1. tridentfly

    FS Black Friday Sale

    Trident Fly Fishing is gearing up for Black Friday with some great deals on the horizon. Thinking about a new fly fishing reel? We're having a 25% off sale on Cheeky Fly Reels this Friday. Need a new rod to go with that reel? The new Mystic Reaper X is $100 off for Black Friday, too. These are...
  2. Anil

    FS Simms, Redington Sale

    Couple of items we need to move. All are brand new, unused. Simms Exstream Bootfoot Wader Sz. Large/11 Felt - Retail $799 Sale $550 (1 available) Simms Dry Creek Duffel Sz. Small - Retail $159.99 Sale $99.99 (1 available) Sz. Medium - Retail $199.99 Sale $125 (1 available) Redington Palix...
  3. wwpool

    FS Sage, Orvis, Abel, Lamson and more spring sale

    1- Lamson guru 3 for sale $145 each plus shipping email [email protected] for info.
  4. Mike Bacca

    FS Lamson 3 pack reels for sale

    Lamson Liquid 1.5 reel with two spare spools in case. This is for 4-5 weight lines. All in great condition, no marks or damage. $140 insured and shipped in US. Thanks Mike
  5. Mike Bacca

    FS TFO 10' 5WT for sale

    Temple Fork Outfitters BVK 10 foot 5 weight rod in excellent condition. With rod sock, no tube, never came with one. $240 insured and shipped in U.S. Has been used for one summer then stored for the last year as I bought a 6 weight same rod. Thanks for looking Mike
  6. Morpheus

    FS Fly Tying desks for sale in Bozeman

    Craigslist ad:
  7. Kolledog

    HELP! or for sale

    I recently bought lots of fly fishing stuff from a widow. Included was a beautiful Sage rod. It's a Z-Axis 6110-4B with a broken butt section. I thought I would send it back to Sage to get fixed but then I was told that the B means that it was sold as a blank and that it's custom built and...
  8. B

    FS/T For Sale Sage one 8wt 9’ New

    New Sage One 8wt 9’ for sale or trade. 460 + shipping.
  9. Poff

    Wanted 3wt fly line

    I'm looking for an inexpensive 3wt fly line. I'd prefer something that would work for euro nymphing, but would consider a standard wf line. By inexpensive, I'm hoping to find a line for around $15
  10. Finny76

    FS Nymphing Rods - HARDY Zephyrus & Jet 3wt / 5wt 10'0"

    Thinning the herd.... Hardy Jet 3wt 10'0" $300 Hardy Jet 5wt 10'0" $300 Hardy Zephyrus 5wt 10'0" $550 All rods come with original sock & Tube....I will post pictures later..
  11. Mike Bacca

    FS Sage One 5 weight for sale

    Sage One 5wt - 9ft 6inch with original sock and tube. In very good condition. $350 shipped and insured in U.S. Thanks Mike
  12. B

    FS lines for sale

    all lines have only been used once . Rio coastal quick shooter inter 6wt. 35.00. Sold Airflo 40plus floater 6wt. 35.00 Airflo sixth sense inter 7/8 wt. ( fast inter ) 35.00 Wulff saltwater tt floater 7wt. 30.00 Or shoot me a offer ot trade
  13. wayne syn

    FS Some flies for sale

    BOX 1...Small CF Design with 42 classic steelhead patterns (Silver Hilton, Purple Peril, Mossback/Brindle bug, Green Butt Skunk, Comet, Skykomish Sunrise)..... $62 BOX 2...Umpqua Bugger Box with 25 steelhead stoneflies.....$62 BOX 3...Large CF Design (this box retails for over $40) with 15...
  14. W

    FS For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel.

