1. cervelors

    SOLD - Ross Momentum 5

    SOLD! Ross Momentum 5 in near perfect shape. Hardly a mark to be found on the reel. It’s my back-up for my 7-8weight spey rods, but I’ve never used it, so time to move it on. I’m the second owner, the first owner only fished it a few times. I have the Momentum 6 as well and can attest that...
  2. cervelors

    SOLD! Ross CLA 6

    Ross CLA 6 for sale in excellent shape, rarely used as it was a backup reel for me. Will include backing and Rio Slickshooter running line. Has one small nick on the spool (shows in pic) which is cosmetic only. Buyer to pay shipping from BC. $150 USD
  3. Rizz

    FS Charlton 8450C 5/6 Spool

    Hello Fly Fishing community. I have a rare gem here up for sale. I'm the second owner of this reel and the only reason why I'm selling is because I have 2...With that said. I would give this reel a 8.9/10. It's in perfect shape cosmetically, HOWEVER this reel has a slight tic in the drag...
  4. D

    FS Reel cleanout

    Reel Cleanout Here is what I’ve got for reels: G Loomis Syncrotech reels (these reels are truly tanks with amazing drags) GL11-12-13 x2 ($200/ea)(like new) GL8-9-10 + 1 xtr spool ($300 with the extra spool)(like new) GL3-4-5 (heavily used and beat up but works great) ($125) Abel Reels: Big...
  5. G

    FS WTB- Ross Colorado OLIVE Color

    Looking for a Ross Colorado LT in the Olive Color. 4 or 5 weight would be great. Thanks

    FS Needed- Ross Evolution 2 spare spool/reel

    Looking for a spool for the original Ross Evolution 2. Please let me know if you have one or two laying around. Would also consider the reel if no spool available.
  7. Highway22anglers

    FS Ross, Orvis Reels both with spare spools, winston rod B3sx brand new

    Ross vexsis 1.5 with spare spool 300 conus Orvis Mach 3 with spare spool 225 conus Winston B3 SX 10 wt 9" brand new 500$ conus
  8. raven fishing

    FS Hardy, Ross, Lamson reels nearly new

    All reels one owner, originally bought in the mid-1990s, fished only a few days (the Lamson) or less (tho prepared for fishing, as line & backing installed). Hardy Brothers Princess reel, 3¼”, & spare spool. Mid-1990s vintage, virtually new condition. Reel in original Hardy leather case, spool...
  9. Bill Aubrey

    FS Sage SP, Ross Reels & Spools and...a treadmill!

    Ross Reels and Spools: (All reels are without lines and backing) (All with boxes and cards). CLA 6 GREY AS NEW. $165.00. Spool. CLA 6 Black AS NEW. No rash $100. (Add $45 for backing and 8 wt spey floater (Ace). Spool. CLA 6 Grey AS NEW. No rash $100. (Add $50 for backing 650 GR Skagit...
  10. chromefinder

    FS Ross Reach 12'6" 6wt

    new Ross Reach 6126-4. Six weight 12’6” with divided factory tube. still has plastic on the handle $195 shipped, paypal. pics available Couple reviews:
  11. jmar85

    Value question?

    Hi all, From Colorado here but you all seem to know a lot about your Sage rods. I have an old Sage that was given to me by my dad, along with an old Ross reel (no sentimental value, I think he bought it and used it maybe once or twice). They have been great for me getting started with fly...
  12. G

    FS Great reels for any budget! :Hardy, Abel, Ross

    I have fee too many and would like to sale: 1. Ross Flyrise 2 (lines 4-6) . Great budget reel with SAME brake as original Evolution. SMOOTH!! I take it out few times, most likely cast in the park different lines. Minor marks on spool -visable on picture, minor! Price SOLD 2. ROSS RHYTHM 3...
  13. Wyobee

    FS Ross gunnison 3

    I have a gunnison 3 and spare spool each with backing and neoprene case, although the black is not original to the reel. There are some scuff marks from normal where but are in excellent working order. 220$ shipped.
  14. Nick Clayton

    FS Ross Momentum 6

    Selling my Ross Momentum 6 champagne colored reel. I've owned this for a handful of years. Reel has been fished but is still in very good shape. Just normal signs of use. No scratches or damage. Comes with backing. Box included but no case. $210 shipped. PP preferred
  15. B

    Wanted ROSS CLA 5 (maybe 4)

    If anybody has a CLA they're not using & willing to part with. Thanks.
  16. Ian Horning

    Wanted Ross Flyrise 4 Spools

    This is a shot in the dark, but if anyone has any Flyrise 4 spools (discontinued) that they're looking to part with, I'd love to take them off of your hands. Thanks, Ian
  17. joelals

