1. Caspore

    Officially hooked on fly fishing + a question

    Today has been awesome. I’m brand new to fly for fishing and so far I’ve taken 5 trips to various beaches along Puget Sound and after this morning, I’ve really become hooked on the sport. Recently I booked a gig housesitting for someone with beachfront access to the hood canal, so for the past...
  2. Caspore

    Other Regulations and closed waters

    I’m a tad bit confused about finding out if fishing in an area is legal or not. I live within walking distance to the dyes inlet, but on the fish washington app, upon clicking that area, it says it’s closed to fishing. Only waters north of the manette bridge say closed, but the rest of MA10 is...
  3. GingerBoats

    Montana - Late October

    I was lucky enough to be invited to Butte, by a buddy that I served with in the Navy, in mid July for some awesome trout fishing. I was able to hit up Rock Creek, Big Hole, Lake Agnes, and a few other undisclosed spots and absolutely loved it. I have a week off towards the end of October...
  4. A

    A quick question about The Yakima

    Set Đồ du lịch phương pháp chăm nom chân mày sau khi phun sẽ mang ảnh hưởng rất lớn tới kết quả sau cùng. - Bể cá thường dùng kính sở hữu độ dày là 12 ly. Người sở hữu nốt ruồi trước cổ thường là người không mấy may mắn, hay bị người khác hãm hại, gặp kẻ tiểu nhân. mọi lúc bạn sử dụng thuốc thì...
  5. SERE Nate

    shuttle and boat position question

    How do you set up a 2 car shuttle when you have 2 people, and does it change if you have 3? I'm always questioning if you should drop the boat and then go drop off the trailer at the put out and drive shuttle back to boat and fish, or leave shuttle at take out, then go up, drop boat and fish...
  6. T

    Question for Techies

    I’ve seen this in movies and wondered if it was really true or just Hollywood entertainment. Then I read about it again when the Austin Police and ATF found the bomber. Questions. 1) Is it true you can be tracked this way? - does the phone need to be on? - any smart phone or just some?
  7. M

    A little question about Missoula area

    Ngày này khi đời sống vật chất càng phát triển thì con người càng mong khám phá được các câu chuyện của tương lai. Đã có rất nhiều nghiên cứu chỉ ra rằng những diễn biến trong tương lai sẽ liên quan đến cuộc sống thực tại hoặc một số đặc điểm trên cơ thể của chúng ta. Đối với các chuyên gia...
  8. Clarkman

    NFR Weird question about noise cancelling headphones...

    thought I'd throw this out there....weird question (well, perhaps not so weird), anyone ever used noise 'reducing' headphones for kids at a loud concert? as in, something where they can still hear the music, but won't cause permanent hearing damage like it may have for their dad. Asking for a...
  9. D

    Renzetti Traveler in Pelican 1060 Case Question

    Hello, An internet search brought me here I am wanting to build a travel set. I have a Renzetti Master (Home) and a Renzetti Traveler (Cabin). My search looked like some members here may have actually used the Traveler and that it fits well in the Pelican 1060 case. If someone could send me a...
  10. mtnsaremyhome

    Echo Classic 11' 8wt question and general switch rod questions

    I couldn't find much on here, as I guess this is an older rod. Has anyone spent any time with this particular stick? Long story short I believe I am looking for a true switch rod in small/medium rivers often with high banks for salmon, steel and bulls. I have a 10ft 8wt vapen single hander and...
  11. Tracker

    Question on classifieds

    Is it permissible to put a camp trailer on the classified, or is that for fishing gear and related items only?
  12. SeattleFarq

    Stupid Questions about Flatwing Flies

    I have a couple trips coming up this year that could call for some large streamers, so I've been looking into tying flatwing patterns. WFF, Google, and Youtube have good instructions for tying them, but I haven't found much on the background of the design. The more I know about why a fly was...
  13. Clint F

    white water pram owners i have a question

    ok guys, those of you with a whitewater pram what is the over all length and bottom width? also do you wish it was wider or narrower, longer or shorter? I ask because I am getting a drawing ready to build a 10 or 11 ft whitewater pram. I'm working on restoring a 15'x48'' wood drift boat now, I...
  14. M

    My question

    Trên thị trường hiện nay, các sản phẩm kẻ chân mày bán tràn lan dưới dạng chì kẻ mày, gel kẻ chân mày, bột tán mày… Mỗi loại có ưu nhược điểm riêng. Bài viết sau đây của chúng tôi sẽ giúp bạn hiểu rõ hơn về gel kẻ chân mày để từ đó có sự lựa chon phù hợp dành cho mình. Sản phẩm kẻ mày nào phù...
  15. spfd jason

