1. yellowlab

    Any Pass Lake Reports? Thinking of going tomorrow, 4/24/18

    Can anyone advise on what the water temps are running and if any prevalent chironomid hatches have been noted? Its been a few years since I've been to Pass and hoping to take advantage of this good weather this week to make a run up. Thanks, Yellowlab
  2. Shawn West

    First outing of the year 2018

    My friend and I fished the Gorge yesterday. It had been our first outing since October. When we got on the water (noon), I was disappointed to find the water at temperature to be 48 degrees. My game plan was to fish deep and slow using a bait fish pattern. I had absolutely no action at all until...
  3. Dave Westburg

    Fishing Books in search of new owner

    Culling the herd and have some free fishing books in search of a new owner. I live in Kirkland. You pick them up and they're yours. Salmon Flies Their Character, Style and Dressing by Poul Jorgenson. 1978 edition. This and Pryce-Tannant's book should be your Bible if you tie full dress...
  4. Jeremy Floyd

    Good possibility of zero commercial netting in the Skeena this year

  5. mbowers

    Aquatic Invasive Species permit for out of state vessels

    What is up with your government Washington? I understand the purpose of the permit for freshwater but not for saltwater and definitely not for a boat on a trailer on the Interstate just passing through that will never touch WA waters. Any lawyers got an opinion on if it is legal to force...
  6. J

    FS Thinking of selling my cabin on Yakima river

    Hi folks. Thinking of selling my cabin on the Yakima River in Cle Elum. My family doesn't enjoy it as much as I do so it has been used primarily as a fishing cabin for me... During the summer I use it nearly every weekend. I am the second owner. Here are the details along with a few...
  7. Tim Ihle

    How to extend the life of PVC fly line?

    Question: how does one extend the life of a PVC fly line for years of good casting? Is it possible to make them last as long as the PU product?
  8. wadin' boot

    Redfin Method of Beach Assessments Reveals a Cheap Mansion

    For a while now I have lurked on Redfin surfing beachfront properties only to see the prospects of what the beach might hold. Frankly I don't have the money or time to dump into a beach place, but the last three photos of each listing is what I am after. poor man's intel. Is there some structure...
  9. Old trout

    Getting kicked out of the house.

    My wife is have a bunch of old school friends up from Calf. in two weeks. I have been asked to leave for the week. Not a problem! I was thinking of going down to a lake in Oregon. Any suggestions? I have a Hopper 2 pram. I was thinking of Lava Lake or Davis Lake (went swimming in Davis Lake...
  10. PezVela

    Browns of a different color...

    This might be interesting for some of you guys/gals... Both of these brown trout were caught within hours of each other, in the same lake, in September a few years back. Both were females I think... although the "brown" fish may have been male.. (mating colors?) ...and pretty heavy into the...
  11. snugpie

    FS Lots of Gear

    If you'd like any more pictures just shoot me a message. I prefer cash but message me trade ideas anyhow. Located in Orlando. Willing to ship. Fishpond Thunderhead Bag (39L/new) $240 Sage Waist Pack (Large/used for a trip to Bahamas) $100. SOLD Watershed Big Creek (small stain shown...
  12. jfilip85

    A casual reminder

    I’ve been actively buying/ selling on this forum for 5 years now. Rods, lines, reels, clothes, you name it and as a bonus I’ve met some fantastic people in the process. I’ve had so many great experiences over the years that at some point, I began to let my guard down. Well, last week I finally...
  13. Jerry Daschofsky

    An explanation of what a Project Healing Waters program is. A lot of people have misconceptions

    I've met up with many people over the years through trade shows, donation pickups, or them volunteering to help. Very few people have volunteered behind the scenes or I should say at the core level of the program. So now I'm going to explain what it is we do. We are a fly tying organization...
  14. Vladimir Steblina

    SFR-Why Fishing has gone to hell in east of the Cascades.

    CSA/*MSA: 2016 | 2017 | Change | Percentage Boise: 770,213 | 790,363 | +20,150 | +2.62% Spokane: 707,921 | 721,873 | +13,952 | +1.97% *Tri Cities: 283,799 | 290,296 | +6,497 | +2.29% *Yakima: 249,323 | 250,193 | +870 | +0.35% Idaho Falls: 239,329 | 243,805 | +4,476 | +1.87% Bend: 203,019 |...
  15. W

    An Hour and a Half of Frustration, 5 Mins. of Glory

    Many years ago when I still had some decent vision I built a 7 foot rod on a Fenwick blank. A nice 6 weight that I built while recovering from hernia surgery so I had a lot of time on my hands and consequently a lot of wraps, I think just over 50 in total. For a glass rod it feels a bit fast...
  16. S

    FS FS an Early design of Burkheimer 8139-4 Vintage ( a heavier wt.7 rod)

    Burkheimer 8139-4 Vintage with a spare tip. The road was made in in 2013 and is more of a heavier wt.7. For example 480 gr or 450 gr 34’ Scandi floater + leader or 30-45 gr polyleader is perfect. Another option is Rio Scandi wt.7 body 370 gr + 90 gr wt. 7 tip. This rod has a similar taper to...
  17. SERE Nate

    WTB Top of the line float tube and fins.

