1. GABoy

    FS Sage Salt 990-4

    I have a Sage Salt 9 weight that’s not being used as much as it should be. I’ve had it about 2 years and really only saw primary duty when my Method was sent back in for repair. Some good striper mojo while it was in use though! Good condition - Cork is a little dirty and has some scuffs...
  2. F

    FS Sage Salt Rods

    All Sold-THX
  3. M

    3 wt spey for salt

    I'm beginning to really like this spey rod instead of my trusty 6 wt single hand for the beach. I can use it at high tide and still cast it overhand and even double hull it since it's so light when I have room. I can switch out the sink tip for a floating leader easily and have finally...
  4. B

    FS Patagonia River Salt 3 in 1 jacket Large

    I have owned this jacket for a little over a year and it’s seen very light use. I’m fact, the nanopuff liner has never been used. If you are interested, email for pictures, although my pictures will be pretty much the same as what you would see on Patagonia’s website. Here is their description...
  5. George L

    WTB Sage Salt

    Wanted: Sage Salt Rod 8 wt. used or new in good condition
  6. S

    FS Sage Salt 7wt

    Sage Salt 7wt, lightly used in freshwater only. Sale includeds sock and tube. $375 shipped conus.
  7. Squamishpoacher

    Rinsing Gear After Salt Use

    As mentioned in another thread, rinsing gear is a pain. I saw this idea a few years ago and thought I'd share it. Pick up a cheap garden pump sprayer and fill it with water and leave it in your truck. On long days you can do frequent rinses to remove salt and you can give a good final rinse at...
  8. J

    FS salt rods for sale

    Orvis T3 9wt. 200us$ Orvis helios 12wt 250us$ will ship via US postal to US
  9. toadthedry

    FS Sage Salt 691

    I am selling a lightly used factory built Sage Salt 691. (9 foot 6 weight with fighting butt). The rod is in excellent shape with rod sock and tube. Price is rod has been SOLD via PayPal. Includes shipping to lower 48. Thanks Mike
  10. msteudel

    Indicator fishing in the salt

    Ok while this isn't as fun as casting and stripping, I was curious if anyone has tried indicator fishing for sea runs and rezzies off the beaches? I know lots of people use marine worm patterns, and I was curious if a worm tied like a balanced leech would produce fish. Its just because I'm bored...
  11. Danny Moody

    FS Sage SALT 690-4 and Sage 4260 Black Reel

    I put this package together a few months ago. Rod fished a few times with another reel. Reel is brand new. Never seen water. Line was fished a few times and in excellent condition Sage SALT 690-4 with tube, sleeve, blank warranty card Sage 4260 Black with pouch, box, paperwork, backed with #20...
  12. Anil

    Vaportred Salt Size 8 Boot Closeout

    Vapor Tred Salt Boot Size 8 mens size 10 women's Boot retail 199.99 closeout for 125.99 brand new in box.
  13. TroutHustle

    360 Salt Report

    So, bite was not good until just at last light... then my buddy stuck a hog SRC. Then, we get back to the truck and... Man i love the south sound. If you are around 6ft and 170, age 25-30, then you can easy pass as me. i am willing to sell this unredacted to you for like 200 or so. Posting...
  14. mtskibum16

    Salt Report (pics!)

    Had the day off yesterday (thanks to all the veterans for your service!), so hit the salt with my buddy. He's a novice fly angler, but picking it up pretty quick. The weather cooperated and it was a great day. Have to enjoy these before winter sets in. Fishing was pretty hot and cold, but the...
  15. troutslayer1

    FS Topwater Salt Flies

    Topwater Gurgler Sliders Tied on Gamakatsu SC 15 salt hooks White - size 6 Colors - size 10 Work extremely well for Sea Run Cutts, Coho, etc. $20 for the group Custom ties available, willing to ship Conner
  16. T

    WTB Sage salt 590

    Looking for sage salt 590. What you guys got!?
  17. 4sallypat

    WTB Patagonia SST or River Salt wading jacket - MEDIUM

    If you have a used or unused Patagonia SST or River Salt jacket in Medium, please PM me. Looking for the older version SST & River Salt jackets - not the new 2 tone....
  18. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Hitchikers in the Salt

    This could have bad consequences. Or maybe not.
  19. wadin' boot

    A Sunday full of Cutts

    Yesterday I had a double digit day ebb fishing for SRC that were schooling up. I was anchored and standing in the Kayak and was able to refine some techniques. Specifically the set. In this circumstance you could often see 2-3 cutts chasing the fly, one might hit it, and in general the hit...
  20. Brian in OR.