    FS Ross CLA 2 Spool

    Brand new Ross CLA 2 spool-$70. Will ship in original box.
  18. IHV2FSH

    Wanted Ross CLA 5 Reel

    I have spools and only need the reel if you happen to have one. But I'd buy another reel and spool if you have reel and spool you don't want to separate.
  19. T

    FS NIB Ross Evolution LT 4

    REEL IS NOW SOLD. NIB Ross Evolution LT 4 in Platinum color. Rated for 7-9 wt lines (WF8 + 150y backing). Weighs a very light 4.8 oz. Asking $250 shipped in conus.
  20. T

    FS Sage SP 589-5 with Ross Canyon 1 reel and extra spool

    Here is a custom Sage 8'9" 5 wt with a Ross Canyon 1 reel and spare spool in excellent condition: - entire outfit $400 tyd - rod only $225 - reel and extra spool $225
  21. jim52

    FS Two new Ross LT 2 reels ,platinum & black

    hello. And thanks for looking , Have 2 ross evolution LT 2 reels. I need one.and it doesn't matter to me which one , so one is for sale you choose ---- new in box ,platinum LT 2. 218 shipped Beautiful reel --- new no box Just the reel .... LT2 black. 199 shipped. Cont USA...
  22. fishingAK14

    FS Ross Evolution LT 2 & 3 Reel

    I am selling 2 new Ross Evolution LT reels, both black in color. Both reels have never been used and come with original paperwork, Ross Reel box, and Ross Reel cover. I can provide pictures on request if needed. Ross Evolution LT 2 4wt-5wt SOLD Ross Evolution LT 3 5wt-7wt. TRADED...
  23. Drewski10

    FS 7wt spey setup Redington Dually 13ft 7wt and Ross CLA 5 with extras

    I have a Redington Dually and Ross CLA #5 reel for sale. I also have some braid backing on the reel, rio slickshooter running line and 500g Rio skagit head with a type 4 or 6 (cant remember) sink tip on it. I used this setup twice since it was a spare. I'm cleaning the house and this needs to go...
  24. jim52

    FS S.a reels . Ross ,hardy for sale

    again thanks for looking Have a few reels that I would like to sell .. I will never use them at this stage .. so perhaps someone can - new in box s.a system 4. Ross made ..5/6. 99.00 - s.a hardy made mastery 4/5 . In excellent cond . Maybe used once .. I have a pair this was a back up...
  25. emkoeh

    Wanted Ross Colorado LT 4/5 black

    Anyone looking to sell a Colorado LT in sz 4/5 let me know...
  26. B

    Wanted Ross CLA 5

    Looking for a used CLA 5 for a new Spey setup, if anybody has one laying around they might like to pass on. THx
  27. G

    FS Scott A3 590-4 and Ross Gunnison 2

    Looking to sell a used Scott A3 590-4 in good used condition with rod tube. Sold Also have an older Ross Gunnison G2 in very good shape. Sold Would sell both together Sold and would include an older but fishable Scientific Anglers line which is currently spooled on the reel. I can also send...
  28. G

    FS ROSS CLA 5 plus Extra Spool Black

    Reel used in park a few times to test-cast heavier rods/lines... All like new. (bad) pictures will follow if needed. $250 for reel Plus EXTRA spool. Shipping USA .. I think $10 will cover Priority more or less. PM me if you are interested.
  29. jim52

    FS New s.a system4 (Ross) 3/4 & 5/6 nib 99.00

    i have 2 new in box s.a system 4. Made by Ross. Cross between a cla and animas Great reels. I use a pair of the 7/8. For salt. Anyway I bought 2. Need one but it doesn't matter which one to me. So you can choose ,, I don't think 99.00 buys a better reel. USA made. 3/4. Or the...
  30. Bruce Baker

    Ross Gunnison Coming Back

    I googled new Ross reels for 2018 and came across a posting from the Fly Waters Outdoors website. The new Gunnison will supposedly be making its debut this April
  31. Dashiell Glenn

    Ross Cimarron 2

    I recently inherited a ross reels cimarron 2 reel from my grandfather. It's in the 3wt category which is perfect because I just bought a 3wt rod and didn't have a reel for it. However, it's a right handed reel, and I use my left hand for stripping/reeling. So far, I haven't been able to figure...
  32. Slimy Deck

    Wanted Ross Momentum 4 LT Spool

    Looking for a spare if you have a spare. Thanks kindly! Slimy
  33. HamidS4fe

    FS Ross CLA 4 Grey Mist / Rio WF8F

    Ross CLA 4 Grey Mist w/ Factory Pouch Rio Gold WF8F Line / Backing excellent condition SOLD
  34. Bubaka