    I am looking for a very nice float tube for backpacking into alpine lakes. Could also use some nice fins.
  18. Go Fish

    The end of Salmon fishing.....

    With all the reports coming out of Canada, and NOF negotiations, it is looking very bleak for any Salmon season at all. I could join the protests about this but when a resource is gone whats the point? Poor fisheries management (you bet). Over harvest by the tribes (you bet). Add in the blob...
  19. Squamishpoacher

    Kind of fly tying related...maybe.

    There's a new coffee table book out. Where would we fly tyers be without this noble bird. https://www.boredpanda.com/stunning-chickens-matteo-tranchellini-moreno-monti/...
  20. T

    Hazards of Fly Fishing Montana (and elsewhere)

    Background. After guiding, working, and playing in the outdoors of the Rocky Mountain West and Alaska for many years, I consider myself fortunate to have never had a death in any of my guide trips or camps. We came close once with a guy who had a heart attack and fell off his horse...
  21. Clint F

    top half of an in coming tide.

    wow. I have never had good luck on a in coming tide. yet alone top half. until tonight that is. for some reason the cutthroat were plentiful and there were a few willing residents. most cutthroat were bright skinny fish fresh from spawning but decent size. between 13 and 15 inches. and the...
  22. jim52

    FS Bunch of new reels , 3-6wt ,Ross,s.a ,Teton

    thanks for looking. I have few fresh water reels. We moved to the seacoast few yrs back and just fish the salt water now. Perhaps someone can use them - new. Teton 3/4 USA , in box. I bought this for a 3 wt rod that I never built , ha 99.00 - sa system 4 5/6. New in box...
  23. Lue Taylor

    FS Cloth Print of Wff openning page

    Cloth Print of Wff opening page 25X 2X 22 $50 can not ship must be pu
  24. R

    Chances north of Seattle

    Weekend of March 3 & 4, I will be limited to beach fishing from Carkeek Park north to Everett. What are the odds of getting more action than the much needed double-haul practice?
  25. Jim Wallace

    Hoping it warms up some more by the end of next month

    Lets see, today the sea-surface temp here was 46 F and the air is in the low 40's. Bottom fishing opens up on Mar 10, but its still too cold for me to don a 3mm farmer john wetsuit with extra layers, and go kayak fishing here along the Jetties. I like everything to be above 50 F, preferably...
  26. montanafos

    FS Pair of Teton 8-10 Large Arbor Reels

    Listing a pair of Teton 8-10 Large Arbor Reels. Ideal for the single hander or light two hander. Both are in very nice condition and set up for LHW. Retrieve direction is easily changed within 30 seconds or so. Both are the same 8-10 reel, but one is the "Steelhead" Signature Series reel with...
  27. Skywayflycompany

    FS Part of NRS raft anchor system

    I have part of the NRS raft anchor system. Only have one pulley and the front bracket. It is the bracket that mounts near the oarsman and usually has a jamb cleat and a pulley. *No jamb cleat with this bracket*. This is all I have of the system. $25 obo. Prefer local seattle/Tacoma meet up but...
  28. GAT

    Speaking Of Fly Tying Expos

    I won't be attending this year but I know a number of you here will be making the trip to Albany to do some demonstration tying. http://www.nwexpo.com/ If you've never been, this flyfishing /fly tying expo is a dandy!
  29. Daniel Baker

    Alpine Laker in search of fish

    I’m relatively new to Washington and am looking for places to go Alpine lake fishing. I’m not afraid to hike in fact I prefer it if it means getting away from crowds and finding bigger, more stupid fish. Anyone want to share with me their second best spot? I’m especially interested in the Alpine...
  30. Dave Boyle

    The best-laid plans of mice and men...

    go oft awry or 'shit happens'. I’ve been jonesing to hit a lake for a while and so while today wasn’t a holiday in my company, a minimal meeting schedule let me plan the day off. I’d paid no attention to the pending, in your face Fraser valley air blast and when I heard about it I didn’t think...
  31. T

    The evolution of fly fishing gear and costs....

    the thread about the max catch or whatever reels really kinda got me to thinking about the evolution of fly fishing gear, costs of gear, costs of where it is or is not made etc..... We seem to live in strange times. Personally i am a fly shop guy. I love walking in, i love trading fish...
  32. B

    FS Lots of flies

    These are all brand new. Left over from last trip to Alaska. Selling in lots as shown in pictures. $2 per fly shipped. So just multiply number of flies in the lot x 2 and I will cover shipping. The flies in lot 16 show some slight tarnishing on the spinners. They are all new but I think...
  33. L

