1. Poff

    FS Patagonia, Kast, Simms, C&F Designs, Whiting, TFO, Rainey's, Flymenfishing, Cliff, flies, tying materials, etc

    It was time to move some of my gear, generate some cash, and make some room for future purchases :) Unless noted otherwise, prices don't include shipping. On most items, I'm open to reasonable negotiation. The list of sold or sold pending items appears at the end of the listing; trying to keep...
  2. naaagz_

    FS Echo Carbon XL 690-4, Loop Multi 3/6, Rio Xtreme Indicator WF6F

    - Echo Carbon XL 690-4, Solid Rod for the price, I’ve fished this rod a lot and has a lot of mojo. It’s a pretty fast action rod and I love how it fishes that Xtreme Indicator line. Condition 8.5/10 $80 Loop Multi 3/6, super slick reel and it is an absolute work hog. It has been beat up and...