    Salt water destination bang for the buck

    So looking at doing a saltwater trip this January and was thinking of doing a trip to Christmas Islands... It runs about 5k. Mems post below got me thinking about bang for the buck fishing trips and what it gets you. Are they any destinations that would be comparable with as good of fishing...
  21. Solitude

    FS G.Loomis NRX 1089-4 (9' 9wt salt rod)

    Rod is in mint condition. Comes with the tube and sock. Cool Matte black and blue color. Check the pics and see what a great rod this is for the money. Retail is $815.00...... Like to sell locally (Puyallup, Wa). Will ship if buyer picks up cost. $550.00 text me at 253-249-3871
  22. yellowlab

    FS New in tube: Sage SALT 890-4

    Only taken out to photograph, never fished. Blank warranty card, factory rod. $475 with shipping to any CONUS address.
  23. TheAngler

    T 9' 8wt for a brand new Ross Evolution R Salt 7/8

    The reel is brand new and retails for $595.00. Please let me know if anybody is interested in trading his/her 8wt. Preferably, I am looking for a Sage rod, but I am open to other brands. Thanks, Benjamin
  24. JesseC

    WTB 590 SALT - I want......

    I'm looking for a 590 SALT in "like new" condition. Doesn't have to be pale cherry cellophane cork, but 8.5/10 or better would be preferred. Don't need a warranty card. Would be nice if it came with the tube. Happy to pay via venmo, paypal, or meetup in Seattle or Bainbridge. Let me know what...
  25. D

    FS Salt Water Beach flys for Salmon and Sea Run Cuts

    Good Variety for sale (boxes included) Best Offer - Moving to Arizona - Good Bye Salt!!! Dick Warnke alias Pram Man ... 253 740 1851
  26. Mayfly Aviator

    WTB Reel for 11wt Tarpon/Other Salt Species

    Looking to keep it used and functional. Going on a Scott S3S. Let me know if you have something up for grabs. Thanks, Sam
  27. GOTY

    strong, small salt hooks

    Headed to kauai, going to try to tag a 12 lb bonefish. Mostly just going to throw crazy charlies with huge tungsten eyes, so what hook and size would you recommend? All I hear is that these things often bend out most standard hooks. Of course if you have other pattern recommendations I'm all ears.
  28. TroutHustle

    Redington Behemoth

    Forum, Has anyone fished a Redington Behemoth in the salt for long period of time? Anyone have any word on how they hold up with a lot of use in the salt? Appreciate Y'all. Gracias, T. Hustle
  29. M

    FS Salt Water Fly Rods, Reels, Lines FS

    ROD(s): Scott S2S. One 6 wt. One 7 wt. Since we moved from Gig Harbor to Durango, CO (where the fishing is pretty damn OK) these see no use. The 6 wt was my everyday stick for Puget Sound. The 7 wt was used with larger streamers and / or if I wanted my line to have a quicker sink rate. I also...
  30. Stonefish

    Salt and line testing report

    Hit the beach at 4:30 this morning. I was joined by board member DimeBrite shortly after. Not much current, bait or birds but good conditions with a light northerly breeze and a solid marine layer. We saw several larger fish swirl and a few baitfish being chased. Near the botttom of the tide Tim...
  31. tridentfly

    The Sage Clearance Starts July 1st!

    Sage is revamping their lineup, that means HUGE savings for you! Our biggest closeout event ever starts July 1st! While you're enjoying the fireworks, don't forget about the insane Sage sale! There's so much on sale, I don't even know if I can come up with a witty way to present it, so I'm...
  32. RichieRich

    Salt water reel

    Anybody have any recommendations on a salt water reel with a clicker drag for src that is not too bad on the pocket book?
  33. jim52

    FS Cabelas tlr Salt , 9wt, used once ,great buy

    hello and thanks for looking , have the receipt for the warranty purchased this rod after borrowing a friends .. bought one the next day , even for the retail price the rod exceeds my expectation . 69.00 .plus 9.29 shipping .. only selling it because the kids gave me a Scott s4s for early...
  34. Alosa

    FS Sage Xi2 - great salt water rod!

