1. joeh

    FS Winston B3X 9’ 10wt

    Winston B3X 9’ 10wt Has been fished a couple of times. Near new condition. Case has a few scuffs. Thinning out the herd. Postage paid in USA $375
  2. toadthedry

    FS Sage X 691 4 piece

    For sale is a sage 691 X 4 piece fly rod. Factory made 6 weight rod with fighting butt. The rod is in excellent condition. I have used it less than 6 times. Price is sold by PayPal which includes priority insured shipping to CONUS and I will cover the PayPal fees. Thanks Mike
  3. L

    FS Hatch 5 Plus Mid Arbor

    I have a Brand New First Gen Mid Arbor Hatch 5 plus for sale with 150yds of gel spun backing. I bought this for a trout spey rod, but I've never got to use it. Not much time for fishing these days. It would be great for light steelhead or salmon duty with the amount of backing and the spare room...
  4. treefrog

    FS Sage 4wt., VPS, 8"6", 3 piece $150.

    In great condition and rarely fished for the last 10 years.
  5. Chris Bailey

    FS Spring Cleaning - Rods, reels, lines, boxes, F150 parts

    I need to do some purging and thought I would throw it all out here. Preference to meeting in person in Seattle or close to it, but would consider traveling longer distance for package deals. I would ship smaller items at cost. Payment by cash, Paypal, or the Cash app. RODS: $175. Sage RPL...
  6. Wyfly

    FS Sage One 7wt -New with Warranty Card

    New sage one 7wt- 9ft 4 piece. See the photos. Includes original warranty card. Thanks for looking! $450 shipped. I accept PayPal or Venmo.
  7. Perry Azevedo

    WTB Redington Torrent or older Sage Pulse

    Looking to pick up an 8wt that will work for both a streamer and salt setup. Preferably, I'm thinking an 8wt, though a 7wt could potentially work. Ideally, I’m looking for a Redington Torrent or a Sage Pulse (if the price was right). I would assume that the Torrent will be a little better in...
  8. gocougs91

    Missing Rods in Cle Elum

    A couple of my friends accidentally left a Sage X and a Sage Method at the state launch in east Cle Elum in their rush to get home. They left them yesterday evening (12/30). They had a buddy check last night in the dark and another friend is checking today on his way to ellensburg today. They...
  9. Nathan Weston

    FS Sage Xi 2 1190-4

    Got a little crazy buying rods for a upcoming trip and I need to raise money to cover my tab At the shop. Rod is in really good shape just a few minor scuffs on the butt section. 200.00 USD I will cover PayPal fees.
  10. jmar85

    Value question?

    Hi all, From Colorado here but you all seem to know a lot about your Sage rods. I have an old Sage that was given to me by my dad, along with an old Ross reel (no sentimental value, I think he bought it and used it maybe once or twice). They have been great for me getting started with fly...
  11. B

    FS Anyone selling a Spectrum LT

    If anyone is selling a Spectrum LT, I’m in the market!
  12. F

    FS 7wt 9’6’ sage TCX for sale

  13. W

    FS Sage SLT 690-5

    Very good to excellent used condition. Little use. $325 + shipping. Lamson Litespeed 2 w/6 WF line in good condition $120. $400 for all. Shipped. Text 20eight.70nine.7two58 for more photos
  14. GABoy

    FS Sage Salt 990-4

    I have a Sage Salt 9 weight that’s not being used as much as it should be. I’ve had it about 2 years and really only saw primary duty when my Method was sent back in for repair. Some good striper mojo while it was in use though! Good condition - Cork is a little dirty and has some scuffs...
  15. L

    FS Sage One 890-4

    I have a 9ft 8wt Sage one that I used a few times. The rod is in good condition and comes with the tube and warranty card. There are small amount of scratches on the male end of the butt section of the rod, but other than that it's great. The price is $380. I would also consider trading for a...
  16. sea-lice

    FS Saltwater & Spey Reels + Sage Salt Rods

    Hi All. I have quite a few reels and a few rods I would love to move. All are in excellent condition and come with original neoprene case or rod tube/sock. The reels have less then 10 fishing days on them with the exception of the Lamson Litespeed which has roughly 30 days. The Sage Salt rods...
  17. A

