1. kamishak steve


    I have a brand new, never fished, never removed the plastic from the cork, never taken out of the case until today, Redington Crux, 8 weight, 10 foot 4 piece rod. This rod is Redington's answer to the X, and retails for $399.99, I am asking $175, plus shipping. This rod would be a good...
  2. L

    FS Echo shadow 2 euro nymph rod for sale

    Hi there, I have a 10'6" 4wt echo shadow 2 for sale. Rod has been used for a few outings, one minor scrach on the butt. It can throw euro rigs with ease, indicator rigs and it cast fairly well a 3-4wt dry fly line. I am asking $180 plus shipping. I am located in the SE WA and can meet with the...
  3. Mark Buick

    FS Sage 1 wt 8'3" SPL with matched Sage Reel and extra spool.

    You have to go back some years to know this rod. I think early 2000"s. It is in perfect shape except for a few scratches on one of the spools. This is a pretty collectable for you who collect them. $500 OBO
  4. Zach C

    Suggest Dry Fly Rod - 4 weight

    I am looking for some suggestions for a purposeful built dry fly rod, with requirements listed below. For context, I currently use a Sage LL 490 Graphite III. Perhaps the one I own now is the ideal rod, but if there are better rods I would be willing to buy it just to try it out. I already have...
  5. Jake

    FS 5wt Fenwick Aetos + Sage 2250 + Spool

    $200. Edit: 9’ 4 piece with rod tube. Fished perhaps 15 times, both in excellent condition. Reel has a few cosmetic scratches, but functions perfectly. Gotta love sealed drags! Has SA GPX WF5F on it. Extra spool has a Rio intermediate WF5I whose name escapes me. It’s not pictured because it’s...
  6. A

    FS Hardy Zephrus FWS 8'6" 4 WT - Mint Condition

    SOLD Hi all, I am selling my 8'6" 4WT Zephrus. The rod is in like new, mint condition with no flaws and has only been fished once. Asking $460 shipped in the US, serious inquiries only please and no trades. Blank: SINTRIX 440 Overall weight: 2.7 oz Action: Medium Fast Snake Guides: REC Black...
  7. L

    WTB Thomas & Thomas paradigm 905 (#5)

    Hi. I’m a Norwegian fly fisherman and was recommended this forum. I’m looking for a Thomas & Thomas paradigm 905 (#5). I will of course pay for shipping. Lars L
  8. B

    WTB Steffen Bros. 2/3WT Fly Rod

    Looking for a 2/3 WT SB fly rod. Would prefer a Steffen built, 3-piece. PM me with what you have. Thank you. Rox
  9. B

    FS Unique Winston IM6 3 Weight, 8'6", 3 Piece, Graphite Fly Rod

    Sold - Thank You, Bob A unique Winston IM6, 3 weight, 8’6”, 3 piece, Graphite Fly Rod, Serial #37,339. Winston built this rod Rod for me on April 27, 1995, with a hand-picked blank, and a special grip and reel seat (photos). This Rod is unique because at the time it was built, 1995, Annette at...
  10. J

    Rod choice

    What size tenkara rod would you recommend for tiger musky? I would prefer one that Handles large flys well.
  11. Flyfishinwrangler

    Small creek rod recommendation

    I'm looking to pick up a short rod for tight quarters creek fishing. From what I've heard nothing under 7 foot and not over 7'6" is ideal. Anyone have a certain brand and model using this length and if you liked it or not. Thanks in advance
  12. jfilip85

    WTB Sage Tcx switch rod tube

    Looking for a Tcx switch rod tube for a newly acquired 5119 Tcx. Doesn’t have to match the model but definitely a bonus.
  13. B

    FS St Croix Imperial 7wt 9’ 4 pc fly rod - Excellent condition - $150 + shipping

    The rod's only been used a handful of times and is in perfect condition. I decided to focus my limited fishing time on trout and figured it's better someone else uses it vs. it sitting in my closet. Any questions let me know. Thanks.
  14. B

    FS TU Donation for 1985 Fisher 9' 2 Weight Graphite Fly Rod

    I am offering this 1985 Fisher 9’ 2Wt graphite fly rod, in excellent condition with rod sock, for a $100 check made out to Trout Unlimited. Several years ago I bought this rod from a member of the Washington Fly Fishing Forum who lived in British Columbia and had built this rod in March 1985...
  15. Dry Fly Dutchman

    WTB Bright colored fly rod

    My lady is looking for a line green, bright blue or pink fly rod. Anyone out there have one? Dont really want to go to cabelas and none of the local fly shops have em.
  16. jim52

