1. Jeffer

    Upper Gibbon River in Yellowstone to be poisoned to kill nonnative fish

  2. joelals

    Wade fishing the Yakima River or rivers near Yakima

    Hey guys I live up in Spokane and am headed to Yakima for a few days. Any pointers on points of access for wade fishing the Yak? If you have any other suggestions for wadeable rivers in the Yakima area I'm open. Thanks for the help.
  3. scifidelity

    Pinks on the Large River that starts with a P

    Not trying to be secretive, but don't want to get blasted for hot spotting nor endanger the non existent pinks. That being said, a friend who is a hardcore gear guy wants me to come fish for pinks with him one day soon on that river. I'm sure he just goes to that spot that's in all the videos/...
  4. SemperFi

    Chelan River Produces!

    Staying at Wapato Point in Manson, WA for a family vacation. Hit the Chelan River the past two mornings with great success! Yesterday I used a hopper pattern in the 100 degree weather, and got a number of hits reeling in 7 or 8 fish from one little run in the river within a 45-minute period...
  5. Shapp

    Trip Report Wallowa/GR & Lower Salmon River back to back

    Floated the Wallow/Grande Ronde (Minam to Wild Cat) and Lower Salmon River (Whitebird to Heller Bar) last week 115 miles floated in 7 days on the water total. The Wallowa/GR trip was for a trip I donated to a fundraiser auction. Many smallmouth caught on the lower Salmon. We also caught a 12...
  6. DukeCB

    My love of this "skinny" river has finally paid off.

    A couple of days ago I wanted to beat the heat by spending the day on a little river catching dinks and exploring farther than I had been before. After 5 miles of hiking I was on the water by 0930 and back to what I love the most...walking the river and fly fishing. I've put about 8 full days on...
  7. miyawaki

    Cedar River Cleanup

    ! ! ! ! JOIN US IN CLEANING UP THE CEDAR ! ! ! ! Sat, Aug 12 - 8AM to 2PM -- 8AM meet at the Riverbend Club House 17410 Renton-Maple Valley Rd, Renton, WA 98058 for coffee and donuts -- "Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's off to work we go . . . " -- 12PM lunch and Orvis raffle: Win a Recon Rod & Reel...
  8. BobbyZ

    What's up with the Skykomish River??

    I don't hear much chatter about fishing the Skykomish River on this forum as I do other rivers in the area (Cedar/Snoqualmie). Am I just looking at the wrong forum? Does this river fish well during the late summer/fall?
  9. Billy McFly

    Methow River Trout?

    I just spent 3 days on the Methow and Twisp rivers. We caught some nice fat little rainbows on the Twisp but did not get much action on the Methow. We hooked a lot of little shakers but nothing much to speak of. We covered from Weeman bridge to almost the town of Methow. We were wading so...
  10. Slipstream

    Wind River Patterns?

    Does anyone know of any patterns tied specifically for the Wind River, WA ?
  11. SeattleFarq

    Cedar River Clean Up - August 12th

    Orvis Bellevue is organizing a second (much larger) clean up project on the Cedar River. This project was planned in conjunction with the one I put together back in May, but with a much more sponsorship behind it. I encourage everyone to make it out for this one - with lower flows and several...
  12. G

    MT river question

    can anyone tell me if it is still permissible to wade with felt soles in the Gallatin river?? thanks.
  13. cabezon

    Pink salmon found in River Ness, Scotland

    This BBC story [http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-40569044] combines two common WFF themes. First, one of the frequent, humorous :) replies to any question about fish identity is "Atlantic salmon"; this story provides what must be the U.K. equivalent, "pink salmon"...
  14. MD

    Lochsa and/or Selway River info

    Hi All, This year during our annual pilgrimage to Montana, I'm intending to spend some time in this area....like maybe 3-5 days, depending upon what we find. I haven't been through there in decades and so I'm hoping to pick the collective brain. Am I correct in assuming that since the spring...
  15. W

    Video - Seeking Wild Steelhead on the Skagit River

    Matt Wibby here with The Flfyish Journal - based in Bellingham, WA. In collaboration with Trout Unlimited, we just released a fantastic video on Steelhead x The Skagit River. Thought the WFF members would like to see our latest project...
  16. K

    Lost Kiteboarding Harness Snohomish River

    I work on Jetty Island in Everett and took our Waverunner around the North end of Jetty Island yesterday (7/7) and my kiteboarding harness was clipped to my kite bag on my back. When I hit the wind waves I think the clip popped open and the harness went into the water and might have floated up...
  17. wadin' boot

    Book review- Upstream- Searching For Wild Salmon, From River to Table

    Book- Langdon Cook's Upstream- Searching For Wild Salmon From River to Table Publisher- Random House Edition- First, hardbound Retail $27 If you've ever been to any of WFF member Jason Rolfe's Writer's on the Fly reading events (which are a hoot btw) you probably have heard Langdon Cook read...
  18. Stew McLeod

    Ellk River - Planning

    Getting ready for my yearly trip to Fernie BC and the Elk River drainage. My friend and I were not able to get permits for Michel Creek but I see there are still days available for the Bull River. Does anybody have any insight/experience fishing that water in late July? Stew
  19. S

    Floating the Kalama in summer?