    FS Sage RPL 890-4, 9ft 8wt - Excellent Condition

    Up for sale is my 8wt Sage RPL that I purchased several years ago. Awesome and sweet casting rod, but I recently replaced this with a Helios 2 as my primary and don't need to keep both. Rod is in excellent condition and has original warranty card. When I purchased it, it came with a Loomis sock...
  18. John Paine

    FS Winston 4wt

    Winston BII-x 490-4 $275 Excellent shape (cork soiled from normal use). Comes w/ original sock, tube. Pm or text 206-790-2298 JP
  19. P

    FS Sage Accel Spey, Sage Reel, OPST

    Sage Accel 7126-4 Spey rod. 9/10 great condition. $325 USD shipped. Sage 6210 reel. Blue Color. Includes retail box and Sage Pouch. Good condition. $225 OPST 450. Line was used once. $35. I prefer PayPal. Extra shipping charge for Canadian/outside US buyer.
  20. J

    FS Sage Method Switch 8119

    I’ve has this about a year now and never used it. It’s time to pass it on to someone who will show it some love. SOLD
  21. jfilip85

    WTB Sage Tcx switch rod tube

    Looking for a Tcx switch rod tube for a newly acquired 5119 Tcx. Doesn’t have to match the model but definitely a bonus.
  22. S

    WTB Sage one trout spey 3110-4

    looking for a Sage 3110-4 one trout spey. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks, Estes
  23. S

    WTB SAGE TCX 5119-4

    Looking for a SAGE TCX 5119-4. Let me know if you have one that you would sell. Thanks, Estes
  24. scottybs

    Recent Sage Warranty Work?

    Just finished reading some clickbait on FBook, and there were some claims on Sage’s warranty costs going through the roof? Any comments on anyone snapping a rod (old and new) and what they’ve been charging you? Just curious as Sage has been great over the years.
  25. Richard E

    FS Sage 504L, by Hardy, excellent condition

    Sage 504L fly reel by Hardy, made in England, rare, vintage, and in darn good condition. It’s machined, it’s bronze, it’s a Sage, and they are just plain cool. One of those rare reels you can own and use and, if not abused, will actually hold or appreciate in value! I just had this serviced...
  26. M

    WTB Sage SLT 496 or 596

    Looking for a Sage 496 or 596 SLT in excellent condition. Let me know if you have one that needs a good home.
  27. T

    FS Sage 4210 reel and 2 spare spools loaded

    Since I sold my Sage Xi-3 rod, I still have the never fished Sage 4210 reel and spools available, all loaded with Rio Outbound lines and backing (pretty sure they're the 30# small diameter type) - $400 tyd. I might consider splitting them up but the spools have to go first.
  28. B

    FS/T Trade never used sage vxp 4904 for sage pulse 5904

    Have a new never cast Sage VXP 4 weight 9’ 4 piece.. want to trade for a Sage pulse 5 weight 9’ 4 piece
  29. Drew Peklo

    WTB Sage 3wt

    Looking for a Sage 3wt under 8.5ft. Please let me know if you have a rod that matches this description. Thank you Drew
  30. HamidS4fe

    FS Sage X 597 & 8110 New

    Both are Brand New Sage X 597 - $650 Sage x 8110 - $750
  31. para_adams

    FS Budget Sage Rods (2)

    Offering two budget priced Sage rods. Sage DS2 890-2 Graphite II (9' 8wt 2 piece). Comes in its original brown rod tube. Not perfect, looks used, but in good condition. $150 local purchase, or $175 shipped. Sage GFL 789-2 (8'9" 7 wt 2 piece). Comes with replacement sock and tube from an...
  32. S

    FS FS New Sage X 8140-4

    FS New Sage X 8140-4 in pristine conditions , which was only cast for several hours. Comes with unfilled warranty card, tube and sock. US 799 ( paypal, add 3% fee is appropriate), shipping by USPS or UPS , insured. International shipping fee depends on a destination. Pictures available upon...
  33. T

    FS Sage double rod case for 5 pc rods

    Here is an Sage double rod case in excellent condition. I kept my Sage SP 589-5 in it and a Sage SP 6wt 5 pc but I don't recall the length. It looks like a 24" section will barely fit, I would think a 9' would as well, not sure what the individual lengths of a 9 1/2' rod would be. $65 tyd.
  34. actionljackson

