1. joeh

    FS Winston B3X 9’ 10wt

    Winston B3X 9’ 10wt Has been fished a couple of times. Near new condition. Case has a few scuffs. Thinning out the herd. Postage paid in USA $375
  2. webba

    FS Scott S4 9’6” 8wt Sweet Steelhead Rod

    Scott S4 9’6” 8wt. Sweet steelhead rod, used it for a season and decided on a 10’ rod. $350 obo
  3. treefrog

    FS Scott Spey, T3h, 13'3", 6wt, (1356/4) - $650

    I have fished it a couple of seasons. It is in very good condition. It comes with the following Airflo lines: Rage Compact, 420gr, 29'; Skagit Compact, 420 gr, 23', Scandi Compact, 320gr, 31'. It is 13'6" long. The title is incorrect.
  4. treefrog

    FS Scott Spey, T3h, 7wt, 12'8" (T3h1287/4) - $650

    I have fished it a couple of seasons. It is in very good condition. It comes with an Airflo Rage Compact, 480gr, 30"
  5. k-roc

    FS Scott T3h 1106-4 Switch Rod

    Excellent condition, 11 foot 6 weight switch rod. Pm me for pics. $450 shipped.
  6. J

    FS Scott S4 9'6" 6 WT $350. WTT for Winston or Scott 9' 8 WT saltwater rod.

    Barely used. Selling because I have another 6 wt that sees all the action. DM for questions or more pics.
  7. L

    FS Sage One 890-4

    I have a 9ft 8wt Sage one that I used a few times. The rod is in good condition and comes with the tube and warranty card. There are small amount of scratches on the male end of the butt section of the rod, but other than that it's great. The price is $380. I would also consider trading for a...
  8. John Paine

    FS Winston 4wt

    Winston BII-x 490-4 $275 Excellent shape (cork soiled from normal use). Comes w/ original sock, tube. Pm or text 206-790-2298 JP
  9. Eric Denny

    WTB Scott G series.

    Looking for the scott g series 5he newer model. Looking for a 8'8" or 9'0", 4 or 5wt. If you have one and want to part ways with it message me. Thanks Eric
  10. Benjamin Briggs

    WTB Scott F2 vs. F series?

    hey guys, I am in the market for a new small stream rod and was wondering about some of the opinions you may have on the “F” Vs. “F2” series rods. I’m kind of a medium action type of guy but I am thinking I’d like to have a fast action for tight quarters. I’m thinking the 703 is pretty much...
  11. Eric Denny

    WTB Scott G series( newer model)

    I know this is a long shot, but you never know. I looking for a scott G series, in a 5wt 8'8" or 9ft preferably , but would also be interested in a 4wt, same lengths. So if you have one and want to sell it please let me know or if you know someone send them my way, thanks.
  12. B

    WTB Scott S4 905

    looking for a Scott S4 905 , thanks
  13. BN2FSH

    WTB Scott Meridian 9 ft, 9 wt

    Let me know if you have one you want to sell.
  14. jdarling1991

    WTB Scott F2 Fly Rod (3 weight)

    Does anyone have a 3 weight Scott F2 available? Just testing the waters. Thanks, Jon
  15. J

    WTB Scott G 754/3

    I had one of these many years ago and sold it. Would love to find its replacement. It's a 7'6", 4 weight in a 3 piece configuration. There are a lot of other versions and I am only really interested in this particular model. Thanks!
  16. X

    T My Sage Z-Axis 590-4 for Scott G or Sage Mod, GLoomis NRX LP 5 Weights

    Looking to trade one of my faster action 5 wt fly rods for a more moderate action 5 wt. Not for sell and the only acceptable trades are listed as: Scott G or Sage Mod, GLoomis NRX LP 5 Weights
  17. Eric Denny

    So who's fished the Scott G Series(new stuff)?