    For pictures see: For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel. Both are unused, Rod was only taken out of tube to photograph, has never been joined. Reel is cast/not fished, in pouch, it was mounted on various 8W...
  15. jim52

    FS S.a reels . Ross ,hardy for sale

    again thanks for looking Have a few reels that I would like to sell .. I will never use them at this stage .. so perhaps someone can - new in box s.a system 4. Ross made ..5/6. 99.00 - s.a hardy made mastery 4/5 . In excellent cond . Maybe used once .. I have a pair this was a back up...
  16. H

    FS Several rods and reels for sale

  17. Molson

    FS SAGE ONE 590-4 for sale

    Seeing if anyone has any interest in my lightly used SAGE ONE 590-4. This is an awesome all around fast action rod. I love it, but I have the 5wt SAGE X and one of them has to go! Asking $425 incl shipping CONUS. Prefer Paypal.
  18. tbirke

    FS Thomas & Thomas 9' 9 Wt 4pc For Sale

    H11 Thomas and Thomas 9', 9 wt , 4 piece , in excellent condition for sale . Wrap and tube included . Have used this several times for large salmon in Alaska and was incredibly powerful- Unfortunately,easier for me to go to Montana on a float, than to stand in the river in Alaska !! Thanks-...
  19. troutslayer1

    FS Orvis RECON 9' 6wt For Sale

    9' 6wt Orvis Recon fly rod for sale Nearly new, used less than 5 times Looking to upgrade to a new H3 model Asking $300 OBO (Retail $449) Feel free to shoot me a message if interested! Thanks, Conner
  20. coo2

    FS Two nice Trout Rods For Sale - Diamondback and Quarrow

    I now make and fish bamboo fly rods so you have the benefit of my liquidation of some of my graphite rods. Rod #1: Quarrow Drake 9ft 5 weight graphite rod - This is a wonderful rod that is an under the radar buy. 9ft, 5 weight, 2 pieces, weighing 3.4 ounces. Quarrow made rods for other...
  21. troutslayer1

    FS Orvis RECON 9' 6wt For Sale

    9' 6wt Orvis Recon fly rod for sale Nearly new, used less than 5 times Looking to upgrade to a new H3 model Asking $325 OBO (Retail $449) Feel free to shoot me a message if interested, (stock photo attached, but can send photos upon request). Thanks, Conner
  22. Skagit Angler

    FS lots of Sage flyrods for sale

    These have been sitting in my basement quite obviously way too long.. I find myself in the mountains as opposed to standing in the Skagit, Stilly or trout waters now... All are in mint to pristine condition with the exception of the 7100III which has been fished a lot but still has a ton of...
  23. J

    FS salt rods for sale

    Orvis T3 9wt. 200us$ Orvis helios 12wt 250us$ will ship via US postal to US
  24. the_grube

    FS couple sink tips for sale

    -- RIO 15' Type 8 replacement tip. Bought new, fished once maybe twice. No nicks, marks or issues, loops are perfect. $15 shipped to lower 48 --RIO Medium MOW, 5' float/5' t-11. Bought new, fished once. No nicks, marks or issues; loops are perfect. $15 shipped to lower 48 PM if interested.
  25. Kilmer72

    FS Couple of items for sale

    Patagonia stealth sling, purchased last summer still in great shape. SOLD Brand new Simms carbon fiber staff and retractor. SOLD Thanks
  26. Johnathon Quarrell

    FS Few Items for sale

    Cleaning out some drawers of things I do not need. -Sage 1201 fly reel- great condition with some minor scuffs. Comes with a near new WF5F sage line no front loop. the drag is strong, now slop in the fitment of the spool and reel body. A great little 4-5wt reel. SOLD -Cortland Endurance II...
  27. J

    FS reels and rods for sale

    Gloomis streamdance 6wt 9' vg condition , factory case $ 475 shipped Conus Sage Fli 8wt 9' good condition( scratch on second section) factory case $220. shipped Conus Loop xact reel 8/12 very good condition $ 90 shipped 2 Cabelas RLS+ size 3 exec condition,factory cases and backing $ 85 ea...
  28. wwpool

