1. gocougs91

    Missing Rods in Cle Elum

    A couple of my friends accidentally left a Sage X and a Sage Method at the state launch in east Cle Elum in their rush to get home. They left them yesterday evening (12/30). They had a buddy check last night in the dark and another friend is checking today on his way to ellensburg today. They...
  2. Wyobee

    FS 2 fly rods

    Have two fly rods for sale. First is a sage launch in a 9ft 5wt. This rod is killer 50 ft and under and sensitive enough to nymph without an indicator/high stick. The launch is one of numerous graphite 2 incarnations by sage that has survived almost from the companies inception to present day...
  3. Anil

    FS/T Trade in Items for sale

    These Products are all brought to us on our trade in program here at the shop. You can call us with questions or to purchase an item at Puget Sound Fly Co. (253) 472-2420 mon-fri 10am-6pm sat. 10am-5pm sun. 11am-4pm Product...
  4. Perry Azevedo

    Central WA Salmon on the fly

    I just recently moved back to Wenatchee after a decade and a half away. Though I didn’t really get into fishing until I first picked up a fly rod 4 years ago, I do know several local hotspots for the various salmon runs. Trouble is, most all my fishing experience has been trout and bass (though...
  5. para_adams

    FS Budget Sage Rods (2)

    Offering two budget priced Sage rods. Sage DS2 890-2 Graphite II (9' 8wt 2 piece). Comes in its original brown rod tube. Not perfect, looks used, but in good condition. $150 local purchase, or $175 shipped. Sage GFL 789-2 (8'9" 7 wt 2 piece). Comes with replacement sock and tube from an...
  6. Old406Kid

    Fishing Two Indicator Rods

    My wife said she thinks it's starting to have an effect on me.:confused:
  7. T

    FS Sage double rod case for 5 pc rods

    Here is an Sage double rod case in excellent condition. I kept my Sage SP 589-5 in it and a Sage SP 6wt 5 pc but I don't recall the length. It looks like a 24" section will barely fit, I would think a 9' would as well, not sure what the individual lengths of a 9 1/2' rod would be. $65 tyd.
  8. para_adams

    FS Sage - Anderson Custom Rods - Big fish rod

    Mint condition Anderson Custom Rods built Sage 1290-2 RPLX. The rod has the beautiful Anderson wraps and a utilitarian, functional and somewhat ugly seat with fighting butt. Two cork grips. Original sock but no tube. Can send pics if interested. $200 local pickup, or $230 shipped and I'll...
  9. F

    FS Sage Salt Rods

    All Sold-THX
  10. Finny76

    FS Nymphing Rods - HARDY Zephyrus & Jet 3wt / 5wt 10'0"

    Thinning the herd.... Hardy Jet 3wt 10'0" $300 Hardy Jet 5wt 10'0" $300 Hardy Zephyrus 5wt 10'0" $550 All rods come with original sock & Tube....I will post pictures later..
  11. B

    FS Loomis fly rods

    Have to pay for my bonefish trip so I need to unload some rods. Loomis NRX Light presentation. 9' 4 weight. 4 pc. New, never even cast. $600 Loomis NRX 9' 5 weight. 4 pc. like new. Used 2 times. $500 Loomis Cross Current GLX 9' 8 weight 4 pc. used once. $450
  12. jfilip85

    FS Sage Rods

    Selling a few rods that aren't getting enough use. All factory rods with tubes and socks. Never broken/repaired. Photos on request. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. 590 VPS - Used but in great shape. The VPS is built on a RPL blank. $180 ($150 for local pick up) 6126-3 GIV - A...
  13. para_adams

    Dozer Talk on making bamboo fly rods - Overlake FF Club

    I've never attended an Overlake FF Club meeting before but am hoping to make this month's to hear Dave and Mary Ann Dozer talk about making bamboo rods. I know Steve is interested. Thought I'd post this in case anyone else is too. Tight lines, Ron...
  14. spfd jason

    FS Several Rods and a Reel

    Thinning the herd to help pay for some truck upgrades. All prices include paypal and shipping to CONUS. Each item is in great shape. Will send pictures upon request. Ross Reach 6126-4. Six weight 12’6” with divided factory tube. Super nice with a 420 Comp Skandi. Landed my first NU fish with...
  15. H

