figured I'd list it here just in case it all turns up in a weird place and folks think to look. Rods TFO Deer Creek Spey 13' 7/8 wt Scott Tidal 9' 6 wt. Sage Launch 9' 5wt (cork is a bit chewed up on bottom) Echo Classic...
  21. J

    Hawaii Tips (oahu, North Shore, And Kauai)

    Hey all, Just wanted to get some ideas/tips for prepping for a family trip next week. I'm debating bringing a travel spinning rod/reel (I would like to if possible) in addition to my fly rod/reel. I'm considering bringing at least two fly reels (Lamson Konic II 3.5 intermediate sink-tip line...
  22. Big Tuna

    FS North Face Thermo Ball Xl Jacket

    The jacket is blue and has been worn 8-12 times and is like new. It's just a little small for me. My moniker is Big Tuna for a reason. $110 shipped.
  23. S

    South Sound Versus North Sound Cutthroat

    I found the mola mola thread very interesting. After viewing that video on the Sea-run Coastal Cutthroat trout face book page I scrolled down the various postings there. Found some of the new findings presented there were very interesting. For decades we all knew about the differences in...
  24. SERE Nate

    North Fork Of The Lewis

    I'm headed to the NFL Wed afternoon and all day Thursday. Still in pursuit of my 1st steelhead. If anyone is going to be in the area let me know, or feel free to pm me with any tips for the area. It will be my 1st time on the river. Would I be better off on the East fork?
  25. R

    Colville east & north info

    Head'n over fri for the wkend for a family deal.. any info on where I could possibly dip a fly for a few hrs?? small streams/lakes. just looking to get out for a bit to keep my sanity...3 days of family reunion stuff gets to a guy.. feel free to pm thanks for your time.. tight lines...
  26. SquatchinSince86

    Trip Report Father's day picture report. North Alabama