1. flybill

    Middle Fork Snoqalmie report (08/26)

    Taught a winemaker friend of mine how to fly fish yesterday afternoon! Had a blast, as I haven't fished much since I started working at Total Wine. I fished a little, but it really was able getting Bill Grassie ready for his trip to Rock Creek next week. This was his first time fly fishing...
  2. Jake Dogfish

    King County fishing report

    Youngs lake: Bass are biting on the North end. Trollers are catching cutthroat trout 15-18 inches. Chester Morse lake: Rainbow trout and Kokanee is starting to pick up. Flyfishers are catching Whitefish off the mouth of the Rex river. Note: please release Pygmy Whitefish. Refer to the Wdfw...
  3. b_illymac

    A crappy Eastern Washington Report

    I just couldn't find the motivation today to hit the water before noon. I mean the fishing in Eastern Washington is so bad it's hardly worth it as is...(I kid,I kid) I decided to go to a, "popular" gear lake. I just knew it would be crowded with hundreds of anglers having just opened a few...
  4. Craig Pablo

    Trip Report Fishless Oahu report

    Made my first pilgrimage to Hawaii. It was mostly a family trip but did manage to squeeze in a little fishing. I only managed to land a couple of smaller barracuda and didn't get a pic of either one. Lei greeting at the airport We wanted a little of the Waikiki experience, we stayed two...
  5. Matt B

    Rare winter Western Washington stream resident trout fishing report

    What a surprise. Mostly, we wanted to go for a walk in the woods by the river. We wondered, Should we string up a rod? Might as well, we decided. Not five minutes into casting into a deep, slow glide, my indicator dipped and I set into what felt like a decent fish. I ended up landing what is by...
  6. Bruce Baker

    Atlantic Salmon Net Pen Catastrophe Report

    The investigation into the Cooke Atlantic Salmon net farm catastrophe was completed last week by WDFW, Ecology, and DNR. The report of their findings was released yesterday. I have provided a link to the press conference that was held yesterday and recorded by TVW...
  7. Chris Johnson

    Alert: Report Atlantic Salmon Catch

    Anglers Please do the following if an Atlantic salmon is caught What Atlantic salmon from a net pen look like – note large dark spots on gill plate What to do if an Atlantic salmon is caught: 1) kill it; take it home; freeze it for later possible pickup for examination (if not shortly contacted...
  8. BDD

    Thieves Suck-Fishing Report

    Because of a couple things at work, my 4-day weekend turned into a day and a half. I got invited by Suckegg to fish the Yakima but, for geographic reasons, I chose to haul my boat to Rufus for a half a day on Friday and a full day of fishing on Saturday. I planned to fish a second spot today but...
  9. Buzzy

    Trip Report Lake Lenore - not a fishing report

    After yesterday's snow and wind, the sun came out and the wind stopped blowing. Cabin fever - I wanted to fish but had too many chores till later this afternoon. A hike along Lake Lenore was called for. I haven't fished this lake for two years and that was in June at Damsel Point. Rumor...
  10. Tmik

    Fall Fishing Report

    I have seen requests for more fishing related posts recently. Well, be careful what you fish for. Here is a longer one, but entirely about fishing. This is a trip report of my last month of fall fishing. I am generally limited to the weekends for fishing, so this report spans 6 days of...
  11. biker_dd

    A Short Fishing Report

    Had the day off yesterday and figured I’d take advantage of the great fall weather here in the greater Seattle area. Limited amount of time, so I hit some water close to home. I didn’t figure dry flies were going to produce much, but that’s what I enjoy so I figured I’d start that way and...
  12. Stream

    A fishing report for OMJ

    Here you go, OMJ, an actual fishin' report. Now quit yer whining! I am in the process of moving so I shouldn't even be fishing at all right now. But I couldn't pass up an invite by a friend to fish my favorite desert spring creek. No, not the crowded one near Ephrata. This is a gorgeous tiny...
  13. W

    A Report

    No wolves, bears, cougars, snakes, nor tics. No dissing someone, no whining nor bitching. So for a segment of those who are here, too damn bad! Fished the Yak starting at Ringer today. Pulled into the dog park about 9:30 geared up and headed up river as far as we could go. Got to our spot...
  14. Bajema

    Wednesday Report

    Took yesterday off to go fishing. Took a drive and a hike and fished a stream filled with feisty little cutties and dollies. Had a blast. Fishing sure is fun! :D
  15. plaegreid

    Orcas Island Report

    Not enough time, crummy tides, very little beach access. Couldn't catch a cold; only saw one confirmed salmon roll (when I didn't have a rod). Place was pretty as all get out though, and the wedding (cousin's) went well, so it still counts as a win. Next time I'm gonna get my hands on a watercraft.
  16. Tracker

    Rock Creek Report

    Day 3. Lots of fish End of report.
  17. Ali Baba

    Trip Report Clark Fork Report

    Fished a few new to me sections of the Clark Fork over the weekend between Forest Grove and St.Regis. I was surprised by some of the looong flat water sections, but enjoyed the river. The first day we had some great action at pod's of sippers on PMD's and Trico's. The rest of the fishing was...
  18. Gyrfalcon2015

    NFR Solar Eclipse- report in !

  19. jasmillo

    Washidahontana Fishing Report

    Just wrapped up 6 days of fishing (and driving) the great state of Washidahontana! Since we all like to argue about what state has better fishing opportunities, I decided to erase those arbitrary lines from the map and post a report. Started off on 8/11 fishing one of our local beaches. Fishing...
  20. cabezon

    Trip Report Westlope Cutt Report

    Well, I was supposed to be fishing Rock Creek in Montana last week and visiting dear friends who just purchased a cabin on this little slice of heaven. But fires upstream and downstream of their inholding led to restricted access. So, it was on to plan B. Back to the old reliable. Where you...
  21. S

    Stillaguamish sea-run cutthroat 2017 season report

    The cutthroat season on the Stillaguamish is one of the quality fisheries that I eagerly look forward to ever year. Our "S" river sea-run fishing is one of the few fisheries that is better today than 40 years ago - literally better than "the good old days". Anyway here is my 2017...
  22. Greg Price

    fishing report dead in Seattle times

    I sill get the newspaper. I used to look forward to Thursdays breakfast because I turned to Marks fishing report in the sports section first thing. Now it is gone. sad...
  23. plaegreid

    Quick WY report

    Went out to one of the lakes near Laramie yesterday. There was very little wind, a rare thing for around here, so my dad an I hopped in our tubes and kicked around for a while. There were fish rising, but they were having none of our offerings. This happens a lot on these lakes, so I put on a...
  24. Tracker

    Fishing (not catching) report

    Spent the day on Rock Creek yesterday. Beautiful weather until around 4pm when the thunder storms rolled in. We found salmon flies all the way up to around mile 23. Water high and off color. A couple of splashes but no real surface action to speak of. One small one on a SJW dropper at the end...
  25. dfg

    Deschutes River Report

    The end of a trip always brings mixed emotions: sadness that the trip is over but happiness to be home. But soft; I wax poetic. This is about the big D: central Oregon's Deschutes River, baby! We got off the river yesterday afternoon after having put in on Tuesday evening. It was a great...
  26. Jeremy Floyd

    Dave Boyles trip report thread "fishing without Brian Chan"

    Great read! I recommend you all take a look.. Super well written BC fishing report.
  27. Kyle Smith

    Redington Predator 7100 Review and Fishing Report

    The Predator series has long been a favorite of guys looking to chuck big meat at big fish. They first caught my attention with the short bass rods. I never bought one of those, but I've heard they are great from a boat. I got the 890 last summer and really enjoyed it for fall browns. Then I...
  28. Riversidecountydrive

    Snoqualmie middle fork

    Went out to snoquamie middle fork for some remote teaching of a gear convert yesterday. The river was clean, no trash or litter anywhere. Big thanks to those that helped clean it up. started above the trailhead with little success although it is very early in the season still. Lower down I had...
  29. T

    rocky ford report

    first time there. it was windy, it was fun, i was severly undergunned with a 5wt. i need a bigger net.....
  30. atomic dog

    Quick Friday Fishing Report

    I decided that I couldn't wait any more and despite a 90% chance of rain in the forecast for yesterday I was going to go find some water to fish. I headed north in a hefty rain storm, but by the time I had reached my destination it had settled into a steady drizzle. Whoever said trout don't...
  31. jeff bandy

    Puget Sound Fishing Report

    So yesterday, 3/14, myself and one of the guys from my club had booked a day fishing with Chad of Fjord Fly Fishing. We were already in the ferry line when he called to say the weather was not going to let it happen. (good call) We decided to go fish anyway. Figured we would try to find a beach...
  32. Stream

    Day 9 Or Something : Catching For Old Man Jim

    (EDIT: Scroll down for Days 1-5) In case you missed it, @Old Man was whining on another thread about the dearth of actual fishing talk lately and wondering if WFF was a fashion site or a fishing site. So, I committed...
  33. Fast Action Freddie

    Fishing Report - B's On The Y?

    as in BWOs? any fishable hatch still in the canyon below E-B? and, please, no replies or PMs with the N-word (nymphs ... just be clear) FAF
  34. Peter Kovah

    Trip Report (i'm Lucky To Be Alive)

    This is less of a "fishing" report and much more of a "life experience" report. So on Thursday, September 13th, I wake up in my girlfriends apartment in Seattle and carry out my plan of fishing the upper Skagit/Cascade rivers for Coho on my new switch rod. Everyone was talking about the crazy...

    Saracione Reel Report

    Just spent a week fishing the saraconie mark v 3 1/2 inch reel on King Salmon in upstate NY. The reel worked flawless with the drag and clicker. My buddies said it needs a muffler. The click is very loud but pleasing. LOL. Hooked over 25 kings in 5 days. Landed about 8. My buddy caught a...
  36. SilverFly

    Fall Nooky Report

    Hit a SWW river to see if any chinook were pushing through some pocket water I like and do some tight line nymphing. Not quite enough rain to really put them on the move, but some fish were present. I did manage to get a decent fish to grab an orange and gold comet but it threw the hook...
  37. Steve Saville

    Yak Report

    Four of us floated about thirteen miles of the Yak Canyon on Wednesday and then the upper Yak below Cle Elum on Thursday. Wednesday was an epic day IMHO as my partner and I boated more than fifty (50) Rainbows the largest of which was 17". Thursday above was a lesser day but we did boat some...
  38. lylelovett666

    Bumping,american & Naches Report

    A suck fest. Camped at the confluence of the three for three days. They weren't taking anything whether on the surface or below. In the three days the two of us had three fish to the net on all thre rivers. The only hi light was finding three bull trout lurking around the confluence. They ran...
  39. Irafly

    Kissing Fish A Report

    I'm not sure exactly where the desire emanates from within us, but I myself and both my boys seen to want to kiss a fish after catching it. I've seen the same from many other fishers as well. Is it logical? Heck no, but during my last outing on Sunday with my 4 year old, clearly and...
  40. BDD

    High (relatively) Hike-In Lakes Report

    I like lakes with multiple trout species; it is always interesting to see if I can tell the species by their fighting behavior and I like the diversity, beauty and solitude of mountain lakes. I recently hit two lakes on consecutive days. The first lake has cutts and bows and the second one has...
  41. hbmcc

    Leech Lake Outhouse Report 7-20-16 (WA)

    The Feds' do a nice job of keeping the concrete (fake wood) doo-doo cabins well cared for. The users are a special breed also. Campsites are clean and self-policed. Don't forget bug spray. Moe Skeeter has clouds of relatives, but Minnesota still Trumps any others with vermin. Fishing is heavy...
  42. Phil Fravel

    Punta Cana fishing report

    Had a unique experience last night fishing here in Punta Cana. In the day is impossible to fish there is just too many people walking on the beach. So last night I was invited to go with a local for some night fishing. We hopped on his scooter and off to the beach we went. I had my fly rod in...
  43. freestoneangler

    Totally Useful Fishing Report

    I introduced myself to these fine Montana residents this past week. It's been around 90F but it is a dry heat and nothing like 90 in Seattle. Water level and conditions are near perfect for this time of year and the locals are participating. This has become my favorite stream and it is great...
  44. prestonco

    Mostly useless fishing report

    Hit up a fork of the Snoqualmie last Sunday evening. Fished from about 6-8. Dries only. Caught a number of typical fish, cutts in the 5-7" range but beautiful coloring (photo 1). But also was surprised by some larger fish; photo 2 was an honest 12-13" (told my friends 14-15" though) and photo 3...
  45. Buck

    Fishing Report

    Irene to Ringer. Last night I headed east because work is a little slow so I decided to take in some fishing. I spend a lot of wasted time in Seattle, wishing I was on the Yakima fishing. I get to fish it roughly once or twice a year if I'm lucky. Sometimes I go because I can and I want to...
  46. Tracker

    Quick fish report

    A phone call woke me up yesterday. It was the river calling so I threw the bag in the car and buzzed down the hill for a couple of hours. The water level was a bit higher than I like for this particular skinny but it was flowing crystal clear. Bugs were flying but nothing much was looking up...
  47. wadin' boot

    Fishing Report Monday

    4 trout evening on local water.
  48. Roper

    Mini Fling Report

    Although this is primarily a still water report I thought I'd post on the main forum...because I can. :) Last week Scott joined me at the ranch for a mini-fling as he was not able to be a the formal Spring Fling weeks earlier. Our plan was to fish hard for two days and try to make up for lost...
  49. mtskibum16

    First Time on the Yakima - Quick Report

    I remember looking at "Fly Fishing Washington" type books about 8 years ago before moving here, and planning to fish the Yakima regularly. Well after being here all this time, I finally fished the Yak for the first time this past weekend. I was invited by a friend with a raft (hopefully the...
  50. dfg

    Deschutes River Report

    After weeks of nearly jumping out of my skin in anticipation my brother and I could set off on a dream trip on the Deschutes. We met up with our guide in Madras and made the short drive to the put-in at Warm Springs. My original plan was to hit the stonefly hatch and avoid the crowd that seems...