    FS Three Sage rods for sale.....z-axis, vantage, ds2

    I am no longer fly fishing and would like to have these go to a good home where they will be used. They have all been fished, but are in excellent condition. Let me know if you have any questions. Shipping is on your dime, but I will say the DS2, is going to be expensive as it is a 2 piece...
  16. Don Perry

    FS Scott and Winston rods

    Two rods for sale: Prices are for local pickup (Spokane). Add $12 for PayPal and shipping to US address. Ask about other shipping costs. Scott Flex - 10', 4 pc., 6 weight. Sold Used for about a week in freshwater. Rod has been registered with Scott. Winston Passport - 9', 4 pc., 10 weight...
  17. Anil

    Spey and HEAVY Saltwater Rods - G. Loomis and ECHO

    Have a few rods sitting here looking for new homes. Rods are new with the exception of the one noted below. Includes sock and tube. Spey: G. Loomis Stinger GLX - 13' 500 gr. 4 pc. - Retail $875 SALE $450 SOLD ECHO GLASS SPEY - 6124-4 - 12'4" 6wt. 4 pc. - Retail $299.99 SALE $175 SOLD...
  18. MountainTrout

    FS 3 old glass rods and a Riverbeast

    Cleaning out my rod quiver, time to let a few of these go to someone else! Scott F80/5 - $SOLD Early Scott San Francisco F80/5 Brown glass (8' 6wt, 5 pc), with the original 'Scott PowR-Ply San Francisco' aluminum tube and green sock. The serial # and color places it around '78-'81. The cork...
  19. HamidS4fe

    FS Sage Rods

    Sage Rods —————- • 590 FLi 2 Piece - Factory Tube, great condition SOLD • 690 RPL 2 Piece - Factory Tube, rod is in great condition, Tube has some mileage. SOLD **Brand New** • 790 DS 2 Piece - Factory Tube/Sock $250
  20. I

    FS 10 Assorted Fly Rods

    Loomis Cross Current GLX 9', 10 weight, 4 piece, titanium wire guides, with case--New, never used, $200 SOLD East Fork Lamiglass 9', 5/6 weight, 2 piece, Model EF 9056, excellent condition, no case, $40 Scientific Angler, 9' 1", fiberglass, 10 weight, 2 piece, with case, $30 SOLD...
  21. F

    WTB Vintage Fenwick and Totem Trader Rods

    I am looking to buy older (1970's) Fenwick steelhead casting rods and/or Totem Trader steelhead casting or fly rods. I am willing to pay above price for condition rods. Please PM me if you have any. Thank you and best to you. Jim
  22. H

    FS Several rods and reels for sale

  23. S

    FS WTB: EC Powell bamboo rods

    If you have EC Powell rods you are willing to sell, please contact me with details, photos, and price. Thanks, Chris
  24. Finny76

    FS Nymphing Rods 3wt 4wt 5wt 10'0" & 11"0'

    Have too many Nymphing rods, so going to sell all & only keep two as I have to make some room for new toys: 1) Redington Hydrogen 3wt 11'0" (new) $225 2) SAGE ESN 3wt 10'0' (mint) $525 3) Orvis Helios H2 3wt 10'0" (mint) $475 4) Hardy Zenith 5wt 10"0 (Display Never fished) $475 *** BUYER...
  25. Anil

    3 rods stolen

    On Monday, we had a guy come in and steal 3 rods off of our rack, then run out the front door into a waiting van. If someone tries to sell you either: -Echo "Bad Ass Glass" 880-4 -Loomis IMX Pro 9'6" 6weight -Waterworks Lamson Center Axis 9' 5 weight These rods were stolen WITHOUT the case, so...
  26. coo2

    FS Two nice Trout Rods For Sale - Diamondback and Quarrow

    I now make and fish bamboo fly rods so you have the benefit of my liquidation of some of my graphite rods. Rod #1: Quarrow Drake 9ft 5 weight graphite rod - This is a wonderful rod that is an under the radar buy. 9ft, 5 weight, 2 pieces, weighing 3.4 ounces. Quarrow made rods for other...
  27. J

