1. triploidjunkie

    $35.00 Sculpin

    We towed our new camp trailer down to the Oregon beaches for four days. I knew it was a family vacation, so fishing is beyond secondary. But reading about my destination, I was pretty stoked. It sounded really promising. After paying 34.70 for a two day license, I maybe got to fish three hours...
  2. O

    Sculpin Pattern

    After some 1800 and fresh squeezed lime juice over the rocks this is a sculpin pattern I have begun experimenting with. Given it's wide deer body head with bruiser blend dubbing over the top it should certainly push some water. I was reminded how much fish prey on sculpin this summer when my gf...
  3. Sculpzilla


    Here's the smaller tan version.
  4. Sculpzilla


    Here's the tan version of a pattern I've had good luck with . I put together some detailed tying instructins for Solitude, if your interested send me a pm.
  5. Little Sculpin on a hares ear

    Little Sculpin on a hares ear

    When desperation strikes, and all you have is a bike, sculpin seem alright, even if they dont fight.
  6. A sculpin from the bay

    A sculpin from the bay

    When there are no other fish in the bay, you have no boat, and there is a full moon, sculpins can prove to be very good sport. This one ate a sz 6 clouser
  7. 2003 Baitfish Fly Swap : sculpin

    2003 Baitfish Fly Swap : sculpin

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