1. river_gettr

    River camping rules

    I moved to the OP not long ago and now that it's clearing up I want to do some long overnight kayak trips on some of the western OP rivers. Where I'm from, all navigable water is public so I could camp on river islands and along banks depending on the gradient. These long wide banks and islands...
  2. liem.salim

    Hike and Fish the Yakima.

    I have recently move to Washington (Bremerton area) from Montana. I love earning my fish rather than drive, park, fly fish, repeat. I am looking for a trail or area that I would be able to hike a couple of miles and fly fish that is away from the road and away from people. I do not have a boat...
  3. C

    FS Aire Super Puma Outcast - Fishing Raft & Frame

    SOLD - FIRST DAY OF THIS LISTING - Aire Super Puma River Raft - Fishing Raft & Frame - $3000 (package price if purchased new - $6570) Our family has gotten a great deal of joy from this raft, and have floated and fished all over Washington. Our 4 kids are all moving on, and it is time for this...
  4. Aussie fly

    Trip Report Skagit River outing

    I continue to dream about catching my first Steelhead so the lure of the Skagit was too much to ignore on Friday afternoon. River levels had been dropping & the day was mild...Perfect! Jumped in the car and drove an hour and a half to Marblemount, geared up and slogged 15 min through the...
  5. Malachi lawrence

    Sauk/Skagit River levels

    Would anyone be kind enough to spread some knowledge to a newbie about fishable levels for the Sauk and Skagit?
  6. Stonefish

    Cedar River

    Just an FYI as I know many here enjoy fishing the Cedar. SF Future of Cedar River Fisheries Cedar River Council April 24, 2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Maplewood Greens Golf Course (4050 Maple Valley Highway, Renton, WA 98058) 7:00PM - Public Comments: 7:10 PM Cedar River Salmon and Steelhead...
  7. J

    FS Thinking of selling my cabin on Yakima river

    Hi folks. Thinking of selling my cabin on the Yakima River in Cle Elum. My family doesn't enjoy it as much as I do so it has been used primarily as a fishing cabin for me... During the summer I use it nearly every weekend. I am the second owner. Here are the details along with a few...
  8. _WW_

    The Skagit River to open on Saturday

    See you there.
  9. BDD

    Yakima River Rafting with Boys

    My second boy just got back home this past weekend after spending two years in Armenia doing church work. My oldest boy and his wife (who got married while boy #2 was gone) flew out from the east coast for the homecoming. We wanted to go out and do a little reunion fishing. Our first couple of...
  10. S

    FS Skeena River Journal

    I have 3 Copies $35 each plus $ 5 shipping.
  11. Speyrod GB

    Trip Report South fork Bosie River

    I fished the South Fork of the Boise River last week for the first time. It is a nice place and was not to busy, considering how close to Boise it is. The river was low and very wadable. The irrigation season has not started yet. Apparently a boat is needed to fish the river in the summer...
  12. 8

    Wind River Range Trip

    My girlfriend and I are looking to do a 4 night trip in the Wind River Range. There seems to be so many options out there.. Anyone have any recommendations on a starting point or a particular loop? Were going the first week of July. I'm a little worried with the current Snow pack being at 120%.
  13. NickTIG

    Hoh river shuttle

    Anybody know of someone who runs a shuttle service on the hoh river?
  14. solduc

    River poems

    Matt B. mentioned Raymond Carver over in the steelhead forum. Ray was a neighbor for awhile when I lived on the beach at the Elwha River mouth. Deschutes River This sky, for instance: Closed, gray, But it has stopped snowing So that is something. I am So cold I cannot bend My fingers...
  15. J

    NFR - Gold panning while river fishing?

    I have a gold pan in the garage that I have had for years. Used it once and found nothing. Does anyone know of any casual gold panning done in the local creeks and rivers? I might try it when the fish aren't active. Ive heard the Sultan river has gold, but haven't looked into anyplace else...
  16. SERE Nate

    Jocko River MT

    Has anyone fished the Jocko in the winter? Was supposed to head to the MO to fish tomorrow but my buddy said that everyone in MT with a drift boat is there today. Trying to figure out somewhere to go within a few hours of Whitefish. Can wade or float. Thompson? Floated main stem of...
  17. D

    Split Guide Trip on Yakima River

    Anyone looking for someone to split a trip this week or next week on the Yak? $150 per person If so drop me an email... [email protected]
  18. B

    Looking for a new river boat

    I've been looking for a boat to start learning the local rivers(snohomish valley "region") but I'm not quite sure what direction to go. I have never boated rivers. When I lived in a warm water climate I had a 16' flats skiff, but that's my only boating experience. A few of the places I want to...
  19. Aadaboy

    Recommended skykomish river guides?

