1. Steve Kokita

    One piece shorty

    Finished a new hotrod, 6'2" 4wt one piece. Haven't cast it yet but it's very light in hand. Scarfed a mid and tip, placed a guide in the middle of the scarf with semi clear wraps at the ends of the scarf. Did a thread winding check up the cork like a Orvis banty....first and last one for me...
  2. Salmo_g

    The one yard line

    Occupy Skagit (OS) has just about worked itself out of a job. A job it created for itself, but just about over, nonetheless. It began with a goal. The goal was to get WDFW, preferably with the tribal co-managers, to develop a Skagit River, basin specific steelhead management plan, separate...
  3. 4sallypat

    Varivas Airs Shooting Line - anyone use it ? Which one for my rod ?

    Does anyone use the Varivas Airs Shooting Line ? I am looking to put this on my 10wt spey rod for distance and would like to know your experiences with the Variva Airs shooting line. Also, which diameter (.016 - .027") would be correct to use with a 750gr shooting head ?