1. Dry Fly Dutchman

    WTB Bright colored fly rod

    My lady is looking for a line green, bright blue or pink fly rod. Anyone out there have one? Dont really want to go to cabelas and none of the local fly shops have em.
  2. yellowlab

    FS Salmon, Tuna Charter License for Lease only

    Salmon, Tuna, Halibut, Crab, bottom fish guide charter license is available for lease for 1 or possibly 2 years. Includes annual renewal fees, prepaid in full at the time of licenses issuance. Permit is good up to 8 rod endorsements. $6000/year
  3. S

    WTB Pink Salmon Beach Flies

    Looking to pick up a dozen or so flies for fishing to Pink Salmon off the Puget Sound beaches. PM with details and pix. Thanks!
  4. cabezon

    Pink salmon found in River Ness, Scotland

    This BBC story [] combines two common WFF themes. First, one of the frequent, humorous :) replies to any question about fish identity is "Atlantic salmon"; this story provides what must be the U.K. equivalent, "pink salmon"...
  5. Steelhead

    FS Steelhead Gear- Yarnies, Pink Worms, Jigs Etc

    All the steelhead gear in this picture for sale. Beads, corkies, jigs, worms, glo bug yarn, spinner... 10$ shipped to WA state zip codes only:
  6. Squamishpoacher

    Pink Jig Fly Pattern Request

    2017 is a Fraser River and south coast pink year and I've been asked to tie 3 or 4 different beadhead patterns for pinks on jig hooks. Does anyone have any patterns they have used successfully that would help me to fill this request? Muchly appreciating. I'll post what I have come up with once I...
  7. Steelhead

    What's That.. An Odd # Year?! Pink Stink 2017

    Millions slimers are forecast to return to Washington state this season. That's a million reasons to skip work, ditch the kids, neglect your significant other and spend time on the water trying to trick a fish to eat something pink... or green or anything. Things to expect this year: 1. 2x the...
  8. featherynorwegien

    Over Sized Pink And Orange Sanjuan Worms Fished Like The Pink Worm On Terminal Tackle?

    So I had an idea but I'm sure its been in use for a while. Fishing large hot pink or orange sanjuan worms for winter steel I have tied some up and just need some ideas on how I would fish them. Just in a straight swing with out an indicator or with a larger indicator in tandem with a glow egg or...
  9. SaltyTippet

    Biggest Damn Pink Salmon....

    As many of you know the northern part of Vancouver Island has yearly returns of pinks in some rivers.... decided to take advantage.... very low numbers this year but bigger than average.... this pig was pushing 10 pounds maybe.... thought it was a coho at first and it fought like no other pink...
  10. Dad's big Buck

    Dad's big Buck

  11. First Humpy of '03

    First Humpy of '03

  12. Puyallup Pink

    Puyallup Pink

  13. Skagit Pink

    Skagit Pink

  14. Saltwater Pink

    Saltwater Pink

  15. Skagit Pink on 6wt.

    Skagit Pink on 6wt.

  16. Puyallup Pink

    Puyallup Pink

  17. Pink


  18. Another Salty Pink

    Another Salty Pink

  19. Salty Pink

    Salty Pink

  20. Pink (Humpy)

    Pink (Humpy)