    FS Echo carbon xl fly rod , new , 5 or 6 wt , good value

    Thanks. I bought both a 5 and a 6 wt. ,, heard good reviews but wasn't sure on which one I wanted .. I like them both , doesn't matter which one I keep. But either one is for sale. Or I can return it but I paid 99. Which was a pretty good deal. Your choice. 9.29 shipping.
  17. Lue Taylor

    FS Fly rods

    Redington Crosswater 8wt 4pc with case $80 ship Redington Pursuit 5wt 4pc with case $90 ship Custom built Fiberglass fly rod 7'6" 3wt 3pc $70 ship Specimen Bottle 6 inches long 10 pcs for $10 ship
  18. SERE Nate

    WTB Fly rod and reel for pike in MT

    I'm in Whitefish MT and the ice is just about off the lake. I need to get a complete setup for pike. Prefer to buy package but can piece it together to. I have a 6 weight Scott radian currently, so I think that I want an 8 weight. Pm me post here or text me. 515-556-6568 $500 budget
  19. HamidS4fe

    FS Fishpond Dakota Rod & Reel Case

  20. roadglideguy

    WTB Tarpon Rod and gear

    ISO a QUALITY 12 wt. or more line weight ROD (9 foot, 4 piece) A Tarpon quick shooting line and maybe a reel...please send pics to [email protected]!
  21. T

    FS TFO Edge 9' 6 Wt Alpha Fly Rod - Brand New $575

    Brand New, in case with sleeve - never been used. This unfished TFO Edge 9' 6wt Gamma Alpha Fly rod. Retails for $855. Selling for $575. Great all around trout rod with a moderate action. 20% lighter than other rods on the market, great for a long day on the water! Received as a gift. Any...
  22. Charley Short

    Bamboo rod making

    I am just getting started in making bamboo rods and would love to chat with anyone who can perhaps share their experiences with me or show me the way. I live in Bellingham and am facing retirement in a few years and want to start building rods. I am a life long woodworker and know my way...
  23. huibgeselschap

    Orvis graphite rod information

    Hi all, Although this is mainly for Bamboo and Glass, I still wanted to share this with you. I started a facebook page called Vintage Orvis Graphite Fly Rods on which I will share any info from the catalogs I have from 1975 to 2003. Main objective is to share the love for these old fly rods and...
  24. dekartes

    WTB Echo Gecko kids rod + basic 4/5 reel and line

    Interested in picking up an Echo Gecko 4/5 weight and basic fly reel with line. One that I wouldn't care if my 6 year old accidentally dropped....
  25. dekartes

    young childs fly rod

    Anyone here have young children fly fishing? My 6 year old mastered the spinning rod last summer. Want to start her on a fly rod. I am looking at the Redington Crosswater Youth Outfit at STP for 80$. Cheap for a rod, reel and line. Was concerned the 8'6" might be long for her. She is...
  26. T

    FS Sage double rod case for 5 pc rods

    Here is an Sage double rod case in excellent condition. I kept my Sage SP 589-5 in it and a Sage SP 6wt 5 pc but I don't recall the length. It looks like a 24" section will barely fit, I would think a 9' would as well, not sure what the individual lengths of a 9 1/2' rod would be. $65 tyd.
  27. Greg Oakes

    Bamboo Rod Identification

    Been searching the web for hours trying to identify a bamboo fly rod I inherited from my 91 year old father. The metal case has a badly worn label that appears to be from Heddon but there are no markings on the rod itself. Anyone know whether Heddon made any models without markings? I am...
  28. B

    FS St Croix Imperial 7wt 9’ 4 pc fly rod - Excellent condition - $175 + shipping

    The rod's only been used a handful of times and is in perfect condition. I decided to focus my limited fishing time on trout and figured it's better someone else uses it vs. it sitting in my closet. Any questions let me know. Thanks.
  29. actionljackson

    Loading a Sage Method rod

    I am having trouble getting my Sage 7wt method to load on my back cast.This is a new rod with a much faster action than I have fished with before.I like the rod and think it is just going to take some getting used too.My question is what type of fly line should I put on this to make it a little...
  30. para_adams

    FS Sage - Anderson Custom Rods - Big fish rod

    Mint condition Anderson Custom Rods built Sage 1290-2 RPLX. The rod has the beautiful Anderson wraps and a utilitarian, functional and somewhat ugly seat with fighting butt. Two cork grips. Original sock but no tube. Can send pics if interested. $200 local pickup, or $230 shipped and I'll...
  31. Lymitliss

    Trip Report The curse has been lifted- First fish on the new rod

    As some of you know I am a very amateur Fisher, and an even more amateur fly Fisher. I have caught plenty of fish on gear setups, but only a handful on a fly, none of the catches being on either of my two newest setups. For whatever reason there seems to be a minimum of a one month probation...
  32. jdarling1991

    WTB Scott F2 Fly Rod (3 weight)

