sage one

  1. 1Wilyj

    FS Sage One 490-4; Rio Grand WF6F nib

    (1) Sage One, 490-4, 9’ x 4wt. Fished a little, always stored cased, and Very Clean with only minimal rub marks. This is a factory-built rod with a professionally added short fighting butt, making it a "491-4". The FB (1) keeps reels out of the stream-side sand, (2) tucks under your...
  2. Wyfly

    FS Sage One 7wt -New with Warranty Card

    New sage one 7wt- 9ft 4 piece. See the photos. Includes original warranty card. Thanks for looking! $450 shipped. I accept PayPal or Venmo.
  3. L

    FS Sage One 890-4

    I have a 9ft 8wt Sage one that I used a few times. The rod is in good condition and comes with the tube and warranty card. There are small amount of scratches on the male end of the butt section of the rod, but other than that it's great. The price is $380. I would also consider trading for a...
  4. S

    WTB Sage one trout spey 3110-4

    looking for a Sage 3110-4 one trout spey. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks, Estes
  5. T

    FS Sage One—8 ½ ft 5 weight (586-4)

    ***** S O L D ****** This is the perfect dry-fly rod for when you need a little more uumph than a 4 weight—windy days, lakes, larger rivers—but with less swing weight and crisper action than a 9 footer. I’ve fished it on the smaller streams in Rocky Mountain National Park, but it really shines...
  6. B

    FS/T For Sale Sage one 8wt 9’ New

    New Sage One 8wt 9’ for sale or trade. 460 + shipping.
  7. tkhour

    WTB Sage One 9ft 6wt

    Let me know if you are willing to sell. Thanks
  8. Mike Bacca

    FS Sage One 5 weight for sale

    Sage One 5wt - 9ft 6inch with original sock and tube. In very good condition. $350 shipped and insured in U.S. Thanks Mike
  9. H


    *Mint Conditions* SAGE ONE SWITCH 6 wt Asking $400 plus $20 shipping PayPal only.
  10. J

    FS SAGE ONE 8136 $500

    I received this rod from a member here and have not used it since receiving it. Very close to new condition, cork is flawless. The rod comes with the original tube and sock as well as a blank warranty card. I will also pay 2day shipping within U.S. pictures upon request.
  11. Stream

    Suspicious CL ad - Sage One 3wt

    Hmm, who owns a Sage One, and a 3wt at that, and calls it a "fly pole"? One bad pic, no sock or tube shown, rod tied together with string... If you or anyone you know has had one lost or stolen, you might want to check this out...
  12. Kilmer72

    FS Sage one 7116-4

    For sale sage one 7116-4. Rod is in great shape, fished for one summer. Blank warranty card. SOLD
  13. Molson

    FS SAGE ONE 8126-4 SPEY Rod

    Up for sale is my very lightly used SAGE ONE 8126 Spey rod. This thing is very powerful, fast and will throw a 600 grain Skagit head like a rocket. Perfect all around rod for the local S rivers or the peninsula both summer and winter. I hate to sell her, but I have too many 8 wt rods and I am...
  14. Molson

    FS SAGE ONE 590-4 for sale

    Seeing if anyone has any interest in my lightly used SAGE ONE 590-4. This is an awesome all around fast action rod. I love it, but I have the 5wt SAGE X and one of them has to go! Asking $425 incl shipping CONUS. Prefer Paypal.
  15. tony ryther

    FS sage one 5100 custom built

    I have a custom built sage one no sock no tube $275 text for pics 422867499
  16. AndrewDC

    FS Sage One 9'6" 6wt

    I am selling my Sage One 9'6" rod, 6 weight. I bought it brand new and used it on one fishing trip to Santa Fe. I love the rod, and the only reason I am selling is that I decided I would prefer the same rod with a fighting butt. I just picked up one of those, so now I am selling this one...
  17. MikeyP

    FS/T Sage One 10' 4wt

    I have been using this rod for chasing SRC, and while it does the job well, I find myself looking for a rod with more feel! I bought this for nymphing/chironomid Fishing, but have found myself in the salt more than ever(200+days) this past year. I have been using my Dragonfly Kamloops 9’ 5wt...
  18. AndrewDC