    FS Fenwick FF756 7'6" 3 oz rod for sale

    Fenwick FF756 7'6" 3 oz fly rod for sale. 2 piece excellent condition. sold email [email protected] for info. Thank you,
  29. wwpool

    FS Orvis Hydros III reel for sale

    Orvis Hydros III large arbor reel for sale, gold color, excellent condition. reel sold email [email protected] for info. Thanks,
  30. Bobber Bob

    Cabela's CGR on Sale

    Figured I'd let everyone know after I put in my order. Cabela's CGR rods in the Bargain Cave for $40. Solid rod's for dirt cheap and a blast to fish. I may or may not own every rod in the series now... Luckily they all look the same so as long I keep them scattered about the lady of the house...
  31. Rookiespey

    FS Another set of lines for sale

    Airflow Scandi Compact 360 gr as new - SOLD SA Skagit 550 gr excellent cond - $25 usd SA Skagit 450 gr excellent cond (no wallet or tips) - $25 All line prices include shipping Canada/USA. Paypal, EMT or bank draft/money order.
  32. Rookiespey

    FS Lines and fly boxes for sale

    Cliff Swinger fly boxes, excellent condition - SOLD Fly lines… no boxes/spools SA Skagit intermediate 480 gr excellent condition - SOLD Rio Skagit Iflight intermediate Skagit 575 gr - $25 usd All prices are shipped in Canada/USA. Paypal or bankdraft/money order.
  33. Anil


    Ended up with a few too many of these reels, so our loss is your gain (right in time for the holidays). Every reel is current model, brand new, with reel case, box, and warranty. Here's the current list: Hardy Salmon Marquis LWT No. 1 - Retail $399 SALE $299 (3 2 Available) Hardy Bougle - 4"-...
  34. coo2

    FS Three Trout Rods for Sale - Lamiglas, Diamondback, and Quarrow

    I now make and fish bamboo fly rods so you have the benefit of my liquidation of some of my graphite rods. Rod # 1: Lamiglas 7’ 6” 5 weight Esprit F765 graphite rod This is a very nice Lamiglas 7’ 6”, 5 weight fly rod. I am pretty sure it could easily be used with a 4 weight line. Great small...
  35. Snowspey

    FS Reels for Sale - Speyco, Hardy, Orvis

    Hi everyone, Selling a few reels I never use. PM for questions or if interested. Thanks! 1. Speyco Scandi - Excellent condition. New springs from Tim. Line not included. $275.00 + Shipping 3. Hardy Marquis 7 with Spare Spool - Reel is in excellent shape. Comes with extra...
  36. Snowspey

    FS Rods for Sale - Sage 8150, Echo 8100, Redington 690S, Fenwick, W&M Grangers, Sharpes Scottie 12'

    Hi Everyone, Just putting some gear up for sale that I'm not using or thought I'd get more use of. PM with questions or interest. 1. Sage 8150-4 Graphite III - Classic rod here. It's in really great shape. See pics for more. $375.00+ Shipping 2. Sharpes Scottie 12' Spliced...
  37. Anil


    Making room for some new stuff, so offering these rods at discount. The rods are brand new, including Echo lifetime warranty, original rod tube and sock. ECHO GLASS 3106-4 - 10'6" 3 wt. Retail $279.99 SALE $179.99 ECHO GLASS 6124-4 - 12'4" 6 wt. Retail $299.99 SALE $199.99 We will ship CONUS...
  38. caljah

    FS Several Reels for sale

    Only Ross reel left. Asking $150 brand new never used. So I started cleaning out my gear closet, and its out of control, or rather I am out of control. Why do I need over 30 reels. So I am selling these reels. I will guarantee all of them.If you don't like it, let me know and I will refund your...
  39. coo2

    FS Three Trout Rods for Sale

    I now make and fish bamboo fly rods so you have the benefit of my liquidation of some of my graphite rods. Rod # 1: Lamiglas 7’ 6” 5 weight Esprit F765 graphite rod This is a very nice Lamiglas 7’ 6”, 5 weight fly rod. I am pretty sure it could easily be used with a 4 weight line. Great small...
  40. Reeltrout