    This is probably the wrong forum... But I'll ask anyway. :D Anyone familiar with what the Kalama is like right now? Would a float from Red Barn to Modrow Bridge in a 10ft raft be more trouble than it is worth? Would I be bumping and grinding my way through? Or is the water at a decent level...
  20. SERE Nate

    Ohanapecosh river

    My birthday is next week and I'm looking to get out of town and do some exploring. I've not been to Ohanapocash but it looks beautiful. I've read reports that there's smaller fish there and I'm ok with that. Any recommendations on good spots to camp and fish? Feel free to PM me.
  21. troutslayer1

    Naches River Fishing

    Afternoon folks! Say, I'm wondering if anyone has been on the Naches River yet this year, or fished any of the tribs? I'm looking to possibly head over that way this weekend after having been out of state for the last week. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you don't want info to get blown up or...
  22. Cepstrum

    Washington river access laws

    Hey Everyone, I am planning my first visit to to see a buddy of mine who lives around Winthrop. I was wondering what the river access laws in Washington are. I was looking at the Chewuch and Methow rivers around Winthrop on google maps and it looks like some of the river banks have homes on...
  23. Jeremy Floyd

    2016/2107 season; 9 watershed systems, 55 river days fished..

    Just filled out my catch card for this last year. Super grateful that I finally got to fish a lot of the places I have dreamed about for decades. The bucket list got significantly smaller this year. I'm kicking myself for the plain old dumb luck of being forced to move up here (initially)...
  24. marianigp

    looking for Bitterroot River info

    I'm going to the Bitterroot in mid-July, does anyone have any ideas for guides and or walk-n-wade access points. Thanks!
  25. 4sallypat

    Trip Report SLC Utah: Provo and Weber rivers - Carp, Brown Trout, Mountain Whitefish

    This trip was a short week to attend the University of Utah freshman orientation for my kid in SLC. Got to fish 2 days - Provo and Weber - see pictures below. Day 1: found a fly shop in SLC: Western River Fly Shop - they got me the correct flies for the fish (sowbugs, leeches, worms) for the...
  26. B

    FS Danner River Gripper Wading Boots size 12

    These have never been worn, a bit dusty maybe from being in my closet. I am in Olympia and in Portland a couple of times a month. $75.00
  27. MauiJim

    FS New in box Patagonia River Crampons, tags still attached

    Bought these to fish some super slick water but never made the trip- these are absolutely brand new, never even tried them on. If you've never heard of them, they give you epic traction on gnarliest water- could honestly save your life. Soft aluminum bars grab any nook for a secure hold. Paid...
  28. bluedunn

    FS Fishpond River Bank Backpack

    Hi- I have a Fishpond River Bank backpack for sale. Backpack was used once and is in mint condition. Lots of room for gear. Asking $40, shipped. - Sold, Pending Payment. Please PM me with questions or interest. Thanks!
  29. troutslayer1

    NF Coeur D'Alene River

    Hey folks, Going to be heading out to the Idaho Panhandle here this weekend. Two questions: 1) Any recommendations for areas to start on the North Fork Coeur D'Alene, or other tribs. to hit nearby 2) Campground Recommendations? I know guys are pretty selective with information they may be...
  30. ribka

    Sun river Montana

    Have been curious about fishing the sun river or its north or south fork the past few years. I know there are a number of hike in options for the various sections. Anyone fish it and can offer suggestions on what stretch. Offers the better hike in fishing . Looking at hiking in the canyon but...
  31. Wilderness Made

    Highly Detailed WA State River Map

    I made this map using elevation information from Nasa's SRTM dataset. We're selling prints on our site with 100% of the profit going to the Wild Steelhead Coalition. We're also giving one away on our Instagram.
  32. Tony T

    Colville River

    Does anybody here fish the Colville River in Stevens County?
  33. Adam Saarinen

    Trip Report Merikarvia river Finland!