    So who has fished this, what wt, size? What did you think?
  18. F

    FS SCOTT Radian 5wt 10”0

    I’m only selling this rod so I can buy an H3 7wt that I am trying to buy. $575+ shipping Rod comes with original tube & sock. *** BUYER PAYS SHIPPING & FEES *** Let me know if you have any questions.
  19. Don Perry

    FS Scott and Winston rods

    Two rods for sale: Prices are for local pickup (Spokane). Add $12 for PayPal and shipping to US address. Ask about other shipping costs. Scott Flex - 10', 4 pc., 6 weight. Sold Used for about a week in freshwater. Rod has been registered with Scott. Winston Passport - 9', 4 pc., 10 weight...
  20. C

    FS fly rod spring cleaning

    would like to free up some space and goodwill with the for any rod can be sent if you send me your stories or issues with any of them, the xi3 is the one with a couple scuffs on the blank and some wear. sage xi3 9' #9 4pc - good condition - $old hardy glass "trout...
  21. Shopkeeper

    Scott S3

    I made something of an impulsive buy the other day, so I'm asking for opinions today I should have asked for a week ago. I've never owned a Scott rod, so I've been looking for one for awhile; I had the chance to get a 905-4 S3 in great condition a couple weeks ago for under $180, so I grabbed...
  22. I

    WTB 5wt Winston B3x or Scott Radian

    Looking for one of the above in either a 9'6" or 10'. Preferably a 10' Radian #5. Cheers in advance
  23. S

    FS Scott A4 10' #7 - $250 shipped

    Very good condition Scott A4 10' #7 - $250 shipped in lower 48 Great single hand steelhead rod. Only fished 6 or so times. Includes original sock and tube, though the tube was sent with the incorrect model labeled on it, so it has been relabeled correctly.
  24. Gregobr

    FS 11’6” Scott 7 wt L2H

    OR Trade for 10 or 11 wt sw SH. $250 shipped in conti US. Portland area pick up or delivery is possible for $235. L2H 1157/4, condition 9/10, made in USA. I used this rod a few times, thinking it would be my go to on smaller coastal streams. Turns out I just never put down my Sage 12’6” rod...
  25. H

    FS Scott Flex 905-4

    SOLD I have had this rod in it's case for a few months and never got around to actually fishing or even casting it. Recently was given a Sage X for a gift in the same configuration so I am parting with the Scott 9 Foot 5 Weight in 4 Sections Comes in original tube and sock (I wrote the...
  26. G

    FS Scott A3 590-4 and Ross Gunnison 2

    Looking to sell a used Scott A3 590-4 in good used condition with rod tube. Sold Also have an older Ross Gunnison G2 in very good shape. Sold Would sell both together Sold and would include an older but fishable Scientific Anglers line which is currently spooled on the reel. I can also send...
  27. F

    FS SCOTT F2 - FIBERGLASS Fly rod 5wt

    Selling a MINT condition Scott F2 5wt 8' 2" Glass rod (825 / 4) $499 ► Buyer pays shipping... ◄ PM me for any questions!
  28. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    WTB Scott Radian 9' 6 wt Rod

    Title says it all . Let me know if you have one for Sale / Trade
  29. F

    WTB Scott radian 590

    Hi Guys, I’m looking to buy new Scott radian 590. If anyone wants to get rid off one with nice price. Thanks, tight line.
  30. S

    FS Scott A4 8 Weight

    9’ #8 4 pc. Scott A4 ($175). In good shape. Has a small, totally cosmetic crack in the finish of the female ferrule on the next section up from the grip. This is just in the finish, and not the graphite. It has been there for quite some time, and has not presented any issue. Price includes...
  31. G

    T Scott GS 885/4 - 8'8" 5wt for Scott GS 884/4 - 8'8" 4wt

    I have a like new factory Scott GS 885/4 in mint condition I would like to trade for the same 8'8" 4wt rod. I have two other moderate action 5wts and would prefer the same rod in a 4wt. Probably a long shot as these rods were only released last year but please PM if you have one and are...
  32. jdarling1991

    WTB Scott Radian 9’ 6 weight

    Is anyone selling a 9’ 6 weight Radian? Used is fine. Thanks!
  33. F

    FS SCOTT RADIAN 4wt 8"6

    Rod has been fished a handful of times. Comes with Original tube, sock, & box Asking $550 obo. *** BUYER PAYS SHIPPING ***
  34. Dave Witchey

    WTB Scott Meridian 906-4 6 wt or 7 wt

    anybody got one for sale? thanks, dave [email protected]
  35. F

    FS SCOTT PowR-PLY 7wt 10"0 Fly Rod (Francisco era)

