1. Billy McFly

    FS 4wt, Type 6 Sink line on Reel

    I'm positive this is a Rio line because that is all I've purchased to past few years but I didn't save the original box (i know...genius) It's mounted on a Cabela's Prestige Plus 1 reel. As with my float tube - this has never been wet. I had big plans but it just never happened. $50.00...
  2. J

    FS Thinking of selling my cabin on Yakima river

    Hi folks. Thinking of selling my cabin on the Yakima River in Cle Elum. My family doesn't enjoy it as much as I do so it has been used primarily as a fishing cabin for me... During the summer I use it nearly every weekend. I am the second owner. Here are the details along with a few...
  3. Billy McFly

    Fish on Drugs

    https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/puget-sound-salmon-do-drugs-which-may-hurt-their-survival/ Sorry if this has already been posted but this is disturbing stuff.
  4. Evan Burck

    Let's have another "pick on WDFW" thread

    I mean, this could very well be a hatchery fish, which is fine. But I bet 90% of the viewers don't know/care/understand why that detail would matter. I've seen far too many people who think this type of fish handling is perfectly fine for trout catch & release. Additionally, this isn't Bass...
  5. Lymitliss

    Trip Report The curse has been lifted- First fish on the new rod

    As some of you know I am a very amateur Fisher, and an even more amateur fly Fisher. I have caught plenty of fish on gear setups, but only a handful on a fly, none of the catches being on either of my two newest setups. For whatever reason there seems to be a minimum of a one month probation...
  6. HamidS4fe

    FS Renzetti Traveler 2200 & Clamp on LED Light

    Renzetti Traveler 2200 Clamp Jaw Vise Clamp On LED Light Both in great condition SOLD
  7. O

    Law Vise on Ebay

    In case you have a fat tax return this year and want to spend an exorbitant amount on a vise, there is one listed on Ebay. I'm not affiliated with the seller but it was entertaining to read the comments he got when it was listed on another site. It's all yours for a mere $4.3k.
  8. cabezon

    NFR Interesting article on Bitcoin mining and Central WA

    Hi folks, I ran across a very interesting article on the explosive growth of bitcoin mining operations in Wenatchee and other basin areas ["This is what happens when bitcoin miners take over your town"]. Like the big server farms for Microsoft and Amazon, bitcoin miners are attracted by the...
  9. joeh

    Dumbbell eyes on thin wire hoook

    I am having trouble keeping dumbbell eyes from spinning on a thin wire hook. With a thicker nymph hook my figure 8’s, sinching it down and some super glue works great. Super frustrating and looking for some ideas or tricks of the trade to keep em from spinning? Thanks Joe
  10. D

    Split Guide Trip on Yakima River

    Anyone looking for someone to split a trip this week or next week on the Yak? $150 per person If so drop me an email... [email protected]
  11. Jerry Metcalf

    How's The Ice Look on Basin Lakes

    Especially, are the lakes near the Colombia in shape for the opener? This week has been kind of bad and things may have re-frozen. Has anybody had eyes on Quincy or Lenice?
  12. Troutlife

    Cabin on Private Pond

    https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p318511vb Has anyone been to this cabin? I am wondering about asking my parents if we could stay there for my birthday. If so, how was the fishing?
  13. Fishcat57

    Info on Places to Launch Drift Boat in Eastern WA, ID and MT

    Thanks for any help you can provide on this topic. I live in Spokane and I am new to the Drift Boat fishing world (which I can't describe how much of a game changer it is!) I have always just wade fished on the Spokane River and surrounding areas but have since mainly stayed on Lakes with my...
  14. Riversidecountydrive

    Information on a reel

    Have this old reel lying I inharinhe from my grandparents. Trying to clean out old stuff. Looks like a great little trout real however I can't find any information on it . If anyone has any info or background on this company that would be awesome. Thanks! Inside of the reel says "for the...
  15. Mike22

    Putting on Waders Carefully?

    Quick question, may sound silly, but how do y'all go about putting on waders without stressing the seam between the pant leg and the neoprene bootie? I have had two pairs of waders fail in this area, so I suspect that I may be pulling in a compromising spot and overstressing that area over time...
  16. WildBrookie

    Dubai on fly?

