river shuttles

  1. Derek Young

    ShuttleSnap launches on the Yakima River!

    With a tagline of "Because Rivers Don't Flow In A Circle" we launch ShuttleSnap on the Yakima River! The brainchild of Brett Seng, of Bozeman, MT, ShuttleSnap is a free "app" that simplifies the scheduling of the river shuttle. Users create an account, select their location, pay with a...
  2. Chris Scoones

    WA Reference Washington River Shuttles

    Sponsors: Shuttle Snap: Our new sponsor means to greatly ease the process of lining up a shuttle. Starting with the Yakima. If your service needs to be added, comment with the applicable info. Bogachiel – Rob @ 360-374-6010 or Dean @ 360-374-5247 (Stonefish) Chehalis - Fisherman's Shuttle...
  3. Chris Scoones

    Reference Oregon River Shuttles

    Oregon River Shuttles Listed in order by river. Alsea River: Alsea River Shuttles 541-760-4870 Chetco River: Riverside Market 541-469-4496 Clackamas: Cheryl Harrod 503-250-1387 Clackamas: Brian or Lyn 503-631-2395 Deschutes: Lower: Fish’s Shuttle 541-475-3129 Deschutes: Lower: Affordable...