1. F

    FS Bauer M3 Reel $249 shipped

    Bauer Mackenzie M3 Large Arbor Reel in Like New condition. Comes with 20lb backing. Line Weight: 7/8 Capacity: WF7 + 175yds of 20lb backing Weight: 6.8oz Pictures available at:
  2. R

    FS Lamson Speedster 3.5 reel + spool

    Selling Lamson speedster 3.5 and spool. Reel was lightly used a few times, looks and functions like new. Some lettering came off the back which is common with these (see pic). I want to keep these together as set. Not interested in trades. Comes with the backing on both the reel and spool and...
  3. fishwater

    FS Trade my Orvis Madison Model 8 + spare spool for good USA Medalist 1495 1/2

    Solid Madison Model 8, which is a variation on Pflueger Medalist, in very good mechanical condition. Nothing funny going on. Drag on these is preset via a screw on frame, which I like more than the basic Medalist levered mechanics. I want a mechanically solid 1495 1/2 USA ONLY please I am...
  4. Jake

    FS 5wt Fenwick Aetos + Sage 2250 + Spool

    $200. Edit: 9’ 4 piece with rod tube. Fished perhaps 15 times, both in excellent condition. Reel has a few cosmetic scratches, but functions perfectly. Gotta love sealed drags! Has SA GPX WF5F on it. Extra spool has a Rio intermediate WF5I whose name escapes me. It’s not pictured because it’s...
  5. B

    FS Anyone selling a Spectrum LT

    If anyone is selling a Spectrum LT, I’m in the market!
  6. S

    FS LOOP Evotec G4 7/9 Silver Reel

    REEL FOR SALE: Evotec G4 7/9 Silver (NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN THIS COLOR) - VERY slightly used. In Excellent condition - Asking $250 Reel is in EXCELLENT condition. Very minor cosmetic dings from very little use. Basically a brand new reel. WILLING TO HEAR ANY REASONABLE OFFER OR TRADE. MUST...
  7. AG

    FS Original Ross Reel 3.5 +2 spare spools

    Super cool old Ross Reel. From the early 80's I believe. 6 or 7 weight single hand reel or super fun on a trout spey, which is how I fished it. Smooth delrin (?) drag is totally adequate for whatever you'd catch on a 6 weight. I've had my fun with MT trout on my 4wt spey rod however I've got...
  8. Limnos

    WTB Redington Rise 5/6 Black Spool

    Anyone have an extra Redington Rise 5/6 black spool they want to sell for less than retail? I’m looking for one. PM me with the price is you have one you’re willing to sell.
  9. B

    FS Hardy Bros. "The St. George"

    One "The St. George" reel 3" This is an awesome reel that has caught a lot of fish! Reel is in perfect mechanical condition and was recently cleaned professionally. Please email Levi with offers. No trades please. [email protected]

    FS Echo Ion 8/10 reel

    In used condition 8 out of 10. Great back up reel. I will sell for $50 loaded with backing and ready to roll. Shipping included.

    NFR Reel and line rec. for ESN 3110-4

    Just getting into the European thing. Found a great generation one ESN. Would love a recommendation for a reel weight And what to line it with. In my limited experience, I rarely have any fly line coming off of the reel. Thanks
  12. Billy McFly

    FS 4wt, Type 6 Sink line on Reel

    I'm positive this is a Rio line because that is all I've purchased to past few years but I didn't save the original box (i know...genius) It's mounted on a Cabela's Prestige Plus 1 reel. As with my float tube - this has never been wet. I had big plans but it just never happened. $50.00...
  13. Perry Azevedo

    WTB Quality large arbor 3/4wt reel

    Looking for something like an Abel Creek I in large arbor, but totally open to other options. This is for a 3wt Sage SP, so no need for fancy drag.
  14. Fredy

    FS NEW Kraken XLA #4 Reel

    SOLD! Brand new never used Kraken XLA #4 $300 shipped OBO in Conti US. Thanks, Fredy
  15. M

    WTB Nautilus 10/12 wt reel (NV,NVG,CCFX2)

    I know this is a long shot but i figured I'd give it a try. I'm looking for a Nautilus that I can go ahead and throw on a ten wt for a (quickly) upcoming Roosterfish trip down to the Baja. It's my first trip down there and I've finally given in to the fact that my 8wt might be a tad bit...
  16. Troutlife

    CHEAP Reel Suggestions?