    Has anyone fly fished Dubai? May end up having a 24 hr layover there later this month. Fishing there looks pretty sweet based on some minimal research. What will it set me back? Am guessing it might be a little out of my budget range, but thought I'd check. Also, is the fishing difficult? Any...
  17. Cougar Zeke

    No Help from WDFW Commission on NOF

    From Change.org petition "FEB 2, 2018 — The Commissioners just voted unanimously against the PEOPLE in voting down our request to convert the NOF policy to a rule. Ron Warren recommended a NO vote, and every Commissioners voted NO! It was apparent that the department staff (based on a briefing...
  18. The T.O. Show

    Talk to me about backing

    Okay, I'm trying to line a reel for Baja, and I want to pack as much backing on this thing as possible. I have a little bit of experience with big game salt stuff, but not a lot. As far as I can tell, the best strength to line diameter out there is the Hatch PE backing, but dang it's expensive...
  19. Jerry Daschofsky

    WFF Who wants to take vets out on a trout early opener April 21st?

    Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is being hosted by Trout Unlimited, Daughter's of the American Revolution, and the WDFW. This will be an early trout opener for us before the general public has a chance at the fish. It will be held at Langlois Lake on Saturday April 21st 7am to 5pm. The...
  20. Greg Smith

    FS Scout on craigslist

    Just saw a fish Cat Scout on craigslist in Mt Vernon. Price$495.00 Greg
  21. Tracker

    Question on classifieds

    Is it permissible to put a camp trailer on the classified, or is that for fishing gear and related items only?
  22. bigtroutchaser

    Hook Brand of choice? Thoughts on THE FLY SHOP hook line?

    Thoughts appreciated! My hook inventory needs to be restocked and I got to looking at these Redding, California-based shop, "THE FLY SHOP" line of hooks. Curious of any of our guys here have any experience with them? What irons are you guys using in your vises? And what source. FISH ON!
  23. MD

    Kindness on the River

    I'll start this out with a little background....I'm toward the end of a career in law enforcement. Over the years, I've gotten strong reminders of the good people out there, but mostly my day to day is seeing the bad things people do or have happen to them. I mean no one calls us up to say...

    Opst commando head work great on singlehand rods

    Just bought OPST Commando head 200 grain head with 35 pound laser running line. I tried it on my 9 foot 5 weight and my 10 foot 3 weight fly rods. This stuff works great. Cast a mile with no back cast. I also bought the 5 foot S2 and S4 tips. The Commando head will get you to water you can't get...
  25. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Reverse the retrieve on a Medalist, how to video

  26. J

    Looking for advice: Winter fishing on the Yakima

    Hi folks, I do most of my fishing during the warmer months but I'm itching to fish. I'm coming off of back surgery and will be ready to go late January. My question is... what type of water do you fish (and catch fish) in the colder months? I was thinking of tossing a streamer in water that...
  27. knelson604

    Cabela's CGR on Sale

    Figured I'd let everyone know after I put in my order. Cabela's CGR rods in the Bargain Cave for $40. Solid rod's for dirt cheap and a blast to fish. I may or may not own every rod in the series now... Luckily they all look the same so as long I keep them scattered about the lady of the house...
  28. Ron McNeal

    New Beginner "Group" on FB....

    .....which might prove to be interesting/helpful to those just starting out. God, there's just so much good stuff about tying on the Net........ just say'n...... https://www.facebook.com/groups/160592361222026/
  29. SERE Nate

    Dillon MT on Friday

    I'll be heading to Idaho Falls from Whitefish this weekend to pick up a Griffon puppy. I'm planning on leaving Whitefish Thursday at 4 and driving to Dillon. Was hoping to fish Friday before I pick up the puppy on Saturday. Is anyone available to show me around?
  30. james.jimenez


    Got out early this morning looking for the “unicorn” but swung this up instead.. 6WT was bowed like crazy!!!! MAYBE NEXT TIME I WILL FIND A UNICORN...
  31. Aukshot1028

    The fishing braided line on Inflatables?

    I was talking a dealer concerning the inflatables and he powerfully counseled not victimisation braided fishing line whereas on the Hobie inflatables as a result of it will saw through the inflatables material. I actually have transitioned to braided line, however, use long rods, therefore, I...
  32. Jojo

    NFR Matt Lauer firing and My feelings on the MeToo campaign

    I watch the Today show each morning (until they get to the fluffy part where they go outside) and was totally shocked to read about Matt Lauer's firing. It's so sudden and the first that anyone has heard of misconduct by Lauer. The way things are going there won't be any men in jobs anymore...
  33. silvercreek

    Article on Thomas Whiting and Whiting Farms

    Found this on another BB: http://www.5280.com/2017/06/the-feather-baron/
  34. Ian Horning