    Sage Accel Switch rod question

    Hey, Is anyone using one of these Accel switch rods? If so, what are your impressions. Pondering the 8114-4 for use on PNW coastal rivers in the winter. Heavy tips and flies. What weight Skagit head are you using for this model? Thanks, Jason
  16. P

    Newbie question - Yakima river in March

    I am looking at coming up to WA and spending a couple of days trying out a Catchercraft SRB with the intention of buying one if I like it. I want to get 2 full days on a loaner before I make a decision over some of the other boats I am looking at. Mid-late March is a good time for me and the...
  17. B

    South Bend question

    I have a South Bend bamboo Model 28-9 fly rod. Some where I think I read it is a double built rod. Other than that I have no information about the rod. Can anyone tell me anything about the rod. Line weight, when it was built, that sort of thing. I am in the process of rewrapping it with...
  18. AndrewDC

    Valuation question - Winston BIIIX

    I just picked up a Winston BIIIX on a certain international auction site and received the rod today. It was advertised as being brand new, and nothing more was said about it so I assumed it was a brand new rod in the condition I would get if I walked into a store. I looked at the rod and it is...
  19. Jim Wallace

    Question for Swimmy about sock selection

    Swimmy, I think that I need your advice concerning Montana fashion trends. In my case, its about sporting the right look in medical grade compression socks while bicycling around Whitefish and Polebridge next summer. I have to wear these damned things..."just below the knee" length. I have a...
  20. B

    Old fiberglass rod question

    I have 4 old fly rods made of the brown colored fiberglass. One is Saint Croix one is a Montague and the others are of unknown maker. I know fiberglass wasn’t used much until after WWII. And my question is what was the time frame that the brown fiberglass was used. I know the rods have...
  21. T

    Question about running lines and heads

    I don't have a fly shop anywhere nearby, so I hope I'm asking the question correctly. If use running lines and to T-18 sink tips for ocean fishing. If I want to fish on top of the water, using a running line, will a floating tip have the weight I need for casting? I'm not sure how floating...
  22. D

    Lake Washington Question

    Has anyone fished for coastal cutthroat starting from the launch on Mercer Island under the East Channel Bridge? I fish trolling flies from a pontoon with an electric motor so my speed and the distance I can go is pretty limited. Just wondering if that area is likely to yield anything. Denisr
  23. Skywayflycompany

    Chipped hatchery coho question

    Earlier this summer a buddy caught a hatchery coho out in the sound with a chip. Looking up the chip's info on WDFW's website says the fish was from Skykomish river brood stock in 2014, and was released 4/14/2016 from Peale Pass net pens. Being caught in area 11 it doesn't seem like it was...
  24. S

    orvis line weight question

    I have found a nice orvis 2 bamboo rod 14ft and 19 plus oz weight,I figure on this throwing a minimum 8/9 line ,anyone here with any info on these? these rarely come up for sale ,and mostly in the 11ft 7/8 models ,yeah I know it is heavy but I already have a hardy grease liner and a monty...
  25. stilly stalker

    a question about fiberglass.....

    Looking at getting a light fiberglass rod (3 or 4 wt, 7'6") for backpacking and have never purchased a fiberglass rod before, but a lot of people love them for small fish scenarios. Ive been looking at blue halo glass rods and think they look pretty bad ass. What should I be looking for in a...
  26. D

    sea run cutthroat question

    Does anyone know if sea run cutthroat have started up the Snoqualmie yet. I'm thinking of drifting my pontoon downstream from Fall city to the end of Neal Road. But maybe the water is too low and the heat too high. Regardless, when the time is right, what patterns should I use. Denisr
  27. C

    joey newbie question of the day

    i think the answer is no, fly tying materials go bad? I inherited a wealth of materials that definitely have sentimental value...and I have aspirations of making the former owner proud. But...I'm learning...and with the limited amount of time I have to devote to the vise...and the...
  28. Steve Kokita

    Caddis question for Taxon

    Hi Roger, Most lakes I fish in Washington have a little black caddis. Some are seen fluttering up and down by the shore while other lakes have a good evening hatch across the lake. They seem to average around 1/2" and appear to be dark brown to black....
  29. james.jimenez

