1. Squamishpoacher

    Searun Dolly Varden

    I caught more of these last fall than any other time. That's a good thing. Are you guys down in Puget Sound seeing an increase.
  2. Stonefish

    Do you like fishing for searun cutthroat?

    If you do and would like to protect your opportunities to do so in the future, please consider reading this thread. In particular, pay attention to page 9. I didn't want the...
  3. troutslayer1

    FS Orvis RECON 9' 6wt For Sale

    9' 6wt Orvis Recon fly rod for sale Nearly new, used less than 5 times Looking to upgrade to a new H3 model Asking $325 OBO (Retail $449) Feel free to shoot me a message if interested, (stock photo attached, but can send photos upon request). Thanks, Conner
  4. D

    Searun CT parasite?

    I caught a 14" Puget Sound Cutthroat this week. I noticed about a dozen round parasites on the fish, 1/4 to 1/2 " in diameter. I am familiar with the common sea lice often seen on salmon but this is new to me. Any clarity would be appreciated.
  5. C

    FS Searun Cutthroat replica wall mount fish display

    21" Searun cutthroat fiberglass fish replica featured within a saltwater beach scene. This is a museum quality interpretive wall mount feature that was created, hand-painted as well as air brushed by a local artist. The fish is a trophy size Pacific NW Searun cutthroat and represents a 6 pound...
  6. miyawaki

    Searun Seminar In Victoria, Apr 22

  7. miyawaki

    Searun Research Help . . .

    WE NOW KNOW MORE about searuns than ever before. Help these biologists keep up the good work! COME TO this major fundraiser Jan 12 at Tini Bigs and view the International Fly Fishing Film Festival IF4. There's a ton of auction items from our best fly...
  8. T

    Spring time !!!

  9. Small water Cutt

    Small water Cutt

    A good distraction while looking for steel. Any idea what happened to it's tail?
  10. "Anyone care for an Oyster?"

    "Anyone care for an Oyster?"

  11. Sol Duc SRC

    Sol Duc SRC

    Nice SRC caught on the Sol Duc 9/07
  12. landing another nice fish

    landing another nice fish

    This was the last fish of the evening, for a period of 45 minutes we were hooking up on nearly every cast, I've never seen such a concentration of fish. We were surrounded by bait and fish slashing through them. At one point we were able to catch fish just by danging the fly off the side of the...
  13. searun profile

    searun profile

    Sideview of a smaller searun, sealice down its back. The eyes appear to have spots in them.
  14. south sound searun

    south sound searun

    Taped this guy at 16" - he wolfed down a blue and white clouser. Looks like he has yellow lipstick on.
  15. North Hood Canal searun

    North Hood Canal searun

    I had to make a weekend trip to Port Townsend so I decided to hit a beach I used to fish when I was growing up there. When I walked in I saw cutts busting bait, 2nd cast landed me this fish.
  16. Close up pic of a sea-run

    Close up pic of a sea-run

    Sea-run from Hood Canal 11/24/04
  17. Hood Canal

    Hood Canal

    Sea-run cutthroat from a small estuary on Hood Canal.
  18. Salty Cutthroat

    Salty Cutthroat

  19. Hatchery Sea-run Cutthroat

    Hatchery Sea-run Cutthroat

  20. Sea Run Cuttie 2

    Sea Run Cuttie 2

  21. Snoqualmie SRC

    Snoqualmie SRC

  22. Fatty Sea Run Cutt

    Fatty Sea Run Cutt

  23. Searun Cutt

    Searun Cutt

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