    FS Ross CLA#5 reel and spare spool

    The reel comes with the box and pouch, the spool with pouch only. The reel has some minor rash on the bottom, otherwise very clean. $230 for both shipped in CONUS. SOLD
  35. Phil Fravel

    FS Ross Momentum 6

    $350 Great reel with little use. Its been collecting dust for awhile.. One small dink about the size of a head on a needle. Shown in photo
  36. Stonefish

    Ross Reels

    I saw this on another site and thought I’d share it. SF
  37. B

    FS Ross CLA 4 New with Line

    Selling a Ross CLA 4 Black reel, spooled with backing and line but never used. Includes a blank warranty card and Cortland Precision WF8I Clear Camo line. Completely surplus to my needs. SOLD. PayPal please, though local cash in PDX area is fine.
  38. T

    FS Ross CLA 2 Black

    SOLD Barely used Ross CLA 2 Asking $100 local pickup. Western Washington. Buyer pays shipping CONUS
  39. T

    FS Ross CLA 4 Mossy oak edition

    SOLD Barely used, with new Rio Outbound Short WF6I/S3 Reel case has a few chew marks from my puppy. But Reel is untouched, in excellent condition Asking $140 local pick up. Western Washington. Buyer pays shipping CONUS
  40. kinigit

    FS Closet Cleaning- Abel Reels, Tibor Spool, Ross Reel, Colton Spool, Orvis Rod, etc.

    I have a lot more than I'm fishing. Time to move some. All prices are shipped in the lower 48. No lines included, but shown backing is included. I'll get missing pics up tomorrow. 1- Abel Big Game 4 with a spare spool. Good condition with a little rash. Reversible retrieve. Comes with cases...
  41. jim52

    FS New in box Ross Evolution LT . #2 or #3

    Black. new in box. ..thinking that someone can use one ,, Ross evolution LT 2. Or 3. Your choice ,, I bought 2 at the cca fundraiser keeping one for myself , your choice .. 199. And 6.99 for shipping and cover PayPal
  42. C

    FS Gear For Sale! G.Loomis GLX Streamdance, Galvan Torque, Ross EVO Gen1 etc

    Galvan Torque (T4) - Black - $299 shipped * New, never fished * Comes with WF4 Triangle Taper Ross Evolution 1.5 (Generation 1) - Black - $150 shipped * Used * Minor nicks just around 1 corner of the spool edge (see backside photo) * Does not effect performance - smooth as butter! * Comes with...
  43. blt

    Wanted Ross CLA 2 spool

    These don't seem to be in stock anywhere anymore. Anybody got an unused one sitting around?
  44. M

    Wanted Ross CLA 4 SPOOL - Black

    Looking for ross cla 4 spool in black, but if a grey will fit my black i may consider it. PM me how much you are willing to sell it shipped for
  45. Phil Fravel

    FS Ross Momentum 6

    $310 to your door Continental US. Good for a 10 to 12 weight rod. 9 on a Scale to 10. Photo of small dink. And some light scratching. Check preferred or add 3% for pay pal. Please pm if interested or have questions
  46. jim52

    FS Ross evolution LT. 2 new in box 5/6. Never used

    Price drop thanks ,, east coast. My season is done. Sad .. have an extra Ross evo LT. 2. I bought 2 this spring. Keeping one 5-6 black in box warranty. 199 9.97 shipping. PayPal or cert check ..
  47. Scott Rider

    Wanted WTB: Ross CLA 5 spool

    Prefer black but will consider others if the price is right. Thanks!
  48. N

    FS Ross CLA 6

    For sale a Ross CLA 6. Comes with backing, original box, and pouch. No scrapes or rash. Pictures on request. Asking $220.00 which includes shipping CONUS.
  49. jim52

    FS Ross momentum LT 4 champagne, no longer use

    thanks for looking. I have a Ross mo. LT 4. Was my favorite reel on a 9wt ,, but I have dropped to 7 and 8 wts ,, maybe the fish are smaller , and the Ross sat here all season , never used it. Comes with backing , in very. Very good condition with light use. Only one ding on the edge...
  50. fishingAK14

    FS Ross Gunnison 3 Limited Edition Heritage New

    Selling 2 brand new Ross Gunnison 3 Heritage fly reels. These is for a 5-7wt line. In 2014 they made 500 limited edition reels, these are a couple of them. Reels has never seen backing or line. Comes with original box, reel cover. $215 Shipped Each I’ll throw in a new Scientific Angler...