    FS salt rods for sale

    Orvis T3 9wt. 200us$ Orvis helios 12wt 250us$ will ship via US postal to US
  28. Scudley Do Right

    FS Older Fiberglass Rods

    Shakespeare Deluxe Fly Wonder Rod, Nov. 1953 8'6'' Bass, DT 7 WF 8-9, 3 piece, re-wrapped with new guides in original color and spacing SOLD Shakespeare Wonder Rod, 1970's, standard taper, 8', WF 8, 2 piece, re-wrapped with additional guides St. Croix, 7' 6'', 7 WT, re-wrapped with...

    Opst commando head work great on singlehand rods

    Just bought OPST Commando head 200 grain head with 35 pound laser running line. I tried it on my 9 foot 5 weight and my 10 foot 3 weight fly rods. This stuff works great. Cast a mile with no back cast. I also bought the 5 foot S2 and S4 tips. The Commando head will get you to water you can't get...
  30. Old406Kid

    Clutch Fly Rods

    So...where have I been? I've never heard of these and was surprised at the number of dealers including Cabela's. I'm not in the market but out of curiosity anybody with any experience?
  31. H

    FS Beulah Platinum Spey Rods and more..

    I've got 3 Beulah Platinum Spey rods for sale: All are in great shape, good clean cork and I couldn't find any nicks or chips in the blanks. 7132 Sold 8124 Sold 8138 Sold $325 each Paypal and shipped in Lower US Also have a Redington Red Fly 8130 3 piece in blue case $180.00 shipped G Loomis...
  32. W

    Monster Spey Rods

    I was perusing my local (Chicagoland) Craig's list and found the ad below. This guy has some serious spey rods to sell. I did a little research and found that Bruce and Walker, one of whose rods is listed, is sort of the Meiser of English Spey rods - they'll even roll a blank to suit your...
  33. J

    FS reels and rods for sale

    Gloomis streamdance 6wt 9' vg condition , factory case $ 475 shipped Conus Sage Fli 8wt 9' good condition( scratch on second section) factory case $220. shipped Conus Loop xact reel 8/12 very good condition $ 90 shipped 2 Cabelas RLS+ size 3 exec condition,factory cases and backing $ 85 ea...
  34. arrow1347

    FS sage xp fly rods

    1- xp 9ft , 6wt , 2pc , sock & tube , execelent cond. used very little. $450 obo 2- XP , 9ft , 7wt , 2pc , sock & tube , execelent cond. used very little. $ 450 obo
  35. C

    FS hardy rods

    blowing out two rods I never fish... 8'6" 4wt hardy lrh classic lightweight rod - 4pc - missing original tube but orvis carbon tube included - $180 9' 7wt zenith 4pc and two lamson guru hd 3 reels - sa gpx wf7f on one and sa streamer express textured 250g on the other - $675
  36. Woodman60

    FS Scott, Orvis and TFO Rods

    Three rods that I rarely get to fish. Maybe someone else can put them to some good use. SOLD. Scott - G844/5 - 8'4" 5-piece 4 weight - Photos of the following rods are at[email protected]/shares/HF5Mv4 Orvis Trident PM10 - 9 foot, 4-piece 4 weight - In very good...
  37. Josh P

    FS/T Trade Spey Rods for Skis

    Long shot here but I’m in the market for a pair of all mountain skis, boots and bindings in the 170-180ish range (I’m 6’1, 210, 10.5-11 shoe). This will be my 2nd year skiing and I’m not super knowledgeable about skis but I’d say I’m skiing at a intermediate level. Looking for a newer model...
  38. LD

    FS Pair OF 6wt Rods And A Scientific Anglers Reel

    I have to 6wt fly rods that I am looking to sell and I have a SA system 2 reel that I would offer with either rod. I don't want to sell the reel separate until I sell the rods. First is a Sage SP 9' 6wt 3pc rod. It was built buy Steve Moran in Spokane. Steve has been building rods for probably...
  39. coo2

