1. IveofIone

    Any other "Potheads" out there?

    I have become one. A couple of months back I finally let the endorsements for the Instant Pot get to me and I ordered the smallest 3 qt model. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want to end up with something like a George Foreman grill or an Airpot. But not to worry, the IP has lived up to...
  2. MD

    Processing, Bleaching, and Dyeing Beaver ( and other stuff)

    Hi All, Thought I'd share this for anyone who might be thinking about giving it a try. This is a long post, so if you're interested grab a mug of something and take a seat. The only caveat is I'm no expert and there have been a handful of mistakes along the way. I live in town near a stream...
  3. the_grube

    My other fly collection

    I compose and record music for film and TV. They're typically 1-2min long, no lyrics, and are intended to emote a vibe or certain mood. Finding titles is a challenge. One day my daughter said you should name them after flies. So I give you: Copper John and Green Butt Skunk...
  4. jim52

    FS Rio perception 5wff ,used once. Other lines

    thanks. .. good day in the northeast to get the gear ready Rio perception wff5 .. I used this line once last fall . But going with a 4 wt set up this yr ( friend built me a beautiful 4,wt ). 39.00 shipped no box Have gone with 7 and 9 wt rods Couple lines below 8ff someone can use --...
  5. Dry Fly Dutchman

    WTB 5 or 6wt base, carbon, vice, graphiteII, or other fly rod

    lookin for new/used 6 wt to try out this year. got rid of a few of my rods this year. wanna build up the arsenal again. been wanting to see what the hype on these bases and vices are all about, but if you have something good for a good price hit me up! tight lines
  6. BDD

    NFR Life Lock and/or Other Identify Theft Prevention Companies

    Anybody use these types of services? Good? Bad? Useful? Useless?
  7. MountainTrout

    Do other states have forums like WAFF?

    WA has some amazing fishing opportunities, thousands of miles of rivers, streams, shoreline etc. so it's not surprising that we have such a robust fly fishing forum with thousands(?) of active members (or maybe it's just a handful of members that post thousands of times each, ha!). Do any other...
  8. J

    Breathable waders leaking

    I'm using a cheap set of waders ( Redington Crosswater )( in a float tube) that, after a couple of months, are leaving me with a wet behind. So I pumped them up and used soapy water to find that the seam was bubbling. I used Aqua Seal on the seam.. no more bubbles but still get a wet behind...
  9. skitterbug

    NFR PayPal - other options?

    Is there other cheaper and safe methods of transferring funds from the US to Canada? PayPal takes a decent chunk in fees! I noticed several people refuse to deal with PayPal, is that just because of the fees?
  10. Irafly

    FS Fly Tying and Other Stuff West Seattle Garage Sale 2 and Options

    So the inventory was vast and after two days of guys literally walking away with boxes of materials, there was still way too much stuff to lot out, so the family has decided to do the same next weekend. Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM See bottom thread link for address. Trust me, there...
  11. ScottP

    SBS Betters' Other Fly

    Found this on the Eflytyer site. Not one that gets much attention; pretty vanilla pattern compared to some of his other stuff, like the Ausable Wulff or Bomber, but in these colors it would make a decent hecuba (fall drake). Pattern calls for barred dun variant, of which I have none; 2 feather...
  12. Vladimir Steblina

    Phil Rowley and other Seminars...North 40 stores Omak.

    I spent two days at the Phil Rowley seminar sponsored by North 40 stores in Omak. It was pretty good. After all those years of fly fishing....I still learned a lot. It was a great seminar on stillwater fly fishing. The store is thinking about doing more seminars focused on stillwater fishing...
  13. Jeremy Floyd

    Yeah, We Give Each Other A Hard Time Pretty Regularly..

    ...But I don't want to die in my sleep tonight without letting you all know I appreciate you all. @Chris Scoones @Jerry Daschofsky @Ed Call, you guys run a good show! (I'm not dying, but unexpected shit happens) Everyone else. This forum is a great conglomerate of knowledge, wit, sarcasm...
  14. Jeremy Floyd

    The Karma Thread From Last Fall, The Other Half Of The Story

    This arrived yesterday. It speaks for itself! This is in regards to the day I took off of fishing, to fix a guys boat, on my Steelhead fishing vacation. One hell of a thank you!
  15. rapido101

    Up To 20,000 Dead Fish, Other Animals Wash Up On Nova Scotia Coast

    "The carcasses of thousands of sea creatures have mysteriously washed up on the western coast of Nova Scotia. As many as 20,000 fish, lobsters, starfish, scallops, crabs and other animals have turned up dead at Savory Park, Canadian authorities said. And they have no idea why. Environmental...
  16. Tacoma Red

    Other Than Wff...

    What are your favorite Fly Tying Websites or YouTube Channels? Sites: Global Fly Fisher YouTube: Davie McPhail Tightlinevideo Hans Weilenmann
  17. S

    T Gopro Hero 3+ Silver Plus Compound Bow & Other

    I have the camera and all of the gear to go with it including 2 battery backpacks and chest and head strap. many cases and mounts. The bow is a Martin Cheetah pro Model only sold in pro shops. I also will throw in a bunch of flies new with boxes for the right deal. I am looking for an 8wt set up...
  18. Teanaway Squaw

    Teanaway Squaw