    Loading a Sage Method rod

    I am having trouble getting my Sage 7wt method to load on my back cast.This is a new rod with a much faster action than I have fished with before.I like the rod and think it is just going to take some getting used too.My question is what type of fly line should I put on this to make it a little...
  35. F

    FS Sage and Redington Reels w/Line

    These reels are used but still 100% functional. Sage 2250 w/RIO Streamer Tip 6wt Intermediate Tip-SOLD Redington 5/6 Behemoth w/RIO 265gr OBS (clear tip)-SOLD Redington Rise 7/8 w/ RIO Camolux Connect Core line-SOLD Redington Behemoth 9/10 Custom Color (Desert Tan) Brand New Never Fished- $85
  36. para_adams

    FS Sage - Anderson Custom Rods - Big fish rod

    Mint condition Anderson Custom Rods built Sage 1290-2 RPLX. The rod has the beautiful Anderson wraps and a utilitarian, functional and somewhat ugly seat with fighting butt. Two cork grips. Original sock but no tube. Can send pics if interested. $200 local pickup, or $230 shipped and I'll...
  37. jfilip85

    WTB Sage 505 or 505L

    Looking for either reel in lightly used condition.
  38. Perry Azevedo

    Lightweight click reel for Sage SP 3wt?

    I finally got my hands on a Sage SP 389-5 after a buddy let me try his out and I completely fell in love with this rod. Since this is going to be my primary small stream rod, I want to figure out what reel I should put on it. Obviously drag doesn't matter for a 3wt trout rod…so, my two main...
  39. T

    FS Sage One—8 ½ ft 5 weight (586-4)

    ***** S O L D ****** This is the perfect dry-fly rod for when you need a little more uumph than a 4 weight—windy days, lakes, larger rivers—but with less swing weight and crisper action than a 9 footer. I’ve fished it on the smaller streams in Rocky Mountain National Park, but it really shines...
  40. Adrian

    FS Sage Domain Reel 8wt

    With running line in excellent shape. Platinum in color with neoprene sleeve. $200 obo Thank you, Adrian 206-321-1847
  41. B

    FS/T For Sale Sage one 8wt 9’ New

    New Sage One 8wt 9’ for sale or trade. 460 + shipping.
  42. F

    Sage controls Redington: internet myth?

    Is Sage the deep state that controls Redington? I often read on fishing forums that Sage directs what goes on over at Redington, immediately followed by a response that Sage has NOTHING to do with Redington, other than sharing the same parent Corporation. So looking to settle this for all time...
  43. Eric Denny

    Sage Accel line recommendations

    I just got one of these on the blow out prices if 300$ and wanted to know what line would be a good fit. I'm going to be using this manly for dries. Thanks
  44. T

    FS Sage SP 589-5 with Ross Canyon 1 reel and extra spool

    Here is a custom Sage 8'9" 5 wt with a Ross Canyon 1 reel and spare spool in excellent condition: - entire outfit $400 tyd - rod only $225 - reel and extra spool $225
  45. F

    FS Patagonia, Arc'teryx, Simms, Sage Jackets

    All Sold-THX
  46. T

    WTB Sage 3850

    Looking for a 3850 reel. PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks
  47. S

    FS WTT Sage EVOKE 10 weight like new

    I have a like new -- not a mark on it -- Sage EVOKE 10 weight RIGHT HAND WIND that I would like to trade for a left hand wind in similar condition. My reel is black, but I would consider a trade for any color.
  48. F

    FS Sage Salt Rods

    All Sold-THX
  49. X

    T My Sage Z-Axis 590-4 for Scott G or Sage Mod, GLoomis NRX LP 5 Weights

    Looking to trade one of my faster action 5 wt fly rods for a more moderate action 5 wt. Not for sell and the only acceptable trades are listed as: Scott G or Sage Mod, GLoomis NRX LP 5 Weights
  50. Concrete Angler

    FS SAGE Method 590-4 and 4640 Reel

    SAGE Method 590-4 and 4640 Reel Rod: Mint condition with original tube and sock. The Method series of Fast-Action rods needs no explanation of its legendary fast-action performance reputation. This trout rod will throw lasers across any river with ease. I didn't find a 5wt line it didn't OWN. I...