1. VanAllen

    WTB Looking for L/XL Force Fins or Similar

    Does anyone want to sell a pair of Large or XL float tube fins? Message me if you've got something. Thanks, -Eric
  2. Bill Aubrey

    FS Sage SP, Ross Reels & Spools and...a treadmill!

    Ross Reels and Spools: (All reels are without lines and backing) (All with boxes and cards). CLA 6 GREY AS NEW. $165.00. Spool. CLA 6 Black AS NEW. No rash $100. (Add $45 for backing and 8 wt spey floater (Ace). Spool. CLA 6 Grey AS NEW. No rash $100. (Add $50 for backing 650 GR Skagit...
  3. C

    FS Aire Super Puma Outcast - Fishing Raft & Frame

    SOLD - FIRST DAY OF THIS LISTING - Aire Super Puma River Raft - Fishing Raft & Frame - $3000 (package price if purchased new - $6570) Our family has gotten a great deal of joy from this raft, and have floated and fished all over Washington. Our 4 kids are all moving on, and it is time for this...
  4. F

    FS Outcast PAC 900 Pontoon Boat

    Outcast PAC 900 Pontoon Boat for sale. Currently $1399 on the Outcast site. Boat lightly used, I only remember it being on the water twice. It is the strapless model so the pontoons stay where they should be without tightening straps. Boat comes as shown plus pump and gear bag. Asking $500/make...
  5. Love2fish_

    FS Like New Outcast Float Tube

    Lightly used Outcast float tube. Well taken care of and stored inside. Only used about a half dozen times. 200$ OBO takes it
  6. R

    FS OutCast Trinity Backpackers Float Tube-New

    I have a brand new Trinity Float Tube 7lbs in Dark Blue with Gray seat area. I blew it up on Wednesday and it was not deflated a bit by this afternoon. Comes with Pump, Repair Kit, Backpack. A clip on the Stripping apron was broken and I replaced it with a small Carabiner.Photos available to...
  7. DanielOcean

    WTB Outcast Stealth Pro

    I figured this may take some time so I am starting my search early. Anyone with a near new condition stealth that is looking to make some money please let me know.
  8. lee c

    FS OutCast fishcat Panther pontoon

    OutCast FishCat Panther pontoon. Bought thru spw, so has spw logo on it but its same boat as picture. Used twice. $500.
  9. lee c

    FS OutCast FishCat Scout

    Outcast FishCat Scout $350.
  10. wwpool

    FS Outcast Stealth Pro

    mount pads (2) Foot pump and adapter Outcast OEM oars Stripping apron Outcast repair kit Outcast OEM seat never been in the water..has a small scuff about half the size of a pencil eraser ...not sure how it happened.. urethane bladder was not touched.. $650 plus shipping SOLD email...
  11. mrbiggs

    FS Outcast Pontoon $200

    I'm not sure whether this is a Pac 800 or a Fish Cat 8, but it's an 8 foot pontoon by Outcast. I believe it has Aire bladders, and despite seeing a bunch of days on the water it's in good shape. I got it used a year ago and haven't had much time to use it, but have taken it out a few times at...
  12. Skywayflycompany

    FS Outcast discovery 9’ pontoon bladders

    2 brand new replacement bladders for outcast 9’ pontoons. Will fit 9 foot discovery and probably other 9’ pontoons. These have the valves in the middle of the bladder/pontoon. Over $200 new. Now $160
  13. pwoens

    FS Outcast Pac 800 (Aire) Pontoon boat

    PRICE DROP TO $600 Excellent condition Outcast Pac 800 one person pontoon for fishing or whitewater adventures. This boat is in excellent condition and has been stored in my shop and inflated. It will handle rivers and lakes equally and has only seen the water a handful of times since new...
  14. Kfish

    FS Fish Cat Scout Frameless Pontoon

    Hello all, Selling my OutCast Fish Cat Scout. It's been a great frameless pontoon, light and maneuverable. Absolutely nothing wrong with it at all, the reason I am selling is because I just bought a NRS raft to bring the kids along fishing. I've always taken good care of it, gentle use at...
  15. E

    FS 14' Outcast PAC 1400 for sale-$3900

    For Sale: 14' PAC 1400 Pro Series Raft by Outcast (self bailing). Room for three anglers, comes complete with a rower's platform, secure standing decks for bow and stern anglers and can accommodate enough gear for day or over night trips. Steel frame, PVC fabric construction with welded seams...
  16. S


  17. Jesse

    FS Outcast Pontoon Boat and Custom trailer

    Outcast Discovery 8 pontoon boat. 8'long, 54" wide, weighs 60 pounds. With oars, stripping apron,saddle bag, anchor, fins, cup and rod holders. $500. Custom Trailer. Overall length 10'. width 62". New wiring, paint, and repacked bearings. New spare tire. Two under deck enclosed storage...
  18. Richard E