    Drove just over 2hrs North yesturday to Merikarvia to fish the Merikarvia river for trout & grayling! Only caught 3 Baltic herring on the dryfly & 1 Roach from a nymph under the dryfly, missed 1 fish, not sure what & only seen 1 desent fish take something from the surface in the whole day...
  34. N

    Cispus River

    I'm going camping with my son and his family over this memorial day weekend. I'm from up north and I am not familiar with the Cispus. Has anyone fished it this time of year? I DonDon't know what condition the river is in...I Don't know jack. If there is anyone that can give me some scoop I would...
  35. AdrianM

    Cedar River flows

    So I've been eager to get back to the Cedar River since last summer. I've been monitoring the discharge rates over the last few weeks. It is rather high right now. +1100 CuFt/S for the past few weeks. I was curious to see if this is normal for this time of year or if it's running a bit...
  36. msteudel

    Trip suggestions: 3day guided float camping down river idaho or montana

    Hi All, A friend of mine is looking to do a 2 or 3 day float down a beautiful river in Idaho or Montana with a guide. They'd like it to be one long trip, not day trips. Any suggestions and guides to go along with those suggestions? Thanks, Mark
  37. Stonefish

    River Valley History

    I've always enjoyed reading about the early days in our state and about some of the streams I've fished. Here are two articles others might enjoy if you fished these streams. If you know of any others, please post them up. SF Wynoochee http://www.legendsofamerica.com/wa-johntornow.html Hoh...
  38. T

    First time June visitor asking for river advice

    A fly-fishing couple will visit the region early June. Like to fish rivers for trout, steehead, rainbow or whatever takes flies. Any advise on where to go. Preferably Olympic peninsula or coastal waters. Cascade rivers also of interst. We are considering one guided day and one on our own so bank...
  39. Derek Young

    Internship Opportunity - Yakima River Headwaters TU

    The Yakima River Headwaters Trout Unlimited Chapter is seeking qualified candidates to work the "Headwaters Matter" campaign this summer. Each position will advance the Chapter's strategic plans to protect, restore, reconnect, and sustain the cold water resources of the Yakima River with a...
  40. 4sallypat

    Provo River - Middle or Lower near SLC Utah - any pro guide suggested?

    Going to Salt Lake City, UT in mid June for son's freshman orientation to become a Ute. Have a couple of days to fish the waters near SLC so looking for a guide.... Did some research and found the nearest river - Provo River might be the best choice for trout ? Middle or Lower Provo is...
  41. Cal I. Baetis

    Columbia River

    http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/coulee/#part01 Interesting piece on Grand Coulee and the Columbia.
  42. SeattleFarq

    Cedar River Clean Up - May 20, 2017

    The Cedar River clean up project is now official. We will be meeting at the Riverbend Clubhouse (17410 Renton-Maple Valley Road, Renton, WA 98058) on May 20, 2017 at 8 am for a quick orientation, then teams will dispatch to six (or more, depending on turn out) locations along the river in...
  43. DanielOcean

    Lost fly box Yakima river

    Floated between South, and State Saturday 4/16. Lost a box full of streamers. Box is black Pacific Fly fishers.
  44. P

    NFR Columbia River Skating marathon

    All the young guys had better start practising for the up coming event in 15 or so years. Kettle Falls to Vancouver Washington skating marathon. http://www.sciencealert.com/a-mini-ice-age-is-coming-in-the-next-15-years
  45. Tommy Behind the Deuce

    Your favorite river in the US is....

    I have to go with Henry's Fork or South Fork...either way I could spend a long time fishing in Island Park and be very happy. Never fished the Mo or the Green but the Green is on my bucket list for sure. Have heard very good things about the North Platt as well.
  46. Ron McNeal

    Irish Browns from the River Tane....

    ....a little something different here. Fishing for, catching and releasing some pretty browns in Ireland:
  47. Randy Lindahl

    Vacation Rental on theYakima River

    Just a heads up to everyone who enjoys fishing the Yakima River. I have another option for lodging...We just updated a cabin on the river and will be opening it up as a vacation rental in mid April. We will also having an Open House on April 1st and 2nd for any of you that want to take a look...
  48. Sir Homey

    Wind River Range, Wy - Trip Planning

    Greetings, I'm planning another run at the Winds and am curious if anyone has intel or feedback they can share. I've done a couple trips already accessing the Winds from the west side (Pinedale) and on foot (backpacking). I'm knowledgeable of the general terrain and conditions. My last trip...
  49. kyle

    Group River Float

    I have some Army buddies that are coming back to Washington to get together in May. The plan is to do a kayak trip down a river. Probably a couple to three days. I don't have a kayak but a friend just gave me a sportsmans warehouse 9' pontoon. I think its the outcast ir-9 model. My question is...
  50. Tim Ihle

    Missouri River Near Craig: Advice Needed

    Hey there, I thought someone might know of a good place to camp near Craig, MT for a trout trip. I would need running water and showers. TIA