1. TheAngler

    Red's - Klickitat River Multi-day Adventures

    I am thinking about doing a Klickitat guide trip with Red's this fall (http://redsflyshop.com/klickitat-river-multi-day-adventures/). Has anybody done this trip or have opinions on an alternate guide package? I want to take a guide at least the first time to learn the river, etc. Any info...
  2. Brad Niemeyer

    My Favorite "s" River Closes August 31, No Src This Year :-(

    I just checked the regs as I was tying up some October caddis for SRC fishing my favorite "S" river and I see that it closes down August 31 and doesn't reopen until November 1. The flows will likely be too high to reach the best spots by then. I presume this change is meant to protect...
  3. K

    Article Fish Kill Closes Part Of Yellowstone River

    http://helenair.com/news/natural-resour ... user-share This could be a big deal in the offing
  4. SeattleFarq

    Cedar River Signage Effort - Update

    Howdy folks. Sorry for the long delay on this. The first wave of letters finally went out today. I'm targeting government officials and state agency reps at the moment. I think my next step will be to reach out to fly clubs and shops to see if I can get some added lobbying muscle. In case you're...
  5. MT_Flyfisher

    Hundreds Of Dead Whitefish Found In Yellowstone River

    Late last week, many dead whitefish began showing up in the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley, south of Livingston, MT. Here is the link to an article about this that was in the Bozeman newspaper...
  6. Todash19

    FOUND: Set of Keys on Washougal River

    Found yesterday at a pulloff just below Vernon Bridge. Popular key ring with a dozen keys and 1 keyless entry. Name the brand of key ring and they're yours.
  7. silvercreek

    Fly-Fishing in Montana, Where a River Still Runs Through It

    The author revisits the Big Blackfoot River and The River Runs Through It. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/07/travel/fly-fishing-in-montana-rivers.html
  8. AdrianM

    Metolius River fishing?

    I'm going to be down in Oregon later this month and I might try to hit up the Metolius. Has anyone fished there? Is there a fly shop nearby that you would recommend? From what I've read, there can be some fairly big fish so I might bring my 6wt to handle the big-uns. Does this river fish...
  9. A/L/D

    Trip Report First River Rainbow Trout

    First post here, hi! I i have been perfecting my fly casting for a while now on my local pond and creek, and had my first outting on a wild trout river. Got there around noon, was planing to get their earlier, but sleep needed to be had :) I tried to nymph but I am not really good at it, no...
  10. nwtroutguy

    Re-new wedding vows on river

    So, here I am having a conversation with my wife and talking about our 10 anniversary next year combined with turning 50. She started to say " I was thinking" and so I filled it in "That you would wear your wedding dress and we would re-new our vows on the bank of the Zhupanova River, Kamchatka...
  11. Mark Mercer

    Skokomish River Protest ?

    FYI I thought I'd pass this along, I know it's more of a gear thing but pisses me off that we are loosing another summer trout fishery as well as the right to fish for our hatchery fish. I personally won't go there during salmon season but I do enjoy fishing there for trout in the summer. If...
  12. J

    Dosewallips River And Streams

    I am a newbie and will be fishing for cutthroat trout off the dosewallips river and was wondering what creek connected to the dose would be a good one for cutthroat that is decently near dosewallips camp ground. Also open to any other tips on the subject of fishing in this river for this species?
  13. ScottP

    Montana River Closures

    It would appear the Hoot Owls have arrived in SW Montana http://fwp.mt.gov/fishing/guide/waterClosure.html Regards, Scott
  14. Alosa

    Trip Report South Fork Snake River

    I recently had a chance to go along on a 3 day float trip with four friends from work on the South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho. Word had it the salmon fly hatch was starting and we wanted to hit it just right. It was too good of an opportunity to turn down. Besides, I had never fished a...
  15. T

    Protect Wenatchee River Public Access by July 1st!

    The effort to protect public access to the Wenatchee River is less than $50,000 from its goal! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN BY JULY 1ST! If every member of this group donated $20, this access could be preserved. Consider donating and sharing this post! Join the community committed...
  16. T

    Protect Wenatchee River Public Access by July 1st!

    The effort to protect public access to the Wenatchee River is less than $50,000 from its goal! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN BY JULY 1ST! If every member of this group donated $20, this access could be preserved. Consider donating and sharing this post! Join the community committed...
  17. Derek Young

    Yakima River ShuttleSnap July Promo!

    Best shuttle crew on the Yakima, from Ensign to Roza and all points between! $20 shuttles through June, and a cool drawing in July for a $50 gas card, $25 car wash coupons, and $25 Winegars Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee certificate! Thanks for choosing us for your shuttles! Sign up today via...
  18. F

    Cedar River

    I went to check out the section by Boeing and was surprised to see heavy machinery IN the river. Looks like they're making it deeper and narrower. Any ideas whats going on and when this might be completed? I wish they could have done this when the river was closed, and not started when it...
  19. T

    Lake Wenatchee to Entiat river

    Does anyone know of a way to drive from Lake Wenatchee to the upper portion (i.e. open portion) of the Entiat River without having to go all the way to HWY 97? I know there are a series of logging roads between those two areas, but I do not know if they actually make it all way from one to the...
  20. ribka

    Wallowa River float/fishing

    Double post
  21. Rooster7

    Found Spool with line Lower Spokane River

    Found a spool with a full line and leader on the lower Spokane this morning. PM me with details and Ill see that it gets back to you.
  22. montana_sam

    Cedar River

    Did I miss something? The Cedar/Lake Washington are still closed right. I've seen three guys fishing the Cedar in the last few days.
  23. Derek Young

    Teanaway River Work Day - Headwaters TU

    Join the Conservation Committee and other volunteers in an important work day in the Teanaway. Details via the link below. https://www.facebook.com/events/1788025001466083/permalink/1788025004799416/
  24. M

    Skykomish River Regulations

    Hello, My name is Marcus and I am from BC. I want to come down and do some catch and release summer steelhead fishing but the regulations have me confused. I just want to get some clarifications on this from some of the locals! Also any tips on the river would be great :) Thanks Marcus
  25. Flyfishinwrangler

    Tactics: Winter vs Summer

    So I have been winter steelheading for around 10 years now and have it pretty dialed for the most part. I am mainly a swing technique guy. I use teeny 200 grain full sinking line. Because of many factors I have never had a chance to do much summer steelheading. I want to change that this year so...