    Gently used fly lines for Sale. Price includes shipping CONUS. Paypal preferred. Rio 550 gr. fully integrated Skagit fly line. Head in very good condition, running line has some discoloration due to use. $45. SOLD Skagit iShort 575 gr. spey shooting head, clear camo/pale orange, new in the...
  41. Mems

    big sale at tackle direct

    Aloha Guys, big sale now at tackle direct. They have fly gear and conventional gear as well. If you are not a member you can sign up and become one no cost. Simms, G-loomis, Sage, Cheeky, TFO all on sale now. Mems.
  42. Dave Witchey

    FS Sage 3200 reel and 2 extra spools for sale

    Black good condition sage 3200 reel and 2 spools. Small amount of rash on frame, but otherwise perfect working order, Fantastic light reel for 3 to 5 wt lines. Extreemely light wt. 3.25 Dia. 200.00 for all three. 10.00 to ship [email protected] Thanks, Dave pics on request.
  43. E

    FS Hardy Fortuna for sale

    Selling a Hardy fortuna X4 reel for a friend. Reel has a brand new frame and drag, with a used spool. Reel is in 10/10 working condition. He's not trying to make money off it, just hoping to get some money for some different gear. This is a top of the line reel and retails for almost 1,000$...
  44. Anil

    Reel big sale

    We are closing out a large number of our reels, they're all new in box we just have too many in stock. This means great deals for you and cleared inventory for us. Take a look HARDY SUG. RETAIL SALEPRICING...
  45. coo2

    FS Fly Lines for Sale

    I have the following fly lines for sale: Aquanova Northern Sports DT5 F NIB - $17.50 SOLD Aquanova Northern Sports DT6F NIB - $17.50 SOLD Aquanova Northern Sports DT7F NIB -$17.50 WF8F used but in excellent shape. Not sure what brand $15.00 I will combine shipping if you buy more than one...
  46. Big Tuna

    FS iPad Pro Flash sale

    I have an iPad Pro, 12.9 in. screen, with a smart keyboard and Apple pencil that I'm putting up for sale for $550 for today only. I am coveting a reel on another forum so I'm trying to make it happen. If the iPad isn't gone by 7:00 pm today, I'm going to just hang on to it.
  47. Walter Spaulding

    FS Rods for sale

    #1 12'6" 9wt Sage graphite III three piece custom spey rod $420 #2 9wt four piece Orvis H2 11' switch/spey tip flex used twice $670 #3 Old Heddon #14 Thoroughbred bamboo rod 9' three piece dual tips 2 1/2-HC HOR D $220 #4 Orvis Power Matrix 10 9' 9wt two piece $320 obo . Includes shipping...
  48. Anil

    NEW Tropical Line Clearance SALE

    Just doing a little cleaning of the shelves here at the shop and found some fly lines to clear out. To be clear, these are WARM/TROPICAL fly lines. They will not work well here. -ALL ARE NIB -WILL SHIP FREE CONUS USPS (in a padded envelope) SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS MASTERY BONEFISH - RETAIL...
  49. Alosa

    FS Spey rod for sale

    ECHO Classic Spey Rod 8130-4 13'0" #8 line (540-650 Grains). This rod has been fished once and is pristine condition. It shows no wear, nicks, scratches, or soiling of the cork. This rod comes with rod sock and tube pictured below. This rod retails for $270, asking $200 (OBO).
  50. Dave Witchey

    FS Bauer MZ2 reel and spool for sale

    Bauer MZ2 plus extra spool, some rash fully functional wonderful smooth drag , annodized black frame , and Perfect gold spool, or Black extra spool with some boat rash. Quality, bulletproof US made. 250.00 for both contact dave [email protected] add 15 .00 to ship conus thanks,