    FS Outcast Fish Cat 10-IR pontoon boat with standup bar, as new

    I got divorced about 4 years ago, and bought this boat a year after anticipating that I was going to be fishing a ton. I loved that this boat has the standup bar option. The boat has been used exactly once, and it doesn't my fantasies of being the intepid fly fisher are going to happen...
  19. Jason Cotta

    FS FS: Outcast PAC800-$500

    For Sale- Outcast Pac800 Pontoon Boat- $500 (Retails @ $1299) This is a great boat for anyone looking to fish lakes and float rivers. The boat has seen little use over the years but does show normal wear on the pontoons. Boat measures 8’X54” and weighs 52lbs. Pontoons are made from extremely...
  20. Richard E

    FS Outcast Super Fat Cat, very good condition

    If you're looking at this, you already know these boats. For only 12 pounds, it's amazing what these things can do! I've used this one probably a dozen times since I bought it. Fast, easy to set up, comfortable, easily portable and to store, these things are great. The bladder system is the...
  21. Mark Walker

    FS F/S Outcast Commander

    I'll post this up here first for a few days then on a couple of other web sites and Craigslist. As new condition. Used less than 2 hours in high Sierra fresh water lake by my better half. At 63yrs. she didn't care for using the fins and missed too many strikes using the oars. Complete with...
  22. Bright Rivers

    FS Outcast PAC 1300 Raft w/ Trailer $2,700

    SOLD! FOR SALE: Outcast PAC 1300 Raft with EZ Loader trailer. $2,700. A quality rowing frame features two stand up fishing platforms that sits atop a self-baling floor. This raft is very light and incredibly maneuverable, yet very sturdy. She moves well across currents, evades surprise...
  23. dryflylarry

    Outcast Service-The Best

    I know this is boring stuff, but I think Outcast is the best company around. I own a 9 foot pontoon that is at least 10 years old, and a FishCat Deluxe 4. I'm hard on equipment and have had something like three repairs through the years. My most recent was I couldn't for the life of me find...
  24. S

    FS Outcast Fishcat 9

    9 foot pontoon boat made by Outcast $450. The pontoon boat is in good condition, with exception of a couple of small paint chips on the aluminum frame. Please email me at [email protected] The pontoon boat weight is approximately 75 pounds stored in the carrying bag. Would be...
  25. Stonefish

    FS 8' Outcast Pontoon

    Time to thin the fleet. I used this boat one time since I bought it. Besides some dust from being stored on my garage, it is in excellent shape. Comes with brass oar locks, oars, two large Outcast side bags and a Scotty rod holder. This would be a good toon for both rivers and lakes. I'm...
  26. D

    FS Outcast Stealth Pro Gear

    Selling Outcast Power Kick Fins--$50, Outcast Electric Motor Mount--$40, Aire Outcast Hand Pump, 2000 lb. cap.--$20, Bare Booties, size thirteen, $25. All used very little.
  27. D

    Outcast Stealth Pro Gear

    Selling Outcast Power Kick Fins--$50. Outcast Electric Motor Mount--$40, Aire Outcast Hand Pump, 2000 lb. cap.--$20, Bare Booties, size thirteen, $25 All used very little.

    FS Outcast Fsh Cat Cougar New

    New, has never been wet. Identical to the panther with 8 foot gray toons. Asking $595, was $899 new
  29. D

    FS Outcast Stealth Pro Pontoon Boat

    I'm considering selling my Outcast Stealth Pro Pontoon Boat after this coming weekend. It is an awesome little boat, but my bad back is getting the best of me. Here is what I have into it. $999 boat which included 2 piece aluminum oars, stripping basket, and 1 side pocket. $Outcast Power Kick...
  30. M

    WTB Outcast Fish Cat 10-ir Stand Up

    PM me if you have one...thanks!
  31. D

    WTB Outcast Powerdrifter

    I am looking for a PowerDrifter. Please contact me if you are interested in selling yours. Thanks! David

    FS Outcast Cougar Pontoon Boat New $675.00

  33. Reeltrout

    WTB Creek Company Voyager Or Outcast Commander

    Call or text me at 206-979-0693
  34. L

    FS Outcast Pac 1000

    Hey gang, I'll get pics soon, but selling my pontoon. I have only used it once and am the second owner. First was Jason Hartwick before he guided and he only used it a couple times. Boat is in prime shape. Some paint flaking on the foot holds of the aircraft aluminum frame. Otherwise tip...
  35. K

    WTB Assault Xx, Rampage, Outcast Stealth Pro, Catchercraft, Wm Kodiak

    Looking for a gently used Scadden Assault XX/Rampage, Outcast Stealth Pro, Water Master Kodiak, or Catchercraft...let me know if you have one or something similar, and what you'd want for it.
  36. crequa