    All of my current reels come from cheap boxed sets with rod, line, etc. included. To state the obvious, they are not of the highest quality. In fact, they commonly tangle, get line caught up in them, or the drag ceases to function at all. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of a cheap...
  17. driftboatdan

    WTB Inexpensive 3-4wt reel

    Looking for an inexpensive click pawl reel for my kids to use small stream fishing. Something in the 50.00 range..hopefully not junk but not an heirloom either.
  18. Rock Creek Fan

    WTB Lamson LP2 reel

    Obtained one...
  19. ttas67

    FS Tibor Spey 8-10 Reel

    Tibor Spey 8-10. Excellent condition. No box or case. Comes as pictured. $400 shipped. NO TRADES, NO LOW BALL OFFERS, please.
  20. SERE Nate

    WTB Fly rod and reel for pike in MT

    I'm in Whitefish MT and the ice is just about off the lake. I need to get a complete setup for pike. Prefer to buy package but can piece it together to. I have a 6 weight Scott radian currently, so I think that I want an 8 weight. Pm me post here or text me. 515-556-6568 $500 budget
  21. HamidS4fe

    FS Fishpond Dakota Rod & Reel Case

  22. T

    FS Sage 4210 reel and 2 spare spools loaded

    Since I sold my Sage Xi-3 rod, I still have the never fished Sage 4210 reel and spools available, all loaded with Rio Outbound lines and backing (pretty sure they're the 30# small diameter type) - $400 tyd. I might consider splitting them up but the spools have to go first.
  23. Anil


    Found one of these older model reels still laying around. Reel is BRAND NEW WITH POUCH AND BOX. This is the older, previous version of the current model. This is the ultimate, lightweight, sealed drag reel for 6-8 wt. rods. Lamson Force 3X SL Reel - Retail was $469 SALE $279 $10 shipping...
  24. dekartes

    WTB Echo Gecko kids rod + basic 4/5 reel and line

    Interested in picking up an Echo Gecko 4/5 weight and basic fly reel with line. One that I wouldn't care if my 6 year old accidentally dropped....
  25. J

    FS Fs Simms pack and reel

    Ross f1 size 1.5 never used $3oo plus $10 shipped Simms day pack used 3 days great shape $1oo $10 shipping
  26. D

    WTB Abel Grateful Dead Reel Sought

    Looking for either of the first two in the GD series reels (Steal Your Face & Dancing Bears).
  27. M

    WTB WTB 8-9 wt reel

    Had a last minute trip pop up and need a spare reel for an 8 wt glx crosscurrent. Please let me know what you have (Tibor, Abel, Islander, or similar). Budget is around $350. Only condition is I need to receive this reel by Wednesday or Thursday - so it would have to go out Monday priority...
  28. SARG950

    FS STH Reel

    If you're a fan of those iconic STH cassette reels, I'm offering one that is mint! It's the DDR2 and there's really no obvious wear marks on it. Very little use, as it housed my full sink line which I seldom used. Backing included. $50 and it's yours. I'll ask that you cover any shipping...
  29. XP

    Trident 8 Weight Reel Shoot Out

    Trident is teasing the upcoming 8 weight shootout. Looks like they are finishing up their testing and will release the results soon. Link: Results:
  30. jim52

    FS New model Redington rise 5/6. ,nice reel ,good price

    hello. I bought the new 5/6. And a new 7/8. From a local guide he had a few when they were rolling out the rise 3 model. Anyway. Keeping the 7/8. Great reel for the price point. Seliing the 5/6. Comes with the Redington pouch ,, no box. I paid 119 So asking 119. And...
  31. M

    FS Abel Super 6N Reel

    Sold Thanks, Mark
  32. jim52

    Needed schematic , part info s.a.mastery reel

    hello ,, I have a mastery 4/5. S.a. Reel. The drag knob is sticking. I think the ball is compromised. But I do not have any info as to how to remove it. .. Im pretty familiar with these reels. But have no idea how to remove the drag knob ??? Any help ?
  33. Perry Azevedo

    Lightweight click reel for Sage SP 3wt?

    I finally got my hands on a Sage SP 389-5 after a buddy let me try his out and I completely fell in love with this rod. Since this is going to be my primary small stream rod, I want to figure out what reel I should put on it. Obviously drag doesn't matter for a 3wt trout rod…so, my two main...
  34. Adrian

    FS Sage Domain Reel 8wt

    With running line in excellent shape. Platinum in color with neoprene sleeve. $200 obo Thank you, Adrian 206-321-1847
  35. Peter Kovah

    FS Beulah 7wt Platinum Switch Rod w/Lamson Guru Reel and Line

    I'm selling my Beulah 7wt Platinum Switch set up. I've moved across the country, and it has just been sitting in my parent's garage for the past year. I used the rod once - on a rain/bear filled two day camping trip to Vancouver Island where not a single fish was reeled in. I'd say its in mint...
  36. IHV2FSH

    WTB Ross CLA 5 Reel

    I have spools and only need the reel if you happen to have one. But I'd buy another reel and spool if you have reel and spool you don't want to separate.
  37. T

    FS Sage SP 589-5 with Ross Canyon 1 reel and extra spool

    Here is a custom Sage 8'9" 5 wt with a Ross Canyon 1 reel and spare spool in excellent condition: - entire outfit $400 tyd - rod only $225 - reel and extra spool $225
  38. yellowlab

    FS Ari T' Hart Triangle #1 Reel RH

    Original Box, Pouch, Certificate of Authenticity. Filled with backing, Right Hand Wind. Titanium Reel Foot, Stainless Line Guard. Super light and perfect for a bamboo rod or graphite 3 wt. Suitable for 3/4/5 wt applications, 80/60/40' of 20# backing + your flyline. $450
  39. S

    FS Einarsson 9Plus Fly Reel Sparkling Red

    "9plus The 9plus reel from Einarsson is a heavy workhorse engineered to give the fisherman the edge. The silky smooth brake will handle the biggest of Salmon as well as Tarpon in the 100lb plus class, meaning the Einarsson 9Plus reel will match both your double handed rod or heavy single handed...
  40. T

    WTB Sage 3850

    Looking for a 3850 reel. PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks
  41. Poff

    WTB 3wt fly line

    I'm looking for an inexpensive 3wt fly line. I'd prefer something that would work for euro nymphing, but would consider a standard wf line. By inexpensive, I'm hoping to find a line for around $15
  42. B

    FS Abel TR3 Fly Reel + Spare Spool

    Abel TR3 Stealth Black(Guide Finish) Fly Reel with spare spool Both are new $525 CAD obo Box, pouches, warranty card and extra clicker wire included Located in Vancouver, B.C.
  43. fishingAK14

    FS Ross Evolution LT 2 & 3 Reel

    I am selling 2 new Ross Evolution LT reels, both black in color. Both reels have never been used and come with original paperwork, Ross Reel box, and Ross Reel cover. I can provide pictures on request if needed. Ross Evolution LT 2 4wt-5wt SOLD Ross Evolution LT 3 5wt-7wt. TRADED...
  44. Concrete Angler

    FS SAGE Method 590-4 and 4640 Reel

    SAGE Method 590-4 and 4640 Reel Rod: Mint condition with original tube and sock. The Method series of Fast-Action rods needs no explanation of its legendary fast-action performance reputation. This trout rod will throw lasers across any river with ease. I didn't find a 5wt line it didn't OWN. I...
  45. T

    FS Islander Steelheader pin reel & 13' Talon float rod

    Here is a mint Islander Steelheader gold pin reel for sale, with backing and 8wt line I believe. Also, is a custom made 13' Talon ITM float rod built with REC Recoil titanium sf guides including the tip. There's also an extra butt section built as a spiral wrap for a acting reel - I couldn't...
  46. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS Sage Reel 6-7 Weight

    Selling My last 6-7 weight Sage Reel in the 4200 Series Mode is 4260 in Red, Its only been out of the box for pictures... W/ warranty and reel pouch. These are Impossible to find now that they have been replaced by the newer more expensive version $179
  47. dekartes

    FS WTB: Sage 4580 reel (Doesn't even need the spool), Sage small waist pack (the older one in green)

    Let me know if you are looking to unload these! Doug
  48. mtnsaremyhome

    WTB Sage 4210 reel

    Anyone have one they want to part with? They seem to pop up from time to time on here. I like the Platinum best, but could go black or ember for the right price, not really interested in bronze. Thanks for looking! Going to put a 8wt switch chukker line on it.
  49. 61reissue

    WTB 3 Weight Reel Under $150

    Made a purchase...thank you to everyone that sent an offer over. Matt Just like the post says, something with a decent 3 weight line would be even better. Will pay immediately with PayPal and I will cover the fees so the seller clears the $150.
  50. arrow1347


    3N good cond. $350 obo