    Been fishing the river for a few years, picked up spey, love it, but hard to find non-private access to water without crossing tracks or engaging in combat fishing. Looking to go on a guided trip, or find someone to go spey fishing with for steelhead/coho/chinook this next season. Any thoughts...
  20. B

    FS Patagonia River Salt 3 in 1 jacket Large

    I have owned this jacket for a little over a year and it’s seen very light use. I’m fact, the nanopuff liner has never been used. If you are interested, email for pictures, although my pictures will be pretty much the same as what you would see on Patagonia’s website. Here is their description...
  21. D

    Deschutes river now deemed navigable

    I heard from a reliable source that the designation for the Deschutes river up to the Warm Springs Indian reservation has been changed to navigable. Seems pretty wild since it has been such a major holdout for so many years. A bummer for the trout clubbers but pretty awesome for folks drifting...
  22. G

    Favorite Deschutes River Trout Rod

    I'm thinking about picking up a new single handed trout rod, specifically for dry flies on the Deschutes and other northwest rivers. I'm torn between picking up a 4wt or 5wt. I'm considering a used or closeout Sage Circa in 589-4 or 489-4, or a Burkheimer DAL in either 4 or 5wt, essentially a...
  23. TJ Fisher

    Lewis river

    Next weekend my wife and I will be in Vancouver, WA to babysit our grandson. Being so close to the Lewis I can't not brung the fly rod and try it. What are some flies I should be looking at bringing along?
  24. MD

    Kindness on the River

    I'll start this out with a little background....I'm toward the end of a career in law enforcement. Over the years, I've gotten strong reminders of the good people out there, but mostly my day to day is seeing the bad things people do or have happen to them. I mean no one calls us up to say...
  25. TheAngler

    Squamish River

    I am thinking of heading up to to the Squamish River sometime in the next few months. I am hoping to spend some time swinging for bulls. Are there any good sources for information on this river and is this a wadable or will I need a boat? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Benjamin
  26. Squamishpoacher

    Flies for John Day River

    I have friends in Oregon who had a successful elk hunt and they're sending me a piece of hide. In exchange I want to tie them some flies. They have a cabin on the John Day and fish it for smallmouths and rainbows. What are some of the flies I can send them in exchange for their kindness?
  27. M

    Carbon river

    I'm new to river fishing, but really enjoy and have learned a lot reading all your threads. Figure about time I started contributing for whatever it's worth. I get out about every weekend. Fished the Carbon above Orting this morning. Beautiful water, green and clear. Had a couple runs all to...
  28. P

    Newbie question - Yakima river in March

    I am looking at coming up to WA and spending a couple of days trying out a Catchercraft SRB with the intention of buying one if I like it. I want to get 2 full days on a loaner before I make a decision over some of the other boats I am looking at. Mid-late March is a good time for me and the...
  29. M

    Kettle River Access

    Dùng hoa tang lễ để chia buồn với gia quyến người đã khuất và tiễn đưa người quá cố về với thế giới bên kia là một tục lệ khá quen thuộc, không còn xa lạ gì với chúng ta. Tuy nhiên, để có thể tìm hiểu một cách kĩ lưỡng hơn về hoa tang lễ, bài viết này chúng tôi sẽ giúp bạn có được những thông...
  30. c-dawg

    River practice location request

    I'm a fledgling beginner. I've had two lessons, so I'm to the point that I'm just a football shy of being a monkey-based metaphor. I have a couple of lakes to practice on, but what I'd like to find is a stretch of moving water to get the full experience, something I could walk to and practice...
  31. jdarling1991

    FS Redington Palix River Waders - Size XL - New In Box

    Redington Palix River Waders Size XL New in Box $90 shipped
  32. sroffe

    Skagit River Flows???

    For you guys that know the Skagit River, I have a observation and question? Noticing yesterday that the river in Concrete was flowing at 100,000/cfs. Looks like it took about 24 hours for that surge to reach Mt Vernon today. Am I reading the graphs right? Does it take that long to see the...
  33. freestonebound

    River etiquette to what extent?