    WTB G Loomis NRX 5wt or Sage One or X 6wt

    Looking for these rods in a 9' or 9'6 length. For the Sage rods, I am looking for a 6 wt with a fighting butt.
  19. pbunbury

    WTB Sage One 590-4

    Just as the title says. Looking for a Sage One 590-4
  20. P

    FS Sage ONE 8136-4

    Selling a Sage ONE 8136-4. Great condition, includes original sock and tube. PM for more information. $400 USD PayPal and shipped in the United States.
  21. Ejmilkovich

    FS Sage One 7wt 9'

    Sage One 7wt 9' w/ the original sock, tube and blank warranty card. The rod is in great shape with the exception of some discoloration/ rusting on the tip guide (see photos). Let me know if you have any questions or would like some additional photos. photos: $450...
  22. tony ryther

    FS sage one 5100 b rod custom built

    I have a custom sage 5100b 4 piece has a few scratches $350 email me [email protected] for a faster reply or for pics
  23. Kilmer72

    FS/T Sage one 8126-4

    For sale sage one 8126-4. Rod is a 9/10 only because I have fished it a few times. Comes with sage tube and sock. SOLD Thanks
  24. L

    FS Sage One 890-4

    I have a 9ft 8wt Sage one that I used a few times. The rod is in good condition and comes with the tube and warranty card. I'll post images later today. The price is $400. I would also consider trading for a Sage One 691, or a Sage Spey rod with cash on top.
  25. S

    FS Sage One 8136-4

    I have a Sage One 8136-4 two handed rod in very good condition for sale. Cork lightly soiled and there are cosmetic marks on the blank. Everything else is in excellent condition. Sage tube and sock are included. You will not be disappointed. Price is $475, plus shipping of $10 to lower 48...
  26. Shaun Martin

    FS Sage One 5100-4

    This rod is in great shape. Very minimal cork soil and only light surface scuffs on the blank that are hardly noticeable. Comes with tube and sock. I can email more pics if needed. $420.00 + shipping (Pay Pal) Thanks!
  27. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS Sage one rods 4 & 6 wts

    Bought these rods and I just never use them both are like new and never registered come with warranty cards sleeves and tubes. I’m ashamed to even say this, but I bought the 6wt rod and a 6 wt Sage reel and never even tried it. Both rods are 9’ The other is a 4 wt which I did use two times...
  28. seldom seen

    FS Sage One 490-4

    I've got a Sage One 490-4 for sale. In good condition with typically amount of cork soiling from two seasons worth of use. I'm looking for $300 or best offer. Cheers! Sage One 490-4 by seldom seen posted Oct 30, 2017 at 5:34 PM Sage One 490-4 by seldom seen posted Oct 30, 2017 at 5:34 PM...
  29. A

    WTB Sage One 8126

    If anyone has one lying around they don't use anymore please let me know. Thanks
  30. A

    FS Sage One 7126

    Selling a Sage One Spey 12'6" 7wt. I'm the original owner and have put good numbers of fish on this rod. I'd call it a 7/10. No nicks or issues with cork, ferrules, guides, or hardware. Some rash as seen in photos and the cork is soiled a bit but in otherwise perfect shape. They use great cork...
  31. G

    WTB Sage One 7126

    please pm me with details if you have one for sale. Thanks
  32. ICastItAll

    FS Sage One 1190-4

    New and unused Sage One 1190-4; asking $465 to your door, open to offers.
  33. D

    FS Sage One 9'-0" 8wt

    Lightly used Sage One 9'-0" 8wt. Looking to clean house so I'll let it go for $375 OBO. Will post pictures soon. Comes with sage rod sock.
  34. W

    FS Sage One 796-4

    Sage One nine foot six inch seven weight in new condition. Used a couple of short days. $425 + shipping
  35. Ame

    FS Sage one 7126-4

    Sage one 7126 for sale. Used alot a few years back so has normal cork wear of a well used rod and one blemish on the first ferrule clear coat as you can see in the picture.. been strictly a back up rod for the last two seasons. Great rod but I seem to always grab my 6wt in summer and 8wt in...
  36. Matt Hutch

    Sage One vs Sage X: A Side-By-Side Review By a Mediocre Caster

    The Sage X has been out long enough, I had heard good things about it, and until tonight had never actually casted one in "real" conditions. So I did what any reasonable person would do and sunk an unnecessary amount of money into a new Sage X 890-4. A little bit about me because I know you...
  37. Mark Mercer

    Sage one 691 or X 691 or z-axis 691 ?