    Fighting on the River- Who's done it

    Who here has ever been involved in or witnessed two people throwing fists on the river? I hear all sorts of whacky stories and I find them highly amusing. I was listening to a podcast and they brought this up, and it reminded me of a couple of memories in my own bank. I've never personally...
  35. T

    NFR An update on my home break in

    I posted this last December after my home was broken into and trashed. http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/threads/merry-friggin-christmas.123243/ Since that time, thanks to WFFer Penabost, I have a full home security system with cameras, glass break alert, and a 120 db siren that...
  36. Gyrfalcon2015

    Still fishing, Joan Wulff keeps on building her legacy

    With the posting of the Lefty Kreh letter topic, a few days ago, I thought I'd look up another legendary flyfisherman and see how she was doing. The great Joan Wulff, partner of the legendary Lee Wulff. Great article on her as she approaches 90 years old, and how she has been a huge part of...
  37. SERE Nate

    Lodging on the MO

    I'm heading over to the m Missouri river around Craig MT tomorrow morning and coming back Monday. I'd like to find a cabin that has river access in a good fishing location. I'm planning on wading tomorrow afternoon and floating all day Monday. Probably going to fish the canyon or maybe even...
  38. Greg Price

    Found On Yakima River

    You recognize any of these people? I found their electronic device on a boat ramp on the yak last month. It looked like it was in the river for a while, but i was able to retrieve pics. I would like to re unit them with their pics and possibly their electronic device.
  39. Jojo

    NFR Funny sign i saw on my walk today.

    At least I thought it was funny. I'm not sure what the Baptists are trying to say here.
  40. BDD

    WDFW seeks input on steelhead fishing guide industry

    This came announcement came in my email inbox today. I really wanted to attend the one meeting the meeting in Lyle but it will be tough getting down there in time after work. I wonder if some live discussion there can be half as heated as some of the wild vs. hatchery, in or out of the water...
  41. Old406Kid

    Any Opinions on the Cabela's Atoll Saltwater Rods?

    I know, Cabela's.:( I'm contemplating an affordable 8 wt. rod and saw this on sale for 160$. Anybody with any experience or opinions appreciated. They have a lifetime warranty but not so sure what will happen when Bass Pro eventually flies their flag. I have also looked at the Echo Ion XL...
  42. dfg

    Open Seat on the Yak for Saturday

    I plan to float tomorrow and would be happy to share space in my raft. I'll be coming from the Seattle area, and leaving from Eastgate about 7:00. PM me if interested.
  43. MetalheadJunkie

    Info on floating the Hump

    Was hoping to aquire some general info on how floating the humptulips is. Bad spots, time frames between launches, important info I might need to know, etc. Anything would be appreciated. Have never floated it and was wanting to get out in the next few weeks and try it out. I have a skookum...
  44. Alex MacDonald

    Trip Report gathering data on riding

    since we ride "gravel racers" a lot, we decided to take a look at part of the Tour Divide route through Montana. We did take our Salsa Fargos, but haven't had the opportunity for a lot of riding thanks to the weather. Idaho was nice near Sandpoint, and we rode around Schweitzer Basin, but...
  45. Roper

    Orvis makes good on boots

    During a recent trip to EWA the felt on my Encounter boots started to come off. I nearly took a nose dive as the one boot toe folded over about 4 inches. The day was done, luckily and we headed back to the house. Once there I duct taped both of them so I could continue fishing the next day...
  46. Alosa

    New companion...hopefully good on the river

    We've been thinking about adding a dog to our family for the last couple of months and have been exploring options and local shelters. On a whim we decided to go on a road trip north and see what was available and came across 'Bonnylee' -- a 1.5 year old shelter lab/retriever mix that was a...
  47. SERE Nate

    Pike on the fly?

    I recently moved to Whitefish MT and am a block from Whitefish lake and the locals tell me that the Pike will be moving into the shallows soon. I have never caught a pike on the fly. I have a bunch of big old nasty streamers and some 30 pound mono. Any tips? Anyone in the flathead valley...
  48. A

    Tucannon River

    Any info on the Tucannon River would be appreciated.
  49. Jim Allen

    Multiple Vehicle Breakins on the Yak

    Ending my float at Ringer Loop yesterday I noted three vehicles with their windows broken out. I called it in and was advised by the Kittitas Sheriffs department that this has been a weekly occurance throughout the canyon. Guess there is no escaping these dirt bag methheads looking for...
  50. Richard E

    John Hicks - any update on his condition?

    Does anyone have any current info on John Hicks and his health?