pontoon boat

  1. Angler 77

    FS SOLD*** 9' Outcast Pontoon Boat ***SOLD

    Longtime not so active member looking to sell my pontoon boat. I just don't get out often enough to justify it. The boat is currently on my truck in Port Townsend. Just add you and a PFD and you're ready to go fishing. Aluminum frame so it's light, corrosion resistant and easy to handle...
  2. K

    FS Scadden Renegade for Sale

    I am offering my Scadden Outlaw Renegade pontoon boat for sale. I purchased it about seven years ago primarily for river use and I have used it on rivers such as the Cowlitz and the St. Joe. However, the days of wading the rushing waters appear to be behind me now and I am thinning my...
  3. F

    FS Outcast PAC 900 Pontoon Boat

    Outcast PAC 900 Pontoon Boat for sale. Currently $1399 on the Outcast site. Boat lightly used, I only remember it being on the water twice. It is the strapless model so the pontoons stay where they should be without tightening straps. Boat comes as shown plus pump and gear bag. Asking $500/make...
  4. Flyfishinwrangler

    Best frameless pontoon boat for packing into lakes.

    What do think the best frameless inflatable boat for back packing into lakes? I'm not a big guy so want something light with really light oars but has good stability. I've tried float tubes and just really prefer something longer that I can oar ot flipper. Thanks for any recommendations
  5. O

    FS Sportsmans Warehouse Pontoon Boat with Motor

    I have a great condition Sportsmans Warehouse 9' pontoon boat boat which includes oars, oar locks and Minn Kota 18lb thrust motor. The boat is branded under the Sportsmans Warehouse label but I believe this was originally made by Outcast. The bladders have never leaked and the frame is in great...
  6. DanielOcean

    WTB Pontoon boat side bags

    If any of you have one or two gathering dust in your storage, and willing to part please let me know.
  7. doublebluff

    Best way to tote a pontoon boat

    Folks- I am trying to figure out a creative way to carry my 8' fishcat pontoon boat. I have a Jeep Patriot. I don't wanna put it together/take it apart whenever I have to go anywhere. Are there any roof racks that would work? I had an EZpacker, which was great for short trips, but it was...
  8. IrishKelly

    FS Outfitter XT Never Used

    SOLD, No longer available. For sale, outfitter XT pontoon boat. Dad and I bought matching boats a few years back and he moved away before I could drift with him. The boat has been in my garage for several years and the oars are still wrapped in factory plastic. Paid $300 but willing to part...
  9. pwoens

    FS Outcast Pac 800 (Aire) Pontoon boat

    PRICE DROP TO $600 Excellent condition Outcast Pac 800 one person pontoon for fishing or whitewater adventures. This boat is in excellent condition and has been stored in my shop and inflated. It will handle rivers and lakes equally and has only seen the water a handful of times since new...
  10. Lue Taylor

    FS Sportsman Warehouse 9 Ft Pontoon Boat

    I bought this pontoon boat off CL for $150 to fish in the Sound for Pinks well we know what happen to that season. Comes as is no straps, no Oars the best thing about this pontoon boat I got it in late July pump it up been holding air ever since was full of air until my warehouse got cold $100...
  11. chrome/22

    WTB Pontoon Boat stripping apron

    Looking for one for my 10' pontoon, off brand boat maybe a bit wider than most. What's out there? c/22
  12. chrome/22

    Pontoon Boat stripping apron

    Need one for my 10' toon. Anyone? Brad 206 498 6507
  13. skyriver

    Pontoon boat for borrow or rent?

    Hi there, Weird post....I'm headed out tomorrow, early. A long lost buddy can join me, but doesn't have a pontoon boat. Anyone out there willing to let me borrow or rent your pontoon boat for the rest of the week? I'd be able to return it Saturday. I'm in the Covington/Maple Valley/Kent/Auburn...
  14. A

    FS Classic Accessories Bozeman pontoon boat--free

    Full disclosure: the oar lock on one side is defective (part missing), but otherwise a good boat. I bought a frameless pontoon boat that I like better and just want to get this out of my garage. Call Al, at (206)-909-1313.


    STILL IN THE BOX NEVER USED. Bucks Bags Sawtooth Get away from the crowds and access water that was previously unreachable. The Sawtooth is the perfect pontoon boat for lakes, ponds and moderate rivers. The Sawtooth offers quality craftsmanship that is built into all of Bucks Bags pontoon...
  16. Philonius

    FS Creek Flats Raider 9' Pontoon Boat

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this sale, just some guy I met on a local beach this morning. In case the pic isn't visible/legible to you, it reads: CREEK FLATS RAIDER 9' 4 Air Bladder Aluminum Frame Call or Text Paul 206-786-2292 $275 I spoke with him a bit; he's used it on rivers...
  17. Jesse

    FS Outcast Pontoon Boat and Custom trailer

    Outcast Discovery 8 pontoon boat. 8'long, 54" wide, weighs 60 pounds. With oars, stripping apron,saddle bag, anchor, fins, cup and rod holders. $500. Custom Trailer. Overall length 10'. width 62". New wiring, paint, and repacked bearings. New spare tire. Two under deck enclosed storage...