    Hate to bring this up again but thinking of getting another 6wt for the beach. Absolutely love my biimx 5wt but being 9.5' is getting a little tougher on the old shoulder, and fishing out of a boat more these day's the length is a disadvantage. My son has three Sage one's and loves them, but...
  38. Matt Hutch

    FS Sage One 9'0" 8 Wt. 4 Pc.

    Had it for a couple years, it probably doesn't get used more than a few times a year. No damage or anything, and very little wear. Asking $425 shipped CONUS.
  39. 61reissue

    FS/T Sage One 486-4

    Originally said no Sage rods but I have rethought my madness and now consider everything, even another ONE...BUT MUST BE A 5 WEIGHT ROD!!! Anyway have an awesome 486-4 Sage ONE rod, which some say is the best in the ONE lineup. I certainly preferred it to the 5wt version of this rod. Rod is in...
  40. H

    FS Sage One 490-4

    Rod has been lawn cast for a few minutes but never fished. Never registered with Sage. Comes with Tube and sock. Mint condition with maybe a slight soiling of the cork though it doesn't appear to me that way. $SOLD shipped. I will deal with paypal fees.
  41. T

    WTB Sage One 586-4

    Looking for a sage one 586-4 to replace my one that got stolen. Anyone got one they would like to part with? Thanks in advance.
  42. Drew Peklo

    WTB Sage XP 590-4 trade for Sage one 596-4

    Looking for a used Sage xp 590-4. Open to trading a new hatch 5 large arbor or mint Sage one 596-4. Drew
  43. BN2FSH

    WTB Sage One 9' 6wt

    with the fighting butt. I saw one here a week or so ago but I was too slow to act. If you have one and want to get rid of it send me a message with the asking price. Thanks!
  44. J

    FS Sage One 5126 trout spey

    Brand new, never used, Sage One 12'6 5-weight trout spey. $550 + shipping
  45. G

    FS Sage One 6126-4

    For Sale- a Sage One 6126-4 spey rod. This is the 12'6" 6 weight 4 piece. Rod is in excellent, test cast , unfished condition. Comes with factory sleeve and tube with blank Sage warranty card. $500 shipped in USA. A great light, crisp, responsive spey rod. Thanks.
  46. A

    FS Sage One 697-4

    Selling a good condition (8/10) Sage One 9'7" 6 weight. This is an ideal beach rod with the saltwater friendly reel seat and fighting butt. I've used it twice for that purpose and otherwise have put it to use in lakes for big trout. I intended to beach fish a lot more when I bought it but my...
  47. NickTIG

    FS/T Sage one 5 weight Sage one 5 weight

    I'm looking to sell my Sage one 9' 5 weight for 375 + shipping its in good condition only flaw i see is in the cork there was a little piece missing so there is a little cork filler in there. Or I would be Interstes to trade for a couple cheaper echo, tfo for my boat. Let know what you got!
  48. LyNcH

    FS Sage ONE 8126 w/card

    Too many rods. Throwing it out there to see if their is any interest in my Sage ONE 8126 with warranty card. I bought it new and only used it for 2 days. Due to life circumstances, my spey days have become super limited over the past couple years and could use the money elsewhere. If there is...
  49. Danny Moody

    FS Sage One 691-4 (Brand New)

    Picked up an extra Sage One 691-4 (fighting butt) on closeout. Still in tube with blank warranty card. Delisting for now. Shipped UPS Ground and paid with PayPal friends and family. Thanks, Danny
  50. Danny Moody

    FS Sage One 890-4

    Sold I picked up a Sage One 890-4 on closeout. Original rod was broken and this is the replacement from Sage. I have other 8's so I don't need it. Comes with tube, sock, and blank warranty card. $440.00 Shipped UPS Ground and paid with PayPal friends and family. Thanks, Danny