    New rod line question

    I just purchased the rod in the picture. It's an 11' 3wr mini Spey rod. As you can see in the pick it has a recommended line weight window. Here is my question, HOW IN THE WORLD DO I CHOOSE A LINE WHEN THE LINE WINDOW IS BETWEEN 175gr and 200gr??? I am relatively new to this Spey thing so I...
  30. G

    MT river question

    can anyone tell me if it is still permissible to wade with felt soles in the Gallatin river?? thanks.
  31. T

    Question about Nautilus FWX Reels

    I have a Nautilus FWX with two spare spools. It's about a year old, I bought it when the "X" was introduced, and it hasn't seem much use - and only in freshwater. I was changing from the spool with floating line to the spool with an intermediate line and the spool was loose on the frame. Put...
  32. nwtroutguy

    Rattlesnake Lake question

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone has experienced any kind of vandalism at RSL in the past? My wife and I were thinking about a trip out sometime this summer. I mean, I know it can happen anywhere( especially the Cedar River, which I stay away from now), but just looking for some input...
  33. SilverFly

    "T" rating question

    Does anyone know if "T" rating refers to grains of tungsten per foot, or total line weight per foot?
  34. A.A.

    Happy Father's Ebay! Taking a nice big camera fishing...input needed

    First of all, Happy Father's Day! So my wife is getting me a nice camera for a Father's Day gift. She hesitated actually purchasing the camera because she knew I would want to do the research and pick one out. I would love input on a nice solid mid priced camera. I plan on taking it fishing. I...
  35. Fast Action Freddie

    Yak flows / visibility question

    In general ... is there a way to look at flow levels and determine whether visibility/fishing will be poor? assuming a drift boat and it's floatable. an absolute level you look for? whether rising vs. falling? or just call Red's ...
  36. B

    Question about Classified Forum

    What does "Ttt" mwean in a post in the classifieds?
  37. B

    Fiberglass Bottom Question or Opinion

    I have a Clack WF that has seen some time but still a solid boat. Here are a few pics of the bottom of the boat along the underside of the chines. Gelcoat has been worn down so you can see the underlying fiberglass but the glass is not chipped or gouged. A couple of questions? 1. Can I keep...
  38. Olive bugger

    A question about sinking fly lines

    Looking at fly lines and leaders that have a sink rate listed, how does that relate to a Archimedes' Principal? Do they sink at a given rate until they displace the weight of the line and then stop?
  39. BobA

    Outcast Stealth Pro Question

    Has anyone purchased the optional 7 foot oars from Outcast for use with the Stealth Pro? How has this changed rowing?
  40. mcoomer

    Everyone sit down for this...I have a real question about fly fishing!

    Hard to believe on this forum but I have a real question about fly fishing. Specifically, fly fishing lines. I'm looking at a floating line for a 5 weight reel and am considering Rio's In Touch Perception. Scientific Angler and Royal Wulff were some of my other considerations. I want a nice...
  41. aimacart

    Shipping question

    This might be a dumb question but I have to send in my rod to get the tip fixed. How do you ship your rod back to the manufacturer, in this case R.L. Winston? Do you get a long skinny cardboard box and stick the rod case in or wrap the rod case in some heavy paper or just put your info on the...
  42. Alex MacDonald

    the question of the year!

    I'd love to crank out some sushi. Considering Wenatchee is probably the furthest place (except Outer Mongolia) on the planet for fresh Ahi, does anybody think smoked trout might work instead??

    Spey Vs Switch Rod Question?

    I am planning a trip up to Quebec in June for atlantic salmon. I have little experience casting these big rods. Is there a big advantage using a 13 foot spey rod vs a 11 foot switch rod? it would seem the shorter rod would be a little easier to handle. I am considering a 7 or 8 weight rod. Thanks
  44. G

    Atc Stratus Reel Question

    Delete please
  45. F

    Licensing Question

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to come down from BC and fish a couple of western Washington lakes this season, I know I need to get a non-resident angling license, my question is: Does my 10 year old son (canadian non-resident) need a license? Or is he covered as a juvenile? I *think he needs a...
  46. D

    Suction Dredging Question

    What's the best way to voice my opposition to suction dredging to the WA legislature? Denisr
  47. SERE Nate

    Op Question

    I'm renting a cabin Wed with the gf. I'll be fishing Wed afternoon and Thurs morning. Here's a description of where the cabin is. Based on this, what areas would you concentrate on?
  48. Salvy

    Maxima Unraveling Prevention

    It comes with a rubber band. Real helpful, let me tell you. What's the cool fishermen's trick that I don't know about yet? At the end of the day, half of the mono is coiled off the spool.