1. mbowers

    Aquatic Invasive Species permit for out of state vessels

    What is up with your government Washington? I understand the purpose of the permit for freshwater but not for saltwater and definitely not for a boat on a trailer on the Interstate just passing through that will never touch WA waters. Any lawyers got an opinion on if it is legal to force...
  2. Old trout

    Getting kicked out of the house.

    My wife is have a bunch of old school friends up from Calf. in two weeks. I have been asked to leave for the week. Not a problem! I was thinking of going down to a lake in Oregon. Any suggestions? I have a Hopper 2 pram. I was thinking of Lava Lake or Davis Lake (went swimming in Davis Lake...
  3. IveofIone

    Any other "Potheads" out there?

    I have become one. A couple of months back I finally let the endorsements for the Instant Pot get to me and I ordered the smallest 3 qt model. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want to end up with something like a George Foreman grill or an Airpot. But not to worry, the IP has lived up to...
  4. S

    Trident 8 Weight Reel Shoot Out

    Trident is teasing the upcoming 8 weight shootout. Looks like they are finishing up their testing and will release the results soon. Link:https://www.tridentflyfishing.com/blog/8-weight-fly-reel-shootout-and-review-whats-the-best-saltwater-fly-reel/ Results:
  5. L

    FS Out of Trout

    Sage RPL+ 4wt. 10' 3p - $190 / SOLD Sage VPS Light 3 wt. 8'9" 3p - $210 / SOLD Steffen Bros. 6wt. 10' 3p - $150 / SOLD Sage RPLXi 6 wt. 9'3p - $190 / SOLD Lamson Radius 1.5 w/2 extra spools 3, 4 &5 wt. lines. - $120 / SOLD ...add shipping, or if you are near to NE Oregon we can meet.
  6. S

    2018 8 Weight Shootout

    Here comes the 2018: https://www.yellowstoneangler.com/gear-review/2018-8-weight-shootout-g-loomis-asquith-best-fly-rod-comparison *The major bias this year (and others) is the bonefish-centric scope of the test.
  7. TroutHustle

    NFR Shout out to Chalse

    it was good while it lasted, brother. Best of luck in your endeavors.
  8. Jerry Daschofsky

    WFF Who wants to take vets out on a trout early opener April 21st?

    Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is being hosted by Trout Unlimited, Daughter's of the American Revolution, and the WDFW. This will be an early trout opener for us before the general public has a chance at the fish. It will be held at Langlois Lake on Saturday April 21st 7am to 5pm. The...
  9. Ali Baba

    Quick Afternoon Out

    With the lack of fishing reports lately, thought I would give a report on a short float on the home water Saturday after skiing in the morning. Roped a few nice ones below, I thought mine was prettier, no doubt hers was larger and put quite a bend on the 5 weight, even had to give chase in the...
  10. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Orcas Running Out of Food

    http://www.king5.com/article/tech/science/environment/campaign-launched-to-save-killer-whales-that-are-running-out-of-food/281-506640529 https://www.whaleresearch.com/
  11. Skip Enge

    NFR And out it came...

    OMG...it's gonna be good
  12. C

    Spare Spool

    I need a Lamson Litespeed 3 Hard Alox spool. Any out there?
  13. SuperSecretCIA

    FS Classic Books - Out of Print - Hard to Find

    Ok, you saved a ton of money on sale items for your family and friends. That means you have money burning a hole in your pocket. You deserve to treat yourself and I can help. Here is your opportunity to purchase some of the best Fly Fishing - Fly Tying books ever! The condition of every one...
  14. napawino (Roger Craft)

    FS Fenwick FF755. Minty

    Clearing out another rod I have a duplicate of. Need the space. Fenwick FF755. In superb condition. No issues. Beautiful rod. I'm keeping one and selling this nicer one. 7 1/2 foot. 5 wt. 2 1/2 oz. $125 shipped. Reel not included.
  15. jordan101

    Anyone else out there with a reel problem?

    The problem is that my significant other is talking about moving in. It was all good till she mentioned moving the gear from my closet to another room. I am gonna miss her.
  16. rapido101

    Ugly, fat and hated, East-Coast salmon create a frenzy out west

    From Bloomberg, Noah Buhayar "In a giant refrigerated warehouse 90 miles north of Seattle, 43,500 Atlantic salmon were stacked in plastic crates, frozen pariahs in a kingdom where Pacific salmon rule. For weeks, locals used nets to chase down the intruders, not to eat them or sell them, but to...
  17. Lett