    Not sure what to ask, but the rod in is fairly good shape and withe Original Rod tube & sock. It will come with an Extra Tip, which is handy if you accidentally break it & dont have to wait on SCOTT to fix your rod.
  36. Rodney Wayne Bohannon

    FS Scott G 802/3

    For your consideration, I have for sale a Scott G 8' 2weight rod in 3 piece configuration! As the pictures show it's in near mint condition.. If the rod was fished it truly doesn't show it.. I haven't cast the rod myself.. The cork is clean and vibrant.. The blank is also free from scuffs.. A...
  37. B

    FS Scott Radian 10ft 4wt, 9ft 7wt, and Sage ESN 2 10ft 4wt

    Scott Radian 10ft 4wt: This rod has been used for about a year. It is in great condition and is an excellent nymphing rod. There is a small knick in the bottom of the cork that I will highlight in a picture. (Asking SOLD) MSRP $795 Scott Radian 9ft 7wt: This rod has only been used a handful of...
  38. S

    WTB Scott G2 8'4" 2wt

    Looking to buy or trade. I had one lined up but that has fallen through. Thanks!
  39. S

    FS Scott G2 883/4 8'8" 3wt

  40. jdarling1991

    FS Scott F 703-2 7' 3 Weight Fly Rod

    Scott F 703-2 Fly Rod 7' 3 Weight 2 Piece Excellent condition, 2nd generation Scott fiberglass. Only flaws are an indentation in the cork from attaching a reel and that the original owners name is written on the blank (as shown). Only selling due to the difficulty of flying with a 2 piece rod...
  41. S

    FS Scott 1158/4 + Airflo Scout

    Hey Gang: I'm selling my Scott L2H 1158/4 and the Scout 450 I was using on it. The rod is mint. I bought it a year ago and used it two or three days only. The tip section is new. I broke the original in a car door and Scott replaced it. I'm the original owner. It is a cool rod, but I find...
  42. G

    FS Sage, Scott

    1. Factory Sage SLT 7wt 9.0ft 4pce with factory tube, sock, all in excellent condition. looking for $300 US . Will split mailing costs. 2. Scott S4 10.0 feet, 4pce factory tube only fits all 4 pce. rods to 10'. I misplaced this tube a couple of years ago and just "found" it again. Rod was...
  43. S

    FS Scott S4S 9'0" 7wt. 4pc. excellent condition

    For sale is my Scott S4S 9'0" 7wt. 4pc. fly rod. The rod is in excellent condition. I am asking $400 plus $10 shipping. Paypal required. Shipping within US only. PM me or email me at [email protected] if interested. Colt
  44. 61reissue

    T Scott Radian 1004-4 for Shorter 3-5 Weight Radian

    Looking for a 3-5 weight Radian between 8'-9' in similar condition. I have determined that the Radian is the rod for me after exhaustive trials with many excellent rods. I also fished with a guy with an 8'5" Radian today and my 10' is just not as comfortable too me as a shorter rod. I prefer a 4...
  45. Dave Witchey

    WTB Scott Radian 906-4 6 wt

    Anyone got a really good condition Radian 6 for a reasonable price? or trade for an excellent condition Sage Method 6wt fighting butt ? Always wanting to test them all out. See if they live up to the hype. contact Dave [email protected] Thanks!!
  46. Clint Clovis

    FS Scott F2 825-4 Fiberglass Fly rod

    Up for sale is a never fished and only lawn cast Scott F2 series 8'2" 5 weight line 4 piece. This rod is no longer made and getting difficult to find. No issues with the rod and has only been lawn cast. Grip very lightly soiled from handling and the rod is beautiful. Has witness dots for...
  47. jim52

    WTB Scott 8 wt

    Is that Scott s4s. 8 Wt Still around for sale ?
  48. richr

    FS Scott S4S 9012/4

    Time to sell as it doesn't get used much anymore. S4S 9012/4 - $400 + $10 shipping; great condition as per photos below:
  49. richr

    FS Scott S4S 9010/4

    S4S 9010/4 - $350 + $10 shipping; blank in great condition, small portion of cork on the top portion of the grip was compressed by another rod after a day in a skiffs rod rack. It's on the side and you don't feel it when gripping the rod. See photos below:
  50. Brian in OR.

    WTB Scott S4S 8 weight

    Looking for one under $400. If you know of one shoot me a PM or email [email protected] TIA