    When I'm fishing I notice things. My senses are peaked. I see that eddy close to the bank, that seem upstream, a blue jay in the tree, and other things in my environment. I also notice people. I've fished a spot and caught one or two fish in a pool. When another angler sees me sit down and relax...
  34. freestonebound

    A River Somewhere

    There is an Australian TV show called A River Somewhere. In my opinion its outstanding. Unfortunately they only made 2 seasons. They travel all around the world and explore not just fly fishing but also the culture and customs of the places they visit. It's accompanied by great deadpan dry...
  35. SERE Nate

    Open seat. Craig MT MO river

    I have an open seat in a drift boat headed to Craig MT tomorrow morning and coming back Monday night. Lodging is arranged for a cabin over there. Let me know if you want to go. We're leaving Whitefish at 7am. Preference to someone who can share in the rowing so everyone gets to fish. I'll...
  36. rapido101

    FS Patagonia Skeena River Waders MARKDOWN!

    WILL SELL for $275. Shipping not included, sorry no trades. Men's size Medium Regular. In the box and just as new - not a mark on them. My son wore these for about 4 hours - that's it! Too small for him. $300, no trades. Pickup in Gig Harbor, or payment via PayPal and you pay shipping. Girth...
  37. ChristopherJ

    Skagit River Speyapalooza

    Spey heads and fly fishers of all types are invited to come out to the Howard Miller Steelhead Park on Dec. 2nd from 9am-3pm to rally with others, demo rods and other gear from prominent fly fishing vendors, learn tips and tactics surrounding all things spey related, enjoy fly tying...
  38. SeattleFarq

    Proposed Asphalt Plant along Cedar River

    Lakeside Industries has applied to build an asphalt plant at 18825 SE Renton-Maple Valley Road. If you fish the Cedar a lot, you'll know the site - it's the lot directly across the street from the Cedar Grove Natural Area with large piles of mulch and other materials. Public information is...
  39. E

    Walla Walla river stealhead

    Does any one fish the walla walla for stealhead? If so, any tips, tricks or spots?
  40. Greg Price

    Found On Yakima River

    You recognize any of these people? I found their electronic device on a boat ramp on the yak last month. It looked like it was in the river for a while, but i was able to retrieve pics. I would like to re unit them with their pics and possibly their electronic device.
  41. Alosa

    New companion...hopefully good on the river

    We've been thinking about adding a dog to our family for the last couple of months and have been exploring options and local shelters. On a whim we decided to go on a road trip north and see what was available and came across 'Bonnylee' -- a 1.5 year old shelter lab/retriever mix that was a...
  42. 4sallypat

    WTB Patagonia SST or River Salt wading jacket - MEDIUM

    If you have a used or unused Patagonia SST or River Salt jacket in Medium, please PM me. Looking for the older version SST & River Salt jackets - not the new 2 tone....
  43. A

    Tucannon River

    Any info on the Tucannon River would be appreciated.
  44. silvercreek

    The River Runs Through It - 25 Years Later

    Read and enjoy. https://www.moviemaker.com/archives/news/haunted-by-waters-a-river-runs-through-it-25-years-later/
  45. Braiden MacAlister

    I am heading to port townsend in search of salmon still and moving waters

    Heading to port townsend very soon to visit a friend, while i am there i hope to catch some salmon. can anyone please help with river names and lakes to fish. I would appreciate it
  46. 4sallypat

    Itch to scratch: Montana Missouri river in October for trout spey - guide & equipment questions

    So next month, instead of planning on a PNW steelhead trip that I normally go, I decided to go to Montana for some trout, walleye & whitefish fishing on the big Mo'. After watching this video from Redington, I knew I had to go: Gig Harbor Flyshop is offering a group trip about the same time I...
  47. Vladimir Steblina

    Finding firm feeling river bottoms...

    About 20 years of so ago I pretty much gave up fishing rivers for lakes. Walking around on rounded rocks, getting wet and cold felt to much like work. Since I no longer had to do that working doing the same on my "off" days was no longer attractive. I just returned from a month long trip into...
  48. JT Fisher

    Cooper River

    Greetings! I'm new to this forum. This topic may exist in an older thread, but I figured I'd throw the question out there... Has anyone fly fished cooper river (north of lake cle elum) recently? I can't seem to find much information on the interweb. I live in North Bend and fish the Snoqualmie...
  49. NickTIG

    yakima river camping

    is there anywhere to pull in a rig with the boat to car camp besides the usual campgrounds in the canyon. me and a couple buddy are trying to go up Saturday fish all day then camp and fish Sunday. i know its a holiday weekend but I'm trying to make this trip happen. if anybody knows a place in...
  50. Dr. Jim

    Yellowstone National Park begins rotenone use in Gibbon River 8/21/17

    https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/news/17044.htm Their plan is to stock the upper Gibbon River (above Virginia Cascades) with Westslope cutthroat trout and grayling. Neither species are native in this section (above Gibbon Falls). Only the mottled sculpin are native in these waters. Will they...