    Fly Tying Garage Sale and shout out to Ira

    I am re-posting this from the FF forum. Some of you may have seen the postings here and in the classifieds for the Fly fishing/fly tying Garage Sale. This sale continues tomorrow the 10th of September. I stopped by on a fluke today. Short version: This will be well worth your time. There are...
  18. Lett

    Garage Sale: Great deals and a shout out to Ira

    Some of you may have seen the postings here and in the classifieds for the Fly fishing/fly tying Garage Sale. This sale continues tomorrow the 10th of September. I stopped by on a fluke today. Short version: This will be well worth your time. There are three (3) rooms worth of flyting...
  19. genghis78

    How to straighten out Hackle Tips for Wings?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any good advice on how to straighten out hackle tips that have been curved &/or twisted while sitting in the original packaging? I know most hackle tips have a slight set curve from when they were growing on the bird but it seems like after going...
  20. M

    Who was the guy starting out with a 9 weight?

    can't find his posts, but might be able to help him out if I can find him.
  21. A.A.

    NFR Any musicians out there?

    I always like hearing about other interests and talents other forum members have. I'm a fly/music/art guy. Not by career, but just for the love of music. My dad started teaching me guitar in 5th grade. I got into writing and recording in 7th grade. Played bass in elementary and Jr. High jazz...
  22. GAT

    No Wonder It's Smokey Out There

    Lot's of forest fires in our region.... http://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=ed0a7dad32fe4848b20c6f91c74c79ea
  23. J

    Scouting out Whidby Island for SRC

    I now live in Anacortes and have been using Google maps and Island beach access (IBA) to scout out beaches that might produce SRC. Found myself on Coronet (deception pass park). Nice long gravel beach. Fish and wildlife surveyor said her co worker fishes for SRC on this beach. Lot's of current...
  24. L

    Buzz Fiorini, Any close friends out there ?

    Buzz Fiorini : Just wondering how many friends Buzz still has out there, maybe include a brief story about him & yourself.
  25. Cozmo4196

    Fish Out of Water

    So I follow this guide on Instagram who consistently posts shots of SRC being held out of water. It's a mix of fish being held right above the net, or shots of clients putting the death grip standing in the boat. What's everyone's opinion on this? Is it ok to take fish out for a glory shot...
  26. A.A.

    NFR How did this explode? Any electricians out there?

    So we came back from vacation Saturday and the plugs weren't working in my boys' bedroom. Then we found this outside the house along their wall. The breaker in the garage was tripped. Did a slug climb in it and explode? Was the plug faulty? Scary. Glad my house didn't burn down.
  27. Golden Trout

    Orange One takes us out of the Climate ball game!

    Plenty will disagree but I feel that climate change is the single most important threat facing trout and the very reason we come to this board "fly fishing"! Ignoring mega corporations, one of his personal family members, not to mention some of the right wing nuts on his staff, for the sake of...
  28. 4sallypat

    Anyone try an LTS Speedline Short scandi head with triple density?

    I was looking for a multi density line to try my hand on the Provo and Weber rivers for brown trout to avoid the chunky skagit and OPST heads which splashes down. For multi density lines, I have the Airflo; Intermediate/Float skagit and triple density FIST skagit I found this on YouTube and...
  29. masterbaiter

    Need to get out before I return to school...

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any beach opportunities off West Seattle. I haven't lived in WA long, and spend most of my time in Ontario while in school. I'd really like a chance to get at a coho or SRC before I head back in a week, away from decent water and my...

    Tried out these new Nymphs-Work great

    I had the chance to use these new Lively Legz nymphs this past week end, Very effective on trout.. I was told they work on steelhead and browns as well. Just to let you know I have nothing to do with this company. Just passing the info along.
  31. Porter

    She's out....5 weight shoot out

    ....the X didn't fair to well...surprise...
  32. Old Man

    Went out today

    This is just a useless fishing report. The weather is in the high 50's. No wind to speak of and clear skies. Drove up to where the Beaverhead is open at. Saw fish rising so I thought I would try a dry fly. I sat in my truck and tried to tie on a tippet to my tapered leader. After a few shakes...
  33. Olive bugger

    JUST found out

    Judge Gorsuch is a fly fisherman. Can't be all bad.
  34. Yadwick

    Ideas - How Do You Get Nets Out Of The Op?

    I was thinking about this and came up with an idea: 1st - Determine how much income Tribes make from steelhead sales 2nd - Create a OP stamp similar to the Columbia River endorsement stamp something that would be double the income 0f the tribe - I would have the in-state cost be approx 1/3 the...
  35. Old Man

    Went Out For A While Today

    I made it out today for a while. I fished to late, I usually drop my flies in before noon. Today it was after 1 o'clock. The fish here bite at odd times. It also looked like the people before me used eggs. They can clean out a hole pretty quick that way. There is no fly only water here that I...
  36. Mark Mercer

    Here's Where All The Doctors Went....

