rain jacket

  1. DimeBrite

    NFR We Got This Rain Coming

    Cumulative precipitation forecast through 5am Sunday. Let's hear about your experiences with the wet stuff.
  2. B

    FS Patagonia River Salt Rain Jacket FS. $250. Size M. All but new.

    I need size L. (See my user name.) Worn on one trip only, but I did catch a steelhead. I.e, a proven winner. Was $350 new. $250 including shipping CONUS. David F, Portland, OR
  3. COtoWA

    Need a new rain jacket

    So add me to the list of people who have been car prowled, they got my Simms G3 jacket, Smith sunglasses, etc. last week. Glad the rods & reels were not in the truck at the time. What alternatives are out there that have the functional qualities of the Simms jacket but not the $450 price tag...
  4. S

    Found, rain jacket

    Jacket was laying on the beach just below the Raging River on the Snoqualmie River. PM or email me with full description and we can make arrangement for getting it back to the rightful owner. Rick, AKA Steelie Addict.
  5. SeattleFarq

    Fishing Rain Jacket

    If things go according to plan, I'll be going steelheading for the first time in two weeks on the OP. Something tells me it might rain, so I'm looking to buy a fishing rain jacket. The main feature I'm interested in is wrist gaskets so that I don't soak my under layers every time I put my hand...