    FS Out of Trout

    Sage RPL+ 4wt. 10' 3p - $190 / SOLD Sage VPS Light 3 wt. 8'9" 3p - $210 / SOLD Steffen Bros. 6wt. 10' 3p - $150 / SOLD Sage RPLXi 6 wt. 9'3p - $190 / SOLD Lamson Radius 1.5 w/2 extra spools 3, 4 &5 wt. lines. - $120 / SOLD ...add shipping, or if you are near to NE Oregon we can meet.
  34. Davbaker

    FS A whole Mess of Fly Tying Gear

    I have a whole box of various fly tying gear, including 2 vices, a very nice lamp + magnifying glass, bobbins, wire and tons of material. I’m guessing hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. Selling it all for $125. Saving for that new boat!
  35. solduc

    FS Wild steelhead and Atlantic salmon magazines and bunch of old grays sporting journals

    Box of 20 wild steelhead and salmon magazines and 30 Grays sporting journal late 70's through 90's vintage Lots of good reading $100 Pickup when you're out thus way fishing
  36. Fisher Munro

    Bug Identification: A variety of May Fly

    Sorry it's sideways, but can anybody identify this particular mayfly? Purely for purposes of curiosity, I don't have trouble imitating these guys but I run into them all the time in the alpine lakes. This photo was taken mid day, in mid July, maybe in the upper 60s or low 70s if my memory serves.
  37. bhudda

    NFR The end of catch and release...

    ...I heard Trump say it!!! I heard it, it’s on tape :)
  38. D

    Age of this SA System 5 Reel?

    I just bought my first Winston this week and decided to pair it with a SA System 5 reel made by Hardy that I found at a pawn shop for $75. Can anyone tell me more about the production years on these System 5 reels? Searching Google indicates these were introduced in the early '70s and that...
  39. Tracker

    FS One of the best little camping rigs you'll ever find.

    1967 Roadrunner 12ft (14' to tongue) FULLY restored. 2200lbs dry, I tow it with an S10 Blazer with no problem. Way to much work done on this to list here. Send me an email if you would like the full specs. This has been a great little river hopper for me all over Montana. Due to circumstances...
  40. bigtroutchaser

    Hook Brand of choice? Thoughts on THE FLY SHOP hook line?

    Thoughts appreciated! My hook inventory needs to be restocked and I got to looking at these Redding, California-based shop, "THE FLY SHOP" line of hooks. Curious of any of our guys here have any experience with them? What irons are you guys using in your vises? And what source. FISH ON!
  41. Shawn Seeger

    What type of vise?

    So, what type of vise do you have? And why is it the best? Thinking of upgrading
  42. Salvy

    juvenile life history of coho salmon in PS and SJF

    All, I'm currently doing a literature review for immature Coho salmon use of habitat in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound- or all of the Salish Sea to make this complete. I'm wondering who has information on depth use of Coho salmon based on size. Fish typically utilize deeper...
  43. Klickrolf

    Conservation of a different kind

    Check this out, who'd a thunk? Hope this works. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-pty-pty_maps&hsimp=yhs-pty_maps&hspart=pty&p=ireland+cat+nursing+ducks#id=1&vid=bcb466fec0816e0624d5c9182f86271b&action=click I'm gonna call it epigenetics, lots of choices.
  44. Kilmer72

    FS Couple of items for sale

    Patagonia stealth sling, purchased last summer still in great shape. SOLD Brand new Simms carbon fiber staff and retractor. SOLD Thanks
  45. Mems

    waiting for the end of the world

    Aloha, so it is yesterday morning and I am guiding a clinetdown at A-bay, when we see all the tourists being sheperaded back to the hotle by staff. I ask what is going on and the tell me a missile is headed for Hawaii and we need to shelter in place. I get my client go check my phone and sure...
  46. fireman10

    FS Grab Bag of cheap reels and spools

    Emptying out the old reel box. Have a Pflueger Medalist 1494 1/2 CJ. Reel has some spool wobble but still functions. Have what appears to be a Pflueger copy frame with no spool. No writing other than "Japan". Larger size thou. I have another simple reel with Hi 1856 markings. Last is a Cortland...
  47. Thiago - Brazil

    some peacock bass from the middle of nowhere Amazon

    hello some fish from a trip to the Camaiú river, 1 1/2 hour flight from Manaus. These are river fish, damn strong!! Several times, the small 4 lbs fish caught the fly, and HUGE fish appeared under it, 15 lbs + just taking a look "what is going on here"... the small ones many times played too...
  48. Norm Frechette

    son of a b.....

    you know that word i was getting set-up to do some power painted jigs and went to lift the jar but the cover wasnt exactly screwed on and you know the rest of the story what is your son of a b..... moment
  49. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    Reel Identification / Age of reel ?

    I am selling this reel and I know it is a Ross Gunnison 3 in a Platinum Series and has never been used but HOW OLD IS THIS REEL ???? I do not want to give anyone interested the wrong information. Thanks all
  50. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Orcas Running Out of Food

    http://www.king5.com/article/tech/science/environment/campaign-launched-to-save-killer-whales-that-are-running-out-of-food/281-506640529 https://www.whaleresearch.com/