    Hi folks, Tied another Blue Doctor (didn't like the first one) finished it and decided I needed a place for them to hang out so got off my butt and put them in a frame. Can't wait for spring to get here, sick of this crappy cold, wet windy weather. Thanks for checking em out ! Mark
  37. N

    FS Cleaning Out Extra Inventory Rods, Reels

    Cleaning out some rods that are literally getting no use ! Sage x 590-4 brand new 600.00 NRX9ft 12 wt brand new 600.00 NRX 9ft 9wt Brand new 600.00 NRX 9ft 7wt used only a few times 600.00 Sage click in bronze 3/4/5 brand new 225.00 sage click in bronze 4/5/6 brand new 225.00
  38. flyacker

    Check Out The Deschutes River Alliance New Documentary Film

    For those of you that haven't heard, the Deschutes is in serious jeopardy . Please check this out and join in the fight to get OUR great river back!
  39. chris stiemert

    First Time Out 2017

    Finally made it out and headed south, weather absolutely perfect. Most activity around 9:30-11:00. All fish landed on a chart/white clouser.
  40. G

    NFR Any Zag Fans Out There?

    I don't watch very much B-ball during the regular season, unless I can catch the last five minutes of a close game. But I do watch the Zags play when I can. I don't even recognize this team. I'm use to "good" Zag teams, that play in a smaller conference, but could play with the "big boys" now...
  41. Mike Monsos

    New Para 14 Off The Bench

    Well it's been a long time since I finished a rod so I thought I'd share this one. It's a Para 14, 7' 9". The pictures really don't do this rod justice, it is dark flamed, with antique gold wraps that look more like root beer in person tipped in chestnut brown. The rod is much darker that the...
  42. Upton O

    You Guys Who Go Out In Boats To Hunt

    Wear your #%^#ing personal floatations devices and carry an emergency locator! http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/08/us/texas-duck-hunters-found-dead/index.html
  43. ribka

    Pack Out

    after passing on many bucks and watching this guy chase does for 30 minutes i pulled the trigger on this typical 4x4 in Montana. Did not see any real big shooters this year. Unusually warm this year
  44. Mayfly Aviator

    FS Cleaning Out The Man-cave (simms/scott/fishpond/echo/redington/ross/clif)

    I'm in Idaho Falls, so shipping is included. No pics uploaded but I can text/email as needed: Rods: Scott S4S 906-4. Great condition with tube. (Sold) Echo 3S 906-4. Good-great condition with tube. $230 Scott V2 804-2. Good condition with tube. $120 Waders: Redington Sonic Pro size large. Good...
  45. Gary Thompson

    (a Shout Out For Wff)

    I want to say thanks to all the members of WFF for having a wonderful forum and a big thanks to Chris for starting this great web site. This web site and forum has made my day again and again. Thank you Gary
  46. T

    What I Pulled Out Of The Throat Of A Src Was ........

    STUNNING! So I caught a bunch of SRC the other day. I was landed this 12 " one and when I reached down to un pin the hook I noticed something blue flopping around at the bottom of its mouth ..... at first I was like "did a piece of plastic drift into its mouth when I was bringing it in "...
  47. Jim Wallace

    Weather Usually Turns Out Worse Than Long Term Forecast

    Has anyone else also noticed this? Just a few weeks ago, I had formulated a plan and some fishing for about now. I had consulted the weather forecast projected two-to-four weeks (from back then until about now), and it looked like I would have some decent weather for camping a few days up on the...
  48. North 40 Fly Shop

    FS Simms Close Out Sale

    Simms Wader Sale We have limited quantities of a few waders we are closing out Headwaters Waders S, L (9-11), L (12-13), LL (12-13), XL, XXL $209.97 Headwaters Convertible Waders S, M, L (9-11), XL, XXL $239.97 Simms Wading Boot Sale Headwaters Felt Sole 8,9,10,11,12,13 $107.97 We've...
  49. nailbender

    WTB Worn Out 6wt. Intermediate Line

    I'm looking for an old 6wfi line to cut up for an experiment that probably wont work. Would prefer clear but beggars cant be choosers. I would pay ten bucks shipping included for your worn out line. Thanks, Doug
  50. Eyejuggler

    Anybody Been Out For Tigers?

    Was debating...SRC or Musky...has anyone been out for Tigers recently? I was thinking of heading out tomorrow, hoping there was still some life out there with the cooling temps? Been busy with life in general and dogs in particular so my fly chucking time has been significantly less. Please PM...