    FS Three Trout Rods for Sale - Lamiglas, Diamondback, and Quarrow

    I now make and fish bamboo fly rods so you have the benefit of my liquidation of some of my graphite rods. Rod # 1: Lamiglas 7’ 6” 5 weight Esprit F765 graphite rod This is a very nice Lamiglas 7’ 6”, 5 weight fly rod. I am pretty sure it could easily be used with a 4 weight line. Great small...
  40. Shaun Martin

    FS Rods for Sale - Sage 8150, Echo 8100, Redington 690S, Fenwick, W&M Grangers, Sharpes Scottie 12'

    Hi Everyone, Just putting some gear up for sale that I'm not using or thought I'd get more use of. PM with questions or interest. 1. Sage 8150-4 Graphite III - Classic rod here. It's in really great shape. See pics for more. $375.00+ Shipping 2. Sharpes Scottie 12' Spliced...
  41. A

    Questions about Switch/Spey Rods and Reels

    Hello all, I am looking at getting my first two hand setup, and I have no clue what Im looking at when shopping around. Is there a benefit to using a switch setup vs a spey setup? Will the reels for a single handed rod work the same on a two handed setup or is there some special reel that you...
  42. Richard E

    FS Two new 4 and 5 weights - great for Christmas gifts!

    These rods and rod/reel combos are new, and would be perfect for an up and coming fly fisher heck, any level of fly fisher. I live in Seattle. I really don't want to mail these, so a local deal is preferred. Ross Essence Journey, 476-4 kit (4 weight, 7'6", 4 piece) blue rod and reel (large...
  43. coo2

    FS Three Trout Rods for Sale

    I now make and fish bamboo fly rods so you have the benefit of my liquidation of some of my graphite rods. Rod # 1: Lamiglas 7’ 6” 5 weight Esprit F765 graphite rod This is a very nice Lamiglas 7’ 6”, 5 weight fly rod. I am pretty sure it could easily be used with a 4 weight line. Great small...
  44. C

    FS Echo Switch Rods

    I am selling two Echo Switch Rods. Echo 3 8110- This rod is brand new and has never been fished. Bought if for a trip and never used it. $375 Echo TR 4113- This rod has only been on the river one time. A very fun rod but I don't use it much. $250- Sold Paypal Accepted
  45. S

    FS Closet Cleaning - Mystery Loomis (prototype?) rods

    Cleaning out my closet and found the following. I used to build custom rods and found some interesting relics. To be clear, these are not Loomis *factory* rods. 8'0" 4wt 3pc Loomis IMX. This blank was bought in 2005 from a former outwrapper for Loomis, labeled as a 804-3IMX with a tag...
  46. J

    FS salt water rods

    SageXI3 7wt $350 Orvis H2 9wt $400 Orvis T3 9wt $325 Orvis Helios 12wt $350 all prices in US$ will ship from US
  47. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS Sage one rods 4 & 6 wts

    Bought these rods and I just never use them both are like new and never registered come with warranty cards sleeves and tubes. I’m ashamed to even say this, but I bought the 6wt rod and a 6 wt Sage reel and never even tried it. Both rods are 9’ The other is a 4 wt which I did use two times...
  48. Walter Spaulding

    FS Rods for sale

    #1 12'6" 9wt Sage graphite III three piece custom spey rod $420 #2 9wt four piece Orvis H2 11' switch/spey tip flex used twice $670 #3 Old Heddon #14 Thoroughbred bamboo rod 9' three piece dual tips 2 1/2-HC HOR D $220 #4 Orvis Power Matrix 10 9' 9wt two piece $320 obo . Includes shipping...
  49. B

    Dennis Stone Rods

    I have been thinking about getting a Dennis Stone bamboo fly rod or a blank. His web site looks like it is on longer active. Is he no longer making rods or blanks?
  50. Walter Spaulding

    FS Two Bob Lancaster bamboo rods

    #1 serial#CL190-3 Custom built for CCI Cecil Guidry name on rod Miss Kay . Specs 6'6" 2 piece 3wt 2tips . Fished twice . #2 serial# CSL-225-20 name on rod Cookies Stick . Specs 7'6" 2 piece 5/6/7wt with dual action tips . Priced at $850 each including shipping and insurance . I am helping...