    FS Outcast Pac800

    Good condition comes with stripping apron, oars, pump and 10# mushroom anchor has full rope for inline anchor system. Looking to get 400$ will throw in a sage vt2 9' 6wt if the meet up could be the next 3 days Localish only
  37. tyeoneon

    Outcast Stealth Pro

    Just an FYI. I just saw the Stealth Pro for $799 at Backcountry.com! http://www.backcountry.com/outcast-stealth-pro?skid=OTS000C-GY-ONESIZ&ti=UExQIE9uIFNhbGU6RmlzaGluZyBXYXRlcmNyYWZ0OjE6MzpiY3NDYXQxMjEwMDAwMjU=
  38. Limnos

    WTB Outcast Pac 1000

    I'm looking to buy a slightly used Outcast Pac 1000. Please contact me if you have one you're willing to part with. I live in Portland, OR and I'm willing to drive (within reason) to pick up the pontoon. Thanks
  39. Mark Walker

    FS F/s Outcast Commander

    Bought this for my better half a couple months ago with hopes she'd like lake fishing. She got the chance to try for the first time last week in the eastern Sierras. Rowed for an hour and finned for an hour. Sadly for me, she wasn't wowed with it...
  40. Jason Cotta

    FS Outcast Pac 800 $500 (retail $1299)

    For Sale- Outcast PAC800 Pontoon Boat- $500 (Retails @ $1299) This is a great boat for anglers looking to fish lakes and float rivers. Its smaller size makes it super maneuverable but it still has a weight capacity of 300lbs. The boat has seen little use over the years but does show normal wear...
  41. S

    FS Outcast Stealth Pro and Commander

    I have an Outcast Stealth Pro and Commander for sale that I would like to sell together as a set. They are both in perfect shape with no damage of any kind and I have the screw on storage pockets for each. If you'd like to see a more detailed description for each please see the Outcast website...
  42. Wayne Kohan

    FS Outcast Discovery Trekker and Yakima rack system

    I am moving soon, just a couple mile away, but am taking this opportunity to go through a lot of stuff in my house and garage that I am really not using. My wife and I have been donating a lot of stuff to our church's semi-annual yard sale, but I have a couple of items I thought I would post...
  43. Hiouchibear

    Info needed on outcast stealth pro

    I've migrated downward in size from a full-size Driftboat to a pontoon boat and various float tubes. Because my wife and I are now traveling a lot, we are looking for a frameless boat that we can easily transport in our RV. I'm considering getting a couple of the outcast stealth pros. Any...
  44. Mark Buick

    FS Outcast Discovery 8

    In almost new condition. I only used this boat a few times. Just was not good at it on the river and I have a smaller one for lakes. I also added an anchor system that pulls up and hooks to the rails at the front so can be managed while in motion. $450 OBO
  45. Brennen Busse

    FS Outcast Fish Cat 4 Deluxe-Float Tube for Sale

    I have a Fish Cat 4 Deluxe Float-Tube for Sale - $200.00. Recently purchased a Stealth Pro. Great condition. Used like 10-12 times. Has two pockets and one strap for carrying the tube in. Stripping Apron also included. I prefer to do a local sale and NOT ship this item. Will be heading up...
  46. tling70

    FS Outcast Stealth Pro frameless pontoon boat

    Used once, mint condition Outcast Stealth Pro frameless pontoon boat. I decided I prefer my smaller U-Boat better since I dont plan on drifting rivers. Boat comes with factory storage side bag, oars, an outcast pontoon boat backpack bag, 2 scotty fly rod holders and mounts and 1 scotty anchor...
  47. TeenyBigs

    WTB Kick Fins -- Size 9 Simms Wading Boot

    I'm looking for a pair of used "Float Tube Force Fins" or the "Omega Navigator Flip fin" would be great as well (the style that fits over wading boots). I originally was looking for the Outcast Power Kick, but, based on great feedback from this group have decided to go for the Force Fins or...
  48. Sam Smedley

    WTB Frameless Pontoon: Outcast Stealth Pro, Scadden Assalt, Wastermaster Kodiak, Etc.

    I'm looking for a frameless pontoon. Preferably, I'm hoping to score fins and a k pump and other little goodies along with it. Send me a pm with your offerings. Thanks!!
  49. Storybook

    FS Outcast Stealth Pro

    For sale is an Outcast Stealth Pro. I've had it for about 2 years but just picked up a Clackacraft so no use for the Stealth. In that time its been on the water 4 times total. In great condition. Comes with the Cargo pocket, Stripping apron, Scotty rod holder, Scotty Anchor system and the...