    Does anyone have a 3 weight Scott F2 available? Just testing the waters. Thanks, Jon
  33. R

    New search 5 Wt Rod

    KIBI – TRỢ THỦ ĐẮC LỰC BẢO VỆ SỨC KHỎE CHO MẸ VÀ BÉ Phụ nữ mang thai thật sự phải trải qua nhiều thiệt thòi và đau đớn. Họ không được ăn uống như bình thường và thoải mái làm những điều mình thích như khi còn son rỗi. Mỗi khi muốn làm gì, họ cũng sẽ nghĩ đến con và suy nghĩ thật kỹ. Tất cả...
  34. Peter Kovah

    FS Beulah 7wt Platinum Switch Rod w/Lamson Guru Reel and Line

    I'm selling my Beulah 7wt Platinum Switch set up. I've moved across the country, and it has just been sitting in my parent's garage for the past year. I used the rod once - on a rain/bear filled two day camping trip to Vancouver Island where not a single fish was reeled in. I'd say its in mint...
  35. Art Milaca

    Fenwick 9310 rod

    I have a Fenwick ff9310 rod that I picked up a few years ago in a garage sale and I don't believe it's ever had a line put through it. I have decided I'm going to pull it out of mothballs and put a 10 weight reel on it but I have read in a couple of places that it likes 11 weight line better...
  36. Buck Nasty

    FS Puget Sound Rod

    I'm looking to purchase a 6wt for the sound as this seems to be the ideal from what I've read. I'm leaning towards the Sage Motive but would love to get some input from you all....and if someone has a rod for sale, I might be interested.
  37. Lue Taylor

    FS Redington Crosswater 5 WT fly rod

    Selling a Redington Crosswater 5wt 9ft rod that has been use maybe 5 times comes with case $80 ship
  38. jim52

    FS New tfo axiom 7 wt. ,warranty case .. great rod ,great price

    thanks. I purchased this. New warranty card with a new cabelas case .. the tfo don't normally come with a case . Only reason I'm selling it. Is I picked up a lami glass si...2 pc from a friend. , Anyway. 149.00 9.95 shipping. These rods are tough , rugged cannons ...
  39. creekcaster

    WTB rod vault

    Looking if anyone wants to part with their rod vault, denver outfitter or titan style? thanks
  40. T

    FS Sage RPLXi 9wt 9 1/2' 3 pc rod - FREE

    I have a custom Sage RPLXi built off a 996-3 blank with all Sage components, by Cedric Knuckey of Interior Alaska Rods from Minnesota. I had a fore grip added for salmon fishing. It does have my nickname written on the blank. I will include this Sage RPLXi for free with my Sage Xi-3 package...
  41. T

    FS Islander Steelheader pin reel & 13' Talon float rod

    Here is a mint Islander Steelheader gold pin reel for sale, with backing and 8wt line I believe. Also, is a custom made 13' Talon ITM float rod built with REC Recoil titanium sf guides including the tip. There's also an extra butt section built as a spiral wrap for a acting reel - I couldn't...
  42. F

    WTB Sage LL rod sock

    It’s a long shot but I’m looking for a Sage LL rod sock for a 9’ 2pc rod.
  43. F

    FS WTB: 6wt rod

    Looking to pick up a good 6wt rod, let me know what you got! Please include a price, Thanks
  44. Greg Armstrong

    A short video - FE Thomas Rod Co

    I enjoyed this short video, maybe you will too...
  45. B

    FS Sage Z Axis 9wt Fly Rod

    Sage Z Axis 9' fly rod for sale. The rod has seen very little use and shows well. I bought a blank from a fly shop and had them (Cauldwell Angler) build the rod. The parts a better than what a "ready to go" rod would have on it. The rod turned out to be a bit faster action than my casting stroke...
  46. V

    WTB Sage ESN 4wt Rod

    I am looking for a Sage ESN nymphing rod in 4wt. Thanks, Jerry
  47. H


    SAGE ONE Switch 6116-4 #6 $400 Like New! ADD $20 for ROD shipping. Take PAYPAL ONLY!
  48. arrow1347

    FS OKUMA 10 wt fly rod

    like new used once, high performance ,guide select , GSF 10-90-2, 9 ft 10wt $75 tyd
  49. Bromium

    Line recommendation for a cheap rod

    Hi looking for some line advice as I have been gifted a cheap Maxcatch V switch if anyone has heard of it in an 11ft #6 by a non fly fishing buddy who received it as a gift himself. I'm pretty new to two handers and my experience is with a 13'6 #8 Spey so I'm hoping I can call on some forum...
  50. Skip Goetz

    FS Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Fly Rod 11ft 2 wt

    Like New Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Fly Rod 11 ft 2 wt SOLD shipped