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  1. D

    FS Reel cleanout

    Reel Cleanout Here is what I’ve got for reels: G Loomis Syncrotech reels (these reels are truly tanks with amazing drags) GL11-12-13 x2 ($200/ea)(like new) GL8-9-10 + 1 xtr spool ($300 with the extra spool)(like new) GL3-4-5 (heavily used and beat up but works great) ($125) Abel Reels: Big...
  2. cervelors

    Wanted Delete (Found One) Scientific Anglers System 7 or 8

    Found One! Thanks Looking for a good/excellent condition made by Hardy Bros SA System 8 for use on a trout spey rod. Would also consider a System 7. Must be willing to ship to BC, Canada. Thanks!
  3. dpt

    FS Scientific Anglers System 2 Reels 89 - PRICE DROP

    I have two SA System 2 reels for sale with extra spools. Both reels made in England. An 89 ported reel that the original owner bought, spooled it with backing, used it once and stored it in box. Has a small mark on the drag knob, otherwise both reel and extra spool look brand new, come with...
  4. cervelors

    Wanted WTB Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity WF-5-F

    Looking for this line if someone has a used one in good condition, thanks. Located in BC. Steve
  5. ScudderWoodsFly

    Wanted Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX WF-5

    Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX WF- 5 Used or new is fine!
  6. M

    FS SA Sharkwave Anadro WF7

    I bought this SA Sharkwave Anadro WF7 mainly because Trident Fly Fishing raved about it in their 5wt fly line shootout........... Love the color, like the taper, but for my Winston 7wt rod it is just way too heavy. I Should have bought the WF6 instead of the WF7. Its been spooled on a reel and...
  7. 2

    FS WTB Scientific Anglers WF 8 F Anadro Fly Line

    Looking for a WF8F Scientific Anglers Anadro fly line. Please send me a PM with price and condition if you have one you will sell.
  8. Concrete Angler

    FS C&F Scientific Anglers Nympher's fly box.

    <<<SOLD>>> This fly box is in great shape as I never used it. Water-proof C&F Design, SA branded, with a latching clip to keep closed. Has two compartments to store splitshot, indicators, stinger hooks or whatever else chuck-n-duck methods call for these days :p Tight and clean slit foam can...
  9. Art Milaca

    Wanted Spool for Scientific Anglers Mastery 1011

    Looking for a spare spool for Scientific Anglers Mastery 1011. This is the original not a series 2. Will buy a whole reel if I have to....
  10. HamidS4fe

    FS Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX WF5F

    SA GPX WF5F Line Like New, used once lawn casting SOLD
  11. 61reissue

    T Scientific Anglers Supra Line 4 WT or a 3 WT Line

    Just like the title says... I have a new/lawn cast for 5 minutes Scientific Anglers Supra 4 WT line in Sunrise Yellow(think a step in color from retina burn yellow, great color) and I'm looking for a decent new or used 3 weight line.
  12. G

    FS Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Saltwater WF7 fly line

    For Sale- Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Saltwater fly line in WF7. Excellent condition, only test cast on my lawn, respooled and back in the factory box. Line has three color zones: yellow/ turtle green/ horizon.Factory loops on both ends. Listed for $99.95 get a high quality line for $40...
  13. LD

    FS Pair OF 6wt Rods And A Scientific Anglers Reel

    I have to 6wt fly rods that I am looking to sell and I have a SA system 2 reel that I would offer with either rod. I don't want to sell the reel separate until I sell the rods. First is a Sage SP 9' 6wt 3pc rod. It was built buy Steve Moran in Spokane. Steve has been building rods for probably...
  14. west bend

    FS Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout WF5

    Selling a SA Mastery (Textured) Trout line in a WF5. Color is willow/dark willow. I used this line for one day and is in perfect condition spooled back in original packaging. Will ship it in US for $40 (OBO). PM with any questions or if you want it.
  15. A.A.

    Scientific Anglers System 1 789 fans?

    Was at the N Umpqua fly tying festival today and took my 10 yo and 6 yo. We had a great time. Great looking flies being tied all around us. A few vendors of new and used gear. Been looking for a spare reel for my 7 wt for a while and stumbled onto this guy... SA system 1 789. Made in Japan...
  16. napawino (Roger Craft)

    FS Scientific Anglers Sharkwave WF3F with backing

    I put this on a reel, and ended up selling the reel before I used the line. It is brand new and I put it on a spool with the backing still attached. All you need to do it attach the backing, wind it on, and go fishing. Sharkwave WF3F with backing. $50 shipped
  17. B

    FS Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Siege WF-6-F Fly Line.