    I bought this Sage Xi2 back in 2014, but my trip fell through and it's been sitting in the closet ever since. It's been lawn cast once, but it's never been out on the water. It's essentially brand new, but I'm not going to use it and it needs a new home. It's a big beefy 9'0 13wt rod, and...
  35. Thrasybulus

    Mystery Fish ID

    I spotted this fish within the Edmonds Marina today (April 15th) near low tide. It was just sitting in the bottom. It was about 26" long and 6 or 7 pounds. A few spots visible on its back. Identify this fish!
  36. D

    FS Hatch Finatic 7+ Large Arbor and Sage Salt 8wt

    Hatch Finatic 7+ Large Arbor for sale, 8/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically. Comes with red neoprene Hatch Reel Case. Reel also comes with like new orange 30 pound Rio Backing. $420 Sage Salt 8wt Fly Rod. Rod is 8/10 cosmetically. Great rod for fishing big streamers, coho fishing, pike fishing...
  37. Bondar

    WTB Looking for salt safe 7wt reel

    Looking for a 7/8 reel for my 7wt NRX mid range slightly higher . Orvis hydros sl, fwx etc
  38. Eyejuggler

    WTB Kayak Trailer, Salt Safe

    Picking up a second Kayak this week and we are getting tired of schlepping the boat in back of the pickup or Van, so looking for a solid, 12" wheeled, galvanized trailer with options for cross bars. The pic below is kinda what I am looking for. Trailex, Salt King, or what ever as long as it fits...
  39. rapido101

    FS Mystic Tremor 9'3" 9 Wt. 4 Piece Salt Series

    Brand new rod. Retail is $600 - will sell for $300. Sorry, no PayPal. "Tremor rods feature a powerful mid-tip action that is comfortable to cast. Hand crafted using a blank engineered with a proprietary carbon fiber blend; by using a special multi-modulus blank layup and compound taper, they...
  40. Greg Price

    Water Sprayer 4 Washing Salt Off

    Does anyone use a portable sprayer to wash salt off reels, rods, waders boots? If so, what size works for you? I have considered the hand held 1 liter size all the way up to the 2 gallon with flexible hose nozzle. I have thought about adding one to my work van so my gear does not stay salt...
  41. A.A.

    Any Recommendations On A Dual Purpose 8 Wt?

    Hey all, Going to buy an 8 wt steelhead nymphing boat rod, but also going to Hawaii for my anniversary in May and would love to try my hand at bone fishing. I tend to think of a moderately fast action rod for nymphing for nice open loops that won't tangle split shot and a couple big heavy bead...
  42. SaltyTippet

    Why Not More Landing Nets Used In Salt For Src?

    Why don't more folks use landing nets for SRC in the salt???? Thoughts???? It seems that "grab the tippet and let the fish bounce around in my lap for 30 seconds" is a very common way to deal with SRC these days.... eye witness accounts mostly... thanks in advance
  43. M

    WTB Salt Water Line

    Hi I'm headed to playa del Carmen in 2 weeks! Never fished off shore or flats...recommendation on lines to fish off shore? I'm wtb some lines I have an 8 wt 9 foot nrx I'll bring.
  44. SERE Nate

    Coho In River Vs Salt

    Do they change their feeding habits once they hit the rivers? I'm going to try my luck at some Coho on the sky Wed around Ben Howard and Sultan. Should clousers be the ticket? I also have some egg sucking leaches.
  45. V

    FS Sage Salt 690

    For Sale Sage Salt 690 Excellent condition and only used for a few hours. Tube and warranty card included $525 cash, no trades please
  46. Stonefish

    Lines For Salt

    I've been in search of a new floater for the beach topwater currthroat game this fall. I've been using a Airflo 40+. Works OK but wasn't quite right for the rod I've been using. I was in Avid Angler yesterday looking at my options. One of the lines I was considering was the new Airflo beach...
  47. Richard E

    FS Beautiful Machined 10 Wt Salt Or 8 Wt Spey Reel, Platinum, Only $70

    A gorgeous machined Gold Cup IV reel, platinum color, a 9-11 saltwater reel or solid 7/8 wt spey reel. The drag is a stainless/carbon fiber setup, and the spool spins easily on a ball bearings. I just have accumulated too much stuff, the "hey, I might need this if I ever blah blah" and...
  48. TheAngler

    Fishing Near Salt Lake In Mid-october?

    I need to head to Salt Lake City for a few days in mid-October. Is it worth fishing while I am there? Any recommendations on locations to try or guides? Thanks, Benjamin
  49. Richard E

    FS Orvis Mirage Vii Large Arbor Reel, Gold, Big Time Salt And Large Spey Reel!!

    Absolutely gorgeous, high tech, state-of-art incredible reel! Whether you're fishing for tuna, tarpon, king salmon, sharks, sailfish, marlin, whatever has fins that you intend to catch with a fly, this reel is up to the task! This reel cranks in massive amounts of line, almost a foot (12...
  50. B

    First Time Out in Salt Water

    Hey all I'm hoping to head out to do some salt water fishing here in the next few weeks. (I'm thinking Golden Gardens in Seattle with waders just to keep it simple because that's close). Any tips for a newer fly fisher just getting settled in. I've got a salt reel, an 8 wt ready for it and my...