1. Hardy406

    WTB WTB - Peak Midge Jaws

    Looking for Peak midge jaws if anyone has any they are not using much. Thanks!
  2. DanielOcean

    WTB Peak Rotary or Renzetti Traveler

    Header says it all. I appreciate your help.
  3. tyafly

    WTB Rotary Vise - Peak, Dyna-King, or ????

    I'm looking to pick up a rotary vise. Peak, Dyna-King, Renzetti, or something else....? Not really interested in a Norvise, Danvise, or Regal Revolution. Let me know what you've got. Thanks for looking
  4. tyafly

    WTB Peak Rotary Vise | TFO BVK 7wt or 8wt

    I'm looking for a used Peak Rotary vise. Midge, Regular or Saltwater jaws are fine. Also looking for a TFO BVK 7 or 8wt. Neither needs to be pristine. As long as they are in sound working order, I'm interested. Send me a PM or post here Thanks
  5. Truckeetroutbum

    FS Peak vise

    Selling my used Peak vise. Pedestal base and bobbin cradle. Great condition, lifetime warranty, US made. Pictures available on request. Thanks $75 + shipping
  6. Dave Witchey

    WTB Peak rotary vise wanted

    If you have one for sale , email Dave [email protected] thanks
  7. Dave Witchey

    WTB Peak rotary vise wanted

    Anyone got a really good Peak Vice for sale / Thanks, Dave
  8. I

    WTB Fly Tying Vise

    Am excited to get into fly tying. Mostly large salmon and steelhead flies. My dream is the regal big game but due to finances, that'll have to wait. If anyone has any vise they want to pass on (for a reasonable price), please contact me. Thank you
  9. mtflycaster

    Peak Vise Technical Question

    I'd like to put a longer 3/8 inch standard on my Peak non-rotary pedestal vise, but the vise head is not held onto the rod by a set screw and not easily removed. It is either a press fit, screwed in, or glued in. Anyone know? I'd rather not guess and end up damaging the vise. Thanks! MTFly
  10. B

    FS Russ Peak Custom Glass Rod Built in 1965, 7 1/4'

    Built by Russ in 1965 for loyal customer Jack King. Throws 4-6wt lines. Weighs 3 3/4 ounces. Rod is in very good condition. Tube and sock included. $825 shipped to conus. Other shipping at cost.
  11. vandenhooff

    WTB Fly tying vise

    Looking for a true rotary fly tying vise. Post or PM pics and price please.
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