    A good chironomid line for lake fishing and roll casts nicely. The only portion of the line with some slight texture is on the head of the line, the running portion is smooth. This line is new and in a box. I bought some extra lines prior to moving to the east coast and this isn't needed here...
  18. G

    FS Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Saltwater WF 7 flyline

    For Sale a NIB, new in box, Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Saltwater Taper WF 7 flyline. Line has three color zones: horizon/turtlegreen/yellow. This is not the titan taper but general saltwater. Listed for $99.95 but available now for $50 shipped in USA. Thanks
  19. Peach

    FS Wanted - Scientific Anglers System 2, Model 56L Reel & Spools

    Love this reel! The sound it makes when the fish take off makes my day. I believe SA has discontinued making the reel and I would be interested in purchasing a couple more of these reels and any spools available if anyone is willing to part with theirs. Peach
  20. flyfisherman_sean

    FS Scientific Anglers System 2 89 $50

    I have a SA System 2 made in England 89 for sale. The drag was serviced last summer by scientific anglers and is in great condition. Only cosmetic wear on the back side of the reel. Other than that, this is a great reel that will last a lifetime. For years Scientific Anglers' System 2 reels...
  21. G

    FS Scientific Anglers System 7 -Hardy Marquis reel and xtra spool

    For Sale- a Scientific Anglers System 7 reel and extra spool. These reels were made by Hardy Bros in England and are the same as their Marquis reels. Both reel and spools are in very good condition. Few light rub marks as pictured. The System 7 will hold a WF6 and ample backing and light enough...
  22. jfilip85

    Wanted Scientific Anglers System 2 89 spool

    Looking for a new or gently used SA System 2 89 spool. Solid (non ported) preferred. Thanks
  23. 8

    FS SharkWave Ultimate Trout 8wt

    brand new Scientific Angler SharkWave Ultimate Trout 8wt line Retail $100.00 Asking $70.00 Will include free shipping.
  24. Reeltrout

    Wanted Rio Wf4 Indicator Fly Line

    Will consider Airflo, SA, or ? Looking for new in box or very little use, preferably newer model fly line.
  25. Mark Walker

    FS F/s Scientific Anglers System 3 Reel And Spare Spool

    New/unfished condition. This System 3 Fly Reel is in mint condition and very rare. Made in the USA, it was manufactured for Scientific Angler in the 1990’s. However there was not a retail market at the time for high end reels and only a few of them were made. Magnificently designed and built...
  26. E

    FS Scientific Anglers System 4 Fiberglass Rod, 7'2" Wt

    b]7’2” Scientific Anglers System 4[/b]. 2/1, 4wt., 2.95 oz. Serial number A5102. Original bag; plastic tube with SA nylon cover that is starting to rip and there is no top to the tube. The guide wraps look like they have received a coat of varnish. The SA logo on the butt section has been...
  27. LCnSac

    FS Scientific Anglers Expert Distance Fly Lines Never Fished

    These are long head lines, crafted for distance and presentation. Exceptional with fiberglass or bamboo, and for carbon fiber, upsized by one. Park cast only, shipped TYD CONUS on spool in box with reel marker in tact. WF6F--$SOLD WF9F--$35
  28. Richard E

    FS Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Siege Lines, New In Box

    I have available three Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Siege lines, new in box. They are: WF-6-F SOLD WF-7-F SOLD WF-8-F These are current model lines and new retail is $99.95. Buy these for $45 each, shipped in the lower 48. Here is information from the web about these lines...
  29. wildbuca

    FS Scientific Anglers Textured Gpx Textured Wf5

    Lightly used as most of my fishing now revolves around the salt. Full disclosure - this line wore a groove in my stripping guide (Sage Z-Axis). Otherwise, I really enjoyed the line. I recently had the guide replaced and bought a new untextured line to prevent his from happening. I was planning...
  30. Madison2

    FS New Scientific Anglers Wf5 Gpx Fly Line

    new see pic - $40 shipped to you
  31. kinigit

    FS Scientific Anglers System 2 1011 Reel And Spool

    For sale is a Scientific Anglers System 2 1011 model reel with a spare spool. Both have lines, but they are pretty darn old and I plan to strip and toss them before shipping unless you would like them. Good condition with just some minor wear to the finish. I am pretty sure this model was still...
  32. Madison2

    FS Rio Orvis Scientific Anglers SA fly fishing lines

    All are new in the box - $20 total for each, that includes shipping to you Orvis Wonderline Gen 3 Spey Type II medium head WF11 floating spey Orvis Wonderline Advantage Salmon Steelhead WF10 floating Orvis Wonderline Advantage Salmon Steelhead WF12 floating Orvis Wonderline Gen 3 DT11 Rio...
  33. Madison2

    FS SA WF6 GPX Scientific Anglers new in box

    $45 shipped to you - optic green color
  34. Todash19

    Wanted Scientific Anglers System One 456 Spare Spool

    Time to expand to a sinking line. Looking for a spare spool for the reel show here. In Vancouver and willing to travel up